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Pray For My Daughter

Help me pray for my daughter she is 33 years old and I am at the end of my rope I don't want to ever give up on her. Every time we are together she becomes so very angry at me for every thing I do or say. I pray for her every night without fail. I love her very much. Our relationship has only gotten worst.

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 ---Rachel on 7/12/12
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Rachel, in order for her to be angry, you must have done something, some time back and do not remember. That happens many times. We say things that hurt others and we do not even realize it sometimes. Many times what we say is not that important to us, so we forget, but very important to the one that was hurt. If you have a chance tell her you are sorry if you ever hurt her in some way in the past. Do not give up on her, just be you, with the love of Christ. We cannot change hearts, only God can do that. That is why believers pray to God, because we know only He can change a heart. We can try all we want, but to no avail. I tell people that about salvation, but they think they can change their own hearts. Trust in the Lord, and just love her.
---Mark_V. on 1/23/13

rachel, bless your heart. have you ever just sat her down and told her how you feel? does she even know that it affects you in such a way. I see in the world today children don't respect their parents much anymore. I taught mine to say mam and sir. my son in law told his daughter she didn't have to say sir and mam. just keep praying for her because that is the only thing you can do. God bless and keep you
---shira4368 on 1/19/13

Rachel, shalom. I will pray for you and your daughter, that God come into the midst and bring His peace and restoration to whatever the situation may be. As much as you love her, understand that God loves both of you more-He hears. May you be blessed in Christ Jesus-
---b.shetok on 1/19/13

Hi Rachel, I will certainly pray for your daughter (and you) and hope that, in the coming days, you will become very discerning as to how you speak to her and that you can, perhaps, find the courage to ask her what it is you do or say which makes her angry.

It is easier to rectify a problem when you can identify the real cause and there must be one.

I'm glad that you pray for her and that you don't intend to give up on her.

Pray for yourself first, asking for God's guidance in the way you handle this.
---Rita_H on 12/14/12

rachel, try to call her and just tell her you love her. in the meantime I will pray for your daughter. we are to love and respect our parents.
---shira4368 on 12/14/12

Amen Elena. Amen. Love and hugs, Mary
---Mary on 12/14/12

Heavenly Father,thankyou you are my life force.I do not believe my daughter anymore here in USA. My heart aches for her sure too,other moms & dads like myself again holiday alone. Move Anyway possible! our kids find a way, a solace, a trusting friend foreigner who will help them escape! Return SAFE to their JESUS name.amen.
---ELENA on 12/14/12

I would love to offer up a prayer for God's people who are caught-up in the middle-east turmoils.
---pat on 11/15/12

Hello,my name is ELENA, be very glad join in praying for your daughter,I have one a daughter uhave not seen almost 10 yrs. Can't remember last time I saw her..

she ran off, married a rich man, have not much else cud say ...used to cry constantly,been many years,
God will work it out.
---ELENA on 9/4/12


I will pray for both you and your daughter. You have my word on that.
---Angie_S. on 7/21/12

Father,in the name of Jesus ,I pray that the power of the Holy Spirit may enter the heart of your daughter and cause real transformation of her heart to remove all sort of anger and replace it with the love of God. I ask this in the name of Jesus Amen.
---Pastor_Thomas on 7/20/12

Mark E, that was a wonderful advice you gave Rachel. She is 33 years old, but maybe to Rachel she is still a child. I believe she should just love her no matter what is the best advice anyone can give even though they might not agree on many things. And surely we will all pray for them to love each other.
---Mark_V on 7/15/12

Well, she can become how You want her to be so she is not under the power of her mother to get her angry. And she can become loving the way You have her loving her mother, even if her mother does anything the wrong way with her. And her mother can submit to You for any correction You know she needs. Her mother is not perfect, so she does not need to depend on her mother to be right, in order for her to be saved if she needs to be. "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." (1 Peter 5:3) So, she will always need ones to feed her the right example, and her mother can be one of these people. So, Father, please do this! In the name of Jesus Your Son we ask this, amen.
---willie_c: on 7/14/12

Father, it is hard to deal with estrangement of the children from parents. Please help Rachael practice grace and forgiveness at all time with her daughter. Assure her that, though things look bad for her, you are the Saviour of all, specially them that believe. No one is being ignored or unatteneded by you. You are leading all of us, saved or not, towards your goal of becoming All in all. Her daughter will not escape your wooing heart forever, Lord. One day she will acclaim you as Lord, and be reconciled to you, and to all. For this we thank you O God.
---Phil on 7/13/12

OK will pray as you ask
---francis on 7/12/12

I'd be curious to hear your daughter's side of the story. I don't doubt you love her, but she obviously did not start acting hostile all of a sudden.

My mother frequently told people I didn't love her when I expressed opinions of my own that didn't agree with hers.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/12/12

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First of all, you must remember that your daughter is 33 years old.

Your responsibility to raise her right is long over. She now has the responsibility to live right for herself.

Don't tell her what to do like you would a child. Your daughter is a grown woman and makes decisions for herself. Respect that.

You can advise her now. Look for ways to sew wisdom in her life. Give her your wisdom if you have it. Otherwise, don't give her your opinions. Let her make up her own.

Above all else, detatch, detatch, detatch.
---Mark_Eaton on 7/12/12

You need to pray for God to give you the wisdom in how you relate to your daughter. What are you doing and saying that is triggering her anger?

Scripture says that Parents are not to exasperate their children. You need to do a thorough self-examination of your behavior to see what you can control.
---Trish on 7/12/12

I have no idea of what you "do" or even "say" to your daughter. But, maybe you need to just live the life of a Christian before her, in peace, without doing or saying anything that will provoke (agitate) her. I pray God will lead you in the way you can respectfully accomplish His will in your relationship to your daughter... I pray you will prayerfully seek the Lord so He can word your mouth with what to say to your daughter at the appropriate time.

Never give up on her! However, you need to prayerfully give her to the Lord. At 33, she's no longer your "little girl". She's as grown woman & needs to be respectfully/lovingly treated as such. :)
---Leon on 7/12/12

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