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Holy Goosebumps At Mass

I was wondering what other followers of God believe Holy goosebumps could be. Lately whenever I attend mass I find myself during one point starting to have a serious case of goosebumps. Sometimes I find it happening every week at mass, and why that they only happen during mass.

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 ---Ilovejesus1 on 6/9/12
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They'r Unholy goose bumps. There's NOTHING holy with or about the Man - made 2nd.Cor. 11 v 14 inspired roman cath church, Rev.17 v's 4 - 6.
---Lawrence on 9/4/12

Getting emotionally excited sometimes at worship is in itself a harmless thing, but it's NOT the purpose of Christian worship.

If you are looking for ANYTHING but God in worship, especially the Eucharistic Sacrifice, you wind up chasing idols, and judging everything by your own subjective experience. Ever hear the phrase, "I didn't get anything out of it"?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/15/12

Trish, I agree 100%. This is getting scary.
---Jed on 6/15/12

aka: That happens to me a lot at church also. I don't see it as an anointing at all. I am already filled with the Holy Spirit when I walk into the church. I am just having an emotional response to the awesomeness of the Lord, and being surrounded by so many people that love and adore Him as much as I do. All that love pouring out, and not being able to fully comprehend the fullness of His love often moves me to tears.
---Trish on 6/15/12

when i am at church, i tend to cry a lot. not aloud...tears...not that i am sad or hurt or depressed. i get overwhelmed. i like the music, but it does not thrill me. the preaching does not necessarily move me. i get overwhelmed by the mere words that i hear from the bible. i always feel a presence that is so much greater than me. i am not judging, but i just don't see how Godliness when compared with humanity does not result in tears.

nevertheless, it is my emotional response. i could turn it into a "holy weeping" ... an annointing, but i will leave it alone as something that i do not understand.
---aka on 6/14/12

"goose bumps" on the skin can happen for different reasons.
---Eloy on 6/14/12

No kidding!
---Jed on 6/14/12

"goose bumps" on the skin can happen for different reasons.
---Eloy on 6/14/12

Marie,thank you for saying you believe I am a vessel of the Holy Spirit and you see the fruit of love in my responses. That is very kind of you to share that with me and you truly touched my heart. I know what you mean,its really sad to see Christians tearing one another apart like that. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 6/13/12

Jed I know you don't mean to offend,I thank you for caring enough to give your opinion. I agree emotions do affect us physically,emotions sometimes happen in church,I believe each person should be free to express their feelings/emotions as long as its decently and in order. Even though I agree with all of that what I am talking about is not emotions on the body but the move of God upon a person,or church. I know anyone who has not experienced that type of move can only try to understand by referring to what they know. I don't fault anyone for that I am just saying you can't receive or understand anything from God which you don't believe in. What I speak of is His anointing,His blessing on His children,not dependant on emotions. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 6/13/12

Shira4368,thank you it means more than I can tell you that you understand what I am talking about when I say there is an anointing from God which is not dependant on emotions. God's anointing is a blessing beyond measure and depends solely on His love,will,way,and power when he anoints his people as he chooses. When I belonged to a Southern Baptist Church the anointing fell like that and no one was emotional,but when that part of the service ended the Pastor asked "How many have been on a Spiritual High this morning?" nearly everyone raised their hands,including me. Most Southern Baptist are not given to emotions in church. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 6/13/12

Saint Eloy, thanks but I have already received salvation from Jesus Christ, not of myself. It started by admitting that I am a sinner, a task I see you are still having trouble doing. When you realize your need for repentence and forgiveness you too can be saved. You can start by reading the Bible. You may find some interesting facts in there, like the fact that Satan is not dead like you just said he is. The Bible says he seeks to devour like a roaring lion. I bet if you started reading the Bible you will learn all kinds of things you didn't know. Like the fact that there is only one God, and he doesn't post on these blogs under the name Eloy.
---Jed on 6/13/12

jed, your humor is as boring as dead satan. I pray that you get saved before it is too late for you to do so.
---Eloy on 6/13/12

Jed: I totally agree with you about Eloy's delusion about Sainthood. This is the second time I have agreed with you. This is getting scary. ,)
---Trish on 6/12/12

Eloy, that's so funny that you think you are a saint! WOW! Let's take a "show of hands" and see all who think that Eloy has acted like a "saint" on these blogs? It doesn't bother me that Eloy calls me a sinner because I fully admit that. Yes, I sin, I want to whole world to know that I am not perfect. And I often times find myself ashamed for the way I act, including the way I respond to others on these blogs. I give thanks to Jesus Christ for dying for my sins and forgetting them all, and that I can rely upon Him alone for my salvation. Eloy, however is so perfect He doesn't need Jesus' forgiveness, is that right Eloy, or should I call you SAINT?
---Jed on 6/12/12

//Do you not know that whatsoever you sow is exactly what you will reap to yourself?// eloy

remember that when you fantasize about condemning your wife.
---aka on 6/12/12

Eloy: Your mind is all twisted these days. I never said that Jed's calling you a retard was a rebuke. I said that I was rebuking you.

I did not like Jed's use of that word, and I shared that on that forum. I did say that you need to forgive Jed. And I also said that you are not supposed to take brothers to court.

I am a Christian, and you're not God. When I rebuke you, it is not blasphemy. So stop saying it is.

Personally, I think you need psychiatric care, because you are truly delustional.
---Trish on 6/12/12

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aka, there are some stony hearts posting here, for it is plain by the NonChristlike language used. A sinner calls a saint a retard and another sinner think that is a rebuke, both are wrong: for one, it is not possible for a sinner to rebuke a saint, and two, a sin is not a rebuke. Now that you have joined those whom bad-mouth Christians, how is that going for you? Do you not know that whatsoever you sow is exactly what you will reap to yourself? keep mocking God's children and you will surely experience how God will reward you for doing such.
---Eloy on 6/12/12

Darlene is so right in her stand for holy anointing. There are many churches that are into getting the emotions going. I have been to one such place where the teens were boogi g around until all the teens were caught in the frenzy. Oh yes a holy anointing has nothing to do with frenzy
---Shira_4368 on 6/12/12

Darlene1: Darlene I would really like to commend you. Whether your goosebumps are of the Holy Spirit or not obviously will not be agreed upon here. And that's okay. What I do believe is that you are a vessel of the Holy Spirit and I say that because I see the fruit of love in all your responses to everyone. What a refreshing change that is for this blog site where so many tear each other apart. God bless you.
---Marie on 6/12/12

We are with God, all the time. So, I can see we can be emotionally involved with Him, at any time, in any place.

So, if a person is reacting only during a religious circumstance . . . that could be emotion about the religious activity.

Emotions have motives. Motives are found in spiritual beings, not only showing in physical bodies. And God can express Himself through our bodies . . . speaking His words, and expressing His feelings. God is feeling > "God is love" (in 1 John 4:8 & 16). So, I can see that Satan would be against having feelings with God > "But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him." (1 Corinthians 6:17) We feel being "one spirit with" love (c:
---willie_c: on 6/12/12

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Darlene1, please understand I'm not trying to offend. I know many get offended when you say they get emotional during worship. I'm not sure why. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being emotional during worship. In fact, I already stated I think a Christian who loves God should get emotional when you think of all God has done for you. Feelings of gratitude and appreciation will cause goosebumps and crying, among other physical responses. That is good to experience that. But those are emotional responses, not a supernatural move of God. Like Trish, I grew up in a church where emotional worship was discourage. Now, I think you should express your love for God openly. But let's not call something God's Spirit when it's really us.
---Jed on 6/12/12

Trish,yes I know,thank you,and I feel the same. I also care about the others here and I thank you all for your input. Trish one doesn't have to be emotional for the anointing touch from God to be had. It happens also when one is alone,still,and praying that God's touch can happen in that way. I know you all mean well and only want to help but there's nothing that can be said here which can change what I know is from God. In Acts people in the upper Room had what appeared to be tongues of flames set on each of them,people now don't have that but it doesn't mean God's people aren't filled with the Holy Ghost. The Bible says there will be miracles,wonders,and signs and no one but God knows how He will do those things until He does them. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 6/12/12

Eloy , maybe after you judge your wife seated at the side of your saviour, you two can explain to me what a dissing is. In the meantime , i will send you my IP address. Because, i may think you are an idiot too.
---aka on 6/12/12

aka, Dispense with your dissings. My position is Christ, and 100% obedience to him, and zero for any and all religions. If you are following religion I suggest the higher road to you. Leave the dead religion, and follow Christ, in whom is all blessings and life.
---Eloy on 6/12/12

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your assumptions and high-mindedness astound me.

wouldn't it have been better to ask me first?
---aka on 6/11/12

"That's called emotions, not an act of God. An expression of what we are feeling is called an emotional response. If it was truly a move of God, it would not depend upon our feelings. If your "feelings" are involved, that's called emotions."
---Jed on 6/11/12

Lets play Jeopardy! 'What is Love?'
---Nana on 6/11/12

aka, I know that many people are following whatever religion their parentsd raised them to attend, but after a person hears knowledge of the truth which may be different then whatever our parents taught us, then we need to leave behind those untruths and accept the truth. it may not always be easy to leave the beliefs of our family to accept in the place thereof, Christianity. Nevertheless, Jesus promises us that he will be with us always in our choice to follow him.
---Eloy on 6/11/12

Darlene you are separating emotions from phyiscal sensation as if one didn't affect the other. As we all know emotion does at times produce physical sensation as Jed stated. eg when you are really frightened you get goosebumps or a chill runs down your spine. Or the emotion of embarrassment produces the physical sensation of burning face. Also you said that "don't you realize that God equips his children to recognize what is from him and what isn't?" The Bible tells us to "test" the spirits to see whether they are from God. Therefore we should not just assume what we are experiencing is of God.
---Marie on 6/11/12

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Darlene 1, with all due respect, have you ever read what is written in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, and 2 Thessalonians Chapter Two?

The reason I ask is because there are many people who claim to be Men and Women of God, especially those of the Word Of Faith Movement, but they are not.

They are FALSE TEACHERS and DECEIVERS who do what is written in Romans 1:25. They use BRAINWASHING, HYPNOSIS, and SORCERY, and OTHER TACTICS to get people worked up in a frenzy.

Jesus and His disciples did not use these tactics. These tactics are not from God, but are from Satan.

Darlene 1, from the very first verse of Gemesis, to the very last verse of Revelation, I challenge you to show many anything about holy goosebumbs.
---Rob on 6/11/12

Darlene: You know I love you. Our bodies have physical responses to emotions. That is why people with high blood pressure are encouraged to cut down stress. It's also why people often get migraines. There is a physiological response to practically every emotion we experience.

My emotions during worship have become more intense in the past ten years. I used to go to an uptight church where raising your hands, or swaying to the music was discouraged. Now, I am free to do both, and just can't stand still during the worship portion of our services.

What may be occurring could be an emotional response to the awesome grace and love of God, which in turn is causing a physical response.

I hope that makes sense.
---Trish on 6/11/12

Jed with all respect,you misunderstood what I meant. When I said what I did it wasn't about feelings of emotions but the sensory feeling of the skin/body. No matter how anyone tries to dismiss such experiences being from God what they think can't erode experience. Don't you realize God equips his children to recognize what is from Him and what isn't. We can't fight against Satan without the ability to know what is from Him. Our spirit will not bear witness with the fake but it will with the things of God if we will allow God to lead. I don't care if others don't believe in some things I do,that doesn't change my respect and the Love in Christ I have for others. The sheep know their Shepherd's voice. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 6/11/12

"The things we feel when in church,worship,prayer,and praise are all outward expressions/manifestations of the love we have for God and His Love poured out upon us." -Darlene1 on 6/11/2012

That's called emotions, not an act of God. An expression of what we are feeling is called an emotional response. If it was truly a move of God, it would not depend upon our feelings. If your "feelings" are involved, that's called emotions.
---Jed on 6/11/12

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All the Fruits of the Spirit are an outward expression or manifestion of an inward process. Its no different with any of the true moves of God on and within a person. The things we feel when in church,worship,prayer,and praise are all outward expressions/manifestations of the love we have for God and His Love poured out upon us. In Galations Jesus felt the virture go out of Him when the people touched the hem of His garment. You don't find many things in the Bible which Jesus did because the Bible says the world could not hold all of his move in the earth. We are told there are signs and wonders God would do through us. That covers many types of different things. God gives what we are open to receive.
---Darlene_1 on 6/11/12

Marie, I was encouraged by my Christian mentor to measure everything against the Truth of God's Word. I agree with using the Fruit of the Spirit as the measure of if something we are feeling is from God. Plus, none of the Fruit are physical.

Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
---Trish on 6/11/12


if you were referring to me, when i was a child, i honored my parents by attending mass at the church that they told me to go to.
---aka on 6/11/12

\\I suggest that you leave your mass, and join a Spirit-filled Christian Church, the Christian church is filled with Christ's love.
---Eloy on 6/10/12\\

When are youm going to follow yourm own advice and get Christianed, Eloy?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/11/12

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Jed, I think your answer makes a lot of sense. A pastor once said, "Have a Bible reason for everything you do or believe." And that makes a lot of sense to me too. If we don't use the Bible as our standard we can go off in any direction claiming all sorts of things are from God. When I read how the fruits of the Spirit in Galations 5 are manifested in our lives I read nothing about holy goosebumps.
---Marie on 6/10/12

Wow Trish, maybe we do have somethings in common after all! Thanks for the nice comment. 8-)
---Jed on 6/10/12

I suggest that you leave your mass, and join a Spirit-filled Christian Church, the Christian church is filled with Christ's love.
---Eloy on 6/10/12

Jed: I don't say this often, but I like your answer. Makes perfect sense to me.
---Trish on 6/10/12

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Where in the world did you get that from?... ---Marie on 6/10/12

it must be the same place where the laughter came from. marie, you can call your laughter "holy laughter" if it is in church.

my dad used to punch us in church when we got the "holy giggles" at mass. sometimes, we got detention. the punches or missed punches made us "holy laugh" and the detention made us "holy bum-out".
---aka on 6/10/12

Marie no offence taken. I got that from sixty two years of being a committed Christian who has experienced the touch of God in that way many times. It is easy to laugh at something you don't know about or understand or to dismiss it as our own emotions but that doesn't erase the fact it is the touch of God and his presence which causes them. Whether God comes as a great peace and Holy silence in a church or on a person or with the anointing touch that we feel upon us it is still all God who does it. God is power,a living power who has many ways of showing His presence to His loving children. If you have never experienced Him that way you are missing out on a blessing. God Bless You
---Darlene_1 on 6/10/12

Goosebumps can be an emotional response. I have felt them before during worship service. I do not believe they are "holy" goosebumps or that they are a sign of the Holy Spirit or anything. I believe they happen simply because I get emotional in my worship. Which there is nothing wrong with being emotional during worship, I believe you should be emotional, after all, we are supposed to be expressing our love for God. But I believe alot of people take normal emotional reactions and make them out to be a sign of the Holy Spirit, like shaking, crying, or feeling energy. Some people run around, and dance because they have gotten themselves so emotionally worked up and say it is the Holy Spirit as if they were not doing it, but God.
---Jed on 6/10/12

Darlene1: I mean no disrespect Darlene but you had me LOL when I read your blog. You said, "They (holy goosebumps) are simply the anointing touch or move of God upon you." Where in the world did you get that from?
God bless you sister.
---Marie on 6/10/12

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it is a common misconception that there are more emergency room visits on a night with a full moon. it is just more noticeable, therefore the misconception. "holy goosebumps" are goosebumps that are noticed mainly when you are at church and not as noticed on other days. Granted their may be more triggers at "church", but I can assure you, God's church is 24/7 and is not contained in certain walls on Sat or Sun.
---aka on 6/10/12

How can we possibly get more of the Holy Spirit than through the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus, to Whom be glory?
---Cluny on 6/9/12

When you go to church you put on your Spiritual mind. You are focused on the things of God,therefore,you become closer to God's Spiritual world. What you get people in my denomination call Jesus Bumps. They are simply the anointing touch or move of God upon you. Or to put it another way,you have connected spiritually in loving God and He is Spiritually loving you back with His presence. Just enjoy it and praise God when it happens for He is blessing you.
---Darlene_1 on 6/9/12

I never heard of Holy goosebumps. Nor have I ever seen them mentioned in the Bible. Is it possible your church is too cold, and that's why you get the goosebumps? Personally, I think they're bogus and made up. If it's not mentioned in the Bible, like one of Christ's disciples getting them, I doubt they are Holy.
---Trish on 6/9/12

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