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Tell Pastor About Encounter

I'm a cell leader, and I happened to know that one of my members had sexual intimacy with a prostitute. Should I tell my pastor?

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 ---Anita on 9/23/12
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I suggest that you leave this to God. He already knows the truth - we don't. Either this person has confessed to you or you've heard some gossip which might be untrue. Pray for guidance and pray that the person will pray about this himself. The person involved is capable of telling the pastor if that is what is wanted. It is never our place to retell some else's private business. Only God can sort this out
---Rita_H on 10/14/12

"NO"! It's not up to you to tell your pastor of anyone else. The best thing to do is talk to the person that you feel is guilty of sexual intimacy. If this person really is guilty you might point out that if you know, maybe the pastor might also figure it out. By the way, how do you know this person is guilty of sexual intimacy with a prostitute?
---wivv on 10/5/12

Hello,bro.WillieC. here,you gave very good advice! That sure seems like a similar situation saw at another church. It is good the lord has a person who,can discern this type of tricks,who knows how this could bring disention,other problems.God bless you brother.amen.
---ELENA on 9/29/12

how do you know???

had sexual intimacy? had being once?? or where there many times

unless it is still going on for what purpose would you be tattling?

nobody should respond to this question until further details are provided because this can be handled many different ways depending on the how, when, where, who and on and on. It would be nice if people posted their questions then they could immediately start the thread with a post expanding on their question with details.
---Follower_of_Christ on 9/25/12

The Bible says the things done in the dark will be brought to the light, therefore,let God handle this. If you tell you become a tale bearer and you don't want to be that.
---Darlene_1 on 9/24/12

Has he changed from doing that? If he has stopped doing things like that, this is all there is to it, I would say. But if he's telling stuff like this to you, alone, or even in the group and it keeps being heard . . . this can be in order to seduce your attention. Your attention belongs to God's things. So, if he has stopped, but is calling attention to wrong past things too much, advise him to give his attention to all that is good. If he keeps pushing negative subjects, pray for him and do what you and your group and pastor can to help him. Don't let him and such subjects get you and your attention isolated with him.
---willie_c: on 9/24/12

What if?

...he is lying? is just a story, to get attention?

...I ask you, "Were you there to see it happen"? open your mouth and become accountable for a lie or false witness?

This is not something to repeat to anyone. It is beyond remedy, if it is true.

He will answer for what was done. Telling stories and fornication have different requitals at the dais of Christ.

You will answer for your part as well, should it promote more evil.

How a "cell leader" that is a sister be knowing this about a man (I presume) without being his wife, is provoking in itself.

Something is terribly wrong here on both ends.
---Phil on 9/24/12

francis, keep this hidden in your heart. God will deal with this issue or someone else may find out. those sort of things can't be hid very long. I would not say one single word to anyone about this.
---shira4368 on 9/24/12

let's be clear. there is probably no intimacy in those type of relations. sugar coating it does not help.

and how do you know for sure? was it from a confession or was it from hearsay?

it sounds like there maybe an emotional intimacy problem in your cell.

christianity is more about relationships. without the relationship the rules mean little.
---aka on 9/23/12

I'm a cell leader, and I happened to know that one of my members had sexual intimacy with a prostitute. Should I tell my pastor?
---Anita on 9/23/12

If you are a leader, why have you not spoken to that member in private:

Matthew 18:15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.
---francis on 9/23/12

And how do you know that, Anita?

From the prostitute?

Or from a third party?

Or from the member?

If from the first two, ignore it.

If from the third, consider it a confidence.

If the tables were turned, how would you feel if you had confessed to your leader a sexual fall, and HE sent and tattled to the pastor?

What purpose would be served by your telling the pastor?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 9/23/12

no, you call the sinner to repentance.
if they will not listen, you bring elders with you.
if they still will not listen, the church decides how deal with them!
now if they were married ..... well now that would make for a discussion .....
---chip on 9/23/12

Anita...Were you there when he had relations with the prostitute or is this a rumor that you are spreading? If you don't answer this question, I won't comment any further on this question. Tired of people posting these questions and never partipating in the discussion.
---KarenD on 9/23/12

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