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What Is Jesus' Name

We know that the Son of GOD came to Earth as a Jew, a Hebrew. Would He not, then, have, also, a Hebrew Name? Or, would His Name have been a Greek one?

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 ---Gordon on 3/15/13
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"Jehovah as Father"-

Gen 26:24, Gen 28:13- Abraham. Yes, Mark_V is correct here.

Isaiah 63:16, ASV: "The Redeemer is Jesus Christ identified as Jehovah." Mark_V.

Not true.

"...Jehovah said unto me, Thou art my son, This day have I begotten thee." Ps 2:7 ASV

"You are my son, today I have become your father." Acts 33:13

"yet there is for us only one God, the Father, who is the Creator of all things...and there is only one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things were created..." 1 Cor 8:6, TEV.

Jesus in prayer: "Father, the hour has come...that they know you, the only true God..." John 17:1,3
---scott on 3/23/13

Well put Mark. It seems Scott is somewhat confused and didn't think it through, including two verses which identify Abraham as "father."

As regards Isaiah 63:16 Jehovah is indeed our Redeemer as is the Lord Jesus Christ and as they are one there is no contradiction.
---Warwick on 3/23/13

Scott, that is rather weak. See Ezekiel 48:35 "And the name of the city from that time on will be: the Lord (YHVH) is there." Further as Psalm 132:13 says Jerusalem is Jehovah's chosen habitation. It becomes Jehovah our Righteousness, because, and only because "the Lord is there." There is no righteousness to be found in any inanimate object but only through faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, Jehovah our Righteousness. That is His name by right of who He is and what He has done. Jerusalem has many names because of He who lives there, who died and rose again.
---Warwick on 3/23/13

Scott, an answer please!

Reading only from the NWT we see:

Deuteronomy 28:14 says you must not "walk after other gods to serve them." But Jesus is called "a god" in John 1:1! And Colossians 3:24 says you must "Slave" for the Lord Jesus.

How do you reconcile the obvious, and serious, contradiction in that your own Bible forbids you to serve any "god", but you, who claim to be Christian i.e. one who follows and serves Jesus as a willing slave, serve Jesus who you call a god?

Then we can get back to who it was who spoke Creation into existence. And also the JW trinity of an Almighty God, plus a Mighty God, and a god.
---Warwick on 3/23/13

Scott, you said,
"Thou, O Jehovah, art our Father, our Redeemer from everlasting is thy name." Isaiah 63:16, ASV: The Redeemer is Jesus Christ identified as Jehovah.

"And Jehovah appeared unto him...and said, I am the God of Abraham thy father. Fear not..." Gen 26:24, ASV Abraham is the father here.

"And, behold, Jehovah stood above it, and said, I am Jehovah, the God of Abraham thy father..." Gen 28:13, ASV
again Abraham is the father here.

"O Jehovah, thou art our Father, we are the clay, and thou our potter, and we all are the work of thy hand." IS 64:8 ASV Here the Father is Jehovah. You forgot the Holy Spirit of Jehovah.
---Mark_V. on 3/23/13

scott: "Apparently Judah/Jerusalem is also the Almighty God."

No. The "righteousness" of Judah/Jerusalem is the Almighty God. Same as you and me - the LORD is our righteousness!

---jerry6593 on 3/23/13

"YAHWEH Tzidkenu"- MArc

"In those days Judah will be saved and Jerusalem itself will reside in security. And this is what she will be called, Jehovah is Our Righteousness. [YAHWEH Tzidkenu].'" Jeremiah 33:16

Apparently Judah/Jerusalem is also the Almighty God.
---scott on 3/22/13


Most words in Hebrew and Arabic are the same or similar (like Spanish and Portuguese).

You said: Because this Name has been lost to most of the Church over time

Every New Testament manuscript says "iesous". So either:
1) The apostles were right, and you're not
2) The apostles all forgot Jesus's name when writing their books
3) The New Testament is a forgery
4) All books changed so much that we can't rely on any of them
5) The name was changed, but nothing else was - implying some kind of conspiracy

So, to which of the above theories do you subscribe, and if none of the above, do you have a better one that fits the facts? I personally vote for #1.
---StrongAxe on 3/22/13


No other living being takes the FULL Tetragrammaton as his name, that is, YHWH. Jeremiah 23:6, properly understood, says that Jesus takes the name YHWH. If Jesus is fully God, as Trinitarians believe, and the name of God is YHWH, then that is Jesus' name too. Hence Thomas's proclamation "The God of me." Jesus is absolutely unique in this respect.

BTW, 'Yah' etc, is not equivalent to the vowelless Tetragrammaton.

As for the Father walking in the Garden of Eden, the Father is not like a man with legs and the Father never incarnated as did Jesus, unless you're a Mormon and hold to their nonsense heretical beliefs.
---Marc on 3/22/13

"I do not agree that Jehovah is the name of the Father..."- Warwick

"Thou, O Jehovah, art our Father, our Redeemer from everlasting is thy name." Isaiah 63:16, ASV:

"And Jehovah appeared unto him...and said, I am the God of Abraham thy father. Fear not..." Gen 26:24, ASV

"And, behold, Jehovah stood above it, and said, I am Jehovah, the God of Abraham thy father..." Gen 28:13, ASV

"O Jehovah, thou art our Father, we are the clay, and thou our potter, and we all are the work of thy hand." IS 64:8 ASV
---scott on 3/22/13

Jed, You just now contradicted yourself, for you NOW tell us all that the name "Yeshua" is the "Hebrew" name of the Saviour, when, earlier on in another comment, you were alluding that the name "Yeshua" was Aramaic, since He "didn't speak Hebrew", etc., etc. So, in order to justify YOUR point of view on this whole thing, you've (unwittingly?) started to twist things around, just to fit your view. If you are so annoyed and bored by this subject, and/or by the Name of YAHUSHUA, you have all the freedom in the world to avoid this Blog from now on. Nobody's twisting your arm to get on here to read and make comments.
---Gordon on 3/22/13

Warwick and Marc, GOD is Three separate Divine Persons in ONE GOD-Head, ONE Unification. They are in relationship with each Other, constantly. They are as ONE. God the Father sent His Son, God the Son, to Earth as a Ransom for many. His Blessed Holy Spirit indwells those who receive His Son. The Work that the Son accomplished on the Earth, up to His Crucifixion and Resurrection, all bring Glory to His Father. He even said that He came in His Father's Name. He meant that both literally and Spiritually. See JOHN 5:43.
---Gordon on 3/22/13

This is such a stupid debate on which translation of Jesus' name to use. They are all translations of the same name so why not use the language of which you speak? But if you want to get all technical about it for no reason, Gordon is wrong anyways. Jesus in Hebrew is "Yeshua", not "Yahushua".
---Jed on 3/22/13

Mark V, The Name "YAHUSHUA" is Divine. The Anti-Christ, whoever he is, or will be, is not currently reigning in power over the World distributing his Bestial Mark. IS HE?? (Let me answer that for you....) NO, he is not. So, for RIGHT NOW, the Name of "JESUS" is still Anointed by GOD for Salvation and Divine Helps. But, again, the Name of JESUS will no longer be Anointed by GOD as it applies to HIS Son, WHEN the Anti-Christ begins to reign and starts telling the World that he is "Jesus Christ". And, then, the Son of GOD, from that time on, will only answer to His real Hebrew Name of "YAHUSHUA". Which is why we need to learn it today.
---Gordon on 3/22/13

Revelation 19:12-14

12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns, and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

Gordon, Hebrew has been translated in many languages, and it is God who gave us all those different languages.

I really don't think Jesus cares what name you call Him in your own native tongue, as long as you Call Him!

Those who call on the Name of the Lord will be saved.

The LORD God Almighty means the same in any language.
---kathr4453 on 3/22/13

\\Cluny, There are Teachers and Prophets who have been given revelation and understanding from GOD on this Name of "YAHUSHUA".\\

You're not one of them.

\\ Because this Name has been lost to most of the Church over time.\\

It must have been lost by the first Apostles, then, because all the Greek MSS use the form IHCOYC, and not IAXOUCOUA (there is no phoneme in Greek represented by SH in English phonetics).

I've received revelation and understanding from God that you are deluded.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/22/13

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Gordon, you said the name of Jesus is not Jesus but Yehushua. And that the antichrist will come deceiving everyone using the divine name of Jesus. If the name of Jesus is divine, why didn't you say Yehushua is divine? Your problem is you only give your opinion, with no Scripture so that others can look to see if you are right or not. Now you say,
"But, it did nothing to change the fact of YAHUSHUA's real Name. The Name of JESUS will continue to be Anointed until the Anti-Christ comes. The REAL Anti-Christ" The Scripture tells us that the antichrist has already come. It does not tell us who he is. How do you know it is the real one? And if Jesus continues to be the annoited, why didn't you say Yehushaua is the annointed?
---Mark_V. on 3/22/13

Cluny, There are Teachers and Prophets who have been given revelation and understanding from GOD on this Name of "YAHUSHUA". Because this Name has been lost to most of the Church over time. GOD is bringing it back into the Church. One reason is because we are in the End-Times when the Anti-Christ will rise and take upon himself the name of "Jesus Christ". As GOD will not share HIS Glory with another, neither will HE share HIS Holy Name with another. Especially not with the likes of the Anti-Christ. GOD has holy Teachers and Prophets, as per EPHESIANS 4:11-12, who can share and teach what they have learned through Study and Divine prophetic revelation. Danny McGuire and Elisabeth Elijah also teach this truth.
---Gordon on 3/22/13

StrongAxe, The Saviour was of Hebrew Lineage. As a Man with Hebrew Flesh, He was given a Hebrew Name. Anyone familiar with Hebrew knows that the Name "JESUS" is not Hebrew, but is an amalgam of Latin, Greek and English. So "JESUS" could not have been the Saviour's real Name. But GOD in HIS Grace has validated it, but only until the Anti-Christ comes using that same name for himself. Then, the Saviour will only answer to His Name of YAHUSHUA. By this, GOD is giving revelation today that things are radically going to change in this World as it leads up to the Anti-Christ's NWO kingdom. The true Name of the Saviour will make all the difference in the World. This is GOD's revelation, not man's and it shall come to pass.
---Gordon on 3/22/13

\\I have learned that the real Name of the Saviour is "YAHUSHUA", rather than "JESUS".\\

From whom or where?

It's not been from the original Green NT.

Glory to JESUS Christ!
---Cluny on 3/22/13

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Care to inform all of us who were the 1st, 2nd and 3rd century ancestral representatives of JWism? Surely if your heresy really isn't one and existed right at the beginning of the Church then there should be heaps and heaps of evidence for its being the belief of the primitive Church, you know, that Jesus was Michael an angel who created the universe and that he didn't physically resurrect etc etc etc.

Take your time, take your time, guys.
---Marc on 3/21/13

Marc, That Name of "YAHWEH Tzidkenu" means "YAHWEH is our Righteousness". With that Name, the Son is Named after His Father YAHWEH. Names for the Hebrews are VERY important. Especially so in Bible Times. And, many names in the latter part of the O.T., people were named after Almighty GOD "YAH". For example, Jeremiah's real name was "Yirmeyahu". That "yahu" at the end brings Glory to Almighty YAH. The current Name of GOD's Son is "YAHUSHUA", and it means "YAHWEH is Salvation". The Name of the Son directly brings Glory to His Father. So, it does also, in that way, in JEREMIAH 23:6. It COULD've been the Father in Eden. Why not??
---Gordon on 3/21/13


You said: When it comes to the Saviour, second-best is not good enough. We are held accountable for what we know

In other words, what the Apostles said was second best, and what you say is best - i.e. your news (i.e. gospel) is BETTER than that of the Apostles'. Remember how Paul dealt with "other gospels".

I will trust what the Bible ACTUALLY says over any self-appointed prophet or seer any day.

You have complained in another blog about those who mock the true name (or similar - it isn't posted anymore). I don't question what his name IS - you can call him whatever you want. What I DO question is your insistence that your way is BETTER and that everyone else SHOULD follow your version.
---StrongAxe on 3/21/13

Gordon, I will be very interested to hear your reply to Marc concerning Jeremiah 23:6 which says the name by which the coming Messiah will be called is Jehovah our Righteousness. I do not agree that Jehovah is the name of the Father, but of God, the Godhead being God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
---Warwick on 3/21/13

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You avoided my point: Why is Jesus' name, according to Jeremiah, to be known as YHWH?

Furthermore, Genesis 3:8 says that Adam and Eve "heard the sound of YHWH God walking in the garden." Was that the Father walking in the garden?
---Marc on 3/21/13

The anti-Christ would not take on the name Jesus Christ.
The rest of the unbeleiving world would not accept him.
Hence the prefix "anti"
---micha9344 on 3/21/13

Marc, GOD is Three Persons-in-ONE. YAHUSHUA (JESUS) is the Son, and YAHWEH is the Father. The Father and Son are One, not in literal quantity, but in Unification. They are ONE in Mind, Spirit, Will and everything else that's Divine. They are three distinct Divine Persons. JESUS is not "YAHWEH". He is YAHUSHUA the Son. He's prophecied as the "Everlasting Father" in ISAIAH 9:6, for He is the chief Son of all the sons and daughters of GOD, of all Believers of the past, present and future. Just like George Washington is the "father of our nation of the U.S." George wasn't our literal father but, he was the "father" in the sense of being the "head" and "leader" of the U.S.A.
---Gordon on 3/21/13

Mark V, And have I not told you before how you misconstrue things?? I never said nor implied that those who worship Christ Jesus are delusional and are worshipping the Anti-Christ. You responded with those words, Mark V, because you did not really read what I posted. You merely responded by what YOU THOUGHT I was saying. Now, why not be a humble and mature Christian and read my comments over again. You only give me and certain others more reason to doubt what you say when you will not even quote accurately, let alone understand, what other people have said. If you can't or won't do right with the words of mere man, how can you be trusted with GOD's Words. Now, go back and re-read what I actually said, and THEN make a comment. 'kay?
---Gordon on 3/21/13

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StrongAxe, When it comes to the Saviour, second-best is not good enough. We are held accountable for what we know, ROMANS 14:12. I have learned that the real Name of the Saviour is "YAHUSHUA", rather than "JESUS". So, I now live according to what I know. It has nothing whatsoever to do with being "better than" or "more spiritual than", as if I were thinking of myself as better than anyone else. No. ANY Believer can begin to call the Saviour by His true Name. GOD sent me to share the truth about HIS Son's Name. It comes from HIM.
---Gordon on 3/21/13

Jesus' name is Yahweh. For example see the Messianic prophecy at Jeremiah 23:5,6.

"Now this is his name by which he will be called: "YHWH Tzidkenu."
---Marc on 3/21/13

Gordon, I said you could start your own religion but you started one already claiming that anyone who worships Christ Jesus is delusional and they are worshipping the anti-Christ. Here you say speaking of the Anti-Christ,

" The ultimate deception. He will take upon himself the name of Divinity known all over the World, the name of "Jesus Christ"

That Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Immanuel, is really the anti-Christ because Jesus Christ is not the name for the real Savior.
The fact is, that by saying what you did about Jesus Christ, you blaspheme one of His names, bring anti-christ charges against our Savior Christ Jesus. And bring upon yourself the unforgivable sin, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.
---Mark_V. on 3/21/13


"Yehoshu`a[h]" (not "YAHUSHUAH") is the Old Testament name for Joshua. Greek did not have the guttral Ayin (`) and the He (h) was either omitted or indicated by a breathing mark, or sometimes S. Vowels were notoriously fluid between languages, especially since they varied between different Hebrew words with the same root (so O becomes OU here). Greek had no SH, so that changed to S. So Iesous was really just Yehoshu`a[h] transliterated into Greek using the common transliteration rules at the time (which were also used for other biblical names).

But I re-ask yet-again: If Iesous was good enough for ALL Old Testament authors, WHY is it NOT good enough for you? Why do you keep ignoring this question?
---StrongAxe on 3/20/13

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StrongAxe, GOD planned for the Lord and Saviour to be born into the Hebraic Lineage of king David. He was a Hebrew in the Flesh. As a Man, He was given a Name that signifies what He came to do and be. The Saviour for mankind. His Hebrew Name means "YAHWEH saves". The Name JESUS is a total distortion of the Saviour's actual Name. But, GOD, in HIS Grace and Mercy, Anointed the Name "JESUS" for HIS Glory and Purpose in saving HIS people. But, it did nothing to change the fact of YAHUSHUA's real Name. The Name of JESUS will continue to be Anointed until the Anti-Christ comes. The REAL Anti-Christ, that is, not the pseudo-A.C. "Obama". This is a Divine prophetic revelation and Warning for these End-Times.
---Gordon on 3/20/13

\\StrongAxe, GOD is giving us prophetic revealtion\\

Who's "us", Gordon?

You're not so confused that you think you're receiving them, are you?

God told me to make it plain to you that you are NOT, but are simply channelling your own delusion.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/20/13

StrongAxe, GOD is giving us prophetic revealtion and understanding of II THESSALONIANS 2:4. Just as Satan wanted to be "God" in Heaven, so on Earth, he shall have his own "Son of God" (Son of Perdition) who will be the "saviour of the world", the Anti-Christ. The ultimate deception. He will take upon himself the name of Divinity known all over the World, the name of "Jesus Christ". But, the true "JESUS" Name is actually "YAHUSHUA", and He will only answer to this Name when the false Jesus appears.
---Gordon on 3/20/13


Jesus did not live in 1st century Palestine. He lived in Judea. You won't find the name 'Palestine' in the New Testament.
---Marc on 3/20/13

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You said: That is absolutely FALSE that "JESUS" means the same thing as "YAHUSHUA".

In other words, aren't you calling EVERY single author of EVERY single New Testament book a liar because they used the word "Iesous" (which English renders as Jesus), since that's the name they used instead of "YAHUSHUA"?
---StrongAxe on 3/20/13

\\That is absolutely FALSE that "JESUS" means the same thing as "YAHUSHUA". \\

Why did the Apostles use the spelling IHCOYC throughout the Greek New Testament?

The translators of the KJV once asked "Has the Kingdom of God now become words and syllables?"

They might well ask you, "Has the Kingdom of God now become letters and transliteration?"

BTW, Gordon, nobody is saying that they hate your helpless attempt at transliterating what you think the Hebrew form of Jesus is, as you have stated elsewhere in a closed blog.

What is irritating people is your claim to special spiritual superiority for doing so.

Glory to JESUS Christ!
---Cluny on 3/20/13

Hebrew (pre-captivity) - Yahoshua
Aramaic (post-captivity) - Yeshua
Greek (Septuagint 200BC) - Iesous
Latin (Vulgate) - Iesus
Old English (1611 KJV) - Iesus
Modern English - Jesus

If Greek was such a dominant language that there was a need for the Old Testament to be translated in Greek, you can bet Christ spoke Aramaic AND Greek. I don't see where the issue is honestly.

Let's not forget who caused men to speak different languages in the first place.
---JackB on 3/20/13

Jed, That is absolutely FALSE that "JESUS" means the same thing as "YAHUSHUA". You cannot even SEE the Name of "YAHWEH" in the Name "JESUS". But, you CAN see the Father's Name of YAHWEH in the Name of YAHUSHUA. What you are really saying is the the Names of JESUS and YAHUSHUA both APPLY to the same Person. "JESUS" is NOT a transliteration of "YAHUSHUA". In fact, there is not any need for such a transliteration when, in English, we can pronounce the Name "YAHUSHUA" perfectly well. So also in Russian, Polish, French, and in many other languages. YAHUSHUA translates into other languages just as well as the Name "JESUS". FACT. So, YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT STILL, Jed.
---Gordon on 3/20/13

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Where do you get this stuff? Nowhere does the New Testament remotely teach that one's salvation during the Great Tribulation (or any other time) will be dependent on whether one an properly pronounces Jesus's name.

If you demand this extra requirement for salvation, it is "another gospel" - something Paul condemned twice in Galatians 1:6-9, and warned against being corrupted "from the simplicity that is in Christ" in 2 Corinthians 11:3-4.

Due to the word limits here, one can't answer all questions at once.

I never said it was wrong to use Hebrew (Apostles did) - just that it was wrong to INISIST that everybody ELSE do so (Apostles didn't).
---StrongAxe on 3/20/13

No Gordon, you are missing the point. "Jesus", "Yeshua", and "Yahushuah", and even "Joshua" are all the same name and they all mean the same thing: "God/Yahweh saves". Whichever version you choose to use (including Hebrew), it is still an earthly translation of a name that has existed before earthly languages even came to be. Which version/translation of that name was first used on earth in completely irrelevant, it's still an earthly translation of a heavenly name. Again I ask, you don't actually think that God is Hebrew and speaks Hebrew in heaven do you?
---Jed on 3/19/13

Micha, The LORD hears and honours the Name of "JESUS". Yes, the LORD hears anyone who sincerely calls on the Name JESUS. But, His real Name is "YAHUSHUA", not "JESUS", and it will be extremely significant to know that Name during the Great Tribulation when the Anti-Christ appears. Not every Christian will be raptured. Too many will not be ready or accounted worthy to be raptured up to Safety (LUKE 21:36). So, a number of those who claim to follow GOD will have to be LEFT BEHIND, and will need to know this Name of "YAHUSHUA". The Anti-Christ will take upon himself the name of "Jesus Christ". It's easier to see when one learns that the Son of GOD's Name is not REALLY "Jesus Christ".
---Gordon on 3/19/13

I think you missed the point of TheSeg's post, and he can correct me if I am wrong.
If you noticed, the verses say -in the Hebrew, Greek, or Latin tongue-which should lead to a conclusion that the books weren't written in those tongues, more than likely Aramaic, being the common tongue among Jews in that era. Hebrew being mostly spoken in synagogues, Greek when dealing with Gentiles, and rarely ever Latin because of the disdain of their current Roman overseers.
More than likely Jesus was named Yeshua or Yehashua, but He was known by the Greek name as well, just as Saul(Hebrew form) was also known as Paul(Greek form).
I beleive He would answer to any of these especially if the one calling his name called in sincerety.
---micha9344 on 3/19/13

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Jed, StrongAxe, and Cluny, I noticed that you all conveniently turned a blind-eye toward TheSeg's more recent comment! Ah, yes, how convenient! The Verses TheSeg pointed out were VALID SCRIPTURE THAT SUPPORTS THE USE OF THE HEBREW LANGUAGE IN THE BIBLE DAYS, but, sometimes the truth is too blinding and can hurt the eyes so it's easier and more comfortable to LOOK AWAY. perhaps? Anyhow,
Strong Axe, The Apostles knew Him by His Hebrew Name. He was not called "IESOUS" nor "JESUS" by His Apostles. He was called "YAHUSHUA"
---Gordon on 3/19/13

Jed, The Son of GOD existed since Eternity Past, for certain. But, from the time He was Born as a Man-Child until He Returns again, He is the Saviour of mankind. That Calling of Saviour is the significance of the Name "YAHUSHUA". "JESUS" does not take on the Name of His Father YAHWEH/YAHUVEH. The Son did not actually fulfill the Prophetic Promise of being mankind's Saviour until He physically came to Earth as a Man. THAT'S when He received the Saving Name of "YAHUSHUA". He was crucified "before the foundation of the World, Prophetically speaking. But, it didn't actually become fulfilled until He became a Man. That's when He took up that Name which means "YAHUVEH is Salvation".
---Gordon on 3/19/13

Jed, YOU STILL MISS THE POINT. I've known for decades that YAHUSHUA existed from Eternity Past. There's nothing that I've ever said here on this Blog Site, nor anywhere else, that denied that Eternal Existence. (Oh, maybe YOUR misunderstanding of what I've said made you think I did, I dunno....) But, the Name that the Son of GOD was given, in His Humanity on Earth, AS mankind's Saviour, is a Name that MEANS that He is mankind's Saviour sent by His Father. So, the Name MEANS "YAHUVEH is Salvation." It's the Name of GOD's Son Who became a Man sent to Earth to save mankind. YAHUSHUA will have a NEW Name When He Returns, REVELATION 19:12. But, until that time, we use His Saving Name of YAHUSHUA (and "JESUS" until the A.C. comes).
---Gordon on 3/19/13

Relax, Mark V. I was being facetious when I asked you if the Name of YAHUSHUA scared you. lol. I've been informed by the LORD that the true Birth Name of the Saviour and Messiah is "YAHUSHUA", so I use it. "Emmanuel" is a nice Name, too. :-)
---Gordon on 3/19/13

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Gordon, you say to me,
" Does the Name of YAHUSHUA, like, kind of scare you or something?"
Not at all, you can say it as many times as you like if it makes you feel like you are saved because you use His name that way and others don't.
What scares me is what you introduce as beliefs, but really all they are, are opinions, and lots of them on a lot of Topics that are outside the essentials of the Christian faith.

Second, Why not call His name Immanuel? Isaiah, who was a prophet called Him Immanuel, you said others don't care what they call Him but you do, and you have it right and others don't because they don't care, is Isaiah one of those who doesn't care?
---Mark_V. on 3/19/13


Jesus was a Jew living in Palestine in the first century A.D. As such, he likely spoke Aramaic (as did Jews after the exile), rather than Hebrew (which by then was used primarily as a liturgical language). He likely also spoke Greek, as that was the lingua franca of the entire Mediterranean area.

Similarly, European Jews spoke Yiddish, not Hebrew.

But I ask you yet again - if "Iesous" was good enough for the Apostles, why isn't it good enough for you?
---StrongAxe on 3/18/13

Gordon, my point is that Jesus didn't begin at his earthly birth. He has always existed and he had a name before being born to a Hebrew girl. What makes you think he was given a new name at birth? The name that was given to Mary to call him (Yahushuah or Yeshua) was merely the Hebrew translation of the name he already had prior to his incarnation. Just as Jesus is a translation of his name too. There is nothing in scripture that indicates He was given a new name at Birth.
---Jed on 3/18/13

Jed, What..? lol. What does the "Language of Heaven" have to do with the Saviour and Messiah's Name simply being "YAHUSHUA"? The Son of GOD was given the Name of YAHUSHUA at His Birth on Earth as a Man. He could've very well had a completely different Name when in His Pre-incarnate Form. We know that He will have a New Name, which no one knows but He, When He Returns, as we are told in REVELATION 19:12. But, in the meantime, the Name that He was given at Birth as the Saviour for mankind is "YAHUSHUA". For it means "YAHUVEH is Salvation". And, how do you know that Hebrew is not a language similar to some Heavenly Language? GOD's Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
---Gordon on 3/18/13

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Gordon, wow, you actually think you know the language of heaven? God speaks to people in their own language so they can understand. He speaks to the English in their own language, and the Hispanics in their own language, etc. Naturally, He would speak to the Hebrews in the language that they understand. Just because He spoke to the Hebrew people in their own language does not make that God's language. It only makes sense that He would speak to them in languages they understand.
---Jed on 3/18/13

Where does the Bible use the phrase "personal savior"? BCV, please.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/18/13

It is before the BCV that talk about sacrament, after the one that talk about trinity. Somehere between the BCV which says sinner saved by grace, and raputre
---francis on 3/18/13

Trey, I don't teach that GOD does not answer to the Name of JESUS and it's foreign transliterations. GOD DOES Save and answer Prayers in that Name, all the time, all over the World. But, YAHUSHUA is JESUS' real Name, and that's it. It is prophecied that the Anti-Christ will call himself "Jesus Christ", and that's one main reason why it's important, now, to learn the Saviour's Hebrew Birth-Name. People will need to know this Name during the upcoming Tribulation. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda from FL called himself "Jesus Christ" and most of his "church" believed it. That's a satanic cult, YES, but, what in sam hill do people think that the worship of the Anti-Christ will be? It'll be a WORLD-WIDE Satanic cult.
---Gordon on 3/18/13

Jed, Yes, YAHUSHUA spoke Aramaic, but, He certainly knew Greek and Hebrew as well. But, regardless, He was born of HEBREW Lineage. He inherited the Lineage of king David by legal rights, by His earthly mother Mary marrying into that Lineage through Joseph. Joseph was a direct offspring from the Line of king David. He was born into Hebraic Lineage so His Name is Hebrew. Certainly His Name was all the more Unique. Yeshua = God is Salvation. Yahushua = Yahuveh/Yahweh is Salvation. The Son was directly named after His Father. His Father in Heaven pronounces His Son's Name as "YAHUSHUA". I'll continue to use whichever Name I'm lead by GOD to use, just as you may do with the Name of "JESUS".
---Gordon on 3/18/13

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Jed, I have a question?

Joh_5:2 Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches.
Joh_19:13 Hebrew, Gabbatha.
Joh_19:17 Hebrew Golgotha:
Joh_19:20 Hebrew, and Greek, and Latin.
Act_21:40 Hebrew tongue, saying,
Act_22:2 Hebrew tongue to them, they kept the more silence: and he saith,)

Christ talking?
Act_26:14 saying in the Hebrew tongue, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.

Rev_9:11 whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.
Rev_16:16 place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.

Why doesn't it say Aramaic?
---TheSeg on 3/18/13

Gordon, your first mistake is assuming that Jesus spoke in Hebrew. The official language of Israel in Jesus' day was Aramaic, not Hebrew. Your second (and biggest) mistake is reducing Jesus' existence merely to his few years of earthly flesh. You're trying to make it out as if Jesus was a Hebrew before his earthly incarnation and remains one today. That is not the case. God does not have a race. He is simply God. Just because Jesus came to the Hebrew people as one of them and spoke their language (which only makes sense) does not mean that God actually is a Hebrew. Jesus' real name is pronounced however His Father in heaven pronounces it. You don't actually think that God speaks Hebrew do you?
---Jed on 3/18/13

What's your beef now, Mark V? (lol) Why do you get piles of prickly pears in your pants because I use the Name of YAHUSHUA so much? I mean, according to some people here, "the Name finally doesn't really matter, so long as one is Saved!" Does the Name of YAHUSHUA, like, kind of scare you or something?
---Gordon on 3/18/13

\\I believe Jesus is our personal saviour. \\

Where does the Bible use the phrase "personal savior"? BCV, please.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/18/13

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To my kids I'm "Dad", to my friends I'm "Trey", to my Human Rescource Department I'm G.A. and to my granddaughter I'm "Pappa Yeah". I answer to all these.

I believe Jesus is our personal saviour. To me he is Jesus Christ. To my hispanic friend he is Jesus "Hey-soos" Christo. He created all languages. He speaks to each of us in the language we understand. Do you think that he will not answer if you call him by a different name than I call him? Remember he is the God of Love. - 2Cor 13:11
---trey on 3/18/13

Gordon, are you a Jew convert? It seems by your answers and by your insistance to use one Hebrew name only for Jesus Christ. Is it hard to say, Jesus Christ? You can say that you see angels stopping cars, but you cannot say Jesus Christ. Don't you find something very wrong there?
Is there Messianic Christians in Texas? Latino's who are Jewish converts? just wondering. Isn't that sect not very old? Like maybe about 20 or 30 years old?
I did say to you once you could start another religion, or denomination, but you already have one.
---Mark_V. on 3/18/13

First, Joseph ROY, please do not write in all caps. It's considered as rude as shouting, and it's actually harder to read.

Next, the Hebrew consonant YOD, which looks like an apostrophe (vaguely) has the value of the English consonsant Y.

Why you did not include it in your helpless attempt at a transliteration is beyond me.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/17/13

The difference between Yehoshua (Joshua- a direct translation) and Yeshua (Jesus- anglicized from Greek Iesous).

They both mean "God is my Savior"..

..would perhaps be similar to the difference between (John- Hebrew- Yohanan) and (Sean- Irish).

They both mean "God is gracious".
---jan4378 on 3/17/13

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francis, You're right! The Name of the Son of GOD depends totally on the Parent's Choice. And, it was decided by His Father and the Blessed Holy Spirit, that His Name would a Hebrew Name.
---Gordon on 3/17/13

Would He not, then, have, also, a Hebrew Name? Or, would His Name have been a Greek one?
---Gordon on 3/15/13

That depends on his parents choice.

But more than a name, Jesus would have has an attribute of God as his name, and it would have been one understood by the people to whom he was sent
in whatever language they spoke
---francis on 3/17/13

I guess to a lot of us it's, John Doe!
---TheSeg on 3/17/13

---Joseph_ROY on 3/16/13

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If "some" number of Jews have been unbelievers, I am not going to assume and trust their claim that they still have the same pronunciations as they did in the time of Jesus. So, I can't prove that any pronunciation given now is what they used in His time.

The name "Jesus" means God's own Son who came in the flesh and died for our sins. So, "Jesus" names Him.

Paul says he became "all things to all men" in order to reach people for Jesus. 1 Corinthians 9:19-23. So, if Jesus had him become like ones he was reaching to, I can see Jesus is fine with having His name spoken in the pronunciation of a person's own language.
---willie_c: on 3/16/13

Probably a Semitic form when He spoke Hebrew and Aramaic, a Greek form to Greek speakers, and a Latin form to Latinophones.

All three of these languages were common in Judaea 2000 years go.

I'm sure He answers to them all today.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/15/13

The letter J in German is pronounced like the letter Y in English. There is no English-type J sound in German.
---Love.wins on 3/15/13

There is no J sound in the Hebrew alphabet. Protestant Bible translation started with Martin Luther translating the New Testament into German in 1522 and his followers translating the Old Testament into German in 1524. Germany has been the dominant source of Protestant Bible scholarship to this day. In the process Y sounds in Hebrew became J sounds in German and eventually English. So that is how we get the proper names of Jehovah, Joshua and Jesus in English.
---Blogger9211 on 3/15/13

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Yes it is either pronounced Yeshua or Joshua in english, also translated "Jesus"
---womandisciple on 3/15/13

"Joshua" is also an English name.It is the translation of the name "Yeshua", which is a transliteration of the Hebrew name.
"Jesus" is the English translation of the name "Iesous", which is a transliteration of the Greek name.
One would have to check out the Hebrew Aleph-Bet and the Greek Alpha-Bet(a) to see the names in their original form.
Both are names of Jesus, since He was born Hebrew in a Aramaic and Greek speeking world.
---micha9344 on 3/15/13

Jesus in Hebrew is Joshua.
---Clarence on 3/15/13

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