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Explain The Holy Spirit

Since there is a God the Father and a God the Son, which are both Masculine,...Is the Holy Spirit of a certain Gender also? In other words, What's a Father and Son without a Mother??

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 ---Gordon on 3/5/13
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The hatred for the Name of "YAHUSHUA" on this Blog-Site is very telling. Mockers can mock all they want. It will not change the Truth.
---Gordon on 3/18/13

\\ Almighty GOD "YAH" has told me to tell you that "YAHUSHUA" IS, indeed, HIS Son's Name.\\

And Jesus told me to tell you you've listening to an impostor.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/18/13

Gordon, What makes you think that Jesus is a Hebrew child? You're not actually trying to determine Jesus' race and language based upon a mere 33 years on earth are you? Jesus has always existed, long before before born to a Hebrew girl, and he had a name and a language before he came to earth. And it was not Hebrew, it was a heavenly language. So Jesus' real name is pronounced however it is spoken in heaven. Any earthly translation of His name (including the Hebrew form) is just an earthly translation of it's true form in God's heavenly language. Of course God spoke His name to the Hebrews in the language that they understood, that doesn't mean that was the true form of His name.
---Jed on 3/18/13

Clowny, And, Almighty GOD "YAH" has told me to tell you that "YAHUSHUA" IS, indeed, HIS Son's Name. And, you really think a Hebrew Child would not be given a Hebrew Name??
Glory to YAHUSHUA ha Mashiach!
---Gordon on 3/18/13

Jed, You are still missing the point. The Saviour was given a Name, a specific Name, that means something specific. And that meaning Glorifies GOD Almighty. The Name of "JESUS" and the foreign transliterations thereof ARE acceptable to GOD, for now. They are Anointed by GOD for Salvation and Divine Helps. But, we are talking about the One and only Saviour Who is CENTRAL to man's redemption from Eternal Torments and Damnation. Why allow a flippant attitude like, "Oh, it's just His Name, it's not that big of a deal. What's important is that He saves us...." That's self-centered. YAHUSHUA is not just some average John-Doe off the streets. He's the KING and Saviour and Lord!
---Gordon on 3/18/13

God told me to tell you that you are mistransliterating it, and therefore you are not using the REAL name of His Son.

He also warned me that you would reject His word to you.---Cluny on 3/17/13

Whoa! Just, Whoa!

If we didn't question Cluny's mental health before.
---Jed on 3/17/13

\\I KNOW that I KNOW that I do not use the Name "YAHUSHUA" to impress anyone nor to appear "smarter than anyone". I use that Name because it's His real Name. Period.\\


God told me to tell you that you are mistransliterating it, and therefore you are not using the REAL name of His Son.

He also warned me that you would reject His word to you.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/17/13

Gordon, please in the future, anytime you quote scripture, please quote it in the original Hebrew or Aramaic in which it was spoken because you know any English translation is not what was really said, and is therefore wrong. And you know how important it is that we actually speak the words in the original language as anything else is wrong.
---Jed on 3/17/13

Jed, If that is what you think, them, you are sadly mistaken. I KNOW that I KNOW that I do not use the Name "YAHUSHUA" to impress anyone nor to appear "smarter than anyone". I use that Name because it's His real Name. Period. The Son of GOD is THE single most important Person in relation to mankind. He is the ONLY Way by which any of us can escape Eternal Damnation. So, of course His Name matters. His very Name means something extremely important for GOD's own Glory!
---Gordon on 3/17/13

The same name can be spelled different ways in different languages. To give an example that should not stir up strife:


Nobody gets upset because these forms are used in different language Bibles for the person probably known to his Aramaic-speaking contemporaries as Yokhannan.

Why get hung up over the commonly accepted English spelling "Jesus" (which actually comes through Latin)?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/17/13

Jed, Who said that using the Lord's Hebrew Name of YAHUSHUA somehow hinders GOD's ability to understand all the different languages spoken to HIM? Using the Hebraic Name of YAHUSHUA does not hinder GOD from speaking and understanding all of the World's languages. HE created them! You're just missing the point of this. The Son of GOD was given one proper Name at His Birth, just as everyone is. And, being Hebrew, He was given a Hebrew Name. And, it's YAHUSHUA. We can call Him by His Greek Name of "JESUS", for GOD Anointed that Name also, for awhile that is. But, "JESUS", which is "Anglo-Grecian" simply was not His given Birth-Name. So, if one loves Him, why would they not WANT to learn to use His true Birth Name?
---Gordon on 3/17/13

Exactly as I thought Gordon, you use the word "YAHUSHUAH" rather than "Jesus" because you are bent on trying to be smarter than everyone else. Or at least appearing smarter. Somehow in your mind you equate knowledge with spirituality. You think knowing Jesus' Hebrew name and using it makes you closer to God. Because you seem to have this assumption that God speaks in Hebrew. I have known people like you all my life. None of that makes you any more spiritual or even knowledgeable. His name is just as much Jesus as it is anything else. God does not have a language. He is not confined to any particular earthly language. God speaks to people in whatever language they understand.
---Jed on 3/17/13

Trav, you give this passage to Gordon which says,
"Mrk 13:13 For ye shall be hated of all men for my namesake:"
As to say he is hated because we disagree with his teachings. I don't hate him. I don't even hate you. And I am sure many here answering him do not hate him either. In fact I had been answering him with much respect. But he had no answers from Scripture to defend his opinions so went away from Scripture and started to get personal with his opinions. Yet I still love him.
I heard he was from Texas, and so am I. Born there. From the Rio Grande Valley.
---Mark_V. on 3/17/13


I ask how you know the SPECIFIC MAN "Jesus of Nazareth", was called "YAHUSHUA". What documents say this? If not, it's just conjecture - and many names were very fluid. For example, Nebuchadnezzar has 5 old-testament spellings.

Also, your vowel argument (YAH vs YEH) is specious, because in Hebrew, consonants are vital, but vowels frequently change in context, and even due to word stress (e.g. melEch=king, melAchim=kings)

You said: God is making this know n today through HIS people

In other words, it is private extra-biblical revelation.

Once again, "Iesous" was fine for ALL the Bible writers. Why is it not good enough for you?
---StrongAxe on 3/16/13

Gordon, you indicate that wisdom was a Person. And capitalized person. You did it to cover your mistake in Prov. 4:8), to suggest the Holy Spirit is a she. The passage nowhere indicates the Spirit is a she. Everyone has wisdom, by your definition, everyone has the Person of wisdom who is the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the Way, by your definition, the way is a Person, and every believer has the Person, so every believer is the way. Millions of ways. When a person lies, they normally cover up with another lie, when a person makes a mistake, they cover it with more mistakes. you can start your own religion or denomination with your beliefs, Charles Russell and many others have. You can also have your own bible with your own Commentaries.
---Mark_V. on 3/16/13

Jed, I use the Hebrew Name of "YAHUSHUA" because that's His real Name. I only add "JESUS" in case somebody doesn't know what I mean by "YAHUSHUA". It's not about me, it's about Him.
---Gordon on 3/14/13

I'm with U Gordon. Rarely use his real name here though. As you see it will be attacked, ridiculed, and worse. You are getting a measure of the real world and persecution to come. Only a few here search, believe or honor the foundational verses. None but Char, from the thousands link two or more witnesses in the Old Covenant with the New Covenant.
Mrk 13:13 For ye shall be hated of all men for my namesake:
Pslms 116:13 I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord.
---Trav on 3/16/13

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Mark V, You said "Then you say, Jesus is the way, and every believer has Christ, so millions of believers are now the way, so there is many ways into heaven not just One way". I never said nor implied that there is more than One Way to Heaven. YAHUSHUA is the only Way to Heaven. Your misunderstanding of what I said has caused you to misread my comment. I say: YAHUSHUA is the Way. If one has YAHUSHUA as Saviour and Lord, then they HAVE the Way in them. It does not make them "become" the Way. When one receives YAHUSHUA they do not "become" YAHUSHUA, they "have" YAHUSHUA as Lord, and can share what they have with others. If one has the Holy Spirit in them, they have Wisdom, for the Holy Spirit IS Wisdom.
---Gordon on 3/15/13

StrongAxe, Regarding the Hebrew Name of YAHUSHUA, there are many different sources that confirm this Name as the right one. Through Teachings and Prophetic revelation. Actually the O.T. names of "Joshua" and "Hosea" are closely related to the Name of GOD's Son than "Jesus". It shows in a STRONG's Concordance. The Son of GOD's Name is YAHUSHUA. And, His Father, God the Father's Name is YAHUVEH (or YAHUAH/YAHWEH some say.) It must have "YAH" in it, not "YEH". It MEANS something. It means "YAHUVEH/YAHWEH saves", or, "Salvation is of YAHUVEH". Either way. GOD is making this known today through HIS people.
---Gordon on 3/15/13

Jed, The Son of GOD came to Earth in a Hebrew Flesh-and-Blood Body. He was born of a Hebrew virgin. He was given a Hebrew Name. The Kabbalist Jews have hidden the Name of YAHUSHUA for they reject the true Messiah. They await their messiah, the Anti-Christ. That Name of "YAH" is important. And, the Kabbalist Jews, et al, have conspicuously replaced the "YAH" with "YEH" which changes the whole meaning of the Name. "YEH'SHUA" means "God is Salvation", a bit more generic, whereas, "YAH'SHUA" ("YAHUSHUA") is more specific, it takes on the Name of God the Father "YAHUVEH/YAHWEH", and it means, more specifically "YAHUVEH is Salvation".
---Gordon on 3/15/13

JamesL, Sometimes I do interchange the proper names of certain Bible characters, like Moses (Mosheh), Mary (Miryam), Peter (Kepha), John (Yohannan), king David (ha melech Dawid) and Jeremiah (Yirmeyahu). And, that "yahu" (or, sometimes, it's just "yah") at the end of Jeremiah's Hebrew name comes from the Name of GOD, which is "YAH", (like God the Father's Name is "YAHUVEH","YAHWEH" or "YAHUAH", either way. Keeping that "YAH" intact.) With the "yahu" at the end of one's name, it's indicating that THAT person belongs to Almighty YAH, Almighty GOD. That person would be a Servant and Follower of Almighty GOD "YAH", or, that's the meaning anyway.
---Gordon on 3/15/13

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\\Who would truly know the Holy Spirit better...a true Believer in GOD or someone who was a leader of a false religion??\\

You've answered your own question, because you are not a believer in the REAL God.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/15/13

Gordon, you have an awesome imagination, so awesome you could start your own religion, because God is awesome and you are too. Implying, that since God is wisdon, anyone who has wisdom has God in his life. First, you can see invisible angels stopping cars, then people are not under the curse of God, so their is no condemnation or physical death, because as you say, God is wisdom so if you have wisdom you have God, and since God is awesome, everyone who is awesome has God. Then you say, Jesus is the way, and every believer has Christ, so millions of believers are now the way, so there is many ways into heaven not just One way. Do you not stop to think what you are saying?
---Mark_V. on 3/15/13


How do you KNOW that "Yahushuah" is Jesus's REAL name? Do you have any reliables sources that refer to him specifically? If not, it's just educated speculation.

Also, ALL New Testament authors call him "Iosous", a Greek name that is "Jesus" in English, and other things in other languages. Why didn't THEY clarify the issue by calling him by his "real" name? Because NONE considered the exact spelling and pronunciation of his name to be IMPORTANT, just as none considered the exact day of his birth to be important. His message is what is REALLY important.

If "Iesous" was good enough for the apostles, why isn't it good enough for you?
---StrongAxe on 3/14/13

But Gordon, His real name is not Yahushuah, it's Yeshua. Nobody spoke in Hebrew in the New Testament, they spoke in Aramaic.
---Jed on 3/14/13

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1st Cliff, Our very souls were created as male or female, masculine or feminine. They are different from each other in many ways. The soul is the essence of who and what we are as human beings. Our physical bodies were shapened in the likeness of our souls and spirits. In CHRIST we are "new creatures", not "different creatures", as you alluded somewhere earlier. We're born on Earth as human beings, and then, when we're Born Again as "new creatures in CHRIST", we maintain our humanity. We don't become a "different creature" like a frog or toad or some unheard of alien creature.
---Gordon on 3/14/13

\\I use the Hebrew Name of "YAHUSHUA" because that's His real Name.\\
---Gordon on 3/14/13

How do you know that? There are only about a dozen "right" versions floating around:
and some others I can't remember right now.

How do you know for sure that the one you've settled on is the right one?

Do you also use Moshe or Mosheh and parenthetically explain that it is the "real" name of Moses?
---James_L on 3/14/13

Jed, I use the Hebrew Name of "YAHUSHUA" because that's His real Name. I only add "JESUS" in case somebody doesn't know what I mean by "YAHUSHUA". Most know I use the Name of YAHUSHUA, but, just in case some new ones don't know it. So, no, it has nothing to do with arrogance or pride. Anyone could use the Hebraic Name if they wanted to. It's no cause for me to be on a pride-trip. It's not about me, it's about Him.
---Gordon on 3/14/13

Mark V., And, Who do you think "Wisdom" is?? Wisdom is a Person! And, in case you think that saying "Wisdom is a Person" is not Biblical, go and re-read JOHN 14:6. GOD IS LOVE. Truth is not just "the Truth", YAHUSHUA Himself IS..."the Truth". YAHUSHUA Himself IS "the Way". Life is not just something we have or just live out...YAHUSHUA Himself IS Life itself! So, just like "Truth" is a Person, "Wisdom" is also a Person!
---Gordon on 3/14/13

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Gordon, If one retains gender in heaven what would be the purpose? Gender was for procreation,and since this doesn't happen there ,retaining gender would serve no purpose,would it?
You're imagining that human like bodies are in the heavenly relm!
That's the purpose of being "born again" one becomes a different creature!
You are human from your natural birth,to live in heaven you need to be a different creation!A new birth!
---1st_cliff on 3/14/13

Gordon, we all speak English on this site, why do you insist on always writing Jesus' name twice "YAHUSHUA (Jesus)". I mean, it's the same name in a different language so what's the point? Does it make you feel more intelligent or spiritually superior to others to use Jesus' name in Hebrew? If your goal is to use the same language that Jesus used then you are still wrong. Jesus spoke Aramaic, not Hebrew. He was called Yeshua (Aramaic). Yahushua is the Hebrew form.
---Jed on 3/14/13

_g, YAHUSHUA (JESUS) says, in MATTHEW 22:30, "For in the Resurrection they (the Saints) NEITHER MARRY, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of GOD in Heaven." And GALATIANS 3:28 says "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in CHRIST YAHUSHUA (JESUS)." These Verses do not mean that there are literally "no males nor females" in the Body of CHRIST, or in Heaven. That Statement was made to show that all are EQUAL in Christ. In Christ women are of equal value and importance as men. We shall maintain our genders in Heaven, but we shall not marry nor procreate.
---Gordon on 3/14/13

Mark V, You are no one to be preaching to anyone else about insulting others. I've read many insulting words you've called other people on different Blogs on this Site. See LUKE 6:42.
---Gordon on 3/14/13

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Peter, Sun Myung Moon was a false reverend for he claimed to be a divine messiah. But, regardless of that fact, SOME of their doctrines were Biblical. If you should want to contest that, research it first for yourself. Some of their doctrines were Biblical. Period. But, to consider Moon a messiah and to be a part of the Unification church would be spiritually fatal, for obvious reasons. Even though a false religious cult leader kept some true Biblical Doctrines DOES NOT CHANGE the truthness of the true Doctrines they espoused! They just did not live ACCORDING to those Doctrines by virtue of making Moon a "messiah" cult leader.
---Gordon on 3/14/13

Gordon, do you not realize every time you insult Cluny, or anyone you are really bringing them blessing from God? First, you do not know who is saved and who is not. you don't know who has the Spirit of God and who doesn't. We only evaluate things by what they say, but we are never possitive of the real results but God. So stop trying to be God. You distort the word of God, and when you give one as you did (Prov. 4:8) you distort the meaning by saying the Holy Spirit is a she, when the passage says no such thing. It's speaking of "wisdom." And when someone answers you, you resort like many others to accusations and insults. I myself don't mind because every time you insult me, God blesses me. (Matt. 5:11).
---Mark_V. on 3/14/13

Quick question..
Christ says in heaven there is no male or female, no giving in marriage.
God is not male or female.
He(is just the common use for refering to a person whos gender is not known or has no gender).
Christ's relationship with the Church compared to marriage is just that. A comparison not meant to be literally.
The Holy Spirit is from Christ and God. Its is neither male nor female. Just like we spiritually are neither male or female.

How do you reconcile all this truth given from the Bible?

I think you are reading too much into it brother.
---g on 3/13/13

Gordon: Since I have no idea who either Sun Myung Moon or you are, I obviously have no idea whether either of you knows Who the Holy Spirit is

But I want to point out that saying online that 'I am a Believer, a Messianic Christian, a Follower of the ONE and True GOD' is insufficient.......

If you said you were NOT a believer, we could reject your statements, but when you say you are, in comparing yourself with another person's views, things become difficult
---Peter on 3/13/13

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Cluny, Say what...? *sigh* Tell me, Who would truly know the Holy Spirit better...a true Believer in GOD or someone who was a leader of a false religion?? I am a Believer, a Messianic Christian, a Follower of the ONE and True GOD. Sun Myung Moon was a cult-religious leader. Do you really think that the Holy Spirit would indwell someone who was of a false religion?? Since the answer to that is "NO", how could such a person even truly get to know the Holy Spirit since they have NOT the Holy Spirit in them? I DO have the Holy Spirit and I know Who the Holy Spirit is.
---Gordon on 3/13/13

Cluny, The Holy Spirit being Feminine does nothing to change Who the Holy Spirit is. The ONLY thing changed in the Scriptures are the personal pronouns of "He, Him, His" and "It", which refer to the Holy Spirit. Change all of those to "She, Her and Hers" and it would not change the Holy Spirit one bit. It wouldn't change WHAT the Holy Spirit does, nor WHO the Holy Spirit is. The N.T. Greek says WHAT...? That the Holy Spirit is "Masculine" or "Neuter"? Again, the Holy Spirit is not a "Woman". The Traits of the Holy Spirit are of a Feminine Nature. And, yet, it's "okay" to think of God the Father as "Masculine"..
---Gordon on 3/13/13

\\Cluny, Sun Myung Moon did not know the Holy Spirit\\

You're not so deluded as to think that YOU know the Holy Spirit, do you, Gordon?

If SYM did not know the Holy Spirit, and taught what he did on the subject, then if you think the same thing HE did, you clearly don't know the Holy Spirit either.

\\Cluny, Well, either, you are outright LYING, or you are deceived by a spirit disguised as "God" to whom you prayed.\\

Jesus warned me you would say this.

The depth of your delusion is shown in how you will not abide sound doctrine.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/13/13

Cluny, Sun Myung Moon did not know the Holy Spirit. He was not a Believer or Follower of GOD by any means. His understanding of the Holy Spirit was FLAWED AND LIMITED. One thing true about what he believed was the fact that the Holy Spirit is of a Feminine Nature. Most else of what he believed about the Holy Spirit was FALSE. The Holy Spirit was not "married" to YAHUSHUA (JESUS), the Son of GOD. Many false religions have SOME truth in them, Cluny. The false religion of Jehovah's Witnesses believe there is a JESUS, but most of what they believe about Him is FALSE. It's the same deal with Myung Moon and the Holy Spirit.
---Gordon on 3/13/13

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\\There is NO WAY that Sun Myung Moon taught that the "Holy Spirit is Feminine" because he clearly did not believe in the Holy Spirit.\\

Apparently you're not familiar with Moon's "Divine Principle," at least as it was taught in the early 70's, where he clearly taught that the Holy Spirit was a female spirit created to be the spiritual wife of Jesus.

Don't pop off about things of which you clearly know nothing, Gordon. It only makes you look more sillier than you actually are.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/12/13

Cluny, Careful about what you are stating here. There is NO WAY that Sun Myung Moon taught that the "Holy Spirit is Feminine" because he clearly did not believe in the Holy Spirit. You're AFRAID of a Feminine Holy Spirit. And, not because the Feminine Holy Spirit is a "false doctrine" but, because of the fact that the Holy Spirit is FEMININE. Good LORD, this World is so KRAZY. Society is sold out to machismo: "men calling all the shots and running the show", yet, at the same time, men have become emasculated by Hollywood. GOD is of a perfect balance. GOD is Three Persons-in-ONE. And, Two Persons are Masculine and One is Feminine. WOW. Really not difficult. And, it's not the same as calling GOD a "WOMAN".
---Gordon on 3/12/13

1st Cliff I am also one who believes in education in all matters but I neither depend on education nor emotions when the Bible is concerned. I depend on the Spirit of God to enlighten me by quickening the true answer to me as I seek and pray. I think it is good to be wise about men's teaching,we are told to rightly divide the Word of God how much more we should do that with men's discoveries on the Word. Caution is wisdom.
---Darlene_1 on 3/12/13

Cluny, Well, either, you are outright LYING, or you are deceived by a spirit disguised as "God" to whom you prayed. As in, Satan as an "angel of light". Period. And, AGAIN, you are trusting in religious man's UNDERSTANDING of the Holy Spirit. You are guilty of that which you are accusing me. The Holy Spirit is not "a woman". The Holy Spirit is of Divine Feminine Traits and Characteristics, from Whose Image women receive their feminine traits and makeup. It's not difficult. Many cannot receive this Truth.
---Gordon on 3/12/13

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\\I believe that the Holy Spirit is the feminine side of God and that God is a family consisting of a Father, Mother and Son who work together as one.\\

This is also the teaching of the late Sun Myung Moon, a precursor to Antichrist.

He got a big surprise when HE died to discover he was not the messiah after all.

Don't follow in his footsteps, barb, unless you want to spend eternity with him.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/12/13

\\Cluny, And you need to step outside of the man-made religious box and seek the LORD's Face in Prayer about this\\

I have sought the Lord in prayer, and He told me to tell you that what you and barb are believing are lies about Him that will send your souls to hell.

He Himself said in 2 Thess that you can believe a lie and be damned.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/12/13

Cluny, And you need to step outside of the man-made religious box and seek the LORD's Face in Prayer about this. There's alot about GOD that has not been revealed. If you seriously believe that all there is to know is in the Canonical Scriptures, you are mistaken. The basics of GOD are in the Scriptures, but, not "EVERYTHING". The religious men have tweaked the Canon at their whim, and 'though GOD allowed this, it was at their own peril. For people are supposed to know better than to mess with GOD's Holy Spirit Inspired Written Word, yet, thus they did. I'm referring to the Proper Names of GOD and the Gender of the RUACH Ha KODESH. Like elevating "Mary" (Miryam) above who she really is a part of this religiosity.
---Gordon on 3/12/13

A good Article to consider researching, concerning the Gender of the Holy Spirit, is titled "More Than Just a Controversy. All About the Holy Spirit" by R.P. Nettlehorst. This author is not some New-Age quack. He's a learned Theologian who weighs in on the issue in a very balanced manner.
---Gordon on 3/12/13

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\\I believe that the Holy Spirit is the feminine side of God and that God is a family consisting of a Father, Mother and Son who work together as one.\\

Barb, what you are believing is gnosticisim and new-ageism, neither of which is Christianity.

Gordon seems to be saying the same thing.

You both need sound instruction in these matters.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/12/13

barb, Thank you for those kind words! What you say is equally true. When one steps back a bit and observes the different characteristics between men and women, one can see, for example, how women's traits and roles within the home and family, and somewhat in society, are very much like those of the Blessed Holy Spirit. Very much so. Very telling.
---Gordon on 3/12/13

Darlene1, "Not believing anything I hear and only half of what I see" has been my guide for years!
Also being of the majority opinion is not my strong suit!
Given that there are literally hundreds of "denominations" all claiming Holy Spirit guidance with opposite beliefs,tells me the onus is upon "me" to get it straight!
Personally I think finding the truth is more "education" than emotion!
---1st_cliff on 3/11/13

1st Cliff I accept your apology,thank you. The difference in us is that type of study and information matters to you and it doesn't to me,although I did take classes on the Bible in college,but it stuck strictly to the Word. All of it is true for you and it isn't for me. My first year in college I had a Professor who said "don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see",she was speaking about people but it fits many other areas of life,therefore I am very careful about what I accept. I would never accept on any man's opinion that there are things in the Bible that are wrong and has errors.
---Darlene_1 on 3/11/13

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Darlene1,I didn't intend to belittle you in any way ,just pointing out that using 1Jn.5.7 for "any" reason is erroneous since it is not accurate!
The bible, especially KJV is not without errors!
My apologies if you were offended!
---1st_cliff on 3/11/13

I believe that the Holy Spirit is the feminine side of God and that God is a family consisting of a Father, Mother and Son who work together as one.

In Rev 12 we see a woman giving birth to Jesus Christ and later we see the same woman giving birth to the remnant of her seed who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus. They are called the rest of her seed because they are born of the Holy Spirit and are brothers and sisters of Jesus. John 3:3-6, Matt 12:46-50, John 20:21-23.

A few posts back Gordon gave an excellent definition of the Hebrew word for Wisdom / Holy Spirit.
---barb on 3/10/13

1Cliff I didn't show that verse 1 John 5:7 as Trinity proof but as proof there is one God. To call me shallow in my study is to tell a lie on me,besides what you speak of is more of man's knowledge,not God's. As for that comma,I could care less because the Word of God tells me the Holy Ghost will teach me,that the Spirit of Truth will lead me into all truth. How God manifests Himself to humankind is His business not mine and no matter how He does it,its still all God. All I have to do is love Him and believe and live by His Word,and believe in His son as Savior.
---Darlene_1 on 3/10/13

Peter, In Hebrew, the word for "Spirit" is Feminine. It is "Ruach". The HOLY SPIRIT = "RUACH Ha KODESH". GOD designed all of the Foreign Languages, and I believe that it was no accident that "Spirit" is Feminine in the Hebrew Language which GOD created for HIS Hebrew people from which HE brought forth HIS Son in the Flesh to be mankind's Atonement. PROVERBS 4,8 and 9 speak of the Spirit of Wisdom as a "She". The HOLY SPIRIT is the Spirit of Wisdom. Greek is a limited Language. It only has masculine and neuter pronouns, no feminine. While Hebrew, from which we get the O.T., has both masculine and feminine pronouns.
---Gordon on 3/10/13

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1Cliff, the difference between you and me is the intend of the heart. I know if something like you mention, that the moon was made of cheese, I would not right out believe it. I would test it with, Scripture interprets Scripture. In most cases the Bible speaks of the same topic elsewhere. It's the duty of the believer to learn what is a metaphor, parable, figures of speech, who the speaker is speaking to, historical facts, and so on. It might be time consuming, but it is better to know the Truth correctly, because God does not contradict Himself. His Word is Truth. Many different versions of the Bible have added something or another, but it is easy to find out.
The intend it not to bash the word of God as you do many times.
---Mark_V. on 3/10/13

In Greek, which is the language in which the NT was written, the Holy Spirit is neuter.

As for the Hebrew, I do not know
---Peter on 3/9/13

Mark V, Suppose I wrote a verse in your bible like "the moon is made of cheese" you would have to believe it because it is written in your own bible .Right? You obviously believe what someone else (not John) wrote, what's the difference?
If you wish to believe that wind, breath air &
spirit (ruach/pneuma) is "he" that's your privelidge.
It merely indicates how shallow your study is!
---1st_cliff on 3/9/13

1Cliff, I agreed with what Darline said concerning the words she used,

"There is no need to speculate what the Holy Ghost is for He is what God is since those three are one. God is spoken of as He therefore the Word and the Holy Ghost has to be He also,for they are one.".

If you had studied the nature, character and attributes of God you would know she is correct. Whether (John 5:17) was in the orginals Scriptures or not. But you pick and choose parts of Scripture not to speak for God, but to rip His Word to your own destruction. You are no different then anyone without faith in God. Similar to athiest. The fact is you sound just like him.
---Mark_V. on 3/9/13

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Gordon, instead, you are trying to wiggle out of your sin against God with more talk, you should ask for forgiveness if you are saved. You cannot hide from God. God knows what is in your heart. I have proof,
"Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in His sight: But all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of Him with whom we have to do" (Heb. 4:13).
"For I know the things that come into your mind, every one of them" (Eze. 11:5). I tell you Gordon, what you are doing is wrong and bringing confusion to the body of Christ by playing your games with His Divine nature and who He is.
---Mark_V. on 3/8/13

Darlene1/Mark V: Anyone who cites 1Jn.5.7 as trinity proof show how shallow their bible study is!
The "Johannium Comma" is widely known by bible schollars to be spurious!
Look it up!
---1st_cliff on 3/8/13

All of Creation is filled with the masculine and the feminine. The birds and the bees, languages, animals and mankind. GOD's Fingerprints are EVERYWHERE. God the Father is our "Father" indeed, smacking of Masculine attributes. Yet, it's "heresy" to say, that within the GOD-Head is a Mother-like Being Who nutures, comforts, comes along-side us, guides us, instructs us and nourishes us with Her Presence. Just like a good Earthly mother would. "Paraclete", the Blessed Holy Spirit. The RUACH Ha KODESH. This reveals more about the Holy Spirit and Who this Spirit is and of what Role the Spirit plays within the GOD-Head and in relation to mankind. The Holy Spirit points us to the Father through the Son YAHUSHUA (JESUS).
---Gordon on 3/8/13

Mark V, You admonish me to go ahead and reject Christ after having followed Him awhile. What?? But, Mark V, Mark V, The Holy Spirit is a real Person. One of the Three Persons of the Divine GOD-Head. GOD is ONE. GOD is Three-in-ONE. Btw, I thought we didn't have free-will choice?? If I were to decide to turn away from CHRIST, that means I CAN choose between Salvation or Damnation. Your doctrine is starting to show it's holes, and it's draining violently away.
---Gordon on 3/8/13

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Mark V you're welcome. If the Bible says it,it is the facts, and when we leave the facts,as you say,we make up our own scriptures,which does no good. God kept the Word of God where anyone can understand it,it only becomes complicated when men create their own version of it. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 3/8/13

Sis. Darline, thank you for what you said. No reason to speculate. To speculate is to add to Scripture what is not there to begin with. Some here like to play games with the name of the Lord to their own destruction.
---Mark_V. on 3/8/13

1 John 5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven,the Father,The Word,and the Holy Ghost,and these three are one. There is no need to speculate what the Holy Ghost is for He is what God is since those three are one. God is spoken of as He therefore the Word and the Holy Ghost has to be He also,for they are one.
---Darlene_1 on 3/7/13

Gordon, another very dumb question coming from you. Your mind is in the flesh. You have to speak of spiritual matters not fleshly matters. God is a Holy God and you should not play games with His name. You should repent and ask God to forgive you for even mentioning such heretical views.
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. Stop starting heretical commentaries for the Mormons and Jehovah witnesses and even SDA's like francis who claims Jesus is Michael the arch-angel, by introducing their heretic views. Adding to the Bible brings curses.
---Mark_V. on 3/8/13

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John 14:17 [Even] the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him, for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

John 16:13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, [that] shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

John 15:26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, [even] the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

God is all masculine
No mother
---francis on 3/7/13

Willie, Jesus breathed on the disciples and said "recieve Holy Spirit"
Can you breathe a "person" on someone?
HS decended on Christ at His baptism, is the HS a bird?
HS appeared as tongues of fire at Pentecost, is the HS a fire??
HS is "always sent!" by Christ or God!
This is an indication that HS is not a "person"!but power shared by Father and Son!
Easy to see it tkes on the personality of the one "sending" it!
---1st_cliff on 3/7/13

It seems there are people who claim that the Holy Spirit is not a Person but is a force and inanimate. If something is inanimate, it is less than humans. I am sure the Holy Spirit is more than we are!!!

"Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us." (Romans 5:5) I offer that a force or inanimate thing can not share God's own love with us, "in our hearts".

The Holy Spirit is this personal, so sharing God's own with us. And the Holy Spirit "makes intercession for us" (Romans 8:26). This intercession is personal between more than one Person of God's own love, like a mother communicating for their children (c:
---willie_c: on 3/7/13

The name of God YHVH "I am who I am"
Root:Yod-hey-Yod/YHY means "to Breath"
Hebraic is based on function/action: "I breathe and I have breath"
In the Hebrew mind, that which "exists" has breath.

The Holy Spirit -
Is the breath of God (Elohyim) confirming/testifying - His Word - In Spirit and In truth.

---char on 3/7/13

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Male and female came from God. And He made man in His image . . . "male and female He created them." (in Genesis 1:27)

The Holy Spirit takes care of the children of God, the Holy Spirit prepares us, the Bride, for Jesus. The Holy Spirit "makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered." (in Romans 8:26)

These are very personal things to do. "Usually", a husband does not bring up children and prepare a daughter for her groom (c:

And I can understand how those "groanings" can be like those of a loving housewife encouraging her man to do something good (c:

So, is the Holy Spirit personal? Yes, sharing God's own love with us (Romans 5:5). Female? > Galations 3:28
---willie_c: on 3/5/13

You might just as well ask, "What's a mother and son without a father?"

For what it's worth, "Agio Pnevmati" in Greek is neuter.

No statement is being made by this. Just the way the language works.

And as we sing in the Orthodox Church, the Son was eternally begotten in Heaven from the timeless womb of the Father without mother.

But on earth in time, the Son took flesh from the Virgin Mary without a human father by the operation of the Holy Spirit at the command of the Eternal Father.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/5/13

Careful Gordon or you'll be accused of using human reasoning!
God is called Father but I doubt that He is gender specific!
Holy Spirit is not gendered either ,I think the word spirit (pneuma Gr. and ruach Heb.) are gender neutral as in "it"! But is erroneously translated "he" by biased translators!
Unlike English,in many languages nouns are masculine feminine or neutral although it has nothing to do with sex!
---1st_cliff on 3/5/13

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