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Who Is Brittany Koper

What are you thoughts about Brittany Koper, the Grand Daughter of Paul and Jan Crouch, who has filed a law suit against TBN, and her Grand Parents.

Brittany claims her Grand Parents illigaly spent over $50 Million, on themselves, from money which was to be used for charities.

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 ---Rob on 2/13/12
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Jus another one that gets caught up in t b n ' s corruption.
---Lawrence on 4/21/12

All In The 't b n' Family Corruptions.
---Lawrence on 4/19/12


I am only reiterating the plotline in the story. I do not believe the story to be true or the characters to be real.

In fiction, an author tries to develop characters with consistent attitudes and behavior. That the key character,(god), in the story, turned someone (Lot's wife), into salt for a minor infraction, and then ignored the perverse behavior of other characters, (Lot and his daughters) shows no consistent attitude toward moral behavior.

That god has allowed people to in his name collect money for their own pleasure would seem good cause to turn them into salt.

If god is only a character in a story he would be unable to do that. Logically then god is only a character in a story.
---atheist on 2/21/12


Your own argument breaks down, becuse it relies on the fact that God turned Lot's wife into a pillar of salt - and if God doesn't exist, he couldn't have done that in the first place.
---StrongAxe on 2/21/12

Hi, atheist (c: The Bible says that Jesus, "when He suffered, He did not threaten, but committed Himself to Him who judges righteously," in 1 Peter 2:23. So, our Father did not judge those people, right away, about what they were doing to His own Son. Because, I consider, now is the time for judging what to do to love people, instead of just how people need to be punished. Or, trying to judge God can keep us decoyed from discovering how He now can have us loving.
---Bill_willa6989 on 2/20/12

What is wonderful about God's plan for the world is that people like the Crouchs will receive God's punishment.

More wonderful if the 50 million had been spent to help people in need.

God turned Lot's wife into a pillar of salt for looking back, why wouldn't he take offense at fraud in his name.

Is it because he really isn't there? Or just so lazy he wants to deal with it later? Or maybe there are better things to watch on TV than TBN?
---atheist on 2/18/12


If you had a neighbor who stole the occasional pen, would you allow your kid to play outside with other kids?

If you had a neighbor who was a serial child murderer who had served his time and was now out of prison, would you allow your kid outside to play with other kids?

If your answer to the above two questions are not the same, then YOU, YOURSELF don't consider the crimes to be the same.
---StrongAxe on 2/17/12

...big difference between people who take pens, or web surf at work, or embezzles millions, just as grand theft is worse than shoplifting, and murder is worse than assault.

And my point was there is no difference in any of these!

why lying and stealing "just a little bit" is overlooked - sensationalism of BIGGER MONEY frauds wet appetite better for masses who enjoy entertainment in any form points fingers to bad corporate people ...and then people IGNORE all their OWN petty lies and thefts

those in TBN will reap their own rewards at judgement what this SHOULD DO is wake up those who believe they have the power to sin with a tiny lie because it isn't murder which contradicts Holy Scripture
---Rhonda on 2/16/12

What is wonderful about God's plan for the world is that people like the Crouchs will receive God's punishment. This will be much harsher than anything the IRS or government could do.
---KarenD on 2/15/12

Granted if any of this is true, it will be taken care of. Unless you work with TBN,or affected by the loss then stay your nose out of it.It's useless gossip & not Christ centered at all.Lets focus on what we can do for Gods kingdom instead of fueling fire not intended for us.
---Candice on 2/15/12


I never said time stealing wasn't a crime. If your employer pays $25,000 a year, (and overhead typically doubles that), if you waste 10% of your work time web surfing, that's $5000 of your employer's money.

There is a big difference between people who take pens, or web surf at work, or embezzles millions, just as grand theft is worse than shoplifting, and murder is worse than assault.

My point was that, even if one person (like a CFO) juggles books to make millions disappear, surely enough people who actually take in and spend that money should notice large sums going missing.

She accuses TBN directors of a conspiracy to do that (which is plausible). They accuse HER of doing that alone (much less plausible).
---StrongAxe on 2/15/12

StrongAxe just because TIME STEALING from an employer doesn't equal millions of dollars does not make it LESS of a CRIME than those who take millions

TBN would be likened to rcc ...rcc uses the MONEY given to it by their flock to literally fleece them ...afterall how do you think so many rcc priests could abuse so many children and never serve jail time and families are paid off to keep quiet - just like TBN just a different MISUSE of the money

crime doesn't need a dollar figure maybe that's where so many get tripped up today because it is okay to lie and steal if it is "just a little bit"
---Rhonda on 2/14/12


While it's true that employers can't police everything, if some employees manage to siphon off TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, surely SOMEBODY has got to notice. You can probably walk into a Wal*Mart and shoplift a candy bar fairly easily, but you'll have a much harder time going into the zoo and shoplifting an elephant.
---StrongAxe on 2/14/12

world can no longer police all criminal actions because criminals outrank police

some get caught some don't

if true then TBN is no different than any other business like enron worldcom tyco, arthur andersen etc with corruption misappropriation of funds and accounting fraud

TBN is just another business under guise of christianity

even employees can commit fraud ...employers could NEVER police all fraud committed on company time ...if you balance your checkbook, arrange a personal event or your vacation, make doctors appointments or any personal activity while on the clock this is no different than TBN's misuse of funds given them ...TBN is just on a larger scale benefiting a few at the top of their business empire
---Rhonda on 2/14/12

It stinks no matter how you look at it. If she is to blame. Then Trinity Broadcasting tried to cover it up. Sounds nice, but still a violation of the Federal tax laws. At least. Adding to it, her, having to return her assets to the company, now you have racketeering.

Remember. TBN is suppose to be a church. NOT a business. Leave the flash to the secular. Give the tithe to god.
If god wishes to have such a fan fare. Great idles to worship "him". Statues, fine homes, fancy clothing, private jets and, a (Crouch) family to flaunt it.
Then there is no god. Or, god is an ego maniac. Or, you are being seduced by a family of false profits.
---JohnC on 2/14/12

Makes me wonder if they put her through college so she could be an accountant for them. Sounds like a woman with some credibility at least. Can't say that for Paul and Jan.
---KarenD on 2/14/12

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If you search for her, you can find the description of the suit. She alleges that she was asked to do illegal things (file false financial statements to hide money, etc.). She thought they were illegal, and saw a TBN lawyer who advised her that her corporate responsibilities required her to do what she was told, and she would go to jail if she went to the police. He even advised her that she would be implicated unless she gave back every penny she made in wages, bonuses, etc.

The lawyer had a very obvious conflict of interest he did not disclose. She was given bad legal advice that lost her hundreds of thousands of dollars - making it fraud. All of this gives her ample grounds to sue.
---StrongAxe on 2/13/12

If the report I read is right, she was a financial officer in TBN, and raised questions to lawyers about what was being done with money. Then she was told to shut up and leave. It says she is suing those lawyers. If they abused her, she legally can sue for emotional pain, at least. And she can expose anything that is wrong, if there is, in order to prove she had something wrong to speak up about. But Paul says Christians are not to bring church matters into secular court, I understand > 1 Corinthians 6:1-8.
---Bill_willa6989 on 2/13/12

While I'm not surprised that the Couches spent money foolishly--most televangelists do--Ms Koiper can file such a suit if and only if she was a beneficiary of such charities.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/13/12

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