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Divorce Video Playing Husband

Can I divorce my Husband if he is an unfit parent, physically abusive, irresponsible (video games, bills), sexually cheated on me, and a liar?

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 ---MarriedMommawith3kids on 7/26/12
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Sorry, smitty.
---Gordon on 7/29/12

aka - no apology necessary.
---Smitty on 7/29/12

smitty, i apologize.

//turn the other cheek.//

this is also a teaching that people have abused. to turn the other cheek is to say do not meet violence with violence... evil with evil.

Rom 12:17 Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.

even in this case, it is a manipulation of scripture that is dangerous.

but, weren't the words spoken by from Mat 5:39-48 of jesus prophetic? think about what happened to jesus from that point on.
---aka on 7/28/12

Gordon, I think you missed my point, but I do realize your importance.
---Smitty on 7/28/12

This husband cheated and physically abused his wife. There should be no question that she should leave him.

Momma, don't sleep with this creep. He could give you a disease. Grab your kids and get out of there.
---Trish on 7/28/12

Smitty, The Word of YAHUSHUA (Whom you call "Jesus") is only destructive for those who don't know what it really means.
---Gordon on 7/28/12

aka - I don't think I mentioned Jesus' teaching on divorce. I think francis did though.
---Smitty on 7/28/12

The sexually cheated seems to give ground from Matt 5:32, where divorce is banned except for ground of unchastity.

Irresponsible, however, is never reason for divorse
---Peter on 7/28/12

Smitty, that is not his teaching. he was talking to a generation of men who would divorce for any reason they wanted to no matter how petty. the scriptures were written FOR us and not TO us. today's christians want to super-impose themselves where they do not belong.

Gal 5:15 But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.

this means in certain situations that you should separate. (the "victim" is still part of the problem.)

i agree that the teaching to not divorce is dangerous, but it is man's manipulation of Jesus' teaching just as it was back then.
---aka on 7/28/12

Can I divorce my Husband if he is an unfit parent, physically abusive, irresponsible (video games, bills), sexually cheated on me, and a liar?

---MarriedMommawith3kids on 7/26/12
---francis on 7/28/12

Trish, you have understood my point perfectly. It illustrates why Jesus must absolutely NOT be taken at his word. His teaching is destructive.
---Smitty on 7/28/12

Smitty: Some women have been killed by their abusive husbands. You don't tell a domestic violence victim to turn the other cheek. That is dangerous advice. Many abused women end up with black eyes, broken bones, and end up in the emergency room.
---Trish on 7/28/12

Jesus said resist not evil, and turn the other cheek. So that's what you must do.
---Smitty on 7/28/12

Get out now. As for the Ps3 or videogaming, my husband is 39years old and still plays ps3! you cant divorce over that....but please do seek help for you and your family.
---womandisciple on 7/27/12

If your husband abuses you or your children, get out now. As for divorce, since your husband has physically cheated on you, seek legal advice on child custody and separation of property.

How long have you dealt with the abuse?
---Trish on 7/26/12

Adultery and physical cruelty are usually grounds for divorce in most states.

You will have a hard time proving that he's an unfit parent or irresponsible in court. And the last is not generally considered grounds for divorce. (I'd be curious to hear your husband's side of these charges.)

Whether they are Biblical grounds for remarriage afterwards is debatable.

BTW, all you single women who bewail your spinster state: behold yet another woman who is unhappily married.

Funny, but you seldom hear from unhappily married men on these blogs. Why is that?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/26/12

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