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Stop Cigs, Gambling Drinking

I need help to stop drinking I binge drink 3 to 4 times a week, smoke cigarette and gamble my money away I am asking the lord to help me but I feel like he is not listening to me, I don't know what to do.

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 ---Gina on 6/29/12
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God is listening. Prayer is a good start. God is extending his hand to you through AA and detox programs. Reach out and grab his hand by taking action. Take the first step by reaching out to those organizations that can support you and continue to pray day and night. Prayer, most often, is not a one-stop shop.

~humble follower of the Rock and lover of The Eternals truth (KJV) Matt 16:18, Corin 10:4, 2 Thess 2:10 1 Pet 2:21
---Follower_of_Christ on 7/14/12

Read the Amazing facts series, start with :
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---francis on 7/7/12

You prefer these things above seeking God. You cannot change that, but God by His Spirit can. The grace and mercy of God can be gotten, but it will cost you. You must reckon yourself crucified with Christ at all times. You cannot change the leopards spots, neither can man change himself without divine intervention. If you continue in this, your reward in the next age will be seriously diminished.
---Phil on 7/7/12

You will never be delivered until you confess your sin, take responsibility for it, and repent.
---Jed on 7/2/12


I remember being at a Bible study. I was falling asleep.

What really woke me up was the Bible study leader repeating the final line of Jimmy Buffet's 1977 song "Margaritaville". In a nice, Biblical way:

"But I Know, It's My Own Dumb Fault"
---Sag on 7/5/12

"This is NOT your fault."
---Scott1 on 7/2/12

Soctt, what are you talking about? Telling people their sins are not their fault?! Really?! Are you a Christian or not? You will never be delivered until you confess your sin, take responsibility for it, and repent.
---Jed on 7/2/12

Scott, not all alcoholics and gambling addicts have past emotional issues. Some do, many don't. I know plenty of alcoholics in AA who had wonderful childhoods, but still became alcoholics. Same for gambling addicts.

Research has found that certain people are born with what is known as an "addict brain." People don't know they have it till they become addicted. When someone with this type of brain chemistry picks up an addictive substance, or does an addictive behavior, their body wants to do it more, and they do it until their body or mind become physically addicted to the chemical or behavior.

There has also been research to support the idea that this is genetic.
---Trish on 7/2/12

Gina it sounds like you have tried to "pray your way out." Have you tried going to a christian counselor. your drinking and gambling maybe a false solution to a problem. I would guess that there is some past emotion that you are running from causes binge drinking and gambling as your escape. This is NOT your fault. The mind works by creating emotional responses to similar triggers from your past experiences but does not tell you what those triggers might be.
---Scott1 on 7/2/12

Medical detox. Call your doctor and get help physically getting off the alcohol.

Go to AA meetings. Get phone numbers from others who have been drinkers and learned to stop. You do not have to stop alone. Every single person at an AA meeting wants to help the newcomer stop drinking. Believe me when I tell you that. Because it's the truth. First call your doctor. Then go to AA. Don't try to do it alone. God put people in our lives so we don't have to do things alone.
---Trish on 7/1/12

"I am asking the lord to help me but I feel like he is not listening to me"

I think it is you who is not listening to the Lord. Just start obeying Him and stop all this stuff you're doing. He's not going to just wave a majical wand and make you quit. YOU have to quit, He can't quit for you. It's not going to come without pain and sacrifices, that's for sure. Sin causes pain, and repentence is painful as well. You simply have to repent and stop what you are doing. I hear people say all the time "How do I stop this sin?" Simple, you just stop.
---Jed on 7/1/12

Gina, Become serious about wanting to quit, if we are not serious in our prayers to Jesus, he knows and will not give any help. But as soon as you are serious, then he is all there for you.
---Eloy on 6/30/12

Hi, Gina (c: God bless you! Jesus is the Lord of all, He's got it all that you need for power and strength . . . but we need to have love's reason. I talked with a guy who was using up his money on gambling. I considered that he might be asking the Lord for help, but only so he could use his money for other things . . . like maybe drinking and running with other guys' women. May be his problem was keeping him from getting killed drinking and driving or by some guy. We need to first give ourselves to the Lord . . . all the way for always what He wants.
---willie_c: on 6/30/12


I know first hand what addiction can do to your life. I am a member of NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and have been clean and sober for over 21 years. My life was a living nightmare until I found freedom and recovery in sobriety.

God has many paths to himself. 12 Step programs are but a few. Many people call out to God and are liberated at once but many more are not freed immediately. To those of us who have to walk out the 12 Step program to freedom, we have a very simple saying that describes our need for the program:

"Without God, I can't, without me, God won't"
---Mark_Eaton on 6/29/12

Gina, the fact that you realize you have a problem with these matters is the first of the Twelve Steps. I believe this First Step goes on to say, "Our lives had become unmanageable."

I'm sure you've heard of Alcoholics Anonymous. There is also Gamblers Anonymous.

Addictions and their self-destructive dysfunctional behaviors are tied up with trying to self-medicate other hidden problems.

I'm not saying the 12 Steps are a panacea, but they could well be part of the provision God is making for you.

Look up the nearest groups.

God bless you and lead you on your journey to wholeness.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/29/12

Suggest that you get involved in a support group.
---lee1538 on 6/29/12

I suggest you tackle one thing at a time. Some here will tell you that you can quit all three, cold turkey, by a miracle of the Lord. That is very possible, but the people I know in AA, especially the believers, have not had that happen.

God heals in a lot of different ways. My experience has been through Alcoholics Anonymous. Start by attending a few AA meetings. The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop drinking.

If you physically have trouble stopping, you may need a medical detox. It is extremely dangerous to detox on your own, depending on the amount you drank, and how much time went between your drinking binges.
---Trish on 6/29/12

#2: AA is a 12 Step program, started as an off-shoot of a Christian program. There are Biblical principles to support every Step in the program.

Once you have physically detoxed from the alcohol, you should get to work on the Steps of AA. Gamblers Anonymous is also based on the same 12 Steps. Their meetings are harder to find. You can apply the AA Steps to your gambling addiction.

Finally, ask your doctor for medical help getting off the cigarettes. Everyone I know who has quit, needed the patch, and had a few falters before they were completely cigarette free.

God is listening to you. He sent you here, to get support from others like me, recovering alcoholics.
---Trish on 6/29/12

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Gina...God is listening. You are the one who is drinking, smoking and gambling. You are the one who has to stop those things. You aren't listening to God.
---KarenD on 6/29/12

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