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God Was Protecting Me

When mass tragedies happen, from weather, fires, or shootings, survivors being interviewed on TV almost always say "God was protecting me." Should they say that? It somehow infers they were more worthy of saving than those who died.

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 ---Geraldine on 8/7/12
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Prove that life did not originate from natural processes.

It is impossible to do so, just as it is impossible to prove that neither does god not exist or nor the Wholey Spirited Purple Salamander.


I dunno. Maybe god put me here to enlighten you all.
---atheist on 9/3/12

Atheist, then why do you argue? i don't mock you. wouldn't your time be better served with the ones that you love? Do you spend tome on websites of those who believe i Allah and mock them?
---aka on 9/3/12

A theist: Since it is provable that life did not originate by natural means, then the existence of the supernatural (i.e. God) is thereby proven. To believe in an unknown "natural" mechanism for biogenesis (as you do) against rational proof to the contrary is a blind faith religion - the very thing which you disdain. You are suffering from cognitive dissonance. No wonder you can't think clearly, but imagine these cartoon gods flying in the sky.

---jerry6593 on 9/3/12


What does believing in something supernatural do to explain any thing.

By the way, regarding the Flying Spaghetti Monster, there are some who believe the Flying Pink Teapot was created be the FSM under the auspices of the Wholey Spirited Purple Salamander.

Personally I think its all a crock supernatural stew not worth arguing about.
---atheist on 9/2/12


A theist: It looks like you have switched religions. You used to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Now it's the Flying Pink Teapot. You are as unstable as water.

As for proofs, it is scientifically and mathematically provable that spontaneous generation of life by natural means from inorganic matter is IMPOSSIBLE. Yet you believe it by blind faith, since your religion precludes the admission of the supernatural.

---jerry6593 on 9/2/12

FYI you all,

Not being able to prove a negative means you cannot disprove the proposition that a flying pink teapot created the universe. Or a flying yellow teapot created god.

However unprovable or disprovable such propositions are the still can be discussed no matter how silly they may seem to be.
---atheist on 8/31/12

\\you cannot prove there is no God because you cannot logically prove a negative. Duh!\\
---atheist on 8/12/12

It may be a negative to you...GOD may never have called you. To those he has it is a positive. Christians probably are more positive from observation. We have a positive GOD.
Having nothing but yourself would be negative .....from our perspective. While most never ask GOD or search for GOD how would they expect to find GOD?
You yourself would never ask or look for a GOD you do not believe exists. So...u may have negative results.
Yet you are fearful (arguing) of something you don't believe in...a fear which make you a believer.
---Trav on 8/30/12

\\you cannot prove there is no God because you cannot logically prove a negative. Duh!\\
---atheist on 8/12/12

Why not ?

I used to hear this from someone in a politcal debate forum - Can't prove God doesn't exist because you can't prove a negative.

If I make a ceramic pot, then smash it, it can be proven. That's proving a negative.

If someone steals my car, a negative, and they are video taped, it can be proven.

If you prove that I told a lie, you just proved a negative

Negatives are proven all the time. It's a little word called EVIDENCE, beyond the shadow of any doubt

BTW, do you debate somewhere under the moniker "Reality" ???

Wouldn't that make it a very small world ?
---James_L on 8/30/12

Warwick, If you were honest then continued communication would be worthwhile, but...

Jerry, You've got my problem nailed. No connection to a supernatural sky god, but a pathetic being overtaken by demons.

The ability for the internet to cross space and TIME is amazing. What century is it where you live?

Perfect candidate for the inquisition.....

So sad.
---atheist on 8/29/12

Warwick: Atheist claims to be an independent moral agent without any supernatural influence whatever. In reality, however, he is but a small, pitiful, and ineffectual tool in Satan's toolbox.

---jerry6593 on 8/29/12

Atheist I have not delved into name calling. I have just accurately described your character, or rather lack there of.

There is no point in dealing with people like you as you are both evasive and deceitful, as the record shows. Conveniently I am off to France tomorrow for an extended period and will most likely be too busy to blog. I will leave Jerry et al to handle you as they are up to the job.

If you were honest then continued communication would be worthwhile, but...
---Warwick on 8/28/12


But I still have to look up to see you.

I have tired of your name calling.
---atheist on 8/28/12

Atheist I have met many low types and you are absolutely down there with them. You are a man lacking integrity. But why should I be surprized.

When you stoop to blame Jesus for the crusades and the inquisition you have sunk to the lowest. I have given you quotes of how Jesus says we should live our lives (there are plenty more), not murder, and how to treat enemies. But you evade comment as it would undermine your hatred. I praise God I do not live in a country controlled by the likes of you.

Your drivel is encouraging as it shows you have nothing!

You show us your true heart, amoral, evasive and deceitful.

As reported in Matthew 23:13-33 we see Jesus condemning the Pharisees. Read it, it has a message for you.
---Warwick on 8/28/12

Probably not Jerry:

When you add together all those killed by god's instruction in the bible, plus the crusades, plus the inquisitions, plus that avowed Christian, Hitler.....
---atheist on 8/28/12


A theist: "Well, over half the population of the world believes in one mythology or another and are ready to kill each other over it. Isn't that something to worry about?"

Yes indeed! And Cummunist Atheism is the documented leader in genocide worldwide. What wonderful company YOU keep.

---jerry6593 on 8/28/12

Atheist, as you say atheists have no principles. And if you are any example the first principle is to duck the point.
---Warwick on 8/27/12

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There are no atheistic principles.
---atheist on 8/27/12

Atheist you are right there has been, and still is a lot of killing inspired by various beliefs. As you know atheism has been the cause of millions of deaths. In fact history (and present experience) shows that any country run on atheistic principles is a violent hateful place. Consider North Korea.

Conversely I have given you Scriptures where Jesus Commands how we should behave, and treat one another. How we should love our enemies. But you have not been honest enough to admit the obvious. Your religion blinds you to reality. You are part of the problem but need to blame anyone but yourself.
---Warwick on 8/27/12

Why worry,

Well, over half the population of the world believes in one mythology or another and are ready to kill each other over it. Isn't that something to worry about?
---atheist on 8/26/12

Atheist, Jesus will judge, with absolute justice. Sinners (i.e. everyone) who refuse to ask for forgiveness, will rightly perish. Those who accept the hoplessness of their plight and ask for forgiveness, will freely recieve it. We choose!

The passage you quoted concerns Truth, which has always created division. Consider today when political correctness rules, where those who speak T/truth are attacked and punished. In many countries just to admit the truth,(that you believe in Jesus) will bring rejection, violence or death. The world cannot handle Truth.

By why worry if it is fable?
---Warwick on 8/26/12

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Athiest, brothers begin with the idea they can convert you by telling you about God and answering questions. In the end they get upset and begin to say things to you they should not. No one here can convert you or change the way you think or belief. At least I know I cannot. The God of Scripture can only be known by those to whom He makes Himself known. Nor is God known by the intellect, "God is Spirit" (John 4:24), and therefore can only be known spiritually. But fallen man is not spiritual: he is carnal. He is dead to all things of God as you are (John 3:3). Unless he is born again, supernaturally brought from death unto life, miraculously translated out of darkness into the light, he cannot even see the things of God (John 3:5).
---Mark_V. on 8/26/12


Thanks, Atheist for showing the fulfilment of Jesus' predictions in your warfare against your fellow man. Warwick should not pick on you for being "slow". It's not your fault that your brain did not evolve properly and has an empty hole in it.

---jerry6593 on 8/26/12

Slow be I?, Warwick:

Luke 12:49-53 I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! But I have a baptism to undergo, and what constraint I am under until it is completed! Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two....father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.

Luke 14:26 If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.
---atheist on 8/25/12

Atheist sometimes I think you are a little slow.

You are on a Christian site.

You wrote A lot of good "god's morality" has provided the world and its people. Absolute morality told them all, and always, they were doing the right thing in killing others."

Now I wonder who you were talking about?

If perchance, being on a Christian site, you were writing of the Christian God I gave you a few references to show you are way off base in trying to apply your above quote to Jesus.

Have you read the references? Do you acknowledge that what Jesus Jesus commands does not line up with your comments?
---Warwick on 8/25/12

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Atheist claimed "This [moral] universality's guaranteed by SHARED GENETIC background of every member of Homo sapiens" is false. If it were true we'd all be clones.
Well, you've just shot yourself in the foot. If there's no moral universality due to our common genetics programming for morality then we must have varying moralities, many of which clash, none of which can take any moral highground against any other. Therefore, logically, there's no superior moral position that distinguishes between the atheist who deems it's OK to murder a million of his fellows, a paedophile who rapes and kills a child and a Christian who says the right action is to love your enemy. Only emotion can separate the three.
---Marc on 8/24/12


The liar here is you. I have never said one word about Jesus.

You are really making up stuff now.
---atheist on 8/24/12

Atheist it is good you are getting annoyed. Saul also was annoyed by followers of Jesus, and killed them. Thankfully you are content with words, but many atheists seek and kill Christians. Jesus dealt lovingly with Saul and he became the amazing apostle Paul. who took the gospel to countless gentiles. I trust you may have the same experience with Jesus.

It is rather ironic that you belittle the intelligence of Christians and lie about Jesus then whinge when you are challenged here.

How could I look down my nose at anyone? Who am I to do that, being but a sinner saved by grace.

You evade my pertinent questions regarding Matthew Ch. 5:3-16, 21-26, 38-48. Where does Jesus teach immorality there?
---Warwick on 8/24/12

Yes Warwick.

You have got the right god and can look down your nose at anyone who does not believe in your god. You are superior because of your belief and therefore can judge right and wrong and the morality of everything.

Good for you...
---atheist on 8/24/12

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Atheist don't you think it is just a little hypocritical of you to consider God or even any man immoral? After all you, as an atheist, have no standard of morality other than your fleeting opinion carried upon the chemistry of your brain or the evolving mores of your culture. After all a psychopath relies upon the product of his brain chemistry doesn't he. Why, and how, do you say he is wrong?

We have been through this before but you have never had the honesty or courage to answer. Consider the fact that we are followers of Christ, and read Matthew Ch. 5:3-16, 21-26, 38-48. Now tell me what immorality does Jesus teach there? And could you live up to this standard?
---Warwick on 8/24/12


A theist: I think you have WON the debate! You have indeed proven that you are morally animalistic, and that your brain did not evolve correctly. All rational beings understand that there is a small place for GOD in all our brains. Yours apparently did not develop properly.

---jerry6593 on 8/24/12

Remember the war where all the soldiers on both sides prayed to god for support before battle.

Which war was was not that war?

A lot of good "god's morality" has provided the world and its people. Absolute morality told them all, and always, they were doing the right thing in killing others.
---atheist on 8/23/12

Geraldine, I have never taken the statement "God was protecting me" to somehow infer that the person saved was any more worthy of saving than those who died.
God is sovereign. He decides when it's time for his children to come home. If the one who died was a born again child of God then they went home to be with the Lord.
The Apostle Paul stated:
Php1:21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
*What a blessed assurance the child of God has in Christ!
---trey on 8/23/12

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Atheist, to say "Evolution does not require intelligent programming" is stating the obvious. If it were a fact you have no external foundation to judge what constitutes right and wrong. Right and wrong become evolving/competing ideas of what constitutes right and wrong. Get a majority to agree with you and your 'morality' wins. This is might is right, not morality. Remember the court cases over whether women could kill their unborn children. Social evolution in action.

You didn't like what the ogred did (your mother as well) but he was only following evolutionary survival of the fittest principles. Tough for you but perfect evolutionary 'morality.'
---Warwick on 8/23/12


"This universality is guaranteed by the SHARED GENETIC background of every member of Homo sapiens" This is a false statement. If it were true we'd all be clones of each other.

I do not disagree that animals exhibit behaviors that one could infer a sense of morality. And why should they not, as we are animals too.


Evolution does not require intelligent programming.

You are raised and nurtured by your mother. An ogre kills and eats you mother. Is it you opinion this is wrong? OTOH an ogre has gotta eat...
---atheist on 8/23/12


So where does right and wrong originate?
---Marc on 8/22/12


Evolutionists would disagree with regard morality. Eg, Michael Ruse writes, "When it comes to general moral principles, the Darwinian stands firm. Humans share a common moral understanding. This universality is guaranteed by the SHARED GENETIC background of every member of Homo sapiens." ('Taking Darwin Seriously', p. 255.)

Peter Singer: "I reject the view that morality is a matter of culture, rather than biology, or that morality is uniquely human and entirely without roots in our evolutionary history." ('Primates and Philosophers', p.140-1)

I could quote over and over again, but unless you provide a worthwhile argument rather than continually asserting, youre question begging your case.
---Marc on 8/23/12

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Atheist I believe you are playing games.

You believe you evolved therefore there was no intelligent input in the programming of the human brain, was there?

If the above is true how do you know that what you consider bad is bad and what you consider good is good?

You write "Knowing right from wrong, bad from good, has nothing to do with brain evolution or development" Then how do you know right from wrong? Isn't it just your opinion?
---Warwick on 8/23/12


Your question makes no sense, and I believe you know it.

Brains evolved. There is no "correct" way for anything to evolve.

My brain developed based on DNA instructions and the environment it grew and changed in, and the nutrients it received.

Knowing right from wrong, bad from good, has nothing to do with brain evolution or development.

You are making stuff up again....
---atheist on 8/22/12

Atheist the point you will not face, because you have no answer, is how do you know your brain evolved correctly? The straight forward answer is you don't. You have no standard outside yourself to judge right from wrong. Certainly you believe you know right from wrong but if man has evolved, how can you know?

I believe you do know right from wrong because God programmed the human brain that way. Those who do not know right from wrong (as opposed to those who know the difference but prefer wrong) are called psychopaths whose brain programming has been corrupted by certain factors.

I also believe you know right from wrong because you have grown up in a society with a Christian foundation where God's right and wrong are taught.
---Warwick on 8/22/12


Of course I do not believe in dentists. There is no such thing as a dentist, and there is no evidence for such.

You've got a rather silly analogy going there.
---atheist on 8/22/12

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Atheist, do you believe in dentists?

I mean look at all the people in the world with bad teeth!! Jaws aching, teeth rotting out, bad breath. Yeck!

What kind of true dentist would allow such things!!??

I'll tell ya what kind. One that never gets called upon to help.
---CraigA on 8/22/12

If god exists he would be a sadistic freak. Therefore, I chose to believe he does not exist. Natural forces cause bad things to happen to good people, and bad people cause bad things to happen to good people. It is that simple. I do not need a god to help me tell right from wrong, or good from bad.

If you do, perhaps it is your brain that suffers from bad wiring, poor chemical balance, and a disconnect from humanity.
---atheist on 8/22/12

Warwick: The pseudo-atheist (He's actually an agnostic because he doesn't know anything.) has admitted previously that his decisions of right and wrong are based on his own emotions (feelings). I believe the same could be said for Hitler, since he was right in his own eyes. Now the pseudo-atheist has called Hitler a "monster" for using the very same standard of morality. I suppose that makes sense, since he believes that he evolved from "monsters".

---jerry6593 on 8/22/12

Atheist, you are unable to understand the simplest of concepts. Or are you cornered and feign lack of understanding?

You have no standard outside yourself to know what is right or what is wrong. As you see it your brain evolved without intelligent input. Nonetheless you judge that God (who you say does not exist) does not behave properly! How do you know what is good or what is bad?
---Warwick on 8/22/12

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There is so much wrong with your last entry, I would not know where to start. You ask why people like Dawkin's won't debate creationists---your entry is the answer.

In less than 125 words you have confounded a simple idea and twisted it around another idea(something to do with good and bad)---as though the two ideas are related using assumptions that make no sense and then demanding an answer that really doesn't relate to anything rational.

EVERY brain develops differently dependent on how its genetic code is expressed, its nutrients at different times and its experiences, etc. No two brains are the same.

Hitler was a monster. I believe this without scripture and without god. It is a belief based on experience, not faith.
---atheist on 8/21/12

Atheist, as you say "Brains develop differently not correctly." If, as you believe brains have developed differently, by unguided evolutionary processes, how do you know what you consider to be "bad" is bad. Maybe your brain chemistry is unstable and you see good as "bad", and bad as good? By what standard can you judge whether your thinking is right or wrong? Do you imagine your chemistry is correct because others agree with you? Monsters throughout history have butchered hundreds of millions and great numbers of people agreed with, and assisted in their horrors. On what basis can you say these monsters were, and are wrong?
---Warwick on 8/21/12

Strawman: Correctly developed brain.

Brains develop differently not correctly.
---atheist on 8/21/12

Atheist in your evolutionary story the human brain is the end result of vast ages of natural selection acted upon by mutations. Certainly individual brains will develop differently. However in your story no one can know if their brain has developed correctly. What is the standard? You may believe it has developed correctly if you can get others to agree that it has? If so truth is only the result of opinion. Democracy equals truth?

You who do not believe in God say He is wrong in not forbidding evil. That has you arguing against someone whom you believe does not exist! And using your brain, which may or may not have developed correctly, to judge someone else. A little bizarre!
---Warwick on 8/20/12

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Of course you are in error. For one, not all brains develop the same, since they all do not receive the same genetic instructions regarding development, and the effects of the environment, physically and emotionally changes the way a brain will developed.
---atheist on 8/20/12

Atheist I do not think you brain is incoherent at all. I am just reminded of what G.K. Chesterton the British writer and philosopher said-When men stop believing in God it is not that they believe in nothing but that they will believe anything.

If God does not exist you should stop criticizing Him. It's akin to talking to yourself, loudly, in public.

Do you say I am in error as to the current evolutionary theory regarding the development of the human brain? If so why and how?
---Warwick on 8/20/12

Trish I know what you are saying does have merit. I also know though that many times God has warned me through a feeling or vision not to do something or lay someone on my heart to pray for even strangers. One night at a home prayer meeting I was praying and God showed me a huge angel floating above the road in front of a drivein grocery near my home. I prayed earnestly for any situation involving that place,including pleading the blood for protection. The news the next morning reported a clerk who worked there had beat up four would be robbers who came in the store.Sounds impossible but not with God. I know God had me pray for that situation. The Bible says be instant in season I think that includes prayer.
---Darlene_1 on 8/20/12

Geraldine, I know what you mean. When I hear someone say that, it does make me wonder how other families must feel, especially if those other families who suffered tragedy lost a loved one.

And yet we know many survive who don't mention God at all.

Maybe the right thing to say would be, "Only By the Grace of God I survived."

---kathr4453 on 8/20/12

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The reason he doesn't save them is because he doesn't exist.

Thanks for you incoherent analysis of my brain....
---atheist on 8/20/12

Atheist, what I said about your brain is correct. If you are correct it wasn't created with a knowledge of good and evil but is the result of billions of years of adaptation and mutations. Therefore you cannot know whether your thinking is correct or not.

However I believe we were created and even in our fallen state we know good from evil because God designed this in. You are angry with God believing He is unjust in allowing bad things to occur. This misplaced anger is proof positive you do know good from evil, because you have not evolved but are a child of those originally created. I have much the same reaction when I read of Christians who have been tortured or murdered simply for being Christian. I wonder why God doesn't save them!
---Warwick on 8/20/12

athiest, the word of God tells us in (Heb. 11:1,2) what true faith really means,

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony. By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible"

True faith is not based on empirical evidence but on divine assurance and is a gift of God (Eph. 2:8). You cannot possibly know this because you have no faith in the assurance of God.
---Mark_V. on 8/20/12

Warwick: "You, believing your mind is a product of naturalistic unguided processes, don't even know if your brain chemistry evolved correctly, but nonetheless judge God!"

You know what I believe. You know what I don't know. But do you believe that you know what you don't know? Or do you believe you know it all and there is nothing for you left to know.

Talk about arrogance.
---atheist on 8/19/12

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Atheist, know that I was exactly like you when I was in high school. in fact I knew the Bible far better than the "candy stripe" Christians that I used to eat at lunch period.

But, before I had reached 19 I had satisfied myself that those passages I had used as a weapon, were indeed true. Further I was to learn that there were no coincidences in life, life was not random, but very directed. And, I was usually the cause for most of my own misery.....

Stick around and keep thinking and reading - one day, like me, it will suddenly make sense. But, first you are going to have to know insufficiency - in order to look up.
---chip on 8/19/12

Atheist by the comments you have written and the direct questions you are unable to answer you have adequately demonstrated you are a man of faith who has little idea of how evolution is supposed to work.

As I have said many times I believe by faith (but not blind faith) that the God of the Bible is the Creator. Got that Atheist "believe" but you whinge about my right to believe.

As I have pointed out you whine about God not performing the way you demand He should. What sublime arrogance. You, believing your mind is a product of naturalistic unguided processes, don't even know if your brain chemistry evolved correctly, but nonetheless judge God!
---Warwick on 8/19/12


You have your own way of saying "I do not know." It is "God did it."

That explains nothing. How did god do it? Or perhaps the "Great Holy Invisible Omnipotent Pink Flying Teapot did it."

Being honest, I just say I do not know. Being lazy you say God did it and assign all responsibility for figuring out what's wrong or right to an invisible sky god.

What it comes down to is that you believe I am wrong because I do not embrace your belief system.

Pick you "god" and insert "____________ did it," and you have a religion.
---atheist on 8/19/12

Geraldine, none of us have all the answers. Enoch and Elijah were examples of persons in Scripture who never died. Which isn't the norm for the rest of the world, who die physically because of sin. God has a way of doing things, that we don't understand. Like Adam, why was he our representive? He failed bad. Yet God knows why he was, and everything God does is right and just. Others like athiest try to find wrong in God, only because they have not faith in Him.
"The natural mans desire is to dethrone God. They will do it if they can do it. They would be glad if there is no God. (Ps 14:1) "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good."
---Mark_V. on 8/13/12

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Atheist you reject evil, (synonym of bad), then complain that God does not stop evil. Hypocrisy. Of course you do bad things so you are part of the problem for which you have no solution! Evil is not a thing, but that which man does contrary to God's command. Why is murder wrong? Because God says so. You believe murder is wrong but come up with that idea via your thinking processes which you believe evolved from a chemical soup, natural selection, time, chance and mutations. How do you know it evolved correctly? You don't and therefore cannot know if what you see as bad, is bad. It is all relative for you isn't it?

What you call science cannot even explain the mechanisms of abiogenesis or evolution let alone explain how God did it.
---Warwick on 8/12/12

Warwick, you cannot prove there is no God because you cannot logically prove a negative. Duh!

"Regarding evil, are you saying you have never done anything bad?" No I am saying that I have neve come across a box of evil, and neither has anyone else.

Contrary naturalistic view. Contrary to what, ---he spoke it and it was so. Or my view, the flying teapot tooted and it was so. It's not simple, and science may not now be able to describe the mechanisms of creation, but again, god did it, avoids the answer and the question.
---atheist on 8/12/12

Atheist of course you cannot prove there is no God. It is good you realize you are a man of faith.

Regarding evil, are you saying you have never done anything bad?

God says His reality is obvious in Creation, and the evidence strongly supports this. Is there a reasonable contrary naturalistic view? If your inability to answer what should be simple questions about evolution is any clue there isnt. Interestingly 2 scientists from Creation Ministries went to a Melbourne university recently to debate evolutionist scientists. Guess how many evolutionists turned up to debate the Christians? None. Almost certain defeat faced them and they wimped out. You wont even attempt an answer to my questions and you have full anonymity!
---Warwick on 8/10/12

athiest, you are right, if you were the child rapist, I would stop you in a second if I could. But I am not God. I don't see the whole picture before me as He does. He is not a man as I am. My mind and thoughts are humanistic, I think of me, and what I think is right. God thinks of everything and what is right. All is complete already before Him. What I will do, what I even think, to whom I was going to be born to, and how I will die. If I knew those things it would kill me to know them. God has a purpose for everyone, otherwise we would not be here. I mean everyone, even a purpose for athiest, murderers. Sin is not of His doing, but He permits it to continue, and has a time when it will all stop. All already set in the plan of God.
---Mark_V. on 8/10/12

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Oddly, you say you would stop me in a second. The point I was responding to concerned child killer, raised by you.

Shouldn't they be first on your list? Shouldn't god be stopping them?
---atheist on 8/9/12

Darlene, another possibility is that there may have been believers among the dead in the Aurora massacre. It could have very well been the time for those believers to go Home and be with Him. A lot of believers suffered and died painful deaths of persecution, as well as in war.

We're all not promised to live to old age, and die peacefully in our sleep. I buried one brother when he was 40 years old. My other brother suffered two months of pain with serious leg injuries, had surgery on both knees, and died at the rehab facility of a pulmonary embolism at age 56. Both brothers were believers.
---Trish on 8/9/12

athiest, that is a good point. I cannot answer that. If I was God I would give you the reason why. God could have made a plan where no sin would enter and everyone perfect always, but He didn't. And He allows sin to continue till He is good and ready to do away with sin. God knows the time when someone is born and when they will die. You don't like this God, but no matter what kind of God we had you still would not believe. So why does it matter to you? God is not making you say what you say, but He knows what you will say. He permits you to blaspheme His name for a purpose. Only He knows what it is. If I was God I would stop you in a second. But I am not God.
---Mark_V. on 8/9/12

Yes a person who is living for God has a right to praise him when they come out of a bad situation unhurt. There is some things to remember when you think it makes them sound like they think the others unworthy of God's help. God is not commited to protect a person who is not commited to him,his child,who has a working relationship with Him. At times though He will hear the prayers of a child of God for that unsaved person's protection and protect them. Another thing which often gets overlooked is the fact every child of God's life is for the benefit of the Kingdom of God and telling the good news,Jesus saves. All good fathers help their children.
---Darlene_1 on 8/9/12

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"Walk ins" from the x-files.

Does this explain missing children?

Why wouldn't god take a more direct approach and just kill s child molester instead of sending angels to abduct the children. That would be less emotionally devastating all around.

The x-files is fiction, like the bible, by the way.
---atheist on 8/9/12

Willi C, there is many things will never understand why God does certain things. I was thinking of Elijah, and Enoch. Why God took them body and all. What was so special or what was going to happen to them that God had to take them? And not mention others? Last night while watching the seventh season of X-files, Mulder was searching for his sister who was taken supposebly by aliens over and over. As the story turns out, his sister was taken by "walk ins" who take children, implying the walk in's were angels. The reason given was to protect them from been beaten, tortured and killed by a child killer. The first thing I thought about what about Elijah and Enock, did the same thing happen to them? Is that what happens to many children?
---Mark_V. on 8/9/12

Some may truly be acknowledging God's hand and giving Him glory, and that is good. The fact is, God did protect them for all belong to Him, and each ones days are numbered by God, He alone gives life and takes it away. Whether or not they are sincerely aware and giving glory to God from the heart, God alone knows.
Trish, amen to God is sovereign. When reading your post I thought of Is 40:28,
---chria9396 on 8/8/12

Geraldine, I do not see anything wrong when people say that. They are speaking from their own hearts, what has just happened to them, Why? because they are alive to say that. The others who died cannot speak. If they had survived they would say the same thing. For the momemt, God did save them from tragety. Only to live longer and one day die too. Maybe others are who hear that are offended, but only because they lost someone, are don't believe that God is the giver and taker of their lives. I really liked Willi C's answer.
---Mark_V. on 8/8/12

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I don't think it's wrong for people who survive a tragedy to say that. We shouldn't be critical of survivors after they have been traumatized. Most of them are in shock, and are not thinking very clearly. If they give God the glory, I say, "Amen."

My brother died at the age of 40. When he died, I wanted to ask God, "Why?" But, kept hearing my friend repeatedly telling me that God is sovereign. I told people that God decided He wanted Neil with Him now. He was the youngest in our family.

A little over a year later, my 56 year old brother died. Again, I repeatedly told myself that God is sovereign. My heart is with my Mom, who doesn't have the faith that my brothers had, and I have.
---Trish on 8/7/12

You are right Geraldine (most people are not so selfless as to think that way).

Many people say "Why did God let my friend die" as though only OTHER PEOPLE should die (even some believers will say things like that OPENLY).

God spoke to Lot and said that if there is even ONE righteous person in a location, He will not destroy that location (God removed Lot's family from that location based on the righteousness at that location...(LOT).

...(Lot did not ask/pray for himself or his family to be removed, that was completely God's decision,...It should never be our request.....I've realized this in my life, only the "potter" decides.
---more_excellent_way on 8/7/12

I would not assume that is what they think. If and when God does protect us, we should not have the attitude that we are somehow superior to ones who are not protected.

Also, we have >

"The righteous perishes,
.And no man takes it to heart:
.Merciful men are taken away,
.While no one considers
.That the righteous is taken away from evil.
.He shall enter into peace,
.They shall rest in heir beds,
.Each one walking in his uprightness."
. . . . . . . . . . (Isaiah 57:1-2)

So, when a righteous person dies, God could be doing the person a favor. And the ones who stay behind may be the ones who need to worry, if they are making an idol of their own lives and fearing death (Hebrews 2:14-15).
---willie_c: on 8/7/12

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