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Want Chase In My Marriage

Can you fall back in love with your spouse after you've fallen out? Is it wrong to want the chase in your marriage from your spouse?

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 ---CKS on 7/20/12
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Yes people can put sparkle back into relationships. It takes some planning and commitment to work. Surprise your spouse with children tended by grandparents and make a date - within your means. Star gaze at midnight. Dinner at the new place in town. Tickets for what they enjoy (not necessarily what you like but treat them). Over to you ...
---Fleur on 8/2/12

James: I knew you weren't seriously suggesting animal abuse.

I happen to be an animal rights supporter, as well as to advocate for children's rights, the rights of the mentally ill and women's rights. So those are usually the issues I get my feathers ruffled over. Being a social worker, I get ruffled over anyone who is being abused, or oppressed by individuals as well as laws. That also includes the institutionally poor, like the elderly, and the sick.

I find no humor at poking fun at people that make light of their abuse.

As for your Greek translation, if it was something that Jesus said when He was on earth, why did Paul use that same language when speaking to the Ephesians?
---Trish on 7/29/12

\\Ephesians 4:29 "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths.....\\
Trish on 7/29/12

It's obvious that you don't know what was meant there.

The "unwholesome talk" mentioned is the Greek "logos sarpos" - literally "rotten words"

The only other places it is used? when Jesus was warning against the "bad fruit" of false teachers.

It is contrasted against "building up" with sound techings.

try again, please.

and you still need to lighten up. I wasn't advocating animal abuse. If you thought that was an actual suggestion, then you need help.

Always offended, always getting your feathers ruffled

Good Grief ! ! !
---James_L on 7/29/12

James: Cruelty is not humorous.

Ephesians 4:29 "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen."

By the way, I have a great sense of humor, except when it comes to abuse of people and animals.
---Trish on 7/29/12

If you want to be chased, you have to make it worthwhile to be caught
---francis on 7/29/12

\\James: Advocating animal abuse, even in humor, is NOT funny.\\
---Trish on 7/28/12

I wasn't advocating animal abuse, Trish. I was making a point with an abstract word picture.

And, for what it's worth...It was funny. Maybe not to you - but to me and probably a thousand others, it was very very very funny.

Good grief, girl. Lighten up a little. Humor finds its best home in tragedy and misfortune
---James_L on 7/28/12

Yeah, I think it is, because we need to have love in our marriage together. We should get together with our husband in unity, and not wanting him to chase us, so to speak. We are to get together in God's love, God's peace, as a unit, not one chasing the other one. I could say if it was me, I would not want my husband chasing me but to come together with each other and share the same space in unity, and focus our attention on God and not on each other.
---tweety_bird on 7/28/12

Trish is right. Pit-Bulls are nice fluffy creatures that have never hurt a thing in the existence of their breed. That is why they are most definately not on the national dangerous animals list. And why Pit-Bull owner's are most definately not required by law to carry high risk insurance on their animal.
---Jed on 7/28/12

James: Advocating animal abuse, even in humor, is NOT funny. Plus, you sterotyped a dog that is not always mean. My sister-in-law has a pit bull that is the sweetest, most gentle animal I have ever met.
---Trish on 7/28/12

I think the best way to chase[d] is to slap a pit bull in the face
---James_L on 7/28/12

Communicating this to Your Mate is a better start,than communicating it to us...
---kevin5443 on 7/27/12

Start acting loving instead waiting for the feelings. You may be surprised how you feel.
---Trish on 7/22/12

"Falling in love" is just the spark to get the REAL love engine started.

And what do you mean by "chase in your marriage"?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/21/12

Well, if one of you starts doing what I say your romance should be . . . in a way, then, you could be married to me, instead of to the one you have desired to marry (c: You can go on to better that God has you discover with each other!
---willie_c: on 7/21/12

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