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What Is Your Gift

Do you believe God has given you a gift? If you do please tell us what gift you've been given.

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 ---trey on 8/10/12
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To DearSis.Rita,thankyou so very much,just now getting around to answer,my apologies,going to appt.
Had but no electric no computers getting through NOT at all. Things are ok. I think about the poor woman in Sudan,she has alot other countries backing her up and in my heart I.hold on as
Long as can...God will set her free
Iwill be overcome with happiness,
Love of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 6/11/14

Elena, I will certainly pray for the situations you are praying for. Don't place yourself in danger speaking with such corrupt people. I know that we sometimes have to face challenges which are difficult and sometimes dangerous but I am thinking of your delicate health issues also. You need to take care of yourself to BE ABLE to help others.

Prayer achieves much and God knows the heart. You will be of no use to others if you come to harm so please take care.
---Rita_H on 6/5/14

Please ask God witness as far as pray/give me the grace,the wisdom what,when to.speak/ it is so,shocking,these
the streets,pandering!
.crime here, women like to.steal.a car than.barter. they hang out side the church.

God Can move!
Lives can be changed
Pro.31:30 jn8:4,5,6,7,8,9,10-11,

Love of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 6/3/14

Elena, there are some good people In the world but we just don't know who they are. Some people won't let us be nice to them. As a matter of fact there is some on CN that won't let anyone be nice to them.
---shira4368 on 5/21/14

Well,this may be my gift,probably just know when to be quiet.Love the new fellowship' tonight a woman told me
" you look horrible!"' Right then I told her bless you.Love is all most people need,she told me her fon got stolen,I told holiday clothes. stolen thief ( got mugged) too.

people are quite nice except if
they feel.threaten.
Love wins most folks. I.kept my mouth shut.please pray for this ministry.I cry tears of joy when.I.go there the spirit of God is all.over for open.heart.
---Elena9555 on 5/20/14

God shows me angels , demons, I have dreams that come to pass, visions , I have no fear of them. angels have protected me many times. I see them. I see demons that cause anything from emotional rage in others to illnesses I have 2 times even seen what looked like the same demon that both people had heart attacks 1 did not survive. I have been shown demons controlling a minister. 1 was pride.
---laura on 9/23/13

Bro. Trey, everything we are and have comes from God. We cannot boast for anything we have, not one thing. For Scripture says,

"For who sees anything different in you? What have you that you did not receive? If then you received it, why do you boast as if it were not
a gift?"
(1 Cor. 4:7).
Our very existance is a gift of God, we are held by His power. Also God says,
"Or who has given a gift to Him that he might be repaid? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen" (Rom. 11:35,36).
---Mark_V. on 12/8/12

I believe that God has given me the gift of grace in salvation through faith that Jesus Christ died for my sins and arose on the third day. His resurrection is my justification. For he who knew no sin was made sin for me that I be made the righteousness of God in him.
---jan4378 on 12/6/12

To Darlene have such a beautifull testimony about your gifts,extended family,I really love it.I don't have no family hardly,left.None here either.Sorry to say our family broke away years ago,politics, religion,family secrets, egos, tempers, no more family! Thankyou.
---ELENA on 9/30/12

To Darlene have such a beautifull testimony about your gifts,extended family,I really love it.I don't have no family hardly,left.None here either.Sorry to say our family broke away years ago,politics, religion,family secrets, egos, tempers, no more family! Thankyou.
---ELENA on 9/29/12

This is very beautifull,meaningfull,for all,for me he gave me the gift of laughter,after so many hard years,then after a real devastating situation, he gave me the gift of music, God taught
everything,about playing. diff.instruments and that whyI can never ask for money, respect,love,honor to God.Freely he gave it to me and freely,I give back to God's people. People say I am crazy,but on this ,I am serious. I hope to be able to play n give music to the people n nursingHomes,etc. honest,places nobody carea to go.Show the love of God thru my music, let them He cares. Thankfull, ELENA.
---ELENA on 9/28/12

The best gift God gave me was my parents. A Daddy who was always good to me and a Mama who wasn't only good to me but her faith,prayer,and Bible reading taught me to love,trust,and have faith in God. It was because of God giving me those parents that I received the best,best gift from God His Son Jesus. After I commited my life to God He gave me several Spiritual Gifts which are a precious trust. My natural gifts are my husband,children,grandchildren,and greatgrandchildren,singing,writing,Gospel songs,poetry,art,and ha ha, being a good cook,also make up my own simple recipes. God has blessed me so may ways plus giving us extended family not by blood but by love.
---Darlene_1 on 8/15/12

The GREATEST Gift of all is eternal life through Jesus Christ.

For God so loved the world HE GAVE...

Christ in us is the greatest Gift!
---kathr4453 on 8/13/12

Grace and forgiveness that is all we should glorify
---willow on 8/13/12

The best gift is the gift of the Holy Spirit himself. Who gives us direction, knowledge, and courage to face lifes challenges and bring about glory to the Father in spiritual gift and acts of service.
---Scott1 on 8/13/12

Graig A,

ditto on the EF Hutton thing.

Not so much on the deeply compassionate heart, though. Gifts are teaching and evangelism.
---James_L on 8/12/12

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I have the gift of compassion for the poor and understanding for those who are different.
---Jed on 8/12/12

A deeply compassionate heart and a voice that draws people in like a magnet. Ive never understood it myself. Im like EF Hutton... when I talk, people listen.
---CraigA on 8/12/12

oh...yeah...if anyone does mention a spiritual gift that God has given them, you can be sure that it is not wisdom. (no offense...just selah)

and, anyone who claims wisdom from God and broadcasts it, i would be skeptical.
---aka on 8/11/12

"Do you believe God has given you a gift?" Yes, most definitely.
"If you do please tell us what gift you've been given."
What I believe to be the greatest gift there is, the gift of the Holy Spirit.
---Josef on 8/11/12

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Trey: Are you talking about Spiritual gifts? If so, mine are Mercy and Service.
---Trish on 8/11/12

yes, he offers me salvation and it is sufficient. in the meantime, he wants to replace my rotten flesh with His Spirit and feed others with the fruit of the Spirit.
---aka on 8/11/12

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