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What's Up June 2012

Might we start another What's Up June 2012 blog, since the last one was deleted, hopefully keeping it free of acrimony?

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 ---Catholicus on 6/8/12
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Trish, when I remember my old lifestyle and sins I thank God that I can. Remembering them and how it used to be without Christ helps me to not get involved in the same things again. It also helps me to deal with other people.
---Elder on 7/1/12

Elder, Thank you. I had forgotten that. It turns out I don't keep track of my works anymore. There was a time, in my younger, wilder days, I kept track of my works, hoping they would compensate for my sins. Now, I don't keep track of the works. Unfortunately, I can't forget most of my sins. Praise the Lord, I have Scripture to help me not beat myself up the way I used to.
---Trish on 7/1/12

A little bit of trivia for you.
Did you know that Trish started the very first "What's Up" blog? It has continued on since then.
See, Trish, your works shall follow you.
---Elder on 7/1/12

Mary: I live by cornstarch. I get all sorts of rashes with all the antibiotics I have been on since January. I buy mine in the baby stuff aisle, coz it smells so good.
---Trish on 6/30/12

Hi Elena, sooo glad to hear from you! :) I understand about the computer and stuff, I've had times where I'm "offline" and it drives me berzerk lol! Well I better go use some cornstarch--yes I have a rash and cornstarch calms the itch right down! :) God bless you and God bless Trish :)
---Mary on 6/30/12

So good to hear from you. So sorry you are having computer problems. I get very frustrated when I can't use my computer, when I want to. I can go for days without it when I am with my grandchildren. But, I still like to check certain things on the computer, like the weather, and e-mail.

Glad you are okay. Know that you were missed.

Darlene, I Friended you. Thank you.
---Trish on 6/30/12

Trish Saturday the Barbara who requested you make me your friend on Facebook is me. God Bless Darlene 1
---Darlene_1 on 6/30/12

Trish my heart goes out to
Y o u NOW Have. Hey. Computer
To. Right words for me
I am very happy This what is this will be better to be understood. I sure would be a lot better on my eyesight Haha So thankful to god for this opportunity once again to communicate. Lol
---ELENA on 6/30/12

Mary, I appreciate the prayers and concern, but especially the hugs.:)

I wonder if anyone here is on Facebook. I am. My name there is Patricia Anne Reilly. I'd love to get to know some of you off the blogs. Let me know you are from Christianet if you decide to Friend me.

Huggles, Trish
---Trish on 6/30/12

, have had my computer dwn
As you know I can not see
r good but am now have new
Computer. Mary please forgive! I couldn't answer. Yes.I hope you all.know. how much I missed you
Ok. Trish been praying for you
& all
---ELENA on 6/30/12

Hello have had setbk. Computer
Problem z & not have $ to fix.thank-you for ask bout me Mary got new
Computer please forgive me not able speedily answer. However. !did read. Blogg my
Friends computer hope all.get thisn
Hope love & faith lolELENA
---ELENA on 6/30/12

Shira4368 That is great news. I will surely keep praying for you and all you must go through with moving. I know it is hard to leave the familiar for the unknown but with God you can do it. God Bless And Keep You
---Darlene_1 on 6/29/12

Hi Elena, I'm hoping you see this, how are you doing lately hon? I'm praying for you, Trish, I'm also praying for you. God bless, hugs, Mary
---Mary on 6/29/12

darlene, I will be moving there in about 6 weeks. I am excited about it and on the other hand I don't want to go anywhere. I have very deep roots here and leaving here is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.
---shira4368 on 6/28/12

trish, you just show your human side. We all do things that we regret later. that is just our flesh. I try to think before I say anything that may be hurtful to someone. I am guilty of doing that too. I said something to my daughter in law and I had to go apologize to her. she is a very sweet person but she is different than me or anyone else. I love her and accept her the way she is. Don't beat yourself up too bad. God bless
---shira4368 on 6/28/12

Darlene, Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate your friendship very much.

Unfortunately, in addition to being rude and offending people here on Christianet, I have hurt both of my son in the past two weeks, which devastates me. Making mistakes here upsets me. Hurting my kids just devastates me, and I came to realize what I did with one son last night, and saw the pattern. I can't be a human wrecking ball in any aspect of my life.

Political arguments don't bother me in the least. I understand where people are coming from. I just don't agree with them. It helps if people can agree to disagree agreeably. Unfortunately, some cross lines and question my relationship with God because of my politics.
---Trish on 6/28/12

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Trish that is a two way street,others I'm sure hurt you sometimes too. Even though there may be things the two of us don't see the same,you are my precious Christian Sister & Friend, and there is nothing you say which isn't your right to say,even when people don't agree with you nor can anything change what I feel about my friend. So sorry for your pain,I'm praying,I hope you feel much better soon. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 6/28/12

Hi Family, I want to apologize for offending anyone or everyone in the past week or two. I'm not sure exactly what's wrong, except that I need to step back and pray, and dig into the Word some more. I am truly sorry for my poor behavior.

I am still struggling with a lot of post-op pain. I'm not using that as an excuse, just asking for prayer.
---Trish on 6/28/12

Darlene, my surgery went well. All of the prayers are being answered. The doctor and nurses were wonderful yesterday. Of course, there is post-op pain, but it is manageable. I prepared ahead of time, and cooked several casseroles to reheat plates of for my meals. I am very grateful for the prayers of everyone here. Thank you.
---Trish on 6/26/12

Trish I was praying for you and your surgery this morning and will continue to pray. I hope for you a speedy recovery and better health in the future. God Bless You
---Darlene_1 on 6/25/12

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We have had several days of intense heat here in Southeastern PA. I am so grateful for my air conditioner. It's been pretty busy this week.

I have been busy cooking and cleaning for my upcoming surgeries. I always prepare a couple of meals that can just be microwaved and that will last for several days, like casseroles and soups. My surgery is supposed to start around 9:30 Monday. I'm glad it's not later than that.

I'm looking forward to attending worship tomorrow. Afterward, we are having a meal, and then a business meeting. After that, I am heading to a Celtic Heritage Festival two blocks from my apartment.
---Trish on 6/23/12

Darline and Elder: Thank you so much for your prayers, but especially for your friendships. God has truly blessed me in so many ways. My circle of friends is huge, between my face to face friends and my cyber friends. May God bless you both.
---Trish on 6/20/12

Trish, many times we are so rushed we don't take the time to say the things we should. We do pray for you and trust the Lord that you will be fine.
As you go for treatments and surguries, always "tell'em 'bout the Lord." I know you do. God bless.
---Elder on 6/20/12

Trish you know you have my prayers. You are such a strong woman of faith who sets a good example to others on how to trust God. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 6/19/12

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Well, it looks like I need another surgery. One week after my sinus surgery, I have to have a mole and some tumors removed from my arms. The mole is suspicious, and the tumors are pretty large. After the surgery, they will be biopsied. I have peace about the whole thing. I would just appreciate prayer during this two week period.

Thanks so much.
---Trish on 6/18/12

KarenD: I have already told you, I am not a moderator. I learned how to contact the mods from Alan of UK. I have e-mailed Sara, who is a mod, from time to time. Please stop bearing false witness against me.

I am a retired Philadelphia public school teacher, with a Masters in Social Work. I'm divorced, with three grown children, and three young grandchildren.

I am on Social Security Disability, because I have a lot of serious health issues, the most serious is a clotting disorder which killed my two brothers with pulmonary emboli. I've survived mine.

Instead of making up lies about me, I would prefer that you pray for me.
---Trish on 6/15/12

So Trish is truly a moderator.
---KarenD on 6/15/12

Thanks Trish. I've never clicked on any other tab then the "Blogs" tab before.
---Jed on 6/14/12

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God bless you Trish, I will be praying for you. My mom has a hard time with coumadin, it can be tricky. You're in a lot of prayers right now, hugs, Mary
---Mary on 6/13/12

Jed, You go to the top of the page you are on right now and click on Mall. From there you click on Chat and Penpals. If you are not registered for the Christian Dating site, which is also used for friendships, register. If you are registered, just sign in. There will be an Inbox for you. Once you are registered on the Christian Dating and Christian Penpals site, you will start to get e-mails from the moderators. In the meantime, I'll contact one of them and ask.
---Trish on 6/13/12

Trish, how do I email the mods? I have never done that before. What inbox are you talking about, you mean the email that I use for my signature when I type my posts? I never get any messages from the mods in my email. If there is an inbox for me on this site I am unaware that I even have one.
---Jed on 6/13/12

Jed: I am also curious why that thread was closed. E-mail one of the Mods, and maybe they will let you know. Just reply to one of the messages in your inbox. I have dialogued with Sara on more than one occasion.

---Trish on 6/13/12

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Why did the "Spanked Drunk 19 Year Old" thread get closed? I was hoping to see the response.
---Jed on 6/12/12

Mary asked me how I am doing, on another thread. I thought I should answer it here.

My shingles rash is almost gone now. There is just a little raised area now.

Now, I need to get a tooth pulled before I have sinus/nose surgery on the 25th. Unfortunately, because of I am Coumadin because of clots, I must be taken off it for five days, and be put on a different anticoagulant, for both procedures.
---Trish on 6/12/12

---aka on 5/24/12 form Deceptive Tactics Of Cults blog. I missed responding. Thank you, and blessings to you too.
Especially this:
"flattery and false promise (fiction) are definite ways to draw you. they play on our unknown fears

think back to the start. the serpent drew on fear of the unknown (death)..."you surely will not die". and false promise bordering on flattery...your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God.

i think all three fall under the umbrella of control."
---Chria9396 on 6/10/12

Thanks everyone for your prayers. I have been dealing with the shingles for two weeks now, and they say it lasts for two to three weeks, so I am hoping the rash goes away soon. In the meantime, I am taking Benadryl to stop the itching. I'm still contagious to anyone who has not had either the chicken pox or its vaccine, or whose immune system is compromised, like people with HIV or on chemotherapy. So, I pretty much lay low, except for the occassional trip to the store for necessities. One thing I have learned is that anyone who has had chicken pox as a kid can get shingles, unless they are vaccinated for it.
---Trish on 6/9/12

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thanks catholicism. that is why I have a ton on my back right now. I sure don't want to leave where I live and secretly I am praying my house don't sell. that would make me happy.
---shira4368 on 6/9/12

Hi Shira, moving is always difficult, especially a long move to a new place. God be with you as you prepare for that. May He give you confidence and comfort.
---Catholicus on 6/9/12

I have a big move coming up. Pray my house sells so I can get this move over. I am really dreading to leave my roots and too old to establish roots in another state but I do what I must do. thanks
---shira4368 on 6/9/12

Trish you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you feel better soon. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 6/9/12

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I'm still praying too.
---Jed on 6/8/12

Trish, I'm still praying.
---Catholicus on 6/8/12

Thanks, Moderator, for posting this. we can try again now.
---Catholicus on 6/8/12

God has put the neatest people in my life. I have been blessed by the friends I have made in Bible study. We minister to each other throughout the year, not just during our study.
---Trish on 6/8/12

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