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Horoscopes Fortune Telling

How can someone believe in familiar spirits (horoscopes fortune telling reincarnation) and still say they are Christians? I am looking for Scripture to show the devil and God can not dwell in the same house.

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 ---christy on 6/23/12
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These verses / you can Not serve two masters( not these words exactly) and the last one once you.
Come give your life to Chr ist. be. Carefull how you conduct yourself
whatever you do may open doors searing hell keep your eye open.
---ELENA on 11/27/12

The basis of salvation is belief in the death burial and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. There is no other "proof". Believing other fables,(eternal misery), and falsehoods(free will) do not disqualify the called and chosen of God. He has justified us, apart from any righteousness in ourselves. This cannot be changed. However, the loss of spiritual blessings now and in the next age for following superstitions will be understood fully at His Dais 2C 5:10
---Phil on 7/7/12

"Please explain familiar spirits so I have the definitions correct? " Christy I have noticed that no one has addressed your question. Biblically speaking a familiar spirit is the inspirational force called upon by those seeking a method of allegedly communicating with the dead (the practice of necromancy). However what they are actually communicating with, is a demonic influence well-acquainted with either the departed soul being sought or the soul of the seeker. That evil influencer attaches themselves to and speaks through the medium as a ventriloquist speaks through a dummy.
---Josef on 7/7/12

Because there is a difference between knowing "about" Jesus, and knowing "of" Jesus or "Jesus in you". Any outsider can know "about" Jesus by hearing about or reading about him, but there is a big difference between putting Jesus into your beliefs or into a religion, than in having Jesus live inside of you and where Jesus is your life. It is the difference between keeping Jesus as a historical figure or some pet idol in the present, or in worshipping and obeying him today and every day. A person having Jesus' Holy Spirit will not follow occultic things.
---Eloy on 7/2/12

what about pat robertson? he makes yearly predictions but most of the time he is wrong? does that make him christian?
---mikehowe on 7/2/12

That makes him a false prophet
---CraigA on 7/2/12

what about pat robertson? he makes yearly predictions but most of the time he is wrong? does that make him christian?
---mikehowe on 7/2/12

Some Verses that inadvertedly refer to such a thing as this is in JAMES 3:8-12. Two opposing entities cannot come from one vessel. Either one or the other will be in control of the vessel, or, rather, will lord over the vessel in question.
---Gordon on 6/26/12

Acts 19:18-20.
---Eloy on 6/26/12

Please explain familiar spirits so I have the definitions correct? The study Bible I have put those things listed under that terminology?
---christy on 6/25/12

Isaiah 47:13 Thou art wearied in multitude of my counsel , Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.
47:14 Behold they shall be as stubble, the fire shall burn them. They shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame, there shall not be a
coal to warm at, nor fire to sit before it.
---RICHARDC on 6/24/12

"it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment" (in Hebrews 9:27) So, I can see this means no one lives more than once on this earth. But if a sinner is brought to death, by an evil spirit, that evil spirit then can bring its evil personality to another sinner who is born. And it can seem like the human personality has come back, but it was the selfish evil spirit who has come back in another person.

Jesus says, "Freely you have received, freely give," in Matthew 10:8. So, if we are loving family, we don't make people pay us for our help to know what to do in our lives.
---willie_c: on 6/24/12

Horoscopes, divination, and reincarnation are NOT the same things as familiar spirits.

But to answer your question: Easy. It's the same way people who say they are Christians reject and mock the truth of Christ's Body and Blood in the Eucharist.

They simply have been poorly instructed.

The big thing wrong with all attempts at divining the future is that they conflict with living by faith in God and His providence. They are sins against faith.

God and the devil live in the same place all the time. Haven't you ever read the opening chapters of Job?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/24/12

The way my post are listed here could be a bit confusing. The one on the bottom was sent last to explain the relevance of the first. Just FYI:o)
---Josef on 6/24/12

Thank you! These Scriptures are very helpful!
---christy on 6/24/12

Christy share this with that someone. "The light of the body is the eye: If therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light. But if Your eye be evil, your whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you be darkness, how great [is] that darkness! Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness." For "What communion hath light with darkness? And what accord has Christ with Belial?" Therefore "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them." Mat 6:22,23> Luk 11:35>Eph 5:11>2Cr 6:15
---Josef on 6/24/12

Until I learned that they were sinful, and spiritually dangerous, I followed my horoscope. My best friend in high school was not a believer, and did the horoscope and tarot cards.

Once I learned what God's Word says about those topics, I repented of them.

When I was a baby Christian, and knew the Truth about those things, my unbelieving sisters and Mom invited me to go with them to a fortune teller. They did not understand why I was unwilling to go.

Pray for your believing friends who dabble in those things. They are deceived.

I can't find the verse I am thinking of that mentions these things. Scripture does address this in both Testaments.
---Trish on 6/24/12

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Christy if that someone ask you what Mat 6:22,23 means, and you are not sure, consider this. One's mental disposition is revealed by one's focus. If one's focus is Christ centered, clear and certain, one's mind will be illuminated, and one's way clarified. However, If ones focus is on that which opposes Him, scattered, confused, or uncertain, one's mind will be clouded in ignorance, and one's way obscured. If what has been made clear internally concerning one's spiritual relationship becomes unclear to that one due to external stimuli, that stimulus will only lead to greater confusion, uncertainty, and ignorance concerning Divinity and man duty to the Divine.
---Josef on 6/24/12

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