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Delilah Spirit Or My Lustfulness

I am engaged to a woman that I think may have a Delilah spirit. I met her at a time when I was struggling and lonely and slept with her right away. I quickly fell in love with her and asked her to marry me. I noticed right away I was weaker.

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 ---Lost_Annointing on 10/18/12
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\\I am sorry. chrismation...bcv please.
---aka on 10/19/12\\

If you really want to know the Biblical precedent for Chrismation in the Orthodox Church, there is an appropriate wiki site where you can find it.

Alas, the rules of posting here forbid my being more specific.

But I don't think you really do want to know this. I think you just want to try to play "Gotcha!".

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/21/12

//Do you think that "esprit de corps" is limited to the Marines?// cluny

did i say that?

//But this is not the same thing as the non-existent Jezebel spirits//

i already acknowledged that there is a sensationalist use of the term. same phrases do have different meanings.

//What is "christmation"?//

I am sorry. chrismation...bcv please.
---aka on 10/19/12


team spirit...jovial spirit...personality or spirit like cluny... a personality of a loose women or a delilah spirit.
---aka on 10/19/12

\\read again. marines have esprit de corps or spirit pf the corps.\\

Do you think that "esprit de corps" is limited to the Marines?

But this is not the same thing as the non-existent Jezebel spirits, et al.

What is "christmation"?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/19/12


read again. marines have esprit de corps or spirit pf the corps. i said it means like (or the likeness of). e.g. he has a spirit like his dad.

how many times are you going to use the opposing argument of "its not in the bible" and " it doesn't have to be in the bible..." show me where computer is in the bible bcv. show me christmation bcv.
---aka on 10/19/12

\\and,"anyway, in the bible there is a jezebel spirit. there is an abraham spirit, a stephen spirit, a judas spirit. there is even a jesus spirit.\\

Please give BCVs for these "spirits", aka.

These terms are NEVER used in the Bible.

Glory to JEsus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/19/12

Bro.Cluny,is right. we all have our struggles,from experience,like also,bro.WillieC.get around people who encourage you toward walk in godliness,myself like I always say people want to blame someone else,the truth is Satan only will your path first,what you like and of coarse,door left open! that what I love on here,everyone very helpfull,they not going to tell you always what sounds good, they going to tell you with the word of God. I have alot of respect.Don't think you are alone,I been there.Pro.24:16.Mt.22:37,
---ELENA on 10/19/12

Lost....The only spirit that is working in this situation is LUST and you have it as well as the woman. Repent!!!!!!!!
---KarenD on 10/19/12

You say you were weaker > if you mean you got weaker after doing what is wrong with her . . . I got involved in what was wrong with a woman, and after the first evening together already in the morning I could tell I had gone down emotionally. Sinning has us involved with a wrong spirit which can take us down, and degrade us. So, it does not matter how cleverly we argue.

"Stay with people who help you get more with God and loving all people."

I prayed for God to have mercy on me and get me out. Then I had the opportunity and did not waste it or myself. But I have greatly needed to learn how to love with all Christians and love all others. This has been a very better investment! (c:
---willie_c: on 10/19/12

trish, he did not say jezebel.

and,"anyway, in the bible there is a jezebel spirit. there is an abraham spirit, a stephen spirit, a judas spirit. there is even a jesus spirit.

it means like. as in i have a spirit LIKE my dad. therefore, someone can say correctly that i have a philip spirit.

yes, there are those who sensationalize the jezebel spirit, but there are those who sensationlize a lot of what,s in the scriptures.
---aka on 10/18/12

There are no such things as Jezebel or Delilah spirits. You're just looking for someone on whom to blame your own lust, weakness, and lack of self-control, and tendency to fornication.

You are not in love with her. You are merely in heat.

Something tells me that you have a string of women you could name "lonely, struggling, and weak." How do you know this STILL won't happen with more women if you were married?

Get yourself in control, man!

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/19/12

As the song goes, "another one bites the dust"

I am sure, given your circumstances, there is much more about yourself you will be coming to know, should you choose to get married.

I do not think love is what you fell into with her. I believe it's called obsession.

Do as you wish. Although I would advise you seek the Redeemer. None of this sounds good to me.
---Phil on 10/19/12

Where in the Bible does it teach about a Jezebel spirit?

You blame the woman instead of taking responsibility for your sin.
---Trish on 10/18/12

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