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Help Sandy Hurricane Victims

What are people/organizations doing now to help the Sandy Hurricane victims?

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 ---Sherrll_Cavanaugh on 1/8/13
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One organization helping HS victims are people associated with Operation Blessing.

While I don't agree with either Pat Robertson's politics or religion, I DO admire the work "housing the homeless" this organization is doing.

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!
---Cluny on 1/12/13

Trish, I call things as they are. "Name-calling", as you put it, is when you call someone something that they clearly are not. Like if I called you a cow, that would be namecalling since you are obviously a human being, not a cow. Or if you called someone retarded when they have no clear mental-handicap, that is name-calling. But the term "moron" is an actual word meaning a foolish or stupid person, both of which accurately describe your political mentality based upon the comments you make here.

BTW: Everyone knows Gov. Christy has went idiot on us and has basically been a democrat for a long time. You don't get elected in a liberal state like Jersey by being a real conservative.
---Jed on 1/9/13

Jed: Stop calling me names. I was referring to the Republican governor of New Jersey calling out the Republican Speaker of the House and the Republicans in Congress. Even the Congressmen from both parties blamed the Republicans in the House for the delay.

You really need to grow up and stop the name calling. My children outgrew that childish behavior in junior high. I thought you were supposed to be a mature Christian man who is educated. Instead you sound like an immature juvenile throwing a hissy fit.
---Trish on 1/9/13

If the Democrats really care about Sandy victims, then offer a bill that actually helps Sandy victims. Not a bill that dishes out money for all their friends disguised as a Sandy Relief bill. Only about 1/3 of that bill was actually related Sandy relief. Everyone knows Republicans are against unneccessary spending and pork bills. Democrats knew from the very beginning Republicans wouldn't pass a pork bill like that. That's exactly why they did it, so they can blame republicans for not passing the bill, and morons like you believe it. If they really care about Sandy victims, cut out the 2/3 of the bill that has nothing to do with Sandy and offer a bill to actually help Sandy victims and the Republicans will pass it.
---Jed on 1/9/13

Trish, wrong again! That bill you are talking about was proposed 65 days after the incident! Why didn't FEMA do something before then? And the republicans oppose the $60 billion bill because only a tiny portion of $60 billion actually goes to Sandy victims. Democrats put a bunch of things in the bill that have nothing to do with Sandy victims. Like funding for NASCAR owners, $100 million for the repair of ALL 265 Head Start centers AROUND THE COUNTRY, $8 million to buy cars and equipment for the Homeland Security and Justice Departments, $150 million to dole out to fisheries in ALASKA, $2 million for the Smithsonian Institute, $41 million to fix up military bases in Guantanamo Bay in CUBA, $4 million for Kennedy Space Center in FLORIDA!
---Jed on 1/9/13

Jed: Don't blame the Democrats or FEMA for the lack of aid to the Sandy victims. It is the Republican Congress that hasn't passed the bill to fund the aid. Boehner tabled a vote on the bill on December 31st. The governors and Congressmen from New York and New Jersey have blasted the Speaker and the House Republicans for taking as long as they have.
---Trish on 1/8/13

FEMA trailers have not been delivered to those in New York hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy, despite a substantial number of the mobile homes sitting at the ready in Maryland, WABC's Jim Hoffer reports.

New York City has actually chosen to forego emergency assistance in the form of FEMA trailers. This despite the fact that, more than a month after the superstorm devastated large swaths of the New York metropolitan area, thousands of families are still coping with the devastation, and could face substantial health risks living in damaged homes.

huffington post
---aka on 1/8/13

It's been 73 days since Hurricane Sandy hit and FEMA and the Federal goverment has yet to do anything. President George W. was ridiculed by the left for taking a week.
---Jed on 1/8/13

I know that the Assemblies of God have numerous groups that are helping. Convoy of Hope also brought in truck loads of needed goods.
---KarenD on 1/8/13

idk...but you can be sure that fema is setting up its style of camps as it did in the regions previously hit by "natural" disaster. just wait until every part of the country has been hit. we give up our liberty in the name of terrorism, gun control, and natural disaster. the govt. will aid us.
---aka on 1/8/13

The local churchs are still there. Churchs helping churchs is a good site.

After the red cross and disaster relief emergency companies the church will still be there. Hopefully just bigger than before. As Andy Stanley said the day after 9/11. "Sunday will be bigger than Christmas." Same goes for Sandy Hook and other tradegies.
---Scott1 on 1/8/13

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