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Impressions Of God

Is your impression of God the same as the bible describes Him?

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 ---1st_cliff on 2/17/12
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In Genesis 1, Elohim is used 32 times. In 30 of those, it MUST be singular, as it is the subject of a singular verb. In two (verse 2, "spirit [of] God" and 27 "image [of] God"), number is not specified, so if could be either singular ("God") or plural ("gods"), and which is which must be determined from context rather than grammar.

These are two different words with different meanings. Similarly, in English, "people":

"Ten people came to the party" (plural of "person"), or "The American people believes in democracy" (singular), or "Democracy is important to the American people" (ambiguous, context implies singular).
---StrongAxe on 2/27/12

StrongAxe, Elohim as used in Genesis ch. 1 refers only to our Creator God, doesn't it? Therefore its meanings in other contexts are irrelevant aren't they? And it is first class evidence of the plurality of God- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
---Warwick on 2/27/12


You can mock me all you like. But if you think Hebrew grammar as "pointlessness and underwhelming", it will prevent you from understanding what the scriptures ACTUALLY SAY, rather than reading what you want to see between the lines.

Sometimes, Elohim clearly means "God", because the words with it are also in the singular. Sometimes it clearly means "gods" (usually in the context "worshipping other gods"). In a few places, the grammar permits either interpretation. But you can't just willy-nilly say the two are equivalent. Hebrew grammar doesn't allow it, any more than English lets you say "He are" or "They is".
---StrongAxe on 2/27/12

Leon if we are prepared to prayerfully study God's word and receive exactly what it says then it is complicated but comprehensible. It is by faith in God and time we spend with Him and His word that we come to understand. As Matthew 5:37 says "Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No', anything beyond this comes from the evil one." Matthew is telling us how a man of faith acts. It is not maybe/possibly: that God used evolution or .... but that God created Adam, from the dust of the earth, in His own image (does He say this of any other of His creations?) not from some pre-existent creature. But they say maybe/ yes or no here. This is equivocation and as Matthew says it is from Satan.
---Warwick on 2/27/12

"In the [OT]...the word "Elohim" is used in two different can be the plural of "eloah" (i.e. god) & means "gods" - plural & non-capitalized. Second, it can be a singular noun that means "God" - singular & capitalized...[blah blah blah, blah blah...]
---StrongAxe on 2/26/12"

Obviously, you know specifically just how much wood a woodchuck can chuck 'Axe! Your pointlessness is very underwhelming. It's really not screwy complicated like you make it to be:

The Father is God, the Son is God, the Holy Spirit is God, i.e., all three Gods are one God, i.e., "three persons, One God", THREE WHOS, ONE WHAT!
---Leon on 2/26/12

The uniplural Elohim is interesting in Genesis ch. 1 being used of the Creator. And more interesting when Elohim says "let us make man in our image..." vs 26. Some say God used the royal plural but that is very unlikely as the royal plural was not used in the ancient Middle east. For example: Pharaoh "I have dreamed a dream" Genesis 41:15. Nebuchadnezzar, "I have dreamed" Daniel 2:3. Darius the Mede, "I make a decree" Daniel 6:26. Cyrus, "The Lord God of heaven hath given me all the kingdoms of the earth" Ezra 1:2. Darius, "I make a decree" Ezra 5:8. Most likely it evidences there being a plurality of persons or hypostases in the Divine Being. What some call the Trinity!
---Warwick on 2/27/12

Cluny: For a guy who claims to be so smart, you sure do appear dense. Do you understand the difference between a theory and an hypothesis?

---jerry6593 on 2/27/12


In the Old Testament, whenever the word "Elohim" is used in two different ways.

First, it can be the plural of "eloah" (i.e. god) and means "gods" - plural and non-capitalized. Second, it can be a singular noun that means "God" - singular and capitalized.

Which is which can usually be determined by context, by the agreement of noun and associated verbs and/or adjectives. "Elohim are" means "gods are", while "Elohim is" means "God is". In places where neither applies, the grammar is ambiguous (e.g. "bnei Elohim" could mean "sons of gods" or "sons of God".)
---StrongAxe on 2/26/12

"OH Leon,you're a barrel of laughs!
Here's a clue= Elohim is plural,but why do none of the bible scollars (translators) never render it as Gods?
How are humans in the image and likeness of the Holy Spirit?
---1st_cliff on 2/23/12"

Yes Cliff, Elohim is plural, i.e., Father, Son & Holy Spirit. That means, the "One God" is plural, i.e., is three distinct persons that is the "One God". How really difficult is that to understand? Also, it squares with what bible "scholars" say. They got it right! What's your problem? It's ironic how you can give a clue that is correct, yet you are clueless. Go figure! :)
---Leon on 2/25/12

In other words, jerry, Le Maitre came up with the Big Bang theory BEFORE Gamow.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/25/12

Wrong again, Cluny.

Father Lemaitre came up with the idea of an expanding universe and expressed it in 1927 as a hypothesis. The problem is that Father Lemaitre could not think of a way to prove or disprove the idea. Without a test capable of disproving the idea, it cannot be a "theory". In 1948, George Gamow teamed up with Alpher and, together, they came up with some tests which could distinguish between the Father's idea and the steady state hypothesis. That is when the ideas could formally be called "theories".

---jerry6593 on 2/24/12

\\1) Big Bang - invented by George Gamow, a science fiction writer.\\

Wrong again, as in so many of the things you say, jerry.

What became known as the Big Bang theory--which simply says that the universe and time came into existence simultaneously, same as Genesis posits--was proposed by Fr. Georges Maitre, a Roman Catholic priest and physicist.

Until that time, scientists, including Einstein, believed in a steady state, eternally existing, changeless universe (which last also goes against Genesis).

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/24/12

Cluny your thinking is confused. You have accepted the oxymoron of theistic evolution for so long that you cannot see reality. There are different versions of evolution but not one needs a God, or god. The insertion of God into the 'gaps' of evolution is a pointless exercise conducted by Christians who have been indoctrinated into evolution. Evolutionary theory is contradictory to Genesis creation as I have shown so in T/E thinking Genesis has to be interpreted out of all recogintion in the attempt to make it fit with Godless evolution.

The naturalsitic appearance of life cannot be disconnected from the naturalistic evolution of life. And obviously God has nothing to do with either.
---Warwick on 2/24/12

\\Cluny it is impossible to separate the naturalistic creation of the universe from naturalistic evolution of the original socalled simple cell to all the life forms that have ever existed.\\

Yes, it is.

I do it all the time.

jerry, show me ONE place where I have "defended evolution with more vehemence than the Bible."

Not all models of evolution are identical, though you seem to be unable to grasp this.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/24/12


(quotes snipped to reduce message from 223 words to 125)

I did NOT say God can't be taken at his word. I was not rejecting words God said. I was rejecting words GOD NEVER SAID IN THE FIRST PLACE (like "24 hours").

I didn't say I disagree with what Genesis SAYS. I didn't even say the days WERE NOT 24 hours. I DID say that Genesis 1 DOES NOT SAY how long they are.

Every single word of Genesis 1 supports my claim, because not a single one of them says how many hours were in the first creation days. You INFER their length. It is never stated.

Evolution says complicated creatures evolved from simpler ones, ultimately from inorganic chemicals ... i.e. from the dust of the earth.
---StrongAxe on 2/24/12

Warwick: Don't you think it strange how Cluny claims to not really believe in Evolution, but defends it with more vehemence than he does the Bible. You are quite correct that the Big Bang Theory is a part of the atheist's creation account. There are actually three theories that form this paradigm:

1) Big Bang - invented by George Gamow, a science fiction writer.

2) The Nebular Hypothesis Theory - invented by Emanuel Swendenborg, who claimed to have received it during a seance.

3) Evolution - plagerized by Charles Darwin, a non-scientific, sociopathic loser.

Quite a pedigree, eh?

---jerry6593 on 2/24/12

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Cluny it is impossible to separate the naturalistic creation of the universe from naturalistic evolution of the original socalled simple cell to all the life forms that have ever existed. They are bedfellows, one necessarily following from the other.

Theistic evolution is an oxymoron as evolution is a naturalistic explanation, and Genesis creation is a supernatural explanation. It is a fruitless, and destructive thing (to Christian faith) to endeavour to squeeze our supernatural God into a naturalistic belief.

Can you understand?
---Warwick on 2/23/12

Warwick, evolution is not the same thing as the Big Bang theory of cosmology.

The first is concerned with living things.

The second with non-living things.

Can you tell the difference?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/23/12


Bible: Earth before sun and stars. Evolution: Stars and sun before earth.

Bible: Earth covered in water initially. Evolution: Earth molten blob initially

Bible: Oceans first then dry land. Evolution: Dry land then oceans

Bible:Life first created on land. Evolution:Life started in oceans.

Bible: Plants created before the sun. Evolution: Plants came long after sun.

Bible: Fish and birds created together. Evolution: Fish formed long before birds.

Bible: Land animals created after birds. Evolution: land animals before whales.

Bible: Man and dinosaurs lived together. Evolution: Dinosaurs extinct long before man appeared.

Bible: big bang future. Evolution: big bang past.
---Warwick on 2/23/12

StrongAxe, because you say God cannot be taken at His word regarding creation in reality you must prove your case. But you cannot so I have provided the list which shows Biblical creation and evolution are opposites.

As I have pointed out Jesus and the apostles quoted from the first 11 chapters of Genesis no less than 107 times! And always as historical reality. You cannot provide one Scripture to support your belief because your belief is nonBiblical. You duck difficult questions.

One ducked question. God says He made Adam from the dust of the earth, not from any preexisting creature. Do you accept God's word on this? Or do you say Adam evolved from a preexisting creature?
---Warwick on 2/23/12

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\\That would be more understandable than a triune god!
---1st_cliff on 2/20/12\\

St. Augustine of Hippo (who was wiser than either of us) said, "I believe so that I may understand."

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/23/12

Mark V, That's precisely why I posed the question!
In using human terms to describe Him ,why do you suppose he chose "Son"?
In human terms ,"brothers" are equal, father and son not so, in time or status!
IE."honor your father and mother" (nothing about honor your brother.
If you are thinking in terms of "persons" (humanly speaking) it would be "Brother, Brother and Holy Spirit or 3 Brothers!
So why did he choose "Son"?
---1st_cliff on 2/23/12

OH Leon,you're a barrel of laughs!
Here's a clue= Elohim is plural,but why do none of the bible scollars (translators) never render it as Gods?
How are humans in the image and likeness of the Holy Spirit?
---1st_cliff on 2/23/12


Because you are the one who is asserting that evolution violates scripture, the onus of proof is on you, not on me.

Just as if someone contends that (say) computers are "unscriptural", the onus is on them to show that computer use violates scripture - it does not fall upon computer users to search for scriptures to justify them.

There are a great many things that are not incompatible with scripture that are not mentioned in it. If we permit that everything that is not explicitly permitted is necessarily forbidden, we must abandon our blogs, and computers, and electricity, and cars, and running water, and go back to oxcarts and plows.
---StrongAxe on 2/23/12

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john.usa: "Jerry, the secret's out. You got me! :-)"

It's good to see that you have a sense of humor. But alas, Cluny...not so much. His is more a sense of hubris.

---jerry6593 on 2/23/12

1Cliff, I believe the answer that Strongaxe gave you is correct. Though I like to use Person as many theologians do to make the distinction. All Three are Persons in the Godhead. In answer to your question, I believe that not many Christians have ever taken the time to read who God is, His nature, character and attributes. They have pieces of God, but never taken the time to just devote their time to learning about Him. I know it is hard work but we all need to start with God. People most of the time start with men. That to me is very wrong. In the beginning God. It should be that way but many have no clue who God really is, they know Jesus died for their sins and believe it by faith, but never study the Godhead.
---Mark_V. on 2/23/12

"...Their view, omniscient, omnipotent,omnipresent,3 distinct separate personalities in one being!
Gen.1.26 "Let US make man in OUR IMAGE and in OUR LIKENESS"

Gee Cliff! As usual, you yet speak with a forked tongue. Along with G1:26, what does G3:22 say? Who is the "US" and "OUR" that God is talking to? Doesn't the One God know He is One or is One plural in God's view?

Obviously, an IMAGE (copy) is a limited representation of the original. It is created (made) to look & to some degree act LIKE the
---Leon on 2/22/12

Lee, thank you for pointing out that I am deficient. It was both helpful and kind. God bless you. I wish you a blessed Lent.
---John.usa on 2/22/12

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StrongAxe you contend that God's word allows for evolution. By evolution we are not speaking of variation within a kind, but what is ofetn called microbe to man evolution. Please show me how you can support your contention from Scripture.
---Warwick on 2/22/12

\\Are you just another of Cluny's pseudonyms?\\

jerry, did it ever occur to you that maybe I'm not the only person who believes as I do?

I've noticed that since you cannot disprove what I say, you stoop to ad personem arguments.

Thank you, StrongAxe.

And as people here can tell, we don't always see eye to eye, but that doesn't stop us from being dear friends, and one I treasure highly.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/22/12

believe me ,GOD is love ,and patience,how do i know?after a life of dealing with people worldwide,and dealing with oppression,and racism,and coming to the realization that people are chalk full of BS,only GOD could still love the world,just read most of these posts.
---tom2 on 2/22/12

1stCliff, nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

StrongAxe, "parts of God," as I said earlier, is PRECISELY a wrong term to use.

Theological language and vocabulary were hashed out by people more learned than I before I came along, and they use these terms--and reject others--for a reason.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/22/12

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Cluny is like anyone else on this forum - intelligent in some things but igorant in others.

No one knows everything but perhaps a little of everything.

So Cluny can contribute like anyone else.

Perhaps john.usa is looking for someone to admire and hopes to make up for his own deficiencies?
---lee1538 on 2/22/12

Cluny may be the most intellectual person but he's certainly not the most humble person. He likes to take what you say and twist it around to make you think he's smarter than you.

Jesus told us to come to Him as a child. How does a child approach his daddy? Most children are humble and not filled with head knowledge and trying to correct everyone around them like C does.
---anon_2 on 2/22/12


I know Cluny personally, and I know he would never boast of his intellect. Besides, if you read how he writes, and how John.usa writes, you will see the writing styles are quite different.

There ARE, however, some other people on these blogs who DO think they are God's gift to mankind, and many others who think they are always right and ever admit to mistakes.
---StrongAxe on 2/22/12

Jerry, the secret's out. You got me! :-)
---John.usa on 2/22/12

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//I have no doubt that Cluny is by far the most intelligent person on these blogs, and that he could win an in-person debate with any of us.
---John.usa on 2/21/12 //

Are you just another of Cluny's pseudonyms? I have no doubt that Cluny THINKS he is by far the most intelligent person on these blogs.

---jerry6593 on 2/22/12

I have no doubt that Cluny is by far the most intelligent person on these blogs, and that he could win an in-person debate with any of us.
---John.usa on 2/21/12

Excuse me Mr. Cluny, but that's a big condescending attitude!
So you have more "smarts " than me, well,Laaa-deee-dahhh!
When before the Sanhedren the judge said of the disciples, "these are ignorant and unlearned men"

And God chose the foolish ones to confound the wise!
So I have lots of company!
An image is an image not an abstract like a Salvador Dali painting!
---1st_cliff on 2/21/12

\\So granted God is all these things you say, how are we in His "image and likeness?"\\

Wrong, 1stCliff. The BIBLE says that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, not I.

To refresh your memory, we are in God's image by our ability to love, reason, and have free will (among other things). But these are limited. Only God can love fully, reason rightly, and is totally free. Any good qualities we have, God has completely.

\\Is your conception of God wrong?\\

No. YOUR conception is wrong.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/21/12

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how are we in His "image and likeness?"
---1st Cliff

we do not have omni-stuff but we are eternal, we do have choice, we do have ability to love, we do have ability for community, we are not like the animals who do not have human abilities of thought to do good and/or evil.
---Scott1 on 2/21/12


My point was that there is one God, but the different parts of God are not identical and interchangeable (as Oneness people believe) - yet they are still part of the same God.

Whether you happen to use the word "person" or not is a matter of theological hair-splitting, since that word can have multiple nuanced meanings, and it is invented in that context anyway, since the original scriptures never use that term in reference to dividing the Godhead.
---StrongAxe on 2/21/12

\\Jesus didn't move across the face of the waters. The Holy Spirit didn't die on the cross. The Father wasn't born to a virgin. But they are all the same person\\


Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are NOT the same Person.

**Cluny, 1st off,I'm an authority on nothing! **

Then don't talk like you are.

**Just searching!**

Then listen to those who HAVE found sound doctrine. I don't claim to be the ultimate authority. I'm merely trying pass on to you that which centuries of Christians have received and believed.

** I belong to NO sect or group!(not locked in to any ism)**

In other words, you function as if it's only to YOU the Word of God has come.

Glory to Jesus Christ.
---Cluny on 2/21/12

Cluny, You are not answering my question.
So granted God is all these things you say, how are we in His "image and likeness?"
We cannot be in two places at the same time,we are single entities, surely God doesn't look like us (we don't even look lke each other!)
Is your conception of God wrong?
---1st_cliff on 2/21/12

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Cluny, 1st off,I'm an authority on nothing! Just searching! I belong to NO sect or group!(not locked in to any ism)
Page#3 Strong's exhaustive Concordance says "No concordance can ever be made more perfect" and "gives all the words of that book" (KJV called the English bible)
To me sounds like a great bible aid (supplement)
Psl 139.7. David says "where can I go from your Spirit (presence") up in heaven or in the depths,you are there?
Literally or figuratively (just knowing where David is at all times) or you or me?
1st John 3.20.
---1st_cliff on 2/20/12

StrongAxe, you are a modalist? That's very cool! And Cliff, how can we know for sure that the Easter Bunny doesn'l lay eggs?
---John.usa on 2/20/12

Strong Axe, And Easter bunnies don't lay eggs!
If the President dies ,all the other titles die too!
All the names you mentioed are "titles" is that how you explain God? Holy Spirit and Son are "titles" not 'pesons"?
That would be more understandable than a triune god!
---1st_cliff on 2/20/12


Take, for example, Barack Obama. His wife refers to him as "husband". His daughters refer to him as "dad". Citizens refer to him as "president". Soldiers refer to him as "commander in chief". Each of these names has particular and distinct attributes that are not interchangeable. Yet they all refer to the same person.

Michelle doesn't kiss the Commander in Chief. His daughters don't sit on The President's knee. Generals don't take orders from Big Daddy. We didn't vote for our Husband. But they are all the same person.

Jesus didn't move across the face of the waters. The Holy Spirit didn't die on the cross. The Father wasn't born to a virgin. But they are all the same person.
---StrongAxe on 2/20/12

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\\You are the "authority" on Christian doctrine?(or Cluny/Eloy doctrine)\\

You don't think YOU are, do you?

I'm saying nothing that Christians have not taught since the earliest times. I'm inventing nothing (unlike you).

Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Non-Chalcedonian Churches, and classical creedal Protestants have said the same thing for centuries, as you can see in their confessional statements.

I don't know about the man-made sect you attend.

\\When on earth,Jesus,praying to His part on earth, one part in heaven. No?? explain!\\

No. And I've already explained earlier.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/20/12

Wrong again, 1stCliff. Strong's Concordance was never an "supplement" to the KJV, and you don't actually think the KJV IS the "last word," do you?

As far as "omniscient" and "omnipresent" not being "Bible words" (as if rhe word "Bible" itself was found in the Bible,) while the KJV does not use them, the Bible still teaches that God has these attributes.

& #8232,For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things. 1 John 3:20
There we see that God is omniscient.

Psalm 139:7 ff (KJV)
These verses make it clear that God is indeed omnipresent.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/20/12

Cluny,Do we have a 2nd Eloy here?
Don't present yourself as a Christian? (thanks)
You are the "authority" on Christian doctrine?(or Cluny/Eloy doctrine)
**Strong's is not the last word...** It was developed to supplement the KJV then the KJV is also not the last word???
**God is not parts**
When on earth,Jesus,praying to His part on earth, one part in heaven. No?? explain!
---1st_cliff on 2/20/12

"Parts of God" is precisely the wrong phrase to use, 1stCliff, as God cannot be divided into parts.

OUSIA is used in the Greek version of the Bible all the time. Strong's is NOT the last word in Biblical lexicography.

If you don't want to believe Christian doctrine, don't. But in this case don't present yourself as a Christian.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/20/12

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The Jews in the old testament worshipped ONLY THE FATHER (not Jesus also).

WE are to worship the "whole fulness" of God SPIRITUALLY, not 'physically' on the holy mountain or in Jerusalem temples, John 4:23.

The Father desires us to worship according to REAL truth (do you want to fulfill God's WILL?). GOD consists of three persons, not three 'departments'.

The 3 should never be separated (they ARE NOT "distinct" persons, they are all INTEGRAL).

"God is ONE", Galatians 3:20 (God says these things to us for a reason).

Colossians 2:9 "For in him the whole fulness of deity dwells bodily" (God is ONE).

The word "trinity" simply refers to the MATHEMATICAL SUM.
---more_excellent_way on 2/20/12

Cluny, Matt.28.19 ? Is that it?
It says absolutely nothing about the "Name of the Father AND OF the Son AND OF the Holy Spirit" being 3 parts of God! If you think so you're denying Deut.6.4 as being truthful!
Jn.4.24. says God is Spirit, but so are the Angels!
Kinda lame evidence ,don't you think?
I looked up "essense" in Strong's ,it's not listed as a bible word so where did you get the word "ousia"?
---1st_cliff on 2/19/12

\\Omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent are not bible words!\\

Revelation 19:6 KJV
And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God OMNIPOTENT reigneth.

Try again.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/19/12

God is light, in him there is no darkness,unlike human beings,where darkness overtakes in the form of temptation,where the lusts of the flesh rule his decisions,in a world ruled by the flesh,by pride,by every desire of the flesh,we are ay war with ourselves,and we cant win,we are lost,we have lost,that is why jesus came,to save us from ourselves.
---tom2 on 2/19/12

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\\Omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent are not bible words!\\

Are you DENYING that God has these attributes?

\\God is not 3 persons (Deut.6.4)\\

Yes, God IS three persons. Matthew 28:19, John 4:24.

\\ Where does scripture say "essence"?\\

Several times in the Greek (OUSIA = essence)

\\ALL these terms are man made.\\

You are correct here. ALL terms are man made, including "Bible", "man", "image", "likeness", and "God."

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/19/12


Your driver's licence photo an image of you. Someone who had never seen a human being might conclude humans are plastic, stationary, 2" tall, .01" thick, and have no body. This would be naive and dead wrong. A photo of a car would be the same.

The photo is an image of your substance, but says nothing of your form. A statue would show the same substance (anyone who knows you would agree it is you), but a totally different form.

We eat, drink and breathe to live. We get old and die. We are confined to one place. These are attributes of our form, that we share with animals. God is none of these. What he shares with us is his substance, capacities for love and reason.
---StrongAxe on 2/19/12

\\Cluny, **Some say..trichotomous body ,body soul and spirit**
Is that what you say? (trichotomous, sounds a little Eloyish....careful!)\\

The first time I heard trichotomous opposed to dichotomous was by a Christian & Missionary Alliance minister. They are real, if uncommon words. The first refers to the "body/soul/spirit" model of man, the other says merely "body/soul." I know the arguments for both. The point is these parts are supposed to work together, and not be opposed.

more_excellent_way, lack of understanding on your part is no indication of superior spirituality. If you don't understand things written for intelligent adults, don't read or comment upon them.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/19/12


All of my life I've seen people use certain words as a reminder to everyone of their superiority, but your show of "HOLY" (your idea of "holy") disdain for the brethren who have been unfortunate enough not to receive your approval is...UNGODLY, offensive, shameful, and a cheap, cowardly attempt to hide your low opinion of others instead of be forthright, yet it is not uncommon. Now do you see why you have fallen to satan's lies?.....what goes around comes around (poetic justice).

---more_excellent_way on 2/18/12

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Cluny, **Some say..trichotomous body ,body soul and spirit**
Is that what you say? (trichotomous, sounds a little Eloyish....careful!)
The brain is a body organ that determines all our actions and thoughts,soul and spirit do not act independently of our brain!
We are singular entities just like our God!(deut.6.4)
A living soul-nephesh/psyche is any living sentient creature.
Gen 1.26.says image AND likeness!
---st_cliff on 2/19/12

Cluny,** B flat Christian teaching**?
Omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent are not bible words!
God is not 3 persons (Deut.6.4) Where does scripture say "essence"?
ALL these terms are man made.
I asked how we are in the same image and likeness without any of these attributes?
With these words we're not even similar!
---1st_cliff on 2/18/12

\\How are we in the image and likeness of God with none of the above attributes??\\

These are not all the attributes of God, since they are, like God, infinite.

A photograph of a rose might tell you something about the rose, but no everything: certainly not its fragrance or texture.

We can see something of the image of God in ourselves, such as our ability to love, the fact that we are all distinct persons sharing the same human nature.

Some say that the image of the trihyposatic God can be seen in the trichotomous nature of our humanity: body, soul, and spirit.

But this is because a human is only the IMAGE of God, not God's totality.

Does this help?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/18/12

god loves every sinner,so should we,God is love,God is the truth.
---tom2 on 2/18/12

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I can feel your word's Bill.
In His grip
---Poppa_Bear on 2/18/12

growing to be > as I grow and get more into loving, I experience God to be more and better than I thought the Bible was saying, including how His ways are "past finding out" (in Romans 11:33). In loving, the ways of His love are "past finding out." So, I do not need to be trying to figure out what is happening in love relationships, nor be trying to figure out how to control anyone, but depend on God. As we grow in His love, His light has us seeing better what the Bible means, as we experience and enjoy Him in His love > Romans 5:5, Philippians 1:9.
---Bill_willa6989 on 2/18/12

\\Their view, omniscient, omnipotent,omnipresent,3 distinct separate personalities in one being!

This is not just fundamentalism, but basic B-flat Christian teaching.

Do you DENY that God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent?

Do you DENY that He is three Persons (not personalities), namely Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in one ESSENCE (not being)?

Remember that "Person" and "essence" have technical meanings here.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/18/12

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews 13:8 and Jesus Christ is God, the second person of the triune God. Nevertheless Christ declares, "I and My Father are one." John 10:30

Many cannot understand that God as Isaiah proclaimed is first and foremost, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts, The whole earth is full of His glory!". That His love, mercy, grace, hate, wrath are rooted in His Holiness.

They struggle to believe that their "loving" god can create and destroy. Where this theology fails is they do not first see God as Holy. And God being Holy simply has ZERO tolerance for sin, now we know why Christ came to die? For the sins of His people.
---christan on 2/18/12

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Mankind's UNDERSTANDING is IMPERFECT. Did the word "serpent" in the Garden of Eden refer to 'the ANTI-god' spirit of evil, the ghost of chaos?, evil personified) instead of SNAKE (a "snake" would ALREADY be CRAWLING even before God's curse). After they ate, they became prudish and decided that because their WHOLE BODY was uncovered, they should make "APRONS" to cover only PART of it (HUMAN LANGUAGE/expression is inadequate to express spiritual events/situations properly).

Romans 6:19 "speaking in human terms"...the PRINCIPLE of inadequate expression.

OUR IMPRESSION, as TAUGHT, is based on HUMAN TERMS (we need "solid food" to have spiritual eyes).
---more_excellent_way on 2/18/12

who i know god to be is all things the alpha and the omega the beginning and the end he is all things to all things.

glory to Jesus
---curtis on 2/17/12

The reason I asked this question:
There seems to be a discrepancy between how the bible describes God and how the fundamentalists see Him!
Their view, omniscient, omnipotent,omnipresent,3 distinct separate personalities in one being!
Gen.1.26 "Let us make man in our IMAGE and in our LIKENESS"
How are we in the image and likeness of God with none of the above attributes??
---1st_cliff on 2/17/12

Yes. He is looooooong-suffering. I keep trying to get him to act, but my daily begging and imploring him to giddy-up and help us and to move is like trying to move lead which has been superglued to his bed.
---Eloy on 2/17/12

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My impression is " HOLY"
Holy meaning without sin and unable to sin or accept sin
Holy mean set apart from all created things and being
---francis on 2/17/12

No but growing daily, weekly, annually. Soon my faith will be made sight.
---Scott1 on 2/17/12

What does the term "impression of God" mean to start with?

EVERYONE here will say that his/her "impression of God" is based on the Bible.

Glory to JEsus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/17/12

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