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Why Thank Jesus Today

What is one thing that you can think of to thank Jesus for today? I'll go first, I want to thank Jesus for always being with me, if it were not for him, I know that would not be here today. Thank Jesus!

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 ---Eloy on 2/21/12
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Of course you know there isn't only one thing to thank Jesus for today.To answer your question though.....
I think that one thing is His Name. Name above all Names.
Thank you Jesus that you loved me enough to Die for me.
---fran5876 on 3/19/12

One thing? Beautiful Savior everything. Where to begin? Your love and mercy Almighty God Your Word our Lord Jesus
Your people Your revelation Your patience and understanding Your focus and resolve Your strength and forgivness Your sacrifice Your peace and joy and freedom
Your humility and provisions Your presence and guidance Your correction Your healing and protection and continual blessings for us
Your conviction and unfailing love Immaculate Savior
Your truth Your Life Your Spirit Your comfort Your compassion every moment every breath and light
Thank You God for letting us reflect our Christ
---Jesudan on 2/29/12

i am thankful for everyone on CNET.
---aka on 2/29/12

I thank you Jesus for reaching down out of heaven to such a one as I. You had unspeakable mercy and love to me which no other person has ever done. You have done what no one else could ever do. Your glory, your grace, your majesty: you are awesome Lord, there is none like up yo you. I honor you and I worship you and I magnify you Lord. I thank you Jesus for making me yours. I belong to none other but you. You alone are my Savior and my God. I thank you Jesus for what you have done in my life, what are doing in my life, and for what you will do in my life. I thank you for your Holy Spirit. Thank you for answering my prayers. Please keep me safe, and keep me saved, now and for ever always in your heart and in your mighty arms Lord Jesus. Amen.
---Eloy on 2/28/12

I am thankful for the Lord's grace and love, which are boundless and never ending.

Also, for His tender care and provision during my recent injury and surgery.
---Trish on 2/28/12

Hello,again thankfull Mary you been n my every prayr happy you are cancer free! That means so much to me! Love n hugs! I love all of you! Bro. Mark got bk fr the dr. He said it amazing I am still alive! Hold on to my faith ... I am very happy.. Truth never can complain. Ok got to eat now,got a cousin here from miami help for a while.Love you all! ELENA
---ELENA on 2/28/12

Hermana Elena, Mucho gusto de verte en la computer. Dios te bendiga todo los dias de tu vida.
I am so glad to see you on line again. May God keep blessing you always. If you lived close I would visit you and we could all pray together. Keep the faith, and the courage, and never give up, no matter what.
---Mark_V. on 2/28/12

I thank Him so much for so many things. He has been so tender to me that often it hurts because I know that I am so undeserving. His grace is overwhelming to me sometimes. I cant understand how He could die for a sinner like me, provide for my family so faithfully, and keep His hand around us so closely, so completely. My daughters are so dear to me and He gives me the peace to release them to Him everyday in the midst of this chaotic world. He consistently allows me to experience His presence through His word, you guys, corporate worship and in the middle of the night when it seems like the darkness of my past wants to swallow me up.
---Poppa_Bear on 2/28/12

Mary, you are not alone. I thank God everyday for my family, my brothers and sisters around the world, who are sick, in need of health, strength, greater faith, healing, and for the Word to penitrate their hearts and convict them and bring them to Christ. I thank Him for His word and for everything in my life, even the hard times I went through, because without them, I don't know where I would be now, but God timing is always right. Everyday I wake up, I thank the Lord. We are so bless to have things many others in other countries only dream of. Yet we complain all the time. Thank you Lord for everything, but not our complaining. Amen.
---Mark_V. on 2/28/12

hello'Family! this ELENA just want to say I will always thank Jesus becuz I am alive 'n NO matter what it look like or how bad I may feel .. you all know me I goin' be praise him no matter what! Smiles, I am so happy! Just to be here! Say I love all of you... Miss you bro. Mark & some special eye vitamins! Wow! They are strong 'n have to not take nothingelse those day..Love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 2/28/12

Hi, it just seems kind of odd--and a bit sad--that there's only 2 of us on the Thank Jesus blog, where is everyone? :)
---Mary on 2/27/12

I'd like to thank Jesus for my health now that I'm free of cancer. :)
---Mary on 2/22/12

I thank you Jesus for allowing your enemies to nail you to a cross, put a crown of thorns on your head, beat you up (39 lashes) and for going to the cross in my place. Thank you for willingly to lay down your life to die for my sins and shed your blood for them. Thank you Jesus for rising from the dead and giving us authority over the devil.

Thank you Lord for loving me, for my eyes that see, for my ears that hear You Lord. "My sheep hear my voice and they obey me."
---anon on 2/22/12

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