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Good Over Came Evil

Jesus Christ taught that we must love our neighbor as yourself. Then he went a step further, and said, we have to love our enemies. Does anyone have an experience where people have done you wrong, and you had to overcome evil with good?

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 ---believer on 7/16/12
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Mark_V.: "God permitted that doctor to heal you so that you will die at your appointed time."

Christ did not use doctors to heal. God healed people through Christ. God healed people though the apostles. With God ALL things are possible - even healing oneself and others, the waters and the land. Just because your faith is not strong enough to heal, Mark V, you must rely on other people. Oh, ye of little faith.

Genesis 20:17
Exodus 15:26
2 Kings 2:21
2 Chronicles 7:14
Psalm 6:2
Psalm 41:4
Psalm 103:3
Psalm 147:3
Proverbs 13:17
Isaiah 57:19
Matthew 4:23
Matthew 8:13
Matthew 10:1
Matthew 10:8
Acts 5:16 - all without doctors

Jeremiah 3:22
Jeremiah 17:14
---Steveng on 10/27/13

markv, why did you post that we do have a choice. are you finally accepting the truth? your post floors me.
---shira4368 on 10/27/13

Steven, you say,
"So, you are saying that all your choices in life are chosen by God - the food you eat, the car you drive, the job you work, the doctor to heal you, etc." never said that. But everything you do has been taken into account in the plan of God. If you are healed by a doctor, God permitted that doctor to heal you so that you will die at your appointed time. Nothing change the plan of God. Then say,
"But God did not create robots. He created us to choose him by our choice" God allows man to make choices the reason He judges us by our motives. But He knows no one can get out of his fallen state without His help. For no one lost seeks after God. God is in control of our spiritual awakening.
---Mark_V. on 10/27/13

Noah was found to be righteous a choice he made, Lot's wife made hers and was turned into a pillar of Salt.

Judas betrayed Christ that was his lot, someone had to do it. people have choices and The Almighty is the potter and fashions each lump according to his will.

example a chamber pot and a elegant vase???

However both from the same lump, Human beings are no different... God is irrespective of persons.
---Carla on 10/27/13

Mark_V.: "Steven, first of all man does not have a will that is free period."

So, you are saying that all your choices in life are chosen by God - the food you eat, the car you drive, the job you work, the doctor to heal you, etc.

But God did not create robots. He created us to choose him by our choice:

Proverbs 16:9
Joshua 24:15
John 7:17
2 Timothy 2:26
Galatians 5:16-17
Revelation 3:20
John 3:16
Romans 10:9-10
John 8:24
Mark 8:34
Romans 13:2
John 1:12-13
Luke 13:34

Your god, Mark V, is not a loving god who predestines people to hell. If some are predestined to heaven and some to hell why is there a judgement day? Revelation 20:12,13
---Steveng on 10/26/13

markv, you did not answer my question. How did you get saved? who told you to get saved? what voice were you listning to?
---shira4368 on 10/26/13

Steven 2: You also say,
"Let's suppose what you say is true. Then how does an unsaved sinner gets saved if God does not listen to the request of the unsaved sinner?" Don't suppose, the Bible is right. You asked the same question the disciples asked when they said,
"When the disciples heard it, they were greatly astonished, "who then can be saved?" In (Matt. 19:25)
"But Jesus looked at them and said to them, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (v. 19:26).
---Mark_V. on 10/26/13

Steven, first of all man does not have a will that is free period. His will is in bondage to sin, he is dead in trespasses and sins, separated from God. He is already condemned to hell. He is heading there unless God changes his destiny. Man cannot change his destiny heading to hell. Second, making choices is not free will. Man makes choices for a cause or a motive or a reason, his will is never free. You say that everyone makes choices everyday, that is true, but we are told:
"A man's heart deviseth his way: But the Lord directeht his steps" (Psa. 31:15). What you should say is
"Then let me "rest in the Lord," and wait patiently for Him" If you are a believer.
---Mark_V. on 10/26/13

Mark_V.: "He does not listen to the request of unsaved sinners."

Let's suppose what you say is true. Then how does an unsaved sinner gets saved if God does not listen to the request of the unsaved sinner?

Mark_V.: "So that no one can ask God for salvation out of their own free..."

Life is full of choises of ones own free will. You choose your own career,you choose to buy food at the store, you choose your own entertainment, you choose what car to buy, you choose your friends, you choose if you want to follow Jesus or not. Life is all about choises - free will.

You choose your path, but God guides your steps.
---Steveng on 10/26/13

Samuel, to you if the decision is God's it's not fair. you say,
"MarkV how merciful is it that for sins commited during a period from one day to 100 years a person who had no chance to be saved and who GOD did not want to save is punished by torture for not chosing to be saved for all eternity?"
People are not going to hell for eternity because they did not choose to be saved. He is going because he broke the law of God. His condemned heading to hell. No one can stop him but God. When God saves him, it's because of God's great love.
"But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great Love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses made us alive together with Christ" (Eph. 2:4).
---Mark_V. on 10/26/13

MarkV how merciful is it that for sins commited during a period from one day to 100 years a person who had no chance to be saved and who GOD did not want to save is punished by torture for not chosing to be saved for all eternity?

During the inquestion people were tortured to save their souls by the rack hot irons and being fed to rats among other ways. Some were just drowned or buried alive for owning a translation of the Bible in a language they could read. Yet you place many of them in torture for all eternity because they do not agree with your doctrine.

What mercy is that?
---Samuelbb7 on 10/25/13

Markv, I see you have a favorite verse you not only don't understand, but fail to put the verse before it to make a complete thought and sentence, again only tweeting what you want to see.

What's the POINT? Are you serious?

The point is, that bothered you so much you had to bash the truth.

GOD chanced his mind. You hate that part.
---kathr4453 on 10/25/13

Kathr, what's your point? God has been gracious to all mankind all through history. Every breath they take is by the will of God. Even the things we do are by the will of God. For no one can exist without the will of God.
"For in Him we live and move and have our being..." (Acts 17:28).
---Mark_V. on 10/25/13

God showed mercy on both Hagar and Ishmael after they were thrown out of Sarah and Abraham's home.

OH then we have Jonah going to those awful sinners in Nineveh, and never asked them to repent? Jonah just came to tell them God was going to destroy them in 40 days or so.

AND low and behold THEY got the idea if they repented, perhaps God would have mercy on them. And guess what, God did. Now is Markv and Christan going to tell us the WHOLE of Nineveh was re-birthed first in order to repent?

Here is a perfect example of God's LOVE towards sinners. Just read what Jonah said at the end. I knew you would do this because you are:
You fill in
---kathr4453 on 10/25/13

Steven, I did not say God cannot talk to sinners, He can talk to anyone He wants, He does not listen to the request of unsaved sinners. So that no one can ask God for salvation out of their own free will as you have suggested. I am speaking of unsaved sinners, human beings. If you suggest He does, then not only Isaiah lied but John lied also. Let's Just throw the books out altogether because you say they lied.
"Now we know that God does not hear sinners, but if anyone is a worshipper of God and does His will, He hears him" (John 9:31). And sin doesn't separate us from God, and Satan is in complete control of the whole earth but he did not lie, God lied in His Word.
Do an online check on God.
---Mark_V. on 10/25/13

Jonah 4

4:1 But it displeased Jonah exceedingly, and he was very angry.
( Johan was ANGRY that God did not destroy Nineveh)
2 And he prayed unto the Lord, and said, I pray thee, O Lord, was not this my saying, when I was yet in my country? Therefore I fled before unto Tarshish: for I knew that thou art
1)a gracious God,
2)and merciful,
3)slow to anger,
4) and of great kindness,
5)and repentest thee of the evil.

3 Therefore now, O Lord, take, I beseech thee, my life from me, for it is better for me to die than to live.

Poor angry Johan the Calvinist, he'd rather be dead then proclaim the love of God.
---kathr4453 on 10/25/13

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"I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one..."

Matthew 5:44_48 "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you, That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so? Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."
---Nana on 10/24/13

Mark_V.: "Cluny, you say:
"God is sovereign, and can and will speak with anyone He chooses."

Mark_V.answered: "Wrong. the passage does not teach God cannot speak to unsaved sinners. God is Sovereign and can. But won't."

God surely does:

God talked with Adam and Eve after they sinned.

Nebucadnezzars dreams were clearly from God.

Pilates wifes dream troubled her greatly,

Peter indicates that Balaam was a sinner, but yet God talked to him.

Even Muslims today are receiving dreams about the deity of Jesus.

And Satan himself, the greatest of sinners, God speaks to him.
---Steveng on 10/24/13

Oh I see MarkV, now you want to play the trinity game.

So now you are claiming Jesus NOW speaks to Calvinist "sinners" in first person? The Father doesn't have to drag you to Jesus anymore, Jesus Himself just BLINDS you knocking you off your feet? Well, let's see your burned eyes markv, then I will believe you. But let's see ALL Calvinists burned eyes markv?

So now that we've established with you the Trinity, please tell us, what part today does the Holy Spirit play in your salvation? I see NO WHERE Paul was re-birthed before Jesus REBUKED him.

If he was re-birthed first, and had eyes to SEE, he never would have asked...WHO ARE YOU?

You just can't keep up and stay on top of your lies and twists can you?
---kathr4453 on 10/24/13

It makes a lot of sense to genuine Christians.
---Mark_V. on 10/24/13

First off you NEVER question somebody's salvation. You question theology and thinking but not salvation. this goes for you also kath.
---Scott1 on 10/24/13

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So MarkV you are saying while JESUS and the Father are one GOD. They think and act differently and have different powers? I guess that means they HOLY SPIRIT does not think and act the same way the Father and Son do. I just want to make sure that is what you are really saying.

On the original topic I have had to do this. An two Atheists kept insulting me and making fun of me at work. One in the end came to know JESUS.
---Samuelbb7 on 10/24/13

Kathr, ranting and raving again. you said:
Or is Markv saying Jesus is not God? "
We were not even speaking about the Son, Jesus Christ, who is from everlasting since He is God. You on the other hand believe He was created a son. Don't throw what you belief at me. That is your theology. A heretic theology.
Second, we were speaking about God the Father. Stay on the topic if you know the difference.
Let me remind you again, salvation is by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Only those of the elect, every single believer, is saved the same way. God does not speak to them while they are unsaved. He makes them spiritually alive together with Christ, then He speaks to them through the Spirit of Christ.
---Mark_V. on 10/24/13

Kathr, now to argue as I said before you say,
"When Jesus revealed himself to Paul, Paul did not know who it was? Jesus REBUKED Paul and asked, Why are you persecuting me? Paul then said WHO ARE you? "I am Jesus whom YOU persecute "
Did I say Jesus could not speak to sinners? Jesus while in His ministry always spoke to unsaved sinners. But I was speaking of God the Father. Get it right. When Jesus appeared to Paul, it was the Person of Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity. It was not the First Person speaking to Paul. You don't understand because heretics teach different. To them this does not make any sense. It makes a lot of sense to genuine Christians.
---Mark_V. on 10/24/13

Don't ya just love it when the culprits ignore the question... guess their part of the 'elite' its a great reminder when you know its not the majority that make it!
---Carla on 10/24/13

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When Jesus revealed himself to Paul, Paul did not know who it was? Jesus REBUKED Paul and asked, Why are you persecuting me? Paul then said WHO ARE you? "I am Jesus whom YOU persecute "

Christan and Markv want to use Paul as your salvation example of being elected to salvation without faith and one completely in their sin.

Markv then contradicts Christan by saying God cannot speak to sinners.

Or is Markv saying Jesus is not God? Or is Paul being a murderer of Christians not sin? Or is it only CALVINISTS God speaks with in their sin, since they say they are like Paul! and say Paul is the perfect example of their Calvin doctrine.

Please explain?
---kathr4453 on 10/24/13

Cluny, you say:
"God is sovereign, and can and will speak with anyone He chooses."
Wrong. the passage does not teach God cannot speak to unsaved sinners. God is Sovereign and can. But won't.

"Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, That it cannot save, Nor His ear heavy, That He cannot hear, But your iniquities have separated you from your God, your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear" (Isa. 59:2).
Sin offends our holy God and separates us from Him. God being holy, cannot ignore, excuse, or tolerate sin as though it didn't matter. Sin cuts people off from God.
All are sinners, but believers saved by grace come before the Father, through Christ.
---Mark_V. on 10/23/13

You must obey God first, even before Scripture. Before you can love people you must first love God. It's not always blessing thy enemies. If God says NO, which He may on occasion. Obey God first, the author of the Bible. And heaven will be yours!
---catherine on 10/23/13

well cluny, thank you for agreeing with me. God can do anything He wants and He does speak to people for salvation. If he didn't hear sinners, no one would be saved. I agree with you. some take this out of context.
---shira4368 on 10/23/13

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Kathr, you have not given any Scripture to support everything you talk about. And what you talk about is me. And I am not in Scripture.

Steven and Shira, any Scripture given to you means nothing, since you say Satan is in control of all things on the earth. You might as well throw out the Bible. You might as well never ask for anything from God, He is only watching things, He is not controlling anything, you might as well ask Satan for whatever you want, he is running the show.
---Mark_V. on 10/23/13

\\Shira, God does not speak to sinners (John 9:31)\\

Actually, this verse is taken out of context. I'll leave it up to the people here to look at same.

God is sovereign, and can and will speak with anyone He chooses. And which of us is NOT a sinner?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/22/13

Markv, what is this obsession with stalking Shira? Cyber bullying! She told you what and why she believes as she does, so GO away you pain in the neck. No one has to answer to YOU, or give an account of anything to YOU. Who do you think you are. God? All this " I give you the truth" "you reject my words" crap shows you must believe you have some sort of power to change someone into the elect. Fighting tooth and nail with everyone like you admitted you did to your wife. You are a pervert.
---kathr4453 on 10/22/13

well markv, how in the heck did you get saved? I know how I got saved. God spoke to my heart and if you are saved, he spoke to yours too. you honestly don't need to push your doctrine off on me, I am totally opposite from yours.
---shira4368 on 10/22/13

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Mark_V.: "God does not speak to sinners (John 9:31)"

Twisting scripture again, eh? The verse does not say he does not talks to sinners, but does not hears sinners. But at the same time does not God hear a sinner when the sinners wants to be saved? For God sent his Son into the world to save sinners, not to save the saved.
---Steveng on 10/22/13

Shira, you are still not convince so you say,
"markv, God spoke to me while I was a sinner." Shira, God does not speak to sinners (John 9:31) even the one that was blind knew that. If you heard the words of God, it is because He had already drawn you to Himself and given you ears to hear spiritual things, for God is Spirit. Then say,
" I was under a preacher at a revival. I willingly accepted Christ." You were not there by coincidence. God made it possible for you to hear the Word of God with faith. Because Hearing comes from God, and faith comes from hearing. Only those who have faith in Christ receive Christ. Unbelievers have no faith. No one lost seeks after God.
---Mark_V. on 10/22/13

I know it is a regular occurrence having to forgive and love someone knowing they have overstepped their marker, however, it begs belief when you read some blogs on here where the campaign ends up either two fold or three or four fold.

If we can't get along down here where are we all going??? why can't we all agree is it not the same Almighty God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit???

One heaven, one Hell or many stages of hell lol!
---Carla on 10/22/13

Elder, you also tell me,
"The devils and demons of Satan believe just as you do." You throw the devil and demons at me, to somehow tell everyone you are holy but I am not. If you need the devil to defend you, you are in big trouble Elder. The only defense you could come out with from your heart was Satan. You cannot find Scripture to defend you, so you use Satan to speak for you.
Then say,
"If God chose as you claim there would be no need for the Scriptures to have been written" How would you know about God without the gospel? You are not using the gospel to preach or know about God. If you did you would know the Bible is all about God, and sinful man. And God would be the center of your theology.
---Mark_V. on 10/22/13

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markv, God spoke to me while I was a sinner. I was under a preacher at a revival. I willingly accepted Christ. so you are saying God never spoke to you. well, how did you get saved? were you born saved? anyone who accepts Christ has already felt His presence or they would no one ever get saved. God lets us choose to accept or reject. the only thing you will discuss is the "elect" just like frances harped on the law.
---shira4368 on 10/22/13

Elder, I know you don't understand a thing about salvation. you say,
"Niether does anyone go to heaven that doesn't humble themselves before God." So humble yourself before God and admit that your salvation is all of God.
Then say," Go ahead and deny Rom 10:13 again." I don't deny it. Only believers call on the name of the Lord, unbelievers we are told, "there is none who seek after God". Then say: "Your belief has no repentance in it." Repentance to salvation is granted by God to all who believe.
Then say: "You think you have got to be saved before you ask God to save you." No, you have to be drawn by the Father first in order for God to save you.
---Mark_V. on 10/21/13

And, you Mark, are just blowing smoke.
Niether does anyone go to heaven that doesn't humble themselves before God. Go ahead and deny Rom 10:13 again.
Your belief has no repentance in it. You think you have got to be saved before you ask God to save you. Whew, what a joke...
The devils and demons of Satan believe just as you do. Your broad path will led you all to the same place.
You deny every Scripture placed in front of you because you are so special.
If God chose as you claim there would be no need for the Scriptures to have been written.
---Elder on 10/20/13

Elder, when you give the glory to God it will be the day you admit that there is no free will and that God, because of His mercy and grace, you are now saved, if you really are. You say you give Him the glory, and argue in front of the world that you came to Christ out of your own free will. Your own free will is your own works. No one enters heaven by their own works. No one. Salvation is all of God. From the time God draws us to Himself to our glorification. You Elder are blowing your own horn.
---Mark_V. on 10/20/13

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elder I am not confused and neither am I senile. just had to get that one in. oh elder thanks for covering my back. lol
---shira4368 on 10/20/13

Shirl, thank you so much. You are a fine Christian lady. Your desire to do the things of Christ is ever present.

Don't concern yourself about people like Mark.

You know that little mice will sneak in and try to eat your bread. We have learned that we do not shoot 'em with a cannon....

God bless you. Continue on in your service to the Lord.
---Elder on 10/19/13

Shira, Mark said to you, "Shira, I don't blow my own horn. God gets the glory."

That very statement is Mark "blowing his own horn."
I really wonder if he thinks people are as big a fool as he hopes they are?
---Elder on 10/19/13

markv, elder isn't blowing his own horn. I am blowing it for him. I can tell you, he can stand on his own and don't need me but I am there anyway. I don't see how 2 Baptist can be on the opposite ends of the spectrum.
just goes to prove one of them is wrong and it isn't elder.
---shira4368 on 10/19/13

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Here is the statement that Mark made on this very blog.

"Elder, everything you are doing was already pre-determined by God."
Mark_V. on 10/18/13

Really does or does not this sound like a confused mind?
---Elder on 10/19/13

"He says, he is not responsible for his actions,"

I never said that. You said it Mark. You are the one who has slandered God with your "everything is predestioned" views. Remember you said we don't have a free will. So what I do must be what was predestined to be. That's the gospel according to master Mark_V.

Next I didn't take a shot at you wife. I took a shot at you. You are just too heady and proud faced to see it.
I at least didn't tell her to stay in the kitchen and wash dishes. You like to demand women do that.

What I do for the Lord is none of your buisness. I work for the Lord not you and your warped approval.

You are either mental or lost and I can't tell which.
---Elder on 10/19/13

markv, I said those things because no matter what elder says to you there is a "come back" remark. elder has given you scripture and so have I. his knowledge of the Word of God is how we became friends. he has been on this site for over 10 yrs. he and his wife have given their life for the ministry they are in. their own money they use while denying themselves some of the things in life to make life easier.
---shira4368 on 10/19/13

Shira, you say,
" I would ask you what you contribute to the ministry of the Lord." Shira, I don't blow my own horn. God gets the glory. I'm a sinner saved by the grace of God. I deserve no glory. Then say about Elder and I standing side by side, Elder would, "He would be looking down at you." of course he would, he is very holy and righteous, he just took shots at my wife for the world to hear, what a great Christian person he is, and you side with him, because he knows everything about God and I know nothing, yet he believes God cannot interfere in the rights of man.
He says, he is not responsible for his actions, but God will judge him. God doesn't make him sin. He sins because dirt fills his heart.
---Mark_V. on 10/19/13

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markv, I would ask you what you contribute to the ministry of the Lord. I would hate for you and elder to stand side by side. he would be looking down at you.
---shira4368 on 10/18/13

"Elder, everything you are doing was already pre-determined by God. Your rebellion, your conduct,"

Well then, I'm not at fault at all.
So, why don't you accept it, thank me and God and just say God Bless Elder for doing God's work.

God bless you Mark... even in your folly.
---Elder on 10/18/13

Elder, everything you are doing was already pre-determined by God. Your rebellion, your conduct,
"Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, Thou understands my thoughts afar off. Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways, For there I not a word in my tongue but, lo, O Lord. Thou knowest it altogether" (Psa 139"2-4).
---Mark_V. on 10/18/13

Sorry, Master Mark. It must have been preordained before the foundation of the world that I make that statement like I did. Why can't you accept that?
---Elder on 10/17/13

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markv, I don't put holes in anyones church. if I lived close I would visit. I was curious and I have no need to look it up. my church has a website also. Lakeland Baptist church, Lakeland, Georgia.
---shira4368 on 10/17/13

Mr. Elder, now you say God bless that women, when you first took shots at her. Coming down from your pedestal I see. And no, you don't have to apologize to her are me, what you said went out all over the world. Next I suppose you will take shots at my family, my kids, like your friend Kathr. Nothing will surprise me coming from you. You have shown the other side of you.
---Mark_V. on 10/17/13

Master Mark, all I said was, "We already know that you are smarter than she is after all look at whom she married."
I am sorry, I must ask forgiveness. She is the smart one. After all one of you has to be. I see this now. We can't blame her because she made one mistake.
She is the smarter one in your family. So, I hope you don't treat her like you do the women here on CN.
Thanks and God bless that woman!
---Elder on 10/17/13

Shira, if you were serious, which I am most certain you are not, and really have no clue why you would even ask, maybe you just want to look it up but I am not afraid to tell you. The name is Bethany Baptist Church, located in Stockton Ca. Every time I give personal information someone wants to find holes to argue. What you gain by knowing, I don't know, but I guess I will find out. Go on line search for the articles of faith and look them up.
---Mark_V. on 10/17/13

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markv, I would like to come visit your church. where is your church and what's the name of it.
---shira4368 on 10/17/13

Mr. Elder, you spoke about my wife, you took shots at her in front of the world. You had no reason to speak about her or say what you did about her. I respect your family. I never say anything to redicule anyone's family.
I posted my testimony here once, and Kathr took it apart later on. That is why I am careful not to put anymore of my testimony. We try to help, but others have evil reasons and use our testimonies. Someone here is alway taking things personal and attack your family as you did my wife. If you are a godly person as you say you are, you should never take shots at someone's wife.
---Mark_V. on 10/17/13

I don't have anyone as an enemy here or else where.
---Elder on 10/16/13

From the SAVED FROM WHAT OR WHO?? blog

Kathr, don't you have something better to do at home with your family, like washing clothes, or cleaning house, then to come on line and make dumb remarks?
Mark_V on 10/16/13

Aaah. The kindness of the elect special one.. Equality and love for all ugh, that is those who agree with his false statements!
---Elder on 10/16/13

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Hello,Family,yes! Bro.Mark - this is Lidia4796, I stand and agree yes! there are those who will try to " misuse what we mean to help encourage ( which we mean for good) and then someone comes to " tie your words around as if it is a nouse to bind and hurt" the testimony,you share to help someone.

I agree that we have to be more carefull and of coarse,forgive and move on. I learn that as wisdom. Thankyou, all respect to you Bro.Mark. love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 10/16/13

believer, Lidia is correct that testimony blogs are good to answer many times, but here I found out that putting your testimony is many times not good at all. I have answered some testimony answers before and those who do not love you or like you around here, look at your testimony to redicule you later on what you said. I had that happen to me a few times by the same people. They are always looking for holes, trying to find something said so they can attack later. I guess the answer to your question is that I have forgiven those who do that. Though I am careful what I put down many times now.
---Mark_V. on 10/3/13

Hello,you know this a very good blogg, one of those you could always count on- why?? Because, be it the times we live
People who are evil.. unless they get "Jesus way down" we are always, going to be pray Lord, forgive.. yes, I have had almost every close friend stabb me in the back , yes! I alwayd, stay ( read, pray, NEVER forget)I got to forgive and yes! someone has forgiven me,too! Thankyou, Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 9/29/13

That's right Chris 9396
that's why I wrote the blog. So that people could share a testimony or experience that will encourage those going through a test/trial etc. Somethings are easier said than done,I see. Only a couple of people left a testimony...
---believer on 7/19/12

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Luke 9:51_56 And it came to pass, when the time was come that he should be received up, he stedfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem,
And sent messengers before his face: and they went, and entered into a village of the Samaritans, to make ready for him.
And they did not receive him, because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem.
And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?
But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.
For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them. And they went to another village.
---Nana on 7/19/12

Believer, I think the question should be the same one the lawyer asked Jesus, "who is my neighbor?" In the parable Jesus tells us about a person who was beaten and wounded, stripped of his clothing and left him half dead. Who was the good neighbor? The good neighbor was the one that had compassion or mercy on the one who was hurt and needed help. Out of the three, the good Smaritan was the good neighbor for helping and having mercy on the one in great need. At the end Jesus asked
"So which of these three do you think was neighbor to him who fell among the thieves? Answer:
"And He said, he who showed mercy on him" Then Jesus said to him, Go and do likewise" (Luke 10:29-37).
---Mark_V. on 7/18/12

I prayed for someone I loved that was in a bad place spiritually. Before my next visit I prayed 3 hours. When I saw her, she literally attacked me with insults for no obvious reason. Because I had been praying I knew it was an answer. I was hurt deeply but did not retaliate, just waited. For the first time, she heard her own words and had an almost immediate change of heart and started doing soul searching of why she had said things she didn't mean and what made her do such things. She wanted to pray together and we did. I suffered with her for 2 years before that night and all the while blessing her with my prayers. If I had treated her the way she treated me I'm certain God would not have overcome her issues that night.
---DavidA on 7/18/12

During the longsuffering did they give thanks to God anyway. Even though they were being persecuted. When people persecute me I take it. But while I'm taking it, I praise God and pray for them because they don't know what they are getting themselves into. So by praying for them, Im asking Gods mercy for them. They don't know that hells fire is waiting on them. So before they end up there, I plead for my enemies just as the Lord did. If he can change Saul then he can change them,if he sees fit. But if he doesn't blessed be his name. I tried
Even if you don't bake them a cake,you won the battle because you stood your ground
---believer on 7/17/12

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Suffering/tolerating is good. Blessing is better.
---DavidA on 7/17/12

Again with the overcoming evil with good. I will give you an example of the kind of longsuffering I am describing.

I have a friend who has worked at the same company for 30 years. For the first 25 years, he had a boss who constantly, nearly daily, complained about his faith, complained about Christianity, complained how the US was being destroyed by Christians, etc., etc. etc. My friend never retaliated, never rebuked, never argued, and seldom responded to the insults. Finally after many years of prayer, his boss was transferred to another location. The boss has never come to faith as far as we know.

Did my friend overcome evil with good?
---Mark_Eaton on 7/17/12

I dont see how it could be possible as a true Christian to not be in situations where one is to love their enemy (ies).
Christ died for us while we were still sinners. The lost that we are sent out to preach the gospel to, are still sinners, and if sinners, then enemies of God first and foremost, and the believer with the indwelling Christ also.
Christ laid down His life for us, and we lay down our lives, in obedience to Him, love for Him, for the good of the lost, in the hope that they too may be with Him, and us.
---chris9396 on 7/17/12

Mark E, I sense an implication here that overcoming evil with good is a retaliation. If that is the case then I don't think its really good but a thin sham. I really do think there is a way to go beyond suffering and bless. And it really is beyond and not behind. Just depends on the spirit driving it. Suffering/tolerating is good. Blessing is better.
---DavidA on 7/17/12

Often, I have gotten mad at people about how they were wrong or I thought they were. And overcoming evil first meant I needed to see that I was not loving them and so I needed to trust God to correct me, myself, first . . . so I was loving them and caring for them and blessing them in prayer.

Then I would feel encouraged to be with those people again, so I could see how God had us doing better. We would be in joy, even, with our attention nowhere near however I had had a problem with them.

"'And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses.'" (Mark 11:25)
---willie_c: on 7/17/12

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The word that God is working into my life right now is longsuffering. This is not a word that most people like, rather most people despise this word. They would rather overcome evil with good. But longsuffering means that I accept the suffering from the hands of others. I do not try to retaliate either with good or evil. I simply accept it and love them anyway. Longsuffering is the big brother of patience. So if patience is difficult for you, you are not ready for longsuffering.

You should try it some time Believer. It will change yur whole perception of God and your walk with Christ.
---Mark_Eaton on 7/17/12

There have been many instances in my life where I was tempted to seek retaliation for an injustice to me, mostly at work.

A few years back God revealed to me that all judgment given to His Son means just that. By seeking justice for myself, I am usurping Christ from His rightful place as Judge, should I take matters into my own hands.

He also made real in me the belief that He will reconcile all things evil that has and will be done. Col 1:20, and blessings await at the dais of Christ.

I have seen my "enemies" end up in big trouble for offending me, when I've kept my mouth shut. I have prayed that God not bring calamity upon them as well, causing me to intercede on their behalf, which was new.
---Phil on 7/17/12

Believer, any time we forgive those who wrong us.
Are slow to anger.
Do not return evil for evil
Do good to those who hate us.
Bless those who curse us.
Pray for those who despitefully use and persecute us.
Love our enemies, (those who oppose us).
Feed those who oppose us or give them something to drink.

We overcome evil with good.
And all Father's children will be called to do this at least once in our lifetime.
---josef on 7/17/12

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