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Ungodly Dressed Kids

What is considered "ungodly dressed" for a six year old girl?

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 ---Vanica_Weaver on 8/1/12
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We do tend to get off the subject.
---pat on 11/19/12

pat, I also stick with the old stuff but I am actually happy we aren't wearing hats and gloves anymore. we can dress nice without hats and gloves too. some of todays fashions are tight and revealing but I choose not to be trendy and dress like a harlot. with all the tatoos young girls are getting now they need to keep them covered up. when they get my age the tatoos will be distorted in all the wrinkles.
---shira4368 on 11/17/12

I still cling to the white gloves and hats. But, we don't need to be ligalistic. God gives us all a measure of common sense. We should not be sitting in church tempting others. Stand infront of the mirror, what do you see? If you belong to God, you may ask Him. God will dress you!
---pat on 11/15/12

Trish, you. I agree with you. I used to visit.for.years.and be honest No, still.not a member their church but they had a really strict..dress misterB. Talking about you know what that was so much. Ungodly stuff going on.I quit once I found out.
It didn't seem to" limit the devil at
all".We talking bout
---ELENA on 11/15/12

Hi, I do agree we shouldn't show an excess of skin but I would not go as far as Pat's version. I do agree, though, women need to be sometimes more careful than we are.
---Mary on 11/15/12

Mary, I agree with Pat on this one. Girls actually looked much prettier dressed the way Pat describes but they did not look way beyond their years or 'tarty'. We need to revert to some 'old fashioned' standards.

It has always been a fact that men react to a lot of flesh being on show - regardless of how young the female might be. God made them that way but God also tells us to dress decently and that should start with the young and they'll (mostly) continue to dress that way as they age. We should not put men in a bad position where they'll be tempted or think things they shouldn't be thinking.
---Rita_H on 11/15/12

You know I never forget one time in a church, one kid the mom dress like excuse me, the girls that ... that well, you get my driftz" the All Bling.bling. glitter - little girl wore lipstick, high heels snd.full make- up! And low cut- Prom sexy dress. Graduate from Kindergarten! And a man at church said "wow"" she looks sexy! You should have seen.the look. I.gave him! He didn't last long there. 2 of us ladies spoke with mother. Please mind your.own business.Case closed. We tried.
---ELENA on 11/14/12

I am female! God sure knows how to pick them. He loves women. I follow Him.
---pat on 11/14/12

Pat, are you male or female? Your ideas of dressing for women and girls is beyond out-dated.
---Mary on 11/14/12

My own opinion on this is that anything which sexualises a small girl wouldn't meet with God's approval. I don't think that a sleeveless shirt would do that but a bare midriff and mini skirt would. Putting a small child in high heels could have the same effect as could allowing them to wear make-up.

Imitating mummy indoors is one thing but going outdoors wearing make-up is asking for trouble for one so young IN MY OPINION.
---Rita_H on 11/14/12

For grown-ups, I wish they would come back in with the white gloves and hats. Women ought to look like women....As for little girls>>Dresses below the knee, slacks, not too tight, the kid must be able to breathe. Skirts, below the knee and blouses, no see threw, not low cut.
---pat on 11/14/12

MisterB: Where on earth do you live. There are many tasteful sleeveless shirts that a woman can wear that would never resemble underwear. I own several.

I searched my county's court's website for a dress code. The only dress code on the site was for jury duty. It says "No Shorts. No T-shirts." There was no mention of sleeveless tops for anyone.

I wear sleeveless shells to church during the worst part of summer, and under a sweater or blazer in the winter. If I get too hot, I remove the sweater or blazer.

As for shaving, so what? Do you wear a long gown, the way they did in the Bible?
---Trish on 9/1/12

Before someone really answers the question RE:modesty for a 6 year old, we need to address what is OK for an adult women. Sleeveless shirts are prohibited from courtrooms and "respectable" bars both for men and women, so where would they fit into a Christian's wardrobe. These garments were derived from undergarments (slips & camisoles, etc)so why should it be OK for anyone to go around in these? What underwear is ordained of God in scripture? Where do you find ANY required in the Bible for Jews or anyone? Where does God say it is OK for women to shave to wear something sleeveless? Look for God's command for dealing with leprosy and shaving for men or women, and ALL the hair was to be removed!! Let's be scriptural!
---misterb on 8/31/12

more excellent way, Are you really saying that GOD does not have a "dress code"? HE most certainly does. Men are to dress like men, and women like women. And, we're not to emphasize on glamourizing the outward apparel so much as we're to be dealing with adorning the imward man by Spiritual Growth, Love, Wisdom, Humility and Modesty. There are little kids that are being dressed in very provocative ways that only spell sensual and lustful worldliness. GOD expects his people to dress in a way that will not be a hindrance or a temptation to other people, e.g. Scantily-dressed women are a TEMPTATION to heterosexual men, be the men either Christian or pagan.
---Gordon on 8/7/12

Ungodly dressing for a 6-year old girl would be supposed-clothing like "mini-skirts", "make-up (lip-stick, rouge, eye-liner and other sensual, sultry facial additives), "half-shirts" or any shirt that needlessly exposes the navel,, excessive bling. In other words, any clothing that resembles the clothes usually worn by prostitutes should not be coated on a 6-year old girl. And, some parents wonder why their little kids are preyed upon by pedophiles and child-molesters. Or, then again, maybe those same parents just don't really give a hoot. "Whatever feels good, do it!" *ugh*
---Gordon on 8/7/12

I think that it is good to train the child from a young age not just of how to dress but to respect themself and others and dress comes into it. Although the Bible doesn't dwell on clothes it does talk about modesty and being moderate. Many of the current fashions are anything but modest and because of peer pressure and the media our children and youth want to wear them but we need to teach them that they don't need to dress provocatively to look nice or be popular
---Truth on 8/6/12

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The Bible has very little to state concerning a dress code, and what it does state is in general terms, example is, women should not look like men.

A dress code is usually established by the culture or organization. For example: when I was a kid, a suite and tie was expected because of the area in which I was raised. Now, anything goes, only the older men, (except me) where suits. Since the Lord is more concerned about the inner self, He seems to ignore dress codes. A statement I've often made in the seminars given is, "Be attractive but not an attraction", when it comes to dress. The question you must ask, is my dress acceptable to God? And you might add, to my local culture and to the church I attend regardless of age.
---wivv on 8/4/12

\\Do you think it's appropriate for a six year old girl to wear sleeveless shirts?
---Trish on 8/4/12\\

Depends on the occasion, as I've said.

They may not be appropriate for church, school, or other serious occasions.

If she's playing with her friends, or other recreational events, I would see no problem.

But any program, including a recreational program, as the right to set its standards for dress of attendees or staff.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---cluny on 8/4/12

Cluny: I agree that the word choice could have been better. So, back to my question. Do you think it's appropriate for a six year old girl to wear sleeveless shirts?
---Trish on 8/4/12

\\So, do you think sleeveless shirts are ungodly for a six year old girl?
---Trish on 8/3/12

When we're talking about a six year old girl, "appropriate for the occasion" and "inappropriate" would be a better choice of words, don't you think?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/3/12

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Wisdom is not first found in a wise answer, but is first found in the correctly stated/formed QUESTION. The question was asked WRONG...GOD has no dress code, the camp does, and they shouldn't pass their code off as a 'GOD dress code' (maligning/blaspheming God to a child).

God is a very loving father and a good provider. He will never disapprove of or be ashamed of a decent person, nor is He shallow or prudish.

God does not 'pick' on anyone for anything.

The camp BLASPHEMES God, there is no such thing as "ungodly dressed".
---more_excellent_way on 8/3/12

Cluny: I totally agree that it's their school their rules. I guess I felt the need to clarify what the child wore. Sorry I misunderstood.

But, case in point here. Given the child is so young, it's possible this was her first time at this particular camp. Given that the family may not have known the camp's dress code. Given that, the administration pulled the child out, called the parents and had them bring her a shirt with sleeves. Since Vanica used the word ungodly, I'm guessing the child's mom was told her clothes were ungodly. So, do you think sleeveless shirts are ungodly for a six year old girl?
---Trish on 8/3/12

\\Cluny: It was not school. It was a summer camp activity AT the school, during the summer when school was closed.\\

The principle still applies. You go to their activity, you follow their rules.

\\AND I NEVER said her midriff was bare.\\

But you DID mention little girls in bare midriffs. I was simply opining there is nothing wrong with them per se in an appropriate situation.

\\ She had a sleeveless shirt on, NOT a strapless shirt.\\

I never said otherwise. Why are you dragging in strapless shirts now?

Do you actually read what I say to try to understand my words, or do you merely react to them, Trish?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/3/12

Cluny: It was not school. It was a summer camp activity AT the school, during the summer when school was closed.

AND I NEVER said her midriff was bare. She had a sleeveless shirt on, NOT a strapless shirt.

The question wasn't about the administration's right to do what they did. The original question was about ungodly dress for a six year old. I see nothing wrong sleeveless clothes for any girl, or woman, especially during the summer.
---Trish on 8/2/12

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\\The girl was wearing a sleeveless shirt and pants. The administrator told the parents the child could not attend unless her shoulders were covered. \\

Their school, their rules.

Bare midriffs and shoulders might be appropriate for a beach or picnic, but it's reasonable to expect ANYONE, regardless of age, to be a bit more covered up for school or other serious occasions.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/2/12

It is good to be modest.
---Hamid on 8/2/12

more excellent way: Vanica is the girl's grandmother. Her granddaughter attended a summer program at a Christian school she attended. The girl was wearing a sleeveless shirt and pants. The administrator told the parents the child could not attend unless her shoulders were covered.

I believe a six year old girl can wear sleeveless shirts, as long as her belly is covered. I believe a girl can wear shorts, as long as they are not extremely short.

I believe Vanica's question is in reference to what happened to her granddaughter. If you had read her post in the Blog question I suggested before, you would have learned this. Like I said, you need context before making assumptions.
---Trish on 8/1/12

Children need to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing which keeps them safe from the elements yet able to happily play

Easy care as clothes need frequent washing

Rather than ask what is ungodly - seek what God approves. Modestly attired with inner beauty shining through would be how I would summarise various Bible Verses

In addition, I dressed my child in clothes that were easy to put on and off and could be forgotten about so he could enjoy having fun being active
---Fleur on 8/2/12

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If the girl is dressing promiscuously, then teach her to have values of decency so that she (the PERSON) will grow up to be a decent PERSON. If you teach her that she should not dress promiscuously because GOD will not be pleased, then she will not learn to be a DECENT PERSON (context, perspective, and motive are always things to be considered when growing a human being).

Are you going to be the parent that teaches her in childhood or is God going to be the parent?. She needs a childhood from YOU and will remember her childhood when she grows up. You do want her to thank YOU for her childhood, don't you? or do you want her to be scared of God that He will follow her around and nitpick?. I never had any reason to thank my parents.
---more_excellent_way on 8/1/12

more excellent way: I think you have jumped to conclusions. Read the thread 'Dressed in an ungodly manner' to get more context.
---Trish on 8/1/12

I have a five year old granddaughter. I believe midriff tops, that show a bare middle is one example of ungodly dressed. I don't think anything else is really an issue, except maybe two piece bathing suits. To be honest, I don't live near my grandchildren, so I do not know what kind of bathing suit she has. My daughter might, and I do say might, let her wear a two piece in their own pool when it is just her parents and brothers there. But, if anyone else were to swim with her, I know she wears one piece swimsuits.

I know she wears sundresses, and shorts. I have made some for her, and have seen them in her closet. She also wears tank shirts.

Your granddaughter's school is ridiculous.
---Trish on 8/1/12


Are you picking on her?....Get off her case O PRUDISH ONE!!

Is she your daughter?

What has she done that you consider ungodly?....IF she has done something to displease YOU, don't try to blame your displeasure on GOD.

Let her be a kid and have a childhood worth having. A child's mischief is not wicked.
---more_excellent_way on 8/1/12

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You've asked a good question.

I think little girls should look like little girls, and not like prostitots.

Some pictures of baby beauty queens, like the late Jon Benet Ramsay, are made up and dressed to look MUCH older than their years and too sexualized.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/1/12

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