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Gone To Methuselah Bye

God has led me to Methuselah when I have questioned a direction of where my relationship is going. We are currently separated. Can someone help me understand what he is saying?

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 ---Ann2903 on 1/13/13
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//Ohhhhhh the depths of our Fathers word.
---josef on 1/20/13//----Amen.

Truly produces a humbled state before Him.

God is so complete.

God bless you too josef.
---char on 1/20/13

Very good Char. Ohhhhhh the depths of our Fathers word. Bless you.
---josef on 1/20/13

In all things Seek God counsel :)

[metu] [shelahh]: "man of dart"
Strongs #4962-man
#7973-weapon or missile, dart
Another meaning: [metu] derives from the word [mot]meaning (death)

[shelahh] has more of a meaning "to send something"
Combined would be "his death sends"

The year of Methuselah death, God sent - the flood.
Old things pass---Water cleanses---new beginnings.
God is your covering: All things placed under His covering are given life.
Your husband is your "natural covering"

Under the "Covering of God"---all things can become New...You, Husband...etc...

God is first above All Things.
---char on 1/19/13

ann, God tells us to be still and know that "I am God". sometimes we try to rush decisions. I do believe God has a mate for everyone. I think I missed out on that one. I should have listened to my Dad. when we don't obey our parents, bad things always happen.
---shira4368 on 1/18/13

Who what is saying, GOD? You best ask Him. After-all, you are the one He spoke to! Speaking of relationships: How is it with the living God?
---pat on 1/16/13

Ann, I made a mistake > Genesis 5:18-27 > Jared was Enoch's father. He lived 962 years. So, Jared was on earth longer than his son, Enoch. Methuselah was Enoch's son, and he was on earth longer than Enoch. They stayed here after "God took" Enoch > "so that he did not see death 'and was not found'" (in Hebrews 11:5). Think and feel how it could have been for Methuselah if his father Enoch just vanished and he did not know what happened to him.

It also can be hard on a marriage when a child dies. But, also, feel for ones who have been close to you, how it can be painful for them if you emotionally vanish. As ones say, mature Christians can help you with this (c:
---willie_c: on 1/15/13

The scriptures tell us to try (meaning to test) the spirits.
1John4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

It always makes me nervous when someone says God led me to (__________fill in the blank.)

Pray about your decisions. Lean not on your own understanding. Also go to those who are Godly leaders that you can speak in person with.

Prov11:14 Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellers there is safety.

The internet is probably not the best place to get advice.
---trey on 1/15/13

Ann, what makes you think this person is the one God intends for you?

Even should this person be, God will not overrule anyone's free will.

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!
---Cluny on 1/14/13

That too gives me hope as I am really low. I am desperate to try and understand Gods path for me.
---Ann2903 on 1/14/13

How can you possibly have a relationship with Methuselah when he died thousands of years ago?

Please explain what YOU are saying.

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!
---Cluny on 1/14/13

"Can someone help me understand what he is saying?"
Ann2903 Methuselah live longer than any human in history, therefore, in my mind, he represents longevity. Perhaps Father is informing you that the relationship will stand the test of time despite it's current uncertainties .
---Josef on 1/14/13


---jerry6593 on 1/14/13

Thank you for your reply. I was of using on methuselah age. My son died at 6 weeks. From then my life has been on a downward spiral. Your reply has given me hoe. Thank you
---Ann2903 on 1/14/13

Hi, Ann (c: If you are talking about Genesis 5:21-27 which includes Methuselah . . . I notice he was the father of Enoch who "walked with God, and he was not, for God took him." (in Genesis 5:24)

This shows you can be an ordinary person, but have a child whom you bring up to be specially blessed like Enoch.

Also, Methuselah lived longer than Enoch. But I see that Enoch's life had more quality. So, the message could be have quality in your life and marriage . . . not just seeking quantity, but walk with God so you have His quality all the time.
---willie_c: on 1/13/13

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