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Victimized Class Of Americans

There is an attitude in American society that members of a perceived victimized class are always right and never can be wrong. Have you noticed that reflected here on these blogs?

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 ---Cluny on 9/24/12
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Buenasnoches,pues hermano,es.cierto todo.esta.en ruina la vida que vivian, nuestros abuelos acabo o cualquier pais, es lo mismo. Yes,good evening,it is night here. The situation is one one of chaos any where now in the world. It not like the days of our grandparents. Now it is one of chaos I am.better thank God, brother Gordon. Keep give me bible scriptures,I have Spanish Bibles. I.have one bible real.old in.English

For study the bible. I got mercy of God.time.
---ELENA on 10/5/12

Hermano Gordon.muchsimas gracias, ,disculpe la tardanza,pues ojala. Brother forgive thelateness,been. Reading your response to my question,thankyou very much, you right of coarse.Pues,es. Cierto, no.hay.tener dentro del pueblo ni afuera, yo pesa yo misma,quiero.acercame mas. Y estudiar su palabra.mejor.for sure, J say you are correct,there is no respect in general the people in and out,no fear and It bothers me myself,J got to get more into.the word,learn,understand. I have more to say next post. Muy bien,gracias. Thankyou,ELENA
---ELENA on 10/4/12

Hermana Elena, There is a Remnant left of GOD's people. But, it is very small in comparison. Much smaller than it ought to be, or even has to be. Unfortunately, it's not enough to keep GOD's Judgment from coming. For, 9/11 was GOD's big Wake-Up Call, and for 11 years, we have only continued to spiral downward. There has been no true national repentance before GOD. Some people did start going back to Church after 9/11, and some did remain true to GOD as a result, but, way too many have went back to "business-as-usual" and have once again backslidden from GOD. I know this because I'm paying attention to what's going on in this matter.
---Gordon on 10/4/12

Buenos dias, Elena. Si, America still looks good when one compares her to other countries (Cuba, etc.) but, the U.S.A. is falling fast. America, in general, has lost her respect for GOD. She has become so accepting and "tolerant" of sexual immoralities, Abortion, Greed, Alcoholism, illicit drug use, Occultism, etc. It is so rampant in a country, it is a deadly cancer that has slowly eaten away at America for the past 50 years plus. America should be upholding the Good Values that promote Truth, Justice and the "Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness" WITH respect to GOD. But, our sins have ruined us. And, we continue WITHOUT repenting! America's security is Money, not GOD. America has TRILLIONS of Dollars in DEBT.
---Gordon on 10/4/12

Heaven is going to be a blast.
---Trish on 10/2/12

i think heaven will be way beyond our greatest expectations.

Heaven is gonna be a lot like our church.
---KarenD on 10/2/12

i went to bed the other night pondering this, and all i kept hearing was "on earth, as it is in heaven" and not "in heaven, as it is on earth".
---aka on 10/3/12

Hello,Trish,Darlene,bro.Mark, thank God you said that bro.Mark,I mean to say I agree his point but,yes you are correct brother teacher.Bro.Gordon. I have been.out of Us, have family other places, but yes,I agree country, I see little changes whatever yes on the internet Cuba hard on foreigners.
They have many who visita.first time. In ages, I wrote on facebook, todavia anda en eso,still.doing same thing,they have changed the currancy and on there. yourself where you visitor Rent. Gated doors say "foreigners welcome" or. The. Other doors "
Cuban Nationals Only RENT Here
Article' new travel standards,rules Cuba
---ELENA on 10/3/12

Darlene, thankyou,I been to Texas mostly visita San Antonio.beautifull,but hot! Wow! So be practice that Spanish ha!ha! I been trying as Trish, got lots. medical issues, Dios es bueno en todo tiempo ! / God is good at all times love of JESUS! Amor de JESUS!
---ELENA on 10/3/12

Bro.Gordon,one thing that certainly,USA blessed in that still you have the. Right to go to any church you wish. When you look on a larger scale you still have certain freedoms.E.E.U.U.esta bendecida todava, podremos visitar a la Iglesia que sea la que sea.Si miramos la cosas bien de cierta manera aqui
hay libertad,pero esta en peligro!
---ELENA on 10/3/12

Hno. Gordon,muchas gracias! Will.put english first,sadly truth you say, I suffered alot in the end,things changed, we are united or we are nothing, God left us perfect example His son JESUS,answer me one question,Is there not a remnant still who serve,regardless the churches who disobey, .? See next post, this android (small) ELENA
---ELENA on 10/3/12

Gordon, I love Elena and speak on her behalf but what you said gives the impression that America is changing to receive the antichrist because people are changing to be bad. Do you not understand that every nation is the same? Sin is everywhere.
In fact this country is much better in the way of living then Mexico or any other country. There is sin in every country. Why accuse the USA as the entry of the antichrist? You could have said something more useful to Elena to edify her in the Spirit. Even though I'm hispanic from Texas and my spanish is not correct, I believe it is offensive to many, to write in spanish and not explain what you said.
---Mark_V. on 10/3/12

Elena yes its fun to be able to speak even my limited words in Spanish when we go on vacation in Old Mexico. As for American English it is said its one of the hardest languages to learn. The fact people have different names for the same thing in different parts of the USA also makes it even harder. A lot of people may have "Dinner" as their evening meal but with most in Texas its called "Supper" for the evening meal,thats only one example and there are many. Thank you its always good to get back on I really miss it when I'm not on. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 10/3/12

Pues, Si. Este actitud existe. Y, ademas, es forma de una mentira para crear lucha entre las varias clases o niveles de personas en los EE.UU. Este pais americano esta cambiandose para que le reciba al Anticristo cuando llega. Sencillo.
---Gordon on 10/3/12

Hello, Darlene ,wonderfull for have you on here,again. I love it on here,so,wow! You study for a long time Spanish, very good. One thing it 's fun,to know more than one language,wow! It is ok for speaking but,English can be intimidation ,you can get twisted up and do not how you got there. Smile, tell me whatc been going.on at your church?
---ELENA on 10/2/12

Elena you're welcome. You think in Spanish and I understand that completely because I had Spanish three years in elementary school and two years in college but can't speak it well because I always think in American English. It is sometimes hard to speak another language when you can't think in it and have to translate everything before you understand. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 10/2/12

Hello,Hermana Karen d., Que bueno! Me encanta y me gustara saber como se llama su Iglesia? That. Good, I say I would like to what is the name of your church,?thankyou, been so busy today,wait. For some people, social workers from the Lions club, help the visually impaire and the blind and I read the deathmute. People who can not hear.Now,you know we have our own type of music,like our own AfroCuban,music just like our people, here got soul music.Thankyou,for sharing,a question,when you have the day for asoul music,do you dress different?? just wondering?
---ELENA on 10/2/12

Moderator permit-sisKaren d. Well,you mention some of these Spanish ladies,? So,you are either the pastor. Wife or you are one of the women pastor,leaders,?? Here,have seen now,3 women pastors. In the barrio,not really accepted.. in.the hispanic. Community.tell me more about your involvement,and about your church,if you don't,mind. Thanks.
---ELENA on 10/2/12

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KarenD: I wish I lived closer so I could visit one of your church's women's events. I love anything multicultural that glorifies the Lord. Heaven is going to be a blast.
---Trish on 10/2/12

Heaven is gonna be a lot like our church.
---KarenD on 10/2/12

i sincerely hope the Lord has something much better in mind.
---aka on 10/2/12

Elena...At our church we greet each other in a lot of different ways. Some say, "Good morning." Others say, "Buenos Dias or Buenos Tardes" depending on the time of day. And a lot of us greet each other with hugs and Christian kisses on the cheek. And some call me Sister or Sista and others call me Pastora. Love your culture, Sister Elena. Last month's women's fellowship was "Fiesta" and this molnth is "America The Beautiful. Another month we will have a soul food festival. Heaven is gonna be a lot like our church.
---KarenD on 10/2/12

Wow! Follower of Christ,.may the lord bless you with more wisdom, good eloquent and be a help to.all.God's people, you write so beautifull, if God bless get my music for help all aids and cancer patients,I will never collect for my songs but wow! have a wonderfull way with words,write something on my lbum to promote JESUS healer of hearts, souls and the forgotten.thank you,very much.
Thank everyone, let us get along,be happy! We are family beloved. I just lovev the way follower of Christ, writes ...not just for defend ELENA. ELENA is a simple woman.
---ELENA on 10/1/12

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All I'm tryring to say to Elena and whoever else is this:

If you're writing on serious adult subject, write like a serious adult.

There was one woman who used to post on here who used text speech all the time on the grounds that she had only 125 words--but so do we all.

who cares about this other women!! If you were the serious adult you are harping about then you would man-up and offer an apology to Elena, and you would write out your question as a serious adult wanting a dialogue rather than a riddle or a test question as the self-appointed english teacher.
---Follower_of_Christ on 10/1/12

Thankyou,Darlene, you have been so very good to me,I admit ELENA is 60,got some flaws,ha ha! Actually, I always find bro.Cluny a good young man, alot times since I been few years. Here on CNT. He make you think,things, thoughts, he writes t
o Think, he is very intelligent person. I always think in Spanish, My grandmother was from Liberia,she spoke english.
---ELENA on 10/1/12

Elena I am sorry you had to suffer on here too. No matter what anyone says,and I don't understand the text words sometimes because I don't text,but I did understand you and know what you were saying. Maybe everone would be better off if we all stop trying to "Police" the writing on here. Whatever I know you are a sweet,kind,loving,person and commited child of God who attacks no one else but its only fair for you to defend yourself. God Bless You
---Darlene_1 on 10/1/12

Hey, you doing, ? I know how you feel,I am very happy! I will straive to be happy, I hold no aneamosity,ELENA live everyday to the fullest... I love people, I am a people person,and I hope we can be family like always is a good thing to speak eloquent English,no harm that is good,I respect that very much. If it make anyone feel, the spanish christian chat they argue, too. I can't get it on android. We are for all reason need our lord JESUS, the word days let us reason to all, really great you here! Mary, hugs! ELENA
---ELENA on 10/1/12

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i see in the media there is war on illiteracy,homelessness,poverty,hunger,obesity,drugs,terrorist, so i am guessing this involves the peoples that partake in such activities?
so i reckon is is safe to guess that if You have been declared war upon,and You do not wish to fight,You are a victim of war?
---kevin5443 on 10/1/12

Cluny, it was totally unnecessary to make the comment about communicating as an adult. Elena had already said she would stop shortening words. You owe her an apology for insulting her in that way, AFTER she had already said she'd stop using text speak. Of course, I'll be very surprised if you do.
---Trish on 10/1/12

Trish, I'm not trying to pick a fight. I just think you misunderstood what Cluny was asking. His comments weren't about bad grammar or poor English. They were about people using text speech. I don't think that is a rude thing to ask, and also he is right that it does make you look like a 9 year old girl with a cell phone and I'm sure that is not the way Elena want's to be presented to people. I still don't see how any disability would prevent someone from actually typing out the word "and" instead of "n". Perhaps I'm missing something?? Elena is free to type however she wants, I'm just saying I don't think Cluny's request about typing out words instead of text speech deserved the harshness you responded with.
---Jed on 10/1/12

\\ It just proves his cruelty, since even Elena has replied about her limited vision, AND she has already said she would not shorten words.\\

Trish, it has been obvious from the beginning that Elena's first language is not English. I have said nothing about her syntax.

But what I said about text speech does not apply only to Elena, but other posters here.

I, too, have vision troubles. But I try to make sure I express myself in standard English, which includes normal spelling.

Let me mention right now that text speech and other cute, unorthodox spellings set bad examples for those who are learning English and throws linguistic stumbling blocks at their feet.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/1/12

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Hi Elena, you rock girl! :) That's a compliment in America, it means you're awesome! God bless and keep up the great work, love and hugs, Mary :)
---Mary on 10/1/12

I think Cluny's main flaw is pedantry. Otherwise he's a pretty good guy. on 10/1/12

Jed: I did not say Elena is TOTALLY blind. I said PRACTICALLY blind. Between her limited vision and her limited English, she does the best she can in communicating with us.

Cluny has since insulted Elena by making his comment about communicating as an adult. It just proves his cruelty, since even Elena has replied about her limited vision, AND she has already said she would not shorten words.
---Trish on 10/1/12

//In Cluny's defense, I don't think he realized that Elena is a foreigner and doesn't know English well.// -jed

I could mix my soil well with this compost.

//All I'm tryring to say to Elena and whoever else is this:

If you're writing on serious adult subject, write like a serious adult.// -cluny

you want us always to take you seriously, we will tryr.

she is a non-english speaker doing the best she can to communicate with us. her style has/had nothing to do with text talk. plenty of people take elena seriously...especially our Father.

thanks for giving us an good example between elitism and God's word.
---aka on 9/30/12

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Jed: Elena is also practically blind.
---Trish on 9/30/12

In that case I completely understand why Elena has trouble typing out her words. But I think you may have been a little hard on Cluny. All he asked is that people type out words instead of using text language and he wasn't really rude about it. I don't think he knew that Elena is blind and doesn't speak English. I surely didn't. I mean, most people would probably assume that a blind person would not be using a computer and frequently blogging. I can see how Cluny, like myself, had probably never considered the fact that there are blind people who don't speak English blogging on ChristiaNet. It's an easy mistake.
---Jed on 9/30/12

,bro.Cluny,be honest have been for the last four hours yes,trying to write.Actually, see now you bad mouthing me this time,am.very well going to.defend myself,enough is enough! served well in.the legal people get work to pay their restitution to whom.they.owed and help them become hard working ammerican, I am.talking about young people who made mistakes and so,don't think always in.this condition. I do not have anything to be ashamed,it is fine to say do not post text writing that is ok. I have said I will never do it again. Do not dis respect me again. I am blind in one eye,had Chemo, but do not think that I am not as good as anyone else. do my own cooking,cleaning, everything. By myself! Thankyou. ELENA
---ELENA on 9/30/12

Elena, thank you for your response about getting alone in love. You write which ever way makes it easier for you to write. Do not let any negative responses stop you from answering. There is always someone who complains. I had other who could not answer me complain about my spelling when they don't have a good answer to a question and wake up on the wrong side of the bed that day. Many times even slanderous words. You are doing great Elena, I understand all of your blogs very well, and I am sure many others do too. Peace
---Mark_V. on 10/1/12

All I'm tryring to say to Elena and whoever else is this:

If you're writing on serious adult subject, write like a serious adult.

There was one woman who used to post on here who used text speech all the time on the grounds that she had only 125 words--but so do we all.

It made what she was posting hard to read and understand. She claimed her 9 year old daughter could understand her.

Obviously, if you write like a 9 year old, you're thinking like a 9 year old.

"N" does not mean "and."

Get the point?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 9/30/12

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Jed: Elena is also practically blind.
---Trish on 9/30/12

MarkV, I understand what you are saying. But if you go back and read what Cluny said to Elena, all he said is "everyone please use English instead of text speech". He didnt' saying anything about her gramar it was the "text speech". I really don't think that was too insensitive and I'm failing to see how not knowing proper English prevents someone from writing out the words "and", "for", and "too" instead of just putting "n","4", and "2". I mean she obviously knows the right word she is trying to use, right? So why not just use that word? I have been on here for quite a while and read many of Elena's posts and never knew she doesn't speak understand English.
---Jed on 9/30/12

Family,beloved, my wish learn the bible & all to get along better. for years volunteer care for aids and cancer english speakingpeople with my own. "you got an accent..but when people get love they don't care if I didn 't speak perfect english.Sorry did not know it's called text writing.tried open a shelter here,try better this neighborhood,many years ago! after doing, all city code at that time, shut down, straight after.This is life, we need just be gratefull,the mercy of God, as you will see,I am getting older, happy share with you all at 60 my english ha ha..not as it was as a young girl. work in a lawfirm and more. it' sad city life very lonely so you are stuck ha! ha! with me,love of JESUS,
---ELENA on 9/30/12

Cluny: that is a common human complaint in most cultures.
Proverbs 8:13, 16:2, 5, 18-19, Matthew 5:2-16, Romans chapter 12, Galatians 5:15-26, Philippians 2:1-21, James 3:14-18, 1Peter 5:5, 1John 2:15-16.
---Glenn on 9/29/12

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Jed, I support many of your views but you said Cluny did not know the disabilities of Elena, she has mentioned her disabilities many times. Here he is the victim, he complains because he had trouble reading what she said, so he complins there is groups of others, and so it takes him longer to understand. Elena writes good enough for anyone to understand her, and her love for the Lord. I know I do. When I find someones post difficult to understand what the point is I always ask the person to make their point. To me Cluny answered his own blog, he is the victim and he is wrong. So in answer to Cluny's blog, Yes, I have seen it, and yes, he is wrong. Bless you sister Elena, I leave you peace.
---Mark_V. on 9/30/12

KarenD: I was referring to bloggers who are cruel to other bloggers.
---Trish on 9/29/12

In Cluny's defense, I don't think he realized that Elena is a foreigner and doesn't know English well. I don't think his comment was as much referring to her gramar as it was about her using "text language". There have been people on here that think it is cute to use text code, like using "b4" in place of "before", and "2" instead of the word "too", or "n" instead of "and", and "m8" for "mate". I think that is what he was referring to because it makes it hard to read and understand. Doing that has nothing to do with one's ability to speak English. I know it probably sounded terrible to ELENA and everyone who knew about her issues.
---Jed on 9/29/12

Trish...Cluny is not the most cruel person on here although he had no clue of Elena's situation. The most cruel person on here is the one who says that God is love and doesn't warn people about God's wrath.
---KarenD on 9/29/12

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Hello,Trish is right,yes,I have to be gratefull, I can see at all n it takes a long time to do these posts. I have lost one eye,but,not to one to give up,it just let me know appreciate every thing,don't take nothing for granted,when I was younger,I used to complain alot,now I realize and we know I am deficient. next to many who know the bible,so well.
My point is I am holding and not a person looking for make anyone sad or angry,yes,I have my faults,love always win and Trish also, one wonderfull lady,she does so much to help others,it is a blessing for all.of us to be able to have this way to communicate.let's pray one for another,I love you all and I love how my bro.Mark says it,I leave you with peace. ELENA
---ELENA on 9/29/12

Hello, well bro.Cluny, oh,you can appreciate ok,I am writing on android, so,not a big computer,but it is smaller,but,bless you n thankyou,I will try to write better

Elena keep writing just as you are, you are fine, I can understand you just fine and I'm very sure majority here do as well!!!!

cluny must have no life outside of his computer if it is more important for him to chastise and belittle people for their english skills then it is to truly share the word of God.

peace to you Elena, and more peace to cluny for his insensitive cruel remarks
---Follower_of_Christ on 9/29/12

Cluny, and others not doing it, try letting your heart go soft before posting - not hard, conniving, critical. This blog you posted has brought forth both good and bad, and folks will learn from it, but a soft heart can teach even more! Also, God loves Cluny, and so should we.
---Geraldine on 9/29/12

Hello, well bro.Cluny, oh,you can appreciate ok,I am writing on android, so,not a big computer,but it is smaller,but,bless you n thankyou,I will try to write better. I do speak. English,very well.bless you IF you had seen me after first come home from months of chemotherapy,could not even write at all.I never mean to offend,but yes. Try to save space,the fon let me know when too many words,n I try to take out,rewrite again.
---ELENA on 9/29/12

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Bro.Cluny,honest to tell you,truly I must thank God,I can write on here at all.There are wonderfull moderators,you don't see, smile, some of my texts,do not make it.I love everyone and believe me,it is the lord that keeps me,right now taking alot of strong meds.swollen all over and so,I ask you forgive me probably not the kings english, but the lord knows,he understands. I have times, I am so frustrated and want times want to eat and cannot,today Mary went back to the doctor and she said it's ok today,you can eat certain things.that was great! I went ha ha,got a pizza!
---ELENA on 9/29/12

Cluny: ""Be ye therefore perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect" sounds pretty elitist to me."

You greatly misunderstand the nature of perfection in the character of God. Heavenly perfection is that of service - not of elitism.

Mar 10:43 But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister:
Mar 10:44 And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all.

---jerry6593 on 9/29/12

Cluny: How insensitive can you be? Elena is not a native English speaking member of CN. Plus she has poor vision. She does the best she can when she posts. You are the most cruel person on here.
---Trish on 9/29/12

\\I have a friend hurts me to my heart,she wants to leave husband for abuses to her n if she spoke Engjsh cud invite see n be comforted.\\

Elena and everybody else, PLEASE write in English and not text speech.

You have as many words to reply as everyone else.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 9/28/12

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Cluny, regarding "Be ye therefore perfect," from sermons I have heard I believe "perfect" is a goal, not an achievement, and it is the GRACE of God that keeps us on the path to it. If perfection could be achieved in this life it would include total absence of prideful attitude. I feel understanding of this view, but a degree in Theology would help!
---Geraldine on 9/28/12

Naturally there are elitist religious people who choose to blog here. Their feelings of superiority are easy to see. God does not support elitism, whether sexuality, citizenship or other. Every human in every situation should focus on equality.
---Geraldine on 9/28/12

That is the biggest load of crap I have ever seen. Everyone is not equal. Everyone is BORN equal, regardless of race or gender. But what you do with your life after that determines who you are. I would not consider myself equal with some lazy bum father who won't work for his family and takes advantage of everyone around him. I work hard for my family and would do anything to provide for them and I treat my fellow citizens honestly. I am a better person than that.
---Jed on 9/28/12

cluny, you cannot equate that scripture to elitism.
---aka on 9/28/12

Hello, wanted to say, we should encuarage no matter,who or what be female or males, maybe the women open up on Christianet,even bout issues at home, I have a friend hurts me to my heart,she wants to leave husband for abuses to her n if she spoke Engjsh cud invite see n be comforted. Thankyou.
---ELENA on 9/28/12

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\\God does not support elitism, \\

"Be ye therefore perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect" sounds pretty elitist to me.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 9/28/12

in a way romney is right...I worked with a woman who is nothing but a liability. all she does everyday is facebook & is LAZY. when you correct her she gets angry. and nothing can be done bec. she can use the 'race' card. she even told the manager 2 positions above 'I don't work for you'...
---mike on 9/28/12

Naturally there are elitist religious people who choose to blog here. Their feelings of superiority are easy to see. God does not support elitism, whether sexuality, citizenship or other. Every human in every situation should focus on equality.
---Geraldine on 9/28/12

Thank the lord, medicine kick in tonight,I am enjoy be on here.Cluny,believe that men as well,have many similar complaints,in my years volunteer with groups in therapy,our men were mostly folks release goin bk to home fr penal colony many had yes,wives too,demanding or both had issues,infidelity,mostly it starts no trust issues/ bad communication
---ELENA on 9/28/12

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Cluny: First of all, what are you doing reading the "Platonic Girl Friend" blog?

Don't you find it interesting how the leftist pseudo-liberals immediately (and correctly) assume that you are talking about them. I find it strange how they reason that the takers are the victims of the takees.

---jerry6593 on 9/28/12

Cluny...Thanks for clarifying this question. I had no clue you were talking about those whinning women. I know you have never heard me complain about my husband.
---KarenD on 9/27/12

\\Cluny, I am seeing a trend with large corporations where there is a class of people that is truly vicimized.\\

A man I know worked for a large credit card company on the phone lines--where most new employees started.

There were several postings for positions he was qualified for.

He was ALWAYS interviewed by a woman (different ones) and the jobs ALWAYS went to other women.

See a pattern?

Trish, there are more women than "Platonic Girl Friend" who do nothing but complain about their husbands on here.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 9/28/12

Cluny, I am seeing a trend with large corporations where there is a class of people that is truly vicimized. Those who are less qualified are hired rather that this victimized group. The group being victimized is also being passed over for promotions they deserve inorder to promote other groups. The victimized group I am speaking of, dare I say it....... is made up of caucasion males. I know in the past they were preferred group, but not anymore.
---trey on 9/27/12

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From my own experience, and from pastors who counseled my ex and me, it is usually the wife who seeks help for a troubled marriage. You call it complaining, I call it seeking Godly counsel. Would you prefer they go to the bar, or complain to an unsaved friend?

Read my first reply to Elsie in the Platonic Girlfriend blog. Instead of blaming the wife, I take what she says at face value and encourage her to take responsibility for her relationship with the Lord, and seeking wisdom from Him.
---Trish on 9/27/12

Interesting that nobody seems to get it.

I'm talking about the number of women who come on here to complain about their husbands and how badly they are mistreated--and screech blue murder at the very idea that they themselves might have contributed to the problems with their marriage.

If you don't believe me, look at how few posts are from men who complain about their wives.

As I know from seeing my own parents' failed marriage (I know nothing my mother's first two husbands), it is almost never the fault of one person.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 9/27/12

Cluny...I am assuming that you are referring to those who have such a strong sense of entitlement that they can't see that there are other people in the world other than themselves. Am seeing too many of these kinds of people as we minister to "the less fortunate" who are really "the less motivated" and want us to take care of them.
---KarenD on 9/27/12

Hi,cluny,you are one of the folks on here,I enjoy read'your posts, this one,you need be more specific, I agree with Darlene what class exactly,victimized people, in America,which I believe a great country, there are always different groups, yes, even on here, religious,ethnic, politics sometimes come along to ride the wave, also,so,it hard to figure out who, which group you refering to...bless you brother. ELENA
---ELENA on 9/27/12

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I am not sure what you mean at all. Do you mean economic class,social class,ethnic class,there are so many different classes in different ways that I don't see the attitude you talk about unless you mean some people feel they are entitled to things because of their position in life good or bad? Or perhaps you mean some people in some denominations always think theirs is the only right one therefore they can't be wrong and always feel they are right and everyone else is wrong. Enlighten me please if you don't mind.
---Darlene_1 on 9/25/12

I would have to figure out which group you mean, Cluny (c: out of a number of "American" groups. But you say a "class". So, you may mean the "middle class" to which politicians seem to be playing. Politicians may be making it seem like we are victims, trying to get us then to seek what they promise. But the public presentation in the media "may" not represent all of us.

I'm thinking maybe it was cleverly planned that there would be a middle layer between the high and the poor, as a buffer class so Marie Antoinette's history would not repeat itself.
---willie_c: on 9/25/12

cluny you are probably right is your statement but I like to see two classes of people...the saved and the unsaved. it really is very simple yet complicated at the same time.
---shira4368 on 9/25/12

cluny good grief which victimized class? I have not been on the blogs long enough to notice or read into, anyones post to see if they believe they belong to one of the hundreds of these victimized classes. since politics and life issues are discussed here as well as religion of all kinds, then you would need to narrow down your victimization group for those of us who can't read between the lines and figure out which one of the hundreds of victimized groups you are speaking about here in America
---Follower_of_Christ on 9/25/12

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In a survey a couple of years ago. The question was asked "Would you like to receive a 10,000 dollars gift" the answer came back 99% yes. A second question was asked "Would you like you and everyone in your community, county, state to receive a 10,000 dollar gift" The answer came back near 60%. ENVY?. How does a teachers union that has one of the highest average paid teachers in the nation go on strike for more money. Because life is hard and from your perspective the grass is always greener on the other side, usually because it is above the septic tank. And the mind set if I had just ____ I would be happy.
---Scott1 on 9/25/12

Cluny, there are many classes in America who like to play the victim. Usually, the ones who play the victim are actually the ones who are victimizing others with their affirmative action and "social equality" legislation.
---Jed on 9/25/12

Cluny, Christians in American are very good at playing the victim card.
---NurseRobert on 9/25/12

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