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Jobs That Show Love

What jobs can people do that really show their love to people?

Moderator - Wherever God has planted you.

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 ---jamea3475 on 2/26/13
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Wow! I remember being my early 30's,sent to Meals on Wheels, really enjoy taking food to the homes of homebound seniors. Sometimes, we talk to them,alittle while , they all happy to see a kind face, I cried a few times, one lady lived alone could not walk,she lay on a bed all day ,no food,no help,same clothes, the door open always she be watch tv.. it broke my heart, she had cancer
one day we went the bed empty..we went the next day...they had a note she pass away..I will never forget that lady beautifull long hair always a smile ..never complain...
I believe she's with
---lidia4796 on 7/26/13

anon, I was wondering also why Karen said that. I was going to ask but didn't. What I believe you went through is what many go through when they get a patient who is very bitter always. Someone you can never satisfy no matter what you say or do. I am suprised that you lasted that long, four years. Not many would. You did the right thing, because arguing never solves anything. Some times when we say words, we can never take them back once they are out, so it is better to just not answer back. You did the right thing. Peace I leave you.
---Mark_V. on 3/3/13

Shira, all is forgiven. Never held anything against her. I bought her a beautiful necklace before I left. She said it's her favorite.

KarenD, in what way are you thinking I irritated her? Because of the sound of my voice? The things I said (which were all business related, nothing personal) or did she see "Christ in me, the hope of Glory" and that irritated her maybe?
Just guessing. Not sure what you mean.
---anon on 3/2/13

Jed, I agree with your answer. It's a silly question really. As believers, we should be displaying our love for others no matter where we work or go. If your at work, you should love everyone, even those who hate you. I love everyone who hates me here. But I confess I do not love pedophiles. If a believer loves a pedophile who molest children and has raped many, and you follow the law of love, you would have to be able to show your love for him and be able to allow your own kids to be around him. That's what true love means, trust. Isn't that the true love we have for Christ? How is that possible? To truely trust them them with your children?
It is just not possible. Some here condemn me for not loving them, isn't that a shame how they think?
---Mark_V. on 3/2/13

I was being sarcastic about the drug dealers. Of course I know how bad it is.

I just think the question is kind of silly if it is referring to certain professions being more loving that others. I remember when I used to work at an assisted living facility. The patients were neglected and physically abused by the nurses and aides. It wasn't just one or two bad ones either. Most of the staff treated the patients terribly. In fact, it was practically the policy of the facility to provide sub-standard care. Especially the ones in the Alzheimer's unit. Yet, people assume that nursing is a loving profession. If the question is referring to deeds individuals can do to show love for others, well then that is a different story.
---Jed on 2/28/13

10. Some Child Services workers.
9. Some Day Care Operators
8. Most Volunteers at a nursing home.
7. A few Doctors
6. Some Nurses
5. Some Counsellors
4. Some Teachers
3. Some Preachers
2. All Moms and Dads
1. Your local Sherwin-Williams paint sales rep. :)
---trey on 2/28/13

Moderator, Where does the bible say God "plants" people?
---1st_cliff on 2/28/13

Jed, I think you are too kind to the drug dealers for you say,

"They're just regular folks who are trying to provide for their families."

They are not regular folks Jed. Regular folks do not sell drugs that kill others, and inslave young people. And most drug dealers are people who do not want to work, they want to make money the easy way, at the expense of others lives. Most are young, one thing for sure, that most of them kill each other, by robbing each other, not paying for the drugs, or for taking over their own controlled areas. So their killings with guys are mostly against each other. But the worst crime is that many good folks get addicted to drugs forever ruining their lives as if they had killed them.
---Mark_V. on 2/28/13

jed, drug dealers are just a low life sells "killing" in a pack. now, if we don't want to be a drug dealer, we can go rob a bank because we don't have any money and we have to feed our children. wow, I cannot even believe you would put up a defense to a drug dealer. they are one of the most ruthless peoples around. jed, if you have children they could die as teens because they succumb to peer pressure. I pray for all our children. they were born in the most screwed up world anyone has ever lived in.
---shira4368 on 2/28/13

Shira, I think you're placing an unfair stereotype on drug dealers. Yes they may kill people, but they usually only kill the ones who deserve it. They don't just go around killing for no reason. You have to double-cross them or something in order to get killed. They're just regular folks who are trying to provide for their families. Alot of people aren't willing to kill, or be killed, or risk going to prison in order to feed their kids. That's true love if you ask me.
---Jed on 2/28/13

jed when did drug dealers show love for others? they are greedy and they want money. they are in love with their self. they not only don't love you, they will kill you without batting an eye. I know you were kidding.
---shira4368 on 2/28/13

Nurse is the first thing that came to mind.

anon...Did you ever think that maybe you irritated her?
---KarenD on 2/27/13

Being a drug dealer shows your love for others.
---Jed on 2/27/13

anon, things like this will make one bitter. please forgive even if you are not ask to forgive. you can grow once you lay that on the altar and give it to God. I have laid things on the altar but I have also turned around and picked them up again. this is an ongoing battle with unseen forces. God help you to let this go. I will pray for us both.
---shira4368 on 2/27/13

Being a nurse is one. Working with the elderly is another. Working with children is another (Teaching children).

Moderator, God planted me sitting next to a very bitter woman. I had to keep my mouth shut all day long because whatever I said, she jumped on me and argued with me so I learned how to keep my mouth shut for 4 solid years and it was an awful situation for me to be in so I quit that job. Still out of work, but God is providing my every need. Just my measley input here.
---anon on 2/27/13

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