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Demon In My Dream

Last night I had a dream that my daughter in one instant was possessed, then walked form where she was standing and turned into her normal, fair skinned beautiful self. The demon had bright red hair and terrifying voice. When I woke I could still feel something beside my side of the bed,it scared me.

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 ---Precious_Shetterly on 5/1/12
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sounds like the demon dreams or thoughts this family in Britian had about her daughter and demonised themselves to life behind bars after disposing of her.

Don't eat cheese at nite love

sounds like it's your mind that needs deliverance not your daughter... oh unless you mean deliverance from yourself.

sorry to be so frank
---Carla on 10/2/12

Hello,Trish,stop for a moment review. this old blogg. Not making fun,of.the.woman but thought.about my daughter, who never comes around,married the $ eh...guy,what made me when you and the athiest agree ha!ha! .teenagers can be like that, .my daughter she marry this guy and she told me, one of.very.few times. I saw, she said to me "I don't even know you..." Trish, I said to myself, she been to. OUTER LIMITS? I was in labor nearly 24 hours and oh,by the way with.Cancer, and fought for my life and had people pray she be Born.
healthy and thank God she was,so when I read this, ..
Remind me of her crazy talk, demon like ...she need deliberance. Love agape,
---ELENA on 10/1/12

Rober8697: I totally agree with Jed. Get your wife to a psychiatrist for a complete evaluation and medication. Ask your family doctor for a recommendation on who to see, or call your health insurance company for help. If you don't have health insurance, call your county mental health agency.

Do this immediately. This sounds like a serious mental illness, and she needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. If worst comes to worst, take her to an emergency room for the evaluation and possible psychiatric hospitalization.
---Trish on 5/16/12

Rober8697, I think your wife could benefit from some very strong medication and some time in a psychiatric hospital.
---Jed on 5/15/12

My wife has similar dreams, but worse she sees things that I do not as if they weren't visions but as real as you and me
---rober8697 on 5/11/12

Hello "...Do not give a foothold to the devil" he breeds lies n confussion Eph.4:27,2titus2:26,1Pet5:8 ...Alsosometimes,too much to eat at nite,watch late news be prepare relive something set the night for worry & despair= ( bad dream)any amount of financial woes to any major problems can surface 'n weird dreams...Be carefull ...Don't get seeking "worries" & Calamities,based in FEAR.Col.3:2 set your mind on things above,..... just be encouraged stay pray for your mind & keep into the word of God...You be alright.God bless you!
---ELENA on 5/3/12

Atheist, having raised three kids through the teen years, and having taught middle school, I totally agree.
---Trish on 5/2/12

Having a teenager can be like that....
---atheist on 5/2/12

weatherbill, to say that the devil can influence dreams is to assign too much power to him.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/1/12

Precious, I agree with Cluny and Trish. It was just a dream. The mind can make anything up while we are asleep. What I believe is, that it is wrong is to credit the demons when they are not even involved. Nothing wrong with your daughter. While we are awake there is many demons around us, but when a believer studies about God, your dreams should be God centered. I dream of answering people on line just about every night because I study a lot and most of my time is spend reading God's Word. Fill you life with things of God and those dreams will disappear.
---Mark_V. on 5/2/12

YES! I know this first hand. Demons can come to us in our sleep. Consider it a test or that you are a threat to the demons. This means you have favor in Heaven. Why would the enemy target you if you were not a threat to him in some way? Shove it back in his face and tell him he's going to tartaroo for 1000 years! Then give God praise and command the demon to bow and worship the Lord!
---weatherbill on 5/1/12

It's called a dream. Start reading your Bible and pray before you fall asleep. The Word of God is powerful.
---Trish on 5/1/12

You had a bad dream. That's all.

No spiritual significance to this at all.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/1/12

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