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What Are You Thankful For

What are you thankful for, today?

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 ---pat on 10/20/12
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Praising God and thankful for ALL His numerous blessings,for all good comes from Him, and specifically thankful for cnet and all His family. God bless your thanks giving.
---Chria9396 on 11/21/12

there is not enough space here to convey my blessings. I have so much to be thankful for but don't know where to start. oh yea, I am puting God first because He saved me. everything else falls under that but still not enough room here. all I can say is God has given me all I need and a bunch I don't need. Praise God
---shira4368 on 11/21/12

Really want to take a minute. Thankfull for my "awesome" CNT family, I feel your love even if we are virtual & you mean alot to ELENA! ( Please Don't for granted)

Thankfull. for my lord JESUS. Today got out & talk to oldtimers' in the barrio, great get agape
---ELENA on 11/17/12

I'm soooo thankful! I found out today my mom does NOT have cancer, it's a more treatable condition--hallelujah! :)
---Mary on 11/17/12

I am so very thankful for Jesus, who had to start from grand zero when He saved me.
---pat on 11/17/12

Hi, thank you sooo much Elena, God bless you, I prayed your prayer when I read it. She will hopefully have a colonoscopy tomorrow, not sure yet. Just praying for a not-so-serious issue to cause her to bleed excessively. Anyway, thank you, love and hugs, Mary
---Mary on 11/15/12

Hi, meant to also congratulate grace-mercy on the new job--awesome! :) Congratulations and enjoy :)
---Mary on 11/15/12

Praise the Lord! I am so thankful for a job - I was laid off in May and the merciful Lord has given me another job! I am grateful for a roof over our head, food to eat and share with others, and a sweet husband. May God bless those without jobs this Thanksgiving and use us to show His love to all.
---grace-mercy on 11/15/12

Mary, . This ELENA got you prayer fof you mother on CNT/ prayer room. more prayers the better. Love of the lord be yours now & forever. People
Mary. Sincere ELENA
---ELENA on 11/14/12

Mary,so sorry for you mother.Let pray now : gracious heavenlyfather, We need you.right now.You know lord all things, we ask If things get too bad please let there be a present help( qualified and.dedicated) to save her mother
Lord, please stop this stopped blood of the woman with the issue of blood.
You are the doctor Above every doctor who also Make Housecalls! Thankyou JESUS! Be her help this hour.amen. we love you.
---ELENA on 11/14/12

Hi Elena, I'm so sorry about your friend. I was going to my oncologist today to get results of bone scan but my mom is bleeding--a lot! Worries me something sick and she can't see a doctor till Tuesday. Anyway, God bless and have an awesome day, love and hugs, Mary :)
---Mary on 11/14/12

Hello,Mary yes! Praise more to brief explain, I do not trust man doctor because after how my friend julie (she had colon cancer)it was not growing, she was happy/ home.eating,watch tv they put her in a nursing home,started some sort/ god' knows treatments.Told me " you not allow come back here,why do you care?" I. Say I use to help julie I am sick.We.used to spend holidays like family.Anyway Julie I think they did "away" with.her. so you see why I am upset. Love agape

---ELENA on 11/14/12

Hi all :) I am thankful my recent bone scan turned up negative for metastasis! :) Whatever is causing my shoulder pain is not cancer so that is a praise from me! :)
---Mary on 11/13/12

I am thankful for so many things. Practically, for a roof over my head, the finances to turn up the heating when necessary, a store cupboard with sufficient food in to use if I get snowed in any day now, warm clothing and a comfortable bed - all God given.

However, I'm also so thankful that God loves me and, no matter how unlovely I am, He will never desert me.

He has been with me through so much in the past 18 months I can never stop thanking and praising Him.
---Rita_H on 11/11/12

I am one of the very blessed. I still don't understand why God blesses me. I look around and see children are born in poverty in a third world nation. some are born to abusive parents and most are hungry and have no close to wear. they live in a corrupt government and I parralell that with me and I was born in a free country, to Godly parents who prayed for me. We always had plenty to eat and plenty of clothes to wear. God has blessed me with everything I have. I have never ask God for material things but always ask for spiritual things.
---shira4368 on 11/1/12

I am thankful to God for what He has done in my life and continue to do.Loving me despite of my imperfections and orchestrating things for me for my own good.God knows best!
---mj on 10/29/12

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I thank God for having mercy on me a sinner. I only deserved death. Everyday I thank Him for all He has done for me, my family, and all my brothers and sisters who love Him all over the world. Without Him I can do nothing. The very air I breath is by the Grace of God.
---Mark_V. on 10/29/12

I am thankful for this question. It is so refreshing to thank the Lord for everything HE has given us.
---KarenD on 10/28/12

I am thankful to God/Jesus for HIS gift of life in me, the sustenance, protection of this gift of life in me from the point of conception in my mother's womb till now. I am thankful for HIS deliverance(s) of HIS gift in me from forces that had wanted it extinguished.Glory to Jesus(borrowed from Cluny).
---Adetunji on 10/25/12

I am thankful God hears and answers prayers and that others have the loving heart to pray for our loved ones as soon as they know there is a need. I am thankful that God can give us a spiritual family who knows the meaning of love. I'm very grateful I came to God at a young age.
---Darlene_1 on 10/25/12

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Travel mercies: I found myself returning from Oregon,
helping drive a 34 feet Motorhome to Southern CA.
Travelingon the 405 Santa
Monica Freeway we suddenly had a blowout of the front left tire but were able to keep the Motorhome from hitting any of the hundreds of vehicules traveling the same freeway and just as fast as were traveling.
Praise the Lord for keeping us safe!
---Pierre on 10/24/12

I am thankful that Jesus loved me enough to save me. Even-though I cannot quote Scriptures as well as unbelievers can and some believers, probably not as good as satan can....For goodness sakes I have problems finding them in the Bible. I have read them, studied them [some] I have to dig. I did a long time ago prayed about it and I heard God say, "Jjust tell them it's in there somewhere". I am not a gospel preacher, I am a prophet of the most high God.
---pat on 10/24/12

Thankyou, Darlene, your response here about your husband the tear. Actually healing it self before any surgery,that is a witness to the power of prayer and the mighty hand of a .powerfull God, oh,thankyou,Father you are awesome
God is in control,we all family continue pray for Darlene and her husband surgery be successfull,God receive all honor and glory! Amen.
---ELENA on 10/24/12

first and formost, I am thankful I am a child of the King. I am more blessed it seems.I was born in the U.S. to Godly parents and wow, that is enough right there. millions didn't have the start in life like I did. I have never been homeless, hungry or without clothes. I am thankful my husband was saved almost 4 years before he passed away. I am thankful for my children and grandchildren. the list just goes on and on and on.
---shira4368 on 10/24/12

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I am thankful most of all for Christ Jesus! He is truly and awesome God!

I am also thankful for my wife and daughters and my son-in-law. I am thankful for the church I attend and my faith. I am thankful for this country and that I have a job, and for my health, and for my Mother.... I could go on and on.

Lord bless you all.
---trey on 10/23/12

Elena,thank you,you are a blessing,I want others on here to know my eyes were very yellow last night and aren't today,answered prayers. I will be praying for you and your blood pressure will be where it needs to be. God is also moving for my husband stomach torn by blockage,possible tumor tear healed itself back. More answered prayer. We may have to go through the hard things in life but God is always right here with us clearing the path before us. Man decides his way but God directs his steps. Glory to God!!!
---Darlene_1 on 10/23/12

I've changed my name on here from Marc to J Marc because of confusion with another Marc! Bless you all!
---J_Marc on 10/23/12

i am thankfull to All mighty YA (God) through his only begotten son, Yashua (the real Jesus) the anionted messiah (Christ) that HE gave my sweet wife the job we prayed for ! She was unemployed for 19 months with only 2 & 1/2 months of unenployment ins.! Glory to HIS NAME !!!!!
---Marc on 10/23/12

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Moderator permit-heavenly father, we come late nite, the need great, our sis.Darlene needs you now,help faithfull,true, you are our source, you hold our lives,our very existence in your mighty hand, we come humble before you and plead mercy, healing, help and strength for Darlene and her husband, and we ask you give patience, watch over her mother.Be mighty in this situation, reveal where the blockage is and give precise diagnosis and ser forth wisdom,healing be thru whatever you decide, please comfort, heal we say thankyou all united are we in this prayer.amen
love goes out to you Darlene. Sincerely,ELENA.
---ELENA on 10/23/12

I am thankful for God's power, strength, His words, His righteousness, for only God knows what is right.
---pat on 10/22/12

I just finished reading the Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom so it is very easy today to be thankful for the smallest everyday comforts we take for granted. Enough food to eat, a bed to sleep in that is not infested with fleas, to be able to take a bath anytime I want, to be warm, to have the freedom to come and go as I please, to be treated with respect...etc.
---Tanya on 10/22/12

being more and more able to live in God's peace, how He rules us > "And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body, and be thankful." (Colossians 3:15)

correction > "But if you are without correction, of which all have become partakers, you are illegitimate and not sons." (Hebrews 12:8) Correction to not just criticize people and use people, but first love and have compassion.

more and more people who are my love examples > "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." (1 Peter 5:3)
---willie_c: on 10/22/12

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Hello,this for Pat so,refreshing read that someone agrees with me,many times, I've told church people god has a humourous side! They told me,sis. God does not like for us to laugh ,christians are to be serious at all times .... lots of religins you can not laugh or smile! You will notice I said "religions"... thankyou, ELENA
---ELENA on 10/21/12

Thankful that The Lord is rich in grace and mercy.
---pg1 on 10/21/12

Truly,gratefull the lord says in his word he would leave NOT me,desolate thankfull for CNT,I don't have a family here,thankfull, still I can look at my neighbors with god's eyes,God has a work going on /I pray for them,give them food, no money they are on drugs,believe in my heart God has me here for a reason,thankfull still praise God, cancer don't get me down,God allows me sing,pray, do house work takes longer,God goes with me to the store,helps me do everything,regardless of the many illness, got many ..but,do not cry long as I am not in pain, Still believe God has a great plan and thankfull to all the wonderfull moderators,you are part of our family, goes out to all my worldwide family, ELENA
---ELENA on 10/21/12

I am thankful most of all that we never get a busy signal from God, that his ears and arms are always wide open to receive our love and our requests.
---Geraldine on 10/21/12

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"What are you thankful for, today?"
It is the same as every day. I am thankful for The Father's love grace and mercy, and the faith love and atoning sacrifice of His Son, that secured the salvation of whosoever the Father draws to HIm.
---joseph on 10/21/12

I am thankful that I serve a God with a GREAT sense of humor, and that it has spilled over onto me.
---pat on 10/20/12

The present evil conditions in the world, the constant plundering of the authorities, and associates that are becoming more cynical as the hidden things of darkness brazenly reveal themselves daily, makes it hard to "feel" thankfulness.

I am thankful He is operating all according to His will. Nothing is out of control and all things are working towards God becoming All in all.

A devoted spouse, an honorable and respectful teenage daughter, a car that needs no repairs yet, and a well postioned company to work for.
---Phil on 10/20/12

I am thankful for God's limitless grace and love for me, my wonderful children and grandchildren, my extended family, and God's daily provision of all my needs.
---Trish on 10/20/12

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