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Is This A New Religion

1. When did Rick Warren start this new religion?
2. What are the distinctive features of CHRISTLIM?

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 ---Rueben_Friesen on 10/5/12
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Oh,thankyou Shira4368, yes, sister she has been with these people, I believe they broke off and went (more into a different type of Islam"they are way out of bounds, it is crazy, I have no way to even know if she is alive, yes,you are right, I had to get strength, I had to get the lord get me like a strong arm at war, put my emotions a side, pray and today, I believe got a little victory..God is so good,sometimes, I feel unlike everybody,, my mind can't hold or concentrate like you all answer so,intelligent,but, I have alot of love, appreciation for everyone on here.This is a good christian online ,prayerline..
---ELENA on 10/8/12

Kindly beware of end-time delusions, we are in the end-times. Stranger things will still come. If anything is not in line with what God/Jesus says, avoid it.
---Adetunji on 10/8/12

Elena, my heart breaks for you. Just pray pray pray for God to convict her. Muslims are indoctrinating the whole world or they are trying to. In the past 5 years many many mosque has been built on our soil but we know God is in control. I will pray for your daughter too.
---shira4368 on 10/8/12

Hello,Some of my family got into the Islam religin,I remember visit one big ceremony,and the moslem women went to a church here, and.this is true,they very happy about film the whole session and made fun of. a famous "bishop" and they were saying how they going to infiltrate. Christintom, I went to see about. My family,how could they join such our grandmother was pentecostal,anyway my daughter is in such a cult who these moslem,they sound similar to those you mention not allowed to see,or speak to her, been nearly 10 years. She does whatever they say. Do. God has kept me strong,it been horrible. My. Trust is in God.
---ELENA on 10/8/12

All worldly denominational churches (dchurch) are a creation of Satan. He has only a short time more on earth so he will succeed into dividing the christians up even further.

Besides, the meaning of "church" is a lot different today than it was 2,000 years ago. The dchurch is nothing but a building having assets (This is confirmed when you hear, "Did you go to church today?" "I didn't see you at church today.") and is owned by the government (IRS: "you do what we tell you or we'll revoke your nonprofit status.").

The true church is people - who believe. Fellowship is anywhere two or more are gathered in Jesus' name.
---Steveng on 10/7/12

most likely there will be a new religion popping up every few months now. I'm sure many ministers will feel the power they have from their followers and Satan and branch out to do something new and improved. It would not matter what distinctive features are within this new-age religion you cannot merge true followers of the Lord into the heathen religions of the world and still be a follower of the Lord. however you can merge a flase Christianity into another religion because it was never from the Lord anyway. All you can do is mark Rick Warren as a minister of Satan.
---Follower_of_Christ on 10/6/12

I don't have any quotes of anything Rick has said or written, that is obviously wrong.

One report is that he does not buy Islam, but he does reach to Muslims > Jesus was accused of being a "friend of sinners" because He ate with them. So, anti-Arab people will misrepresent him.

In the Arabic language, not only in the Muslim religion . . . the word for God is "Allah". And possibly the name of Jesus in Arabic is "Issi". So, saying the correct Arab language word is not blasphemy.

Jesus reached to sinners. But hypocrisy was what Jesus may have hated the most. And there is conceit, of welcoming excuses to look down on other people, so we can feel superior.
---willie_c: on 10/6/12

Rueben Chrislim is defined as a religion where the "believer is an adherent of both Christianity and Islam. Typically these followers show a loving concern for life, a deep humanity and an openness to others. The Chrislim faiths three pillars are love, integrity, and respect. The adherence to the rituals and customs set forth by Jesus and Mohammed is encouraged but not mandatory. Chrislims are taller, better looking, and have superior memories than their single religion brethren." Their doctrine is "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion. Chrislims are the outcome of so much love that cannot be contained within any one religion." Quoted from the Urban dictionary.
---joseph on 10/6/12

it's Chrislam

1. In the few years.

2. read "RICK WARREN ADDRESSES CHRISLAM CONTROVERSY" By Ken Silva pastor-teacher Mar 4, 2012

interesting to note, in that article, the author writes, "Rick Warren gave a carefully worded interfaith prayer in which he gave one of the names of Jesus as 'Issa'. This is NOT one of Jesus names. 'Issa' is the Arabic name for the Jesus of the Quran, and the Jesus in the Quran is not the Jesus of the Bible, but another Jesus (2 Cor 11:4) who is not the Divine Son of God, nor the Savior who came to make atonement for sinners.

just looking at the word, 'Chr' may be first but 'islam' is a full word. what is Chr?
---aka on 10/6/12

There are only two: Children of God and children of the devil. It's either you're one or the other. Simple.
---christan on 10/5/12

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