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Tuesday Night Nightline

Did anyone see Tuesday night NIGHTLINE? They exposed the Ponzi scheme in the Christian churches, about 40 of them. What do you think of the "Wealth Tour" that they hosted in their churches and the man who schemed these people out of their own retirement funds?

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 ---anon on 5/9/12
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ELENA, A-men sister Elena, for whatsoever a person sows, that will the person also reap onto themselves. There are a lot of people hurting others today with total disregard of the consequences which will return upon their lives for their evil-doing. I can not say this enough- GOD IS WATCHING! He that made the eye, will he not see? and he that made the ear, will he not hear? Yes indeed, no one gets away with hurting God's children, no one.
---Eloy on 5/18/12

Hi Jed, you bring up some interesting points--thank you. Only one thing though: I'm on disability and I worked for many MANY years although I failed at every job I ever had, am grateful for disability but yeah social security isn't what it was supposed to be.
---Mary on 5/16/12

Mary, you poor dear. Jerry is absolutely right. Young people who are paying into social security today will never see a dime of it. I have been paying into it since I began working and I don't ever expect to see that money again. What Mary described is how Social Security was SUPPOSED to be. But liberals have high-jacked it. Today, most of the people recieving Social Security (via Disability) have never even worked a day in their life, or worked very little. Social Security was never meant to fund things like that. It was supposed to be like a retirement plan, that's what people are told and promised, but it's a lie. That's why it's a ponzi. I would never stake my future on the government fulfilling their promises.
---Jed on 5/15/12

hello,bro.Eloy, this ELENA..believe you are right If someone deliberately get money out of people "in the lord's name" I believe they goin' have a hard way down the road at some point...the bible speaks about those who oppress the poor...Zeh.7:10.Do not oppress the widow.Ps.37:12,13.Pro.11:21,Ez.33:18
---ELENA on 5/14/12

Mary: You poor, trusting dear. The Social Security "Trust Fund" was raided years ago by greedy liberal politicians (contrary to law). It currently has a zero balance, and we SS recipients are funded directly by the proceeds of the monthly taxes on our younger citizens. This fits the definition of a ponzi scheme. Research it for yourself.

---jerry6593 on 5/14/12

What in the world is "ponzi" about social security, an investment made during working years that gives the elderly something to retire on? I don't know what the elderly will do if social security goes broke though, but it's not a ponzi scheme.
---Mary on 5/13/12

I'm just curious. If someone comes along and tells you that they will give you 20% return on your money, why would you withdraw your life savings account like this woman did from Eddie Long's church and give it ALL to this man when God promises in His Word, a hundred fold return. Why couldn't she use her wisdom and say "Something is fishy here, God promises a hundred fold return so I'll leave my $122,000 in my retirement fund. Instead she withdrew it and gave it freely to this man for a 20% return and LOST IT ALL. Where is the wisdom in believing GOd's word over man's word?
---anon on 5/13/12

It is evil - just like the ponzi scheme we call Social Security.

---jerry6593 on 5/11/12

I haven't watched that broadcast. But those whom engage in cheating and hurting God's people will have to deal with God Almighty. And from experience I know that my God takes the very best of care of us, his children. If anybody desires woe and condemnation in their life continue to hurt real Christians and you will be guaranteed a life of woe and pain and suffering in this life and also in that to come.
---Eloy on 5/10/12

Anon, this is nothing new.

You can see these very things happening everyday on TBN and Daystar.

These are the very people who are described in Romans 1:18-32, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, and 2 Peter Chapter Two, along with other passages of scripture.

What is so sad, is many people are blind, deceived, and brainwashed by those you see on these so called christian television networks.
---Rob on 5/10/12

If I fool my own self into trusting a wrong person . . .
---willie_c: on 5/10/12

Hello,Anon there was a similar ponzi scheme here in Michigan few years ago. One of the newphews & few other relatives of the Winans,famous gospel ministers,preachers,singers the whole family anyway,the newphew & one other I believe charges were filed and not sure the case is over yet,alot of retired people mostly seniors from different churches all over fell for it and it turned very nasty case indeed. In the same type situation you mentioned more than not someone should go to prison.
---ELENA on 5/10/12

Yes - that is horrible. Proof that this man was never a true believer and didn't have the Spirit of Christ.

Matt 7:15,16
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits
---CraigA on 5/10/12

I think it sucks!
---atheist on 5/9/12

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