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What's Up May 2012

What's Up May 2012?

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 ---Darlene_1 on 5/1/12
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Hi everyone, Elena, have you ever participated in the Relay for Life? I just did today, went through a survivor's victory lap and it was such an emotional thing--and so beautiful! :) I wish you all the best my dear sister. :)
---Mary on 6/2/12

cluny if you ever got the shingles you would certainly use predisone. I've had them once and I pray never again. mine didn't break out but just two red lines up my right arm to my neck. I have been hospitalized for 7 days when I got e coli in my blood stream. can't imagine where that came from.
---shira4368 on 5/31/12

Hi Trish, hope it's the last case too, they are so bad. :( I don't know why I got it so many times, of course, I also worked around a lot of sick people when I was younger. Anyway, God bless and get well soon.
---Mary on 5/30/12

Mary, shingles is from the virus that causes the chicken pox. The virus stays in the body, dormant, until something causes it to become active, and produce the shingles. This is my first case.
---Trish on 5/29/12

Trish I am so sorry you have shingles. my Dad had them and then a few years ago my best friend,an older woman had them and I saw how they both suffered,it is terrible. Because of them I got my shingles shot about three years ago now I won't ever get them,it was expensive but worth it. I'll write tomorrow. Cluny I know what you mean my Dad wouldn't even be able to get a breath they hurt so bad and had to go to emergency room a couple of times. I feel for anyone who gets them.
---Darlene_1 on 5/29/12

Ouch! I am sooo sorry Trish, shingles is awful! I hope you feel better soon, get your rest. Oh and even people that have had chicken pox can get it--trust me on this lol! I had chicken pox at 19 and got shingles many times while married to my ex--stress I believe. God bless and get well.
---Mary on 5/29/12

I had chicken pox when I was 7--broke out with singles in a very stressful time in my life when i was 36.

I had to take prednizone--frankly, I'd rather have shingles.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 5/29/12

Well, I saw my doctor about a rash on my arm, and he says I have shingles. I am contagious, and have to stay away from people who have not had chicken pox, or people whose immune systems are compromised, especially chemo patients. I was prescribed anti-viral medications. Thanks for praying.
---Trish on 5/29/12

Darlene, I can't get into my Avon account right now. Could you send me a private message here with your e-mail address? I have not heard from Alan in ages. I hope he's okay.
---Trish9863 on 5/29/12

Trish I am praying I hope you feel better quickly. To answer your question you ask a while back,I still have the same Email and in fact get your ads all the time. I agree I like being in direct touch like we used to do. Have you heard from Alan lately,I haven't? God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 5/29/12

Heavenly Father,true god..true word you say the effectual prayer of the rightous availeth much. I can only lend my mind & heart to pray becuz of the great love you have given,so,I bring our beloved sis. Trish before you this very hour...We know you as a healer,yes,you took me out of a coma & then the wheelchair,now I beg your healing power over this rash on Trish'arm.We know & believe you are the divine healer! You have given what you have to the doctors..Nothing is too hard for god!Thankyou,Lord and we believe jesus name.Amen. Lol ELENA
---ELENA on 5/29/12

Hello Family. I would appreciate prayer tonight. I have developed a rash on the back of my arm. I'm hoping to see my doctor about it tomorrow.
---Trish on 5/28/12

Hello,everyone..Mary our band over,not the end of the world... concern' our brother,law schoool, 2 jobs,Now he marry a woman he met 3 x sounds "bipolar!"...Stress out?depressed? Pray for him.thanks!
---ELENA on 5/28/12

Hi,Family like I said here on a blogg..I will stand up! For children,elderly folk! That how I was Raised.. I came home frchurch this lady who used to live here on the block,probably a history of abuse to young kids/ I caught her gett'n "too close 'n friendly with 2 small girls bk about 8 mos. Ago I was livid but,kept myself under control.. She was walking behind me cursing me up a storm.. I just prayed & kept walking she don't weigh 90lbs. "Soak & wet!"you see the devil is a liar,so,I just prayed the blood of Jesus! Yes,thankfull to God..For all I know she drugged up & got who else with her??I nev'r answer her obcenities...she need God, So,I knew she was mad she cud not get to those little girls.
---ELENA on 5/27/12

Hi all, definitely grateful today, Trish I am so sorry about the sinus infection, praying you heal soon, God bless, Mary
---Mary on 5/25/12

Mary, praise Jesus for that good news about your doctor's visit. That is great.

My doctor put me on another antibiotic for another sinus infection. I am having sinus surgery on June 4th, and will be so grateful when it is done.
---Trish on 5/24/12

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Mary praise the Lord,that is real good news. I am feeling better today. KarenD thanks,I had intended to go to Mexico one time but not now,they are warning people not to due to the drug wars and so many have been kidnapped and killed. I never knew nonIndians could go there,but no big ones near here. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 5/24/12

hey,Mary..Sooo good hear fr you! Just Imagine Sis. How I felt after complaing since 2005 & they said "oh,it's nothing that one side ...Bigger than other.. Took them Till YEARS(tell the truth) finally,MAN UP! tell me,oh,yeah,you gotCancer..Breast cancer... honest,Lord forgive but,I try to hold on to the Lord...don't trust Doctors in general...I'm sure there are good honest doctors... This is very hard Mary,but,I kept faith for you becuz you really need some joy 'n happiness & your husband, too! I am over joyed you are thank God free ....Keep a good attitud best you can, I try stay more in the word,etc., love to all!
---ELENA on 5/24/12

Hallelujah! My doctor not only felt the lump today but she checked it with an ultrasound machine just to be sure--and it's just bone, praise God!! It's easy to be paranoid after one bout with cancer! Darlene, how are you feeling? Hope you feel better, hugs, Mary
---Mary on 5/23/12

Mary,this ELENA..I left you a post under blogg"are prayer cloths Scriptural?" 5/21/12. please encouraged.glad Darlene you doin' better & Trish as always 'n my prayers.Love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 5/23/12

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Darlene1....You might want to check around and find another dentist or clinic that will do the dental work cheaper. If you are close to the Mexican border or near a Native American reservation, sometimes there are dental clinics nearby that are reasonable. Also, dental colleges sometimes have programs that are cheaper.
---KarenD on 5/23/12

Hi Darlene, thank you for your prayers and I'm praising the Lord with you for the gift! :) Praying you do soon feel much better, I know how awful a bad tooth can hurt! :( God bless you hon, hugs, Mary
---Mary on 5/22/12

I'm not going Friday for the one tooth, because God answered the prayers already with the money I needed to get it all done. It was a gift. Glory to God.
---Darlene_1 on 5/22/12

Please pray for me for Friday,I have an appointment with an Oral Surgeon to get the tooth thats been infected and hurting checked and I hope he will pull it then Pray he does. Pray too please,God will supply me 5 or 6 thousand dollars,which is the cost to get them all out and false teeth. I hate to go to the dentist but am praying I can get all done and free from pain completely. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 5/22/12

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Trish bless your heart,I am praying for you. I have asthma too and anything extra wrong with the breathing makes you really feel choked. May God touch you and open up your airways and heal your sinus,may comfort and relief be yours. Mary I am praying for you.
---Darlene_1 on 5/22/12

Thank you sooo much Elena, God bless you! :) My mom will be taking me to the doctor in the morning--and she's not a morning person but my husband will be fishing with my step dad lol! Praying for you tonight too, bless you, hugs, Mary :)
---Mary on 5/21/12

I would appreciate prayer. I am very sleep deprived, because of my chronic sinus issues. My surgery is not for two more weeks, and I am barely able to breath through my nose. I also have asthma, which makes things especially challenging. Thanks everyone.
---Trish on 5/21/12

Heavenly Father,Please be with my good friend Mary,our sister 'n the Lord.I am glad be alive to give a prayer for anyone,Mary my heart NOT giving up! You are special becuz the lord gave yousuch a beautifull gift don't let the enemy steal your joy ! Keep faith the Lord goin' do more than you can imagine....Lord strengthen our sister in Jesus name...NO matter what it looks like or feelings.. God don't let Mary "sidetrack" by the evil one..Hold on! Sister you are alive and God is in control.. Heb.11:1 faith is the substance of things hoped for evidence of things not seen. We join our sister in FAITH ONLY IN THE LIVING GOD! amen.
---ELENA on 5/21/12

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Trish and all who prayed for me I did sleep and made it through the weekend,on the way to the doctor today. Thanks to you all.
---Darlene_1 on 5/21/12

Wow beautiful prayer Elena! :) God bless you hon :) I'm kind of nervous till Tuesday because of a lump on the bone of my chest wall, it better not be cancer again! If it is, I will be mad lol! I should know Tuesday, so how are you doing? Hope awesome in your music ministry :) Hugs always, Mary
---Mary on 5/20/12

moderator permit- If the Lord be my guide,my heart goes out to Tina & Craig. Sister bad friends are like "loose change!" they wear a hole in your pocket 'n your peace of mind.... GONE! if you let them..Read Mt.chapters.5,6. pro.25:17 seldom set foot in your neighbors house_too much of you,and he will hate you. Lord help(read bible) get wisdom,any lack there of Ask God!the Lord help you,keep you & encourage you. He the eternal Fatherwants best for you,He can do what no one else can do. the same gossipers & bk biters will be the same beg you to pray for them...pray for them,don't hold a grudge... but,be carefull who you be friends with... my life is better now. I tell you fr my own experience. Lord bless.
---ELENA on 5/20/12

Darlene: Bless you dear. I have been where you are. I hope you are able to sleep tonight, and can get some relief for your pain. Praying for you.

Have you gotten private e-mail? I'd love to go back to exchanging posts with you. PM me. Trish9863
---Trish on 5/18/12

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Darlene..goin'hold you up rite now before our Magnificent Heavenly Father In the name of Jesus..may you Darlene receive a touch of the mighty hand of God,we believe becuz He is greater than anyone,person,place or thing word says "he shall heal the sick and they shall recover!" I pray the Lord be with you through the day & the night give you a healing touch,you goin" make it thru the night,you goin' be strengthen by the blood of Jesus! Amen. I am believing 'n pray you receive it! Love,ELENA
---ELENA on 5/18/12

Whoever sees this please pray for me. Its early night here and I have a terrible toothache,its infected and I have taken two pain pills and it still hurts badly. I'll go to the doctor for an antibiotic shot tomorrow but can't get the tooth out until after the weekend. God Bless Thanks
---Darlene_1 on 5/18/12

Hello,Trish,Mary..good always hear fr you both & Trish I pray the Lord give you renew' health/beauty +confidence :) doctor "jesus" guide the surgeon' hands! Mary thankyou! So,very much for your prayers.. Not a day goes by I don't think 'bout her but,I give her o'er to the Lord.. He be watcho'er her.keep 'n touch we love you & bless all your family,too! love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 5/15/12

Hi Elena dear sister, I am soooo very sorry you've lost your children when they were small and also that your daughter you do have is in trouble. I will pray for you hon, blessings and hugs, Mary
---Mary on 5/15/12

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I finally have hope of some relief to the chronic sinusitis that has plagued me for months. I am scheduled for surgery on June 4th. While the doctor has me on the table, he is going to straighten my crooked nose, which I broke in December. Thanks for praying.
---Trish on 5/15/12

Hello,Mary,good hear fr you always I am just holdin' hope... the last time I saw she tried to attack me,becuz her husband told her to do it! I ask them please hold a prayer blogg for all these sons & daughters who on drugs & in cults! She nev'r was like this before she meet this man. The owner of the property was here and threaten them with the police and that last time I have seen her.My other children died small.She is my only living child.Thank the Lord you have your mother & father! God bless them...Love & hugs! Stay with the lord!
---ELENA on 5/14/12

Hi Elena, how are you doing tonight? My mom and step dad are watching rodeo so I came in to use their computer lol! :D God bless you and I will be praying for your daughter, it must be so hard to see your children struggle (I don't have any children but I can imagine). God bless you, hugs, Mary
---Mary on 5/13/12

hello,Mary..thanks,just got bk fr church...glad you get see your Mother & thank God for her friend,too.We need friends! Problem sometimes large can't trust too much..So,I told a young man goin' door to door. I do not need help and I have thank God the Lord helps supply my every need and invited him go to our church or his family church!He said he lives (other side of town) so, I told him I do not accept just anyone and I have no interest outside of church. The Lord is my shepard I shall not want! hope you have great Mother's Day! I will be at church,told pastor I don't care 'bout new dress' ..I pray my daughter get saved! & get off drugs! I thank the Lord for life!Hugs! Bless you Mary,too.
---ELENA on 5/12/12

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I would like to give God all the glory!!

On the 1st May I was offered a job which I started on the 8th of May. The number 1 represents "beginning" and 8 represents "new beginning". God has no favorites and what he does for one of his children, he will definitely do for others.

I had to attend 4 interviews over 5 weeks - 2 of which were 1.15 hours long.

So for all of you who need employment, a change in employment or even to start your own business - may the God of new beginnings remember you this day (in Jesus name) Gbu
---The_Believer on 5/12/12

Hi everyone. I have spent a blessed week with my grandchildren and must leave for Pennsylvania on Saturday. It takes me about 12 hours to get home. Please pray for me to not wreck my car, like I did three years ago.
---Trish on 5/11/12

Hi Elena, God bless you hon! :) My mom isn't feeling good these days but we're waiting on her to see the doctor on Tuesday to find out more--hopefully much more! She did invite me to lunch today with her and her old friend so I'm looking forward to that, God bless your ministry, keep it up girlfriend! :) Hugs, Mary
---Mary on 5/11/12

moderator permit-thanks! So,Mary how is your mother doin'? This is ELENA. keep 'n of Jesus!
---ELENA on 5/11/12

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God bless you and yours Trish, and thanks be to God for all the blessings He has lovingly bestowed. The little ones are precious in His sight. Although those early days are difficult with a newborn, may God grant that those times be filled with a recognition of the wonder of Him as creator God. The days pass quickly, as Im sure you well know
---chria9396 on 5/9/12

Trish,God bless you & sure will be pray'for of Jesus!
---ELENA on 5/8/12

Hi Everyone,
I am in Michigan helping my daughter with the kids and the baby. What a blessing. Please pray for my daughter this week. She is very sleep deprived with the baby feeding every two hours. She's also extremely emotional and high strung. Thanks.
---Trish on 5/8/12

Hello,Mary,Thankyou..Sorry hear your poor mother ill. we all on here,care & be praying for you.I am willing to send you some of my music.. I have been practicing with J.C. we are just us 2 his friends all not interested in church music. we are rehearse today.I have sent songs before to PuertoRico even by Text/dwn load PC.myself I don't sell my own songs I give them to the body,like God gave gift to me. he also,study be a lawyer so,J.C. says our first 2 takes real good. I am happy. I am used to sing "solo" good to have young folks inspired. So,be let you all know.Please continue let me know how your mother,ELENA
---ELENA on 5/8/12

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Hello,this ELENA ... For Mary's Dear Mother..Our heavenly Father,We come this very hour,we Know you are here I lift up our Sis.Mary mother,Look precious Jesus give her another opportunity be with our sis.Mary find it at all length by faith I ask give good days,years,Spare her life...restore her health I beg you be kind & be her refuge strong tower in midst of storm.thnkyou,In Jesus let your blood cover..revive.amen
---ELENA on 5/8/12

Hi Elena, thank you, my husband is doing better these days, my mom isn't but my husband is so I guess we can't always have everything (sigh). She's real sick right now, husband is quitting smoking though--praise God!!! :) I'm so happy for him :) God bless you sister.
---Mary on 5/8/12

Hello,Mary OK..hey,Mary would love to hear fr you!please reach me my church la Comunidad Los del Camino (spanish)Presbyterian Church inSouthwest Detroit,mich. 313 841 1144 7354 Whittaker St. 48209 you can ask for me leave message ELENA DaCosta. Be glad to keep in touch and hope we can meet! I love to play and you know God bless cheer us both up! God bless you sister Mary! Hugs...How your husband doing? Hope well. What state are you in?
---ELENA on 5/6/12

goodmornin'Congratulations! I am elated!God bless you "grandmother"how wonderfull for you Trish! see I knew God work it out for allof you..this is ELENA.thankyou,HeavenlyFather for a healthy baby boy! may youall be blessed..Love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 5/5/12

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Congratulations Trish! :) God bless your little grandbaby and his family! :)
---Mary on 5/4/12

Trish Praise the Lord it all worked out as needed,a little boy,precious. Of course when God intervenes in our situations it always does. Enjoy your family,my prayers are with you. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 5/4/12

It's a boy. My daughter had a boy on May 3rd, at 12:05 pm. He weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces, and is 21 inches long. They have not named him yet.

Technology allowed me to get a picture on my iPhone within an hour of his birth. Also, I got to see him squirm, and see his full head of hair thanks to FaceTime on my iPhone and someone's iPad.
---Trish on 5/4/12

Karen: I wish I were having a baby boom. Right now, my daughter is the only one with kids. My married son and his wife have not started having kids yet. She is getting her acting career off the ground. My single son lives with his girlfriend, and may never get married. He has a lot of growing up to do yet, like finish college and get a job.
---Trish on 5/2/12

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Trish...Thanks for clarifying that about the grandbaby. Thought you were gonna be having a baby boom in your family.
---KarenD on 5/2/12

Hello,Just one minute- this ELENA...wonder what's happen to PapaBear? Is he ok? Thanks..Lord I pray he is ok and all his family. love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 5/2/12

GoodMorn'n family,let's remember Linda 'n prayer/she bedrest hurt ribs! So,know you Linda included this day my morn'n prayers.Trish,Mary,Darlene,aka and all we family/ my best go out 'n prayers for all .ThankGod prayers workin'my right eye lill bit clearer! ...I know his arm not short! His way sweet,tested & tried & can't give up now! my fear was over welming but, 'say the Lord you nev'r left me desolate and I actually yesterday went out and did get quite a bit done and my faith got over the fear of go out by myself! I was so surprised when I really could distinguish colors,houses some distance I am able to see . I got faith keep praying with me...Thanks!
---ELENA on 5/2/12

Trish Hi,I am praying for your daughter That all goes perfect. Please know when I am praying for the people on here I also am praying for their loved ones too. That is every day. May God take care of you too. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 5/1/12

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My daughter was 8 months pregnant in March. Was 9 months pregnant in April. She is due to deliver any day now. The doctor was considering inducing her last week, but my daughter talked him out of it, because it is not medically necessary.
---Trish on 5/1/12

"I would appreciate prayer for my daughter. She has two children, and is eight months pregnant." Thanks, Trish
---Trish on 3/6/12

Trish are you having two grandchildren since this daughter was eight months pregnant in March?
---KarenD on 5/1/12

Hi Darlene,
My daughter is still pregnant, and I am anxiously waiting for the phone call. She will need my help starting Monday, if the baby arrives between now and then. Her husband is home till then.
---Trish on 5/1/12

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