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I Need Christian Fellowship

I need a good christian friend that will be helpful to my spiritual race

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 ---iliya on 11/8/12
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Hi Mark V, I completely understand, thank you. :) God bless and have a great day, Mary :)
---Mary on 11/14/12

Sis. Mary, you are absolutely correct, man also gossip. I should have used the word "mankind" from gossiping. Since the Bible verses mostly speak in a masculine manner I happened to pick a fiminine name, woman. It had a good intention behind it. But you are absolutely correct, both gossip. My purpose was not to show that only woman gossip, but that it is not permitted because of gossip to get counceled by a Male. Peace sister.
---Mark_V. on 11/13/12

Hi MarkV, I'm a truck driver's daughter and trust me, gossip is not exclusive to women lol :D Boy when all those truckers got together, you should've heard it :D
---Mary on 11/13/12

Moderator permit- for examples they were talking about passing a law where people who legally able / and mentally (.under the law No crimanal.back ground) that people in churches " carry a weapon.for Protection in the church. Thanks
---ELENA on 11/12/12

Amen to those words of wisdom from KarenD. Exactly! Also, is there a Spirit filled, Spirit led body of Christ JESUS that has a Spirit filled and Spirit led singles fellowship in the area?

The devil knows the great need in this area and effectively enticed some "churches" to discontinue their singles ministries. It is sad, but satan is busy!
---dorothy_sanders on 11/13/12

Elena, thank you so much for your answer. I also agree that in person no man should counsel a woman, so far no one here when I volunteered. There is enough godly woman who always volunteer to help the woman. We can be legalistic and say, woman should not be counseled by pastors also because in times past many pastors have gone wrong. Our pastor sents his wife to speak to the woman, for the sole purpose that others will not talk, woman gossip goes a long way, that seems to be the main reason man should not counsel woman. But if you need help in prayer, or questions concerning the Lord, you are welcome to ask me. I got on Pen-pal to exchange the word of God with others. So peace I leave you.
---Mark_V. on 11/13/12

Just to clear up / few issue. I pray things get better where Detroit will return to a city/ friendly real loving christian people will come and visit.I am not in disillusion.We are under siege! Here that I know going to visit long time/ racially divided/ even spanish speaking.this the chuches.The christians too much bling bling and prosperity doctrine. have left our first and true love. NO church came when my mother got killed.yes I was member of a church.They were racist. Pray for this because there's corruption.everywhere all.I can do is online. I have no car anymore. I am gratefull for all friends online. I am respectfull to all people. Expect same. May the lord bless.everyone.
---ELENA on 11/12/12

Through my 60+ years, I have been very careful who I call my friend. True friends are very hard to find. Setting out to find a "friend that will be helpful to my spiritual race" is the wrong way to go about it. You are responsible for your own spiritual race. Stay close to God and ask HIM to bring someone with whom you can share a spiritual friendship.
---KarenD on 11/12/12

Bro.Mark, hey.

always be respect on Cnt . I always say hello to your wife.You not to worry,everyone on here can text when I get my cpt.yes.You stay help the people with the bible, I am go. bro.Mark you know I try avoid arguements. I homebound./ Cancer.Maybe she not know. in Michigan. You too good person to let that bother you. I am just looking for exchange recipes.simple things We all should get are right about that! I can not understand. I pray god helps.Stay calm. you & wife, much love from ELENA. have done no wrong. JESUS is lord
---ELENA on 11/12/12

Tanya hope I got your name right
So,nice to hear from you. I am glad you let have a lot of respect realize yes you probably right. I realize online is not good for one's personal issues any way. I want to mostly make friends swap recipes and. mostly home bound can't get out like I and so tell me what do people talk on the penpal line? Do they have different forums? themes? Like on movies or music? Give me basics if you will please. I.will like to talk to other christian sisters about their church and.activities there.
Mostly things like that.
For spiritual problems would be not good talk online. You are good for telling me.what church do you attend? I mean like denomination?

Thankyou hope you get this
---ELENA on 11/11/12

Tanya, if you feel that way, why didn't you volunteer to be her friend and to talk to her? it seems many have great things to say, but never take action. I'm here for anyone who needs a friend to talk to, especially if they are brothers and sisters in Christ. We are one family in Christ. I believe what you are suggesting is when a man is advicing woman in person. I live in California, I do not think I am a threat to her. It is really up to her, at least I want to do something for her. Maybe if she needs advice from my wife, we can do that. If what you say is wrong, this website would divide us on the Pen-pal section.
---Mark_V. on 11/12/12

Elena...I feel that Markv's offer to be there when you need a friend is inappropriate. Women need to mentor women and men men. Blessings.
---Tanya on 11/11/12

Do not choose virtual friends from these blogs. Their advice is as varied as the stars in the sky. And that's all they are, just words. Their words cannot replace a true holy hug. They cannot truly share your griefs and joys. These people on these blogs cannot be there when you need them. They are not there to chat over breakfast or lunch or simply over a cup of coffee.

True friendship takes time to develop, to genuinely get to know each other and care for each other on a daily basis. Do an online KJV bible search for the words "one another", "each other", "comfort", and "encourag" to learn what these blog people and members of a denominational church cannot do.
---Steveng on 11/11/12

Wow! Thankyou,Mary,Tanya,bro.Mark anybody else,send me your name / penpal number.bro.MarkV. will be glad to write when.need a spiritual ear that can be.of help.You are a great spiritual brother.Smile know you are God's property..thankyou give my best to your better half..your
Mary how are you doing?? ELENA
---ELENA on 11/10/12

Hi Elena, I too am so sorry you've been treated badly at church by some, you know you always have friends here on Christianet--even if you can't see us. :D God bless you hon, love Mary :)
---Mary on 11/10/12

iliya: I pray that God will send a true Christian friend for you.

ELENA: Sorry to hear that you are in a church where the ladies would treat you that way. Continue to stay strong in your love for God, look to him as the one true friend who will never disappoint. Blessings.
---Tanya on 11/9/12

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Sis. Elena, you can always write to me on this pen-pal section whenever you feel the need to speak with someone, I will try to get back to you as soon as I can if I can help you in anyway spiritually.
My name is markv 9959. You are not only my friend but my sister in Christ. And I know if I ever met you, I would be filled with joy. peace sister
---Mark_V. on 11/10/12

family, by the mercy of god I pray soon get my computer.My aim also have sisters we can talk about life, how the lord works great victories in our life, the good things & would love trade recipes! I love to cook. If anybody on there.wish honest clean christian friendship, fellowship that will be excellant. We know that we have passed from death to life because of the love of Christ which abide in agape.
---ELENA on 11/10/12

Now, I would say, I have really Christian friends. I needed to get real and honest with God so I could tell the difference. But then I discovered they are my examples (1 Peter 5:3), much more real in love than I am. And they already are very busy with loving, family, serving. I have needed to simply join them and help them. They never treat me like I am less than they are, though.

But others in the same church can get nasty and put me down since I don't put them above the rest. So, be ready to appreciate a moment, a minute with a real friend who is loving all and not just you (c: And be able to love the nasty ones . . . so we are ready in love for our real ones (1 Corinthians 16:14, 2 Corinthians 12:15) (c:
---willie_c: on 11/10/12

To Phill, wow! Just got to say brother you are so correct. It is really lonely but, rather serve the lord. I have been where no longer want to go and you are correct.last night,I wrote how here ,I do not have any friends not because of my illness even at these churches you not in the cliche, the ladies are out and doing like the world when you see them.Sometimes I have seen people turn they don't
Thankyou because it is true.God deserves devotion and of JESUS. ELENA
---ELENA on 11/9/12

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be careful your christian friend might overwhelm you with guilt, shame, blame & fear...not to be there for you through thick of thin...
---mike on 11/9/12

If God should choose to send a friend into your life to share in spirit the things He has given us, you will be very blessed indeed.

These last days are difficult. Many have lost their natural affections and live without a future expectation of being with Christ in heaven. The focus seems to be in earthly matters, especially among the saints.

Comfort of the soul is not the same as maturity in spirit. Most who choose to seek God as their Father live very lonely lives. Misunderstood, persecuted, and perilous relationships are the hallmark of the devout.
---Phil on 11/9/12

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