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How To Spank Boys

Should I spank my sons over the pants, over the briefs or bare bottomed?

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 ---vinney on 11/25/12
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There's no question that a naughty boy should have his bare bottom turned up and soundly spanked over the lap of adult authority. You either want the spanking to be effective in teaching the boy a lesson or you don't. When you shame him by pulling down his pants, you haven't touched his bottom yet, and he's already wishing so badly that he'd behaved himself.
---mockduck on 3/18/20

boys 13 to 18 I usually recommend the mother spank and the boy be totally nude.
---michelle on 5/4/19

I don't like to spank my kids. I give them warnings. Some times I give them rainchecks and promise. If behavior improves, I'm light. One swift swat to the butt. I limit. 1 Corinthians 4:21 "What do you want? Shall I come to you with a rod or with love? I don't want to hurt my children. These are my favorite people in the world. I hug them after I spank them. I try to be fair. I do not want to abuse. I apologize when I think it is appropriate.
---mike4879 on 1/4/17

No worries, just didn't want you to think I whip him something of that nature.
Years ago it was nothing for my folks in the 60s to be spanked, and even for me and my brother in the 90s to be spanked,there's a common sense that you don't abuse someone, that's the line some cross and why as I said mid way to be sure I wasn't doing any harm I checked his bottom, and some said to me they think that's odd to just keep his brief up and finish spanking him, I DISAGREE, again though my older deacon of our church said to spank him bare so as he's being spanked you can see his bottom the whole time.
It's suppose to be not about embarrassing any child.
I hope I won't have to spank him again but when I do next time it'll be the same as before.
---Ken on 9/5/16

Ken, no you didn't. I didn't specifically post my entry in reply to yours. I'm sorry if it seemed that I had. I think it was the poster before yours who used the word whip (and I still don't know if the word 'whip' is literal) but I was, mainly, commenting on how much more severe the punishment of children seems to be in the U.S. compared with the U.K.

I feel that yours is too severe whilst ours is virtually non-existent and we are left with a generation who do not understand what decent behaviour is but who know how to inform the police or child services if their parents smack them.
---Rita_H on 9/5/16

Rita, hello, nowhere did I say I whip him. Or treat him like an animal, I think some of you are taking my words the wrong way. Nowhere is that even mentioned.
Also nowhere did I say I would paddle him, not even in my mind, that fella your talking about not sure who he is but sounds not nice sat all.
it's my hand spanked him, and not hard, if you read my posts fully you'll read I even pause and pulled his brief away, not to spank him bare but to see if his bottom is ok, if it wouldn't be the spanking stops. nothing more.
---Ken on 9/4/16

What do you mean by 'whipping' a child who is naughty? It sounds as if you treat children like you would treat an animal which will not obey instructions.

I saw a T.V. programme, some years ago, featuring an American man who made 'paddles' for disciplining children. We'd be locked up in Britain if we treated our children that way.

I might be misunderstanding things here so please clarify.

In U.K. we have hoards of very unruly, violent, angry, disgustingly filthy (in mind) children who cannot be controlled by their parents any more, schools cannot physically discipline any more and very few parents dare to do so as the authorities will listen very closely to what children report and usually believe the child.
---Rita_H on 9/4/16

Spanking him bare did NOT cross my mind, only that the older deacon of my church suggested it to me.
That being said as I said earlier the ONLY time his brief was pulled away was to not spank him but to check his bottom, then swatted him two more pulled up. To some even spanking over the briefs is equal to being bare since there's no protecting his bottom but why spank at all then if your going to protect his bottom.
I believe the spanking the way I been is ok and also he isn't embarrassed since he is covered.
so no need to worry from the fella mad at me offering to whip his back instead, the bare bottom will not happen ever.
---Ken on 9/3/16

//the fella below me saying whip him on his back, not sure what country he's from but you can be arrested for that and why would you hurt anyone that way, I hope he's kidding.
Spanking him across his briefs is the only way I would.---Ken on 9/3/16

The fella is Cluny, and YES HE IS KIDDING, but ANGRY about your remark.

You made it SEEMED as if you were GOING to try to spank the boy bare bottom.

//been told by members of our church spanking him bare you can see how red his bottom is, haven't tried that yet.---Ken on 5/28/16//

I believe Cluny was trying to SHAME you NOT to do it!

I am glad it worked.

GOOD for you for listening to him!
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/3/16

Hi again Darlene,
First wanted to add to last nights comment, that is the main reason why I would never spank him bare, spanking is to correct him, NOT embarrass him, and the fella below me saying whip him on his back, not sure what country he's from but you can be arrested for that and why would you hurt anyone that way, I hope he's kidding.
Spanking him across his briefs is the only way I would.
---Ken on 9/3/16

Hi Darlene, I had no intentions of spanking him bare, rather the three times since I posted back in May I warmed his bottom was over his briefs and two of them were single swats to get his attention.
Only time it was a sound spanking was two weeks ago and even then I made sure after the 3rd spank I pulled his brief away to make sure his bottom was ok. Let him as someone else suggested below think for a moment why he was being spanked and soundly swatted him two more times, not hard just enough that he won't do it again.
---Ken on 9/2/16


I agree. what's the need of having a naked bottom. and that could be construed the wrong way.
---Lee on 5/30/16

Never whip a naked child you are abusing them when you do and it borders on a form of sexual molestation. Besides you owe it to them to teach modesty and self respect and that strips them of both. NO !!! No naked whipping it is sinful to look upon their nakedness if older children. That is such a perverted way to whip children of any age. You may be whipping to punish and correct some bad behavior not shame the children.
---Darlene_1 on 5/29/16

\\ive been told by members of our church spanking him bare you can see how red his bottom is, haven't tried that yet.
---Ken on 5/28/16\\

Oh, Ken. Don't use a belt on his bottom.

Use a whip on his back.

But not just any whip, oh no!

Use a nice, new freshly oiled whip laid on his back in rhythmic even strokes, until a little blood wells up in the gashes.

THAT will teach that little sickie some decency!

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/28/16

I agree with you. there are several scripture verses about what happens if you spare the rod. I was raised by my grandparents and he didn't spare the rod or should I say the switch. and I turned out pretty good. I believe that's why there are so many disobedient kids to this day. there's a difference between spanking and Abuse. have yet to figure out if this time out stuff works some say it does but I don't think the percentage could be very high. no more corporal punishment in school was a bad idea to. it kept me out of trouble in school. we had a choice of A thick leather paddle for the bottom or a thiN leather one for the Hand.
---Lee on 5/29/16

Not sure if people reply here yet but my Dad ALWAYS believed in spanking my brother and me over our briefs.
Now that I help my sister raise my nephew who is 8 he as well gets it over his briefs.
I don't want to humiliate him being bare and I believe 2 or 3 good old fashioned full spankings across his bottom gets the point across.
ive been told by members of our church spanking him bare you can see how red his bottom is, haven't tried that yet.
---Ken on 5/28/16

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When i was 18 years old. I was a good Christian boy. But sometimes i got in to trouble and i got punished for it. I remember one time i stole something and got caught. My dad was called. The mam a stole from was a good friend of my dad's. When we got home i went to my room ad stripped down to my underwear. When my dad come in i took off my underwear and took my punish no crying my moving he gave me twenty licks with belt. I was wrong.
My dad was right in what he did. There was no anger. I am glad that he did what did. And if he had to do it again. I would go thru it again. When igraduate high school went in the army and i am a disabled veteran. A never been in in trouble with the law.
---stanley_moody on 9/21/15

when i went to school , the boys got the paddle to their tush, but the girls got the cane to their palms !
---freeda on 12/12/12

We all got the paddle to our Tush ! No ?
---David on 12/10/12

Marita, what is really lacking is respect. Most children no longer respect their own parents. They cuss back at them, speak bad about their parents to others, do things that bring shame to their parents. The laws have change in favor of the children because of all the abuse many were and still getting, but that took a lot of the authority parents had on the children. A child will always try to get away with many things. They are born that way, in sin. As soon as they are born, you have to start teaching them what is right, because they want to do what is wrong. Discipline is so important while they are young, later in life, it just doesn't work anymore.
---Mark_V. on 12/6/12

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One sure thing thats lacking today is :Discipline ! Kids & Teen need to be disciplined . I'm not saying to spank for every little thing ,But Rules need to be set & once they step over, its "Pants Down,Bottoms Up". 6 moderate whacks should be enough to get the message across !
---Marita on 12/4/12

Mike, very good point you made. That works "almost" all the time. In my case it didn't work. My neighbors son use to bit my daughter and then run. I take complain to his father and he whips him, very hard, the kid doesn't even cry. He keeps doing it a few times, and I knew more whipping wasn't going to do the job. So I told my son who was two years older then the kid, that the next time he bit his sister, for him to punch him in the mouth. So the next time he did, so my son did punch him in the mouth, he not only cried, but he never did it again. Of course I was not a Christian then, so my advice I would not give now to others, but that is the only thing that worked at the time. Moral of the story, spanking is not 100% proof.
---Mark_V. on 12/3/12

Mike 6579 I agree with you for that particular scenario. Every case should be treated as individual and dealt with quickly whilst the child knows why he/she was punished.

Sometimes we can be unfair to our kids though, through ignorance.

My older brother once bit me so I bit him but he ran to mum and then she bit me 'to show me what it felt like (as if I didn't already know).

We should aways be sure of our facts and always make the punishment fit the crime or we lose the respect of our children.

A smack and a beating are two very different things.
---Rita_H on 12/3/12

Here is a scenario.
You live on Blur Street in Toronto, and your 5. Your idea of fun is to run out into the streetm between parked cars.
Which will be a fast solution that I would understand? A few quick wacks on the tush or mum trying to explain death and a time out?
Short answer, after a couple spanks, I stopped running out.
---Mike6579 on 12/2/12

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LOL! You can be so funny Cluny! I love your sarcastic wit :D
---Mary on 11/30/12

vinney, you should not spank your sons on their buttocks.

instead, you should use a whip on their bare backs.

But not just any whip. Oh, no! Use a nice, freshly oiled whip that is thrummed against their backs in clean, even, rhythmic, parallel strokes, until a little blood wells up in the gashes.

That should teach those sickies some decency.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 11/30/12

If you use corporal punishment in the USA in states other than the old south you will likely have all your children removed by child protection service and find yourself in prison. There are alternative ways of disciplining children and youth. The new adage is spare the rod, keep the family intact and stay out of jail.
---Blogger9211 on 11/27/12

Strongaxe I imagine you are referring to a very different kind of humiliation from the one which occurs when a person has their rear end exposed to others. The expose such an intimate part of a person's body is just not right - not even as a punishment for wrong doing.

By depriving a boy of his bike and telling his friends that he can't go off with them because he is bikeless might be a form of humiliation that will bring him back into line because his friends will find that hilarious and they'll regularly remind him of that day.
---Rita_H on 11/27/12

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I personally think that there is nothing more effective than a good whacking right across the Tush !
---Maria on 11/27/12

As I kid, spanking was more desirable than what my parents did to me. With spanking, it's over in a very few minutes and than I could go about my playing with my friends, but they would send me to my room for the rest of the day and night, (this was when the only things in the bedroom was a bed and dresser), which was horrible for me since I liked to be active. Conclusion: spanking does very little to correct the situation, it's more for the benefit of the person giving the spanking than than for the person receiving the spanking. Instead, take away something they enjoy having for a period of time: for example, their cell phone. But, you need to make sure they understand what they are being disciplined for.
---wivv on 11/27/12


I'm terribly sorry! I was replying to Rita_H's comment, and accidentally addressed it to the wrong person.
---StrongAxe on 11/26/12

If spanking must be done let it be through clothing or some place other than their behind - the hand for example. Punishments should be fare, quick and not done to totally humiliate. Also the child should be made completely aware of why it is happening otherwise it's a waste of time and will not improve a child's behaviour.
---andreea on 11/27/12

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Why are you telling me about public humiliation? I simply asked the boys' ages.

I will say that no child should ever be spanked on the bare bottom.
---Trish on 11/26/12

Vinney...What are your sons doing so bad that you want to hit them and make them take their clothes off?????
---KarenD on 11/26/12


In past centuries, shame was a common way to punish lawbreakers. For example, petty thieves might be put in the stocks so that everyone might see and jeer at them. Many people learn to buck up and accept physical punishment, so things like spankings or even depriving them of certian privileges may have little to no effect. But if threatened with humiliation, or, worse, ridicule of their peers, those same people will do whatever is necessary to keep from losing face.
---StrongAxe on 11/26/12

My opinion, for what it's worth, is that they should not be spanked on the rear end at all. It is the most personal part of a person and should not be invaded in this way.

If they deserve a physical punishment try to leg or the hand.

To remove anyone's clothing to meter out a punishment means that you also wish to humiliate them. How is that going to help them learn right from wrong? It will give them signals that it is acceptable to humiliate someone and we all know that it isn't right to do that.
---Rita_H on 11/26/12

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How old are they?
---Trish on 11/26/12

Not at all.

Of course, you've not said how old your sons are.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 11/26/12

You don't. Spanking a child can cause all sorts of problems in your sons later on. There are other forms of discipline.
---Richard_Nicholas on 11/26/12

Bare Bottom !
---Janet on 11/26/12

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