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The Apology Blog

I have come to realize that some, not all, of my posts have been inappropriate. For that I am truly sorry. I hope those who found them inappropriate would forgive me. I honestly attempt to only discuss the issues, but get hurt and then retaliate. That's no excuse though.

Moderator - Cool - way to go!

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 ---Trish on 8/28/12
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Our Father in Heaven,
It was a public sin, so i pray pubicaly.
i humbly confess and beg forgiveness for me, my Father, and Grand Fathers of the disobedience we commited.

Christmas trees we put up,

giving Santa lists of things we wanted but did't need,

teaching our children songs that teach lies,

gluttonising our selves at the festivities,

putting up the mistletoe,

celebrating the birthday of Christ when you never commanded it.

Forgive us Lord of these abominations.

i repent!

In the name of the one true Christ, Yashua the Anointed Messiah, the real Jesus, Amen
---jmarc on 12/20/12

Our Father in Heaven,

i confess the sins of my Fathers and me, we had other gods by worshiped ourselves and our churches rather than You.

We enjoyed images of statues, tv,and internet, we idolized Pastors, sports and rock stars.

We took Your name in vain in many ways, we profaned Your Sabbaths,we commited adultery against You by weaving pagan things with Yours.

We stole by taking things that were not ours.

We did't honor our parents in many ways.

We bore false witness by misinterpreting You and others and telling it to others,

We did'nt love You or others as You commanded.

Please have mercy on us all! In the name of the one true Christ, Yashua the Anointed Messiah, the real Jesus, Amen
---jmarc on 12/20/12

Moderator permit- thanks,God be praised! Family remember me telling you about my friend who was a priest? Well, he told me he got healed of skin cancer! Just want to
Thank our Heavenly Father for Jim' healing. & thank the you prayer warriors! May the Lord continue to answer prayers through ChristiaNet'PrayerRoom.Jim told me every prayer I put for him has been answered! Give God the glory He alone is worthy! Hearing this just helps us all & strengthens our faith. Love of JESUS! ELENA
---ELENA on 12/19/12

Hi Elena, they should remove your ovaries, maybe another doctor would? I had mine removed to reduce my risk of further cancer. You are in my thoughts and prayers honey, love and hugs, Mary
---Mary on 9/13/12

Mary,you know this my 2nd time,yes at 37 I ask them to remove you know..overies,they said no,really like,life is what it is,thankyou all for great times we have and I know you all here are good heart too,I plan to write my now situation,on the blogs terminal cancer. I had nev'r give it much. But now I will. I ask better God don't let me anywhere but my home. If it comes to death,with djgnity.see 2 pgs... lol ELENA
---ELENA on 9/13/12

Hi Elena, I agree with Darlene in her post to you, you are a sweetheart! :) My heart does break for you though, I am so blessed to have been cured of my cancer and I will be praying for you honey. Hang in there, love and hugs, Mary
---Mary on 9/12/12

Elena I'm glad you told me you like me because I am very blessed by your sunny way with life and like you too. You are a very sweet person and I am blessed to know you. Yes its fun to see what we each look like. I haven't learned to put pictures on there yet but i am going to try to,then I can put new ones. God's Blessings
---Darlene_1 on 9/12/12

Hello,Darlene and also,for Trish,just
had to at least try Darlene, let you know like you...we.are to love and appreciate our friends,we all have some a good commaradery,friendship on here n sure is nice to see what we look like ha ha.God has blessed me,can not complain for nothing,I used to volunteer take care of cancer patients. 1 like me,she was able do alot,but.her mind, she really had issues she was afraid to go out.thank God she got healed of pancreatic and lung and cancer in the blood,completely healed in 6 months,she came to see me when she heard I had thankyou
---ELENA on 9/12/12

Elena I'm not up on all the stuff on Facebook either. I'm sorry its too much for you. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 9/12/12

Darlene,had talk to the lord,please help me ,tipo me Almost 2hrs.for real,somehow I got put facebook n Spanish,that help me,then put new private (my own opiniones,do not understand how facebook,security)
I'm leave it be,way o'er my head. Anyway,my friends hope to God not be able get in- my android ,left you a good message, poor trish time I got out, I was exhausted mentally! Lol ELENA
---ELENA on 9/12/12

Is the picture of the smiling lady under your name on Facebook you. I got into it today. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 9/11/12

Hello, Darlene be glad if I could. The problem severe problems,I had with facebook and of course, my handicapp ha did not make it easier, wow! My apologies to everyone too,hard. For me,
I expect be getting new or get these fixed,but even tried to get n say at least hello, some mistakes come on and one time I let a friend use my computer and that been long months bk,and there are justbig mesa n I got scared of facebook, becuz they ask ....things I can't answer, no family here. Please forgive me.I love all my friends, facebook is ELENA
---ELENA on 9/11/12

Yes, Darlene,I had been try to see and even though I truly had hard time with all the different things,much ..but I believe my friend and who knows,else, using my email,facebook,can't say hello and thankyou, for smile compliments
God bless you n family. ELENA
---ELENA on 9/11/12

Elena I friended you on Facebook under the name of Barbara H- so please accept me. Blessings
---Darlene_1 on 9/11/12

Mary,you know I really love everyone,I can not make or do alot of things like I used to do,
I had the best time but facebook way out ha ha of my league! Also,I must say I was broken and tired (my condition ) people see me,I try to be.pleasant but. I WAS really so tired, physically and sometimes mentally, I wish everyone the best, and now I have to take care of myself.This had to be said and I know alot of people who know me see here on Christianet...thank God for His g
oodness..we got to keep praying Mary for all.cancer patients..we know.
---ELENA on 9/11/12

Hi Elena, I am soooo sorry you still have cancer, honey. So sorry. You are such an inspiration to the rest of us with your amazing attitude! God bless you hon, love Mary
---Mary on 9/11/12

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Mary,thankyou for true, I know how God has work with me,becuz yrs.ago before"hades" if someone smile_ do me this way,but I know now God our defender and cuz someone to really get the fear of God,or just He is not mocked and God is real! They claim to be people of God..what. goes around-comes bk at somepoint! I pray he survives..sure. we not the first people
---ELENA on 9/11/12

Yes,Mary, I still got cancer,these people really had me,fooled but,you know I just can not comprehend why anyone wud steal from anyone, much less folks like myself, I am a giver,so,it hurts. I will ok,my faith keep. Me goin',like I always say,no matter what keep your faith. N pray for your enemies, it shocks me,that why I don't have friends ,you can't trust. and it hurt but its reality city
life goes out to you,thanx
---ELENA on 9/11/12

Hi Elena, I'm doing great, just so sorry you got scammed, that's awful honey! :( But glad your vision is doing better, I'm also sorry you are ill, is it the cancer honey? I hope not but wasn't sure. Let me know what's happening, God bless and have a good one--and be careful, love and hugs, Mary
---Mary on 9/11/12

Mary,how are you?contines here the guy explain,via fon,he having $ problem, left all of us "in the blue' I told him,thanx but,me. Not.sending any more cash, he did sound sincere, alot people mad.we all very ill. I have no regrets, I have goodvision,not perfect. But I can see at least able to go.alone to store. I can see street #before cud not at all.I am thankfull,I just know it is hard,honesty I wud been more helpfull,I can't afford to be no family, no one to help,he will.have to do honest work,no more scams.he really convincente lots of folks,Faith did it for me.I can say God didn't leave me desolate.amen
---ELENA on 9/11/12

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All of them.
---Jed on 9/5/12

Which comment are you referring to?
---James_L on 9/4/12

James L, that was a very judgemental comment. I think you need to stop judging me.
---Jed on 9/4/12

Sister Elena, your post have been very up lifting. I alway love to see what you write. Your kind heart shows through what you write. Do keep us in touch on how you are doing, I know many here care a whole lot for you. I'm so sorry you have been hurt by others. We all need each other. Keep in contact because when we don't see a name anymore, many times it is because people have suddenly got very sick and cannot make it to the computer. Peace and blessings I leave you.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/12

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\\yes of course I was being sarcastic.\\
---Jed on 9/3/12

that's probably what I'd say too
---James_L on 9/3/12

Hello, this beautifull blog and evento tho'I have been quiet, honest Trish I had just stay quiet becuz, not goin to mention name but, my hurt and painfull it was to me,some things
people say to you,for real! You are a wonderfull
person in my heart, be blessed. Much love,ELENA DaCosta
---ELENA on 9/3/12

Hello, this beautifull blog and evento tho'I have been quiet, honest Trish I had just stay quiet becuz, not goin to mention name but, my hurt and painfull it was to me,some things
people say to you,for real! You are a wonderfull
person in my heart, be blessed. Much love,ELENA DaCosta
---ELENA on 9/3/12

MarkV, yes of course I was being sarcastic. I find it funny that people who acuse others of judging don't realize that they are actually judging too, if not they wouldn't notice other people judging. They are judging other people for judging. It's really very ironic. I've found that most people who tell others to quit judging are actually the biggest judges of us all. I have seen many posts on this blog addressing people being judgemental of each other. The ironic part is, posting a comment telling other people not to judge is even more judgmental than what the other person said to begin with.
---Jed on 9/3/12

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\\I'm glad I don't judge others like some people on this blog do!\\
---Jed on 9/2/12

Really ? ! ?

\\They are not without the ability to save money. They choose not to. That is called irresponsibility, and it is a choice.....It's all a matter of priorities and responsible choices.\\
---Jed on 9/2/12

Do you need to go post in the blog asking if you've ever posted something you could take back?
---James_L on 9/3/12

Jed, I believe you were been sarcastic because you sounded just like the Pharisee in prayer in the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector.
"The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, "God, I thank You that I am not like other men..." (Luke 18:11).
You were kidding weren't you?
I really believe you were.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/12

I'm glad I don't judge others like some people on this blog do!
---Jed on 9/2/12

Trish, this blog sounds way too familiar. I too have responded badly to others, but I'm trying to do better. Lord bless you! I'm glad you posted this blog.
---trey on 8/31/12

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Even the most sincere believers feel they have the right and even the duty to judge other believers, but that is only pretense. We PRETEND we have the right because we WANT TO judge them (we develop a judgemental ATTITUDE, our deed has returned on "our head"), Obadiah 1:15 "your deeds shall return on your own head".

Believers are to have the intelligence to 'DISCERN-judge' what is right for THEIR OWN LIVES, but we are NOT to be criticized or 'evaluated judged' by anyone.

1 Corinthians 2:15
"The spiritual man judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one".

I've never seen anything that you should be self-conscious about, Trish. Prudish intolerance is MAN'S TEACHING.
---more_excellent_way on 8/31/12

Trish, we love you!

We know your personality and love and accept you for who you are. We see you through the eyes of Jesus, with lots of love.

I admit I've chuckled at some of your posts because they are strong, but I'm guilty of the same thing. I mean to speak the truth in love, but by the time I want to make my point, I get angry and it comes out the wrong way.
We are a work in progress sister, amen?
(((hugging you tightly)))
I too am truly sorry for any hurtful things I've written or said to people...I'm still repenting for stuff I did to people years ago out of anger.
---anon on 8/30/12


I covet your humility. Not many will stand in the light this way and risk being shot at.

Not a thing you have written will be unsused by God. Much is Holy Spirit led.

Opinions without the stength of Holy Spirit are a catalyst to further study of the Word. It's all good.

Those seeking truth and life appreciate you for your contributions.

Those having confidence in the flesh will find offense.

Those who walk in liberty of the Spirit will find truth.
---Phil on 8/29/12

Willie C, I don't believe you are trying to show off knowledge. What you are doing is what you feel in your heart. A hunger to tells others what God has shown you. And you cannot wait to tell it to everyone. That is a passion you have that not many do. It shows how much you love to speak about the Lord and want everyone to know that feeling. That is what I see in your responses. A passion brother, passion of love for God. Like when you fall in love with a girl, you want to tell everyone, and want to know all that you can about her.
When God saved me, I use to wonder if everyone in my other Church felt as I did. I didn't know what they felt. Most of the time it depends on their conversion experience.
---Mark_V. on 8/29/12

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Trish, you have done what all of us have done at one time or another. I also want to apologize if I have offended someone with my answers. I know disagreeing with others many times brings the worst out of people. But I have no control over others, they are responsible for their own behavior and responses. A genuine Christian is to love His brother and sister, if they don't love me, it is not my fault.
What I do know is that if I put out the Truth, God will do with it whatsover He desires. I believe what gets people mad is when they are defending their denomination or their polical view at the expense of the Truth. The Truth goes down the toilet. Lost, and the heart is hardened even more.
---Mark_V. on 8/29/12

James, we need silver. Silver has antibiotic quality (c:

Trish . . . God bless you (c:

"'And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you.'" (Mark 11:25)

"Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." (James 5:16) We can be "healed" more and more into God's love which keeps us from doing wrong relating.

I need to do better to be loving and not only trying to show off knowledge.
---willie_c: on 8/29/12

As I have said before,

tact has never topped my list of attributes. Reflection is a sobering discipline.

If I had a nickel for every harsh word....

But grace is far more precious than nickels
---James_L on 8/28/12

May God forgive us all.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/28/12

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I agree with moderator. Blessings
---chria9396 on 8/28/12

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