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Where Did Jesus Go At Death

For those of us who believe that the soul departs from the physical body at death, To where did the Saviour go at his Death?

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 ---Gordon on 3/19/13
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1st Cliff, The physical bodies alone end up in the ground, or in the sea, or are cremated into ashes, or whatever. But, the lost soul itself goes to the very deep, hidden place below which the ground that we walk on covers from our view. That is, the center or, as YAHUSHUA said, "the heart" of the Earth (MATTHEW 12:40), which is the place of Torments. The Hell of Torments is "hidden" from our view, for the ground we walk on "covers" over it.
---Gordon on 3/24/13

James L, Grave? Go to your local cemetary where there is a collection of graves,some have tomb stones on top, some have a mosoleum, a building housing caskets in sealed vaults,some have urns of those cremated.
The sea is the grave of all those lost in the deep who's bodies were not recovered!
This, James, is sheol/hades!
Read Jn.5.28
---1st_cliff on 3/24/13

maybe you should disclose what you think "grave" means.

Give as clear of a definition or description as you can, please
---James_L on 3/23/13

James L, No animal eats an entire corpse,bones and all.
The remains would be burried,besides it was a story concocted by his brothers who just showed Jacob the blood stained garment!
The NIV correctly says "grave" Jacob only knew one kind of "grave" as did all the Isrealites!
---1st_cliff on 3/23/13

How on earth could Jacob think he was going down to the grave to his son, when he had just wailed because he thought Joseph had been eaten by an animal ?

What sort of grave could he have been thinking of ?

Was he gonna go pick a fight with a lion so that he could be with Joseph in the jaws of a beast ?

"To my son"

In your "anti-pagan" zeal, you're neglecting common sense in the passages
---James_L on 3/22/13

James l: Jacob was not much different than parents today who lose a loved child.Totally depressed he said ,Gen.37.34 (NIV), "I will go down to the grave to my son" (correctly translated grave here!)
Saul, Joining one in death, as a wish, is not all that unusual burried or not!
You're reading more into it than there is,get the pagan idea, that the dead are still living, out of your head!
---1st_cliff on 3/22/13

Why did Jacob say that he would go down to his son in Sheol?
He clearly thought that Joseph's body had been eaten by a wild animal. (Gen 37:33-35)
Is Sheol in the jaws of an animal?

How did Saul go to be with Sameul (tomorrow) when he died (tomorrow), as prophesied? Yet, it was several days before his body was buried?
---James_L on 3/22/13

1st Cliff, Okay, RE-READ II PETER 2:4 more carefully. But first, know that Hell and the Lake of Fire are two completely different places. Hell is temporary and the Lake of Fire shall last for all Eternity. Tartarus, where those fallen angels are chained, is a part of Hell, and that place is also temporary. For, one day, they shall be let out and then be cast alive into the Lake of Fire to be tormented Forever and Ever, like Satan will be. II PETER 2:4 says that those angels are "...delivered...into chains of darkness, to be RESERVED UNTO Judgment.", MEANING, they are imprisoned in Tartarus until their Judgment Day when they shall be cast into the Lake of Fire.
---Gordon on 3/22/13

He said to the thief on the cross "Today you will be with me in Paradise." Another verse speaks of him preaching to the souls in limbo that died before the flood. The Apostle Creed speaks of Jesus descending into Hell. Newer versions of the Apostle's Creed read descended into the grave as Hell in scholarly argument means the grave.
---born on 3/22/13

James L, There's no fire in sheol,hell comes from the German word holle like our English word "hole" (as in hole in the ground where dead people are)
What do you want to know about Jacob and Saul?
---1st_cliff on 3/22/13

I agree with you about the spirit and soul.

scripture uses soul in a broad sense, meaning spirit at times, the whole man at other times, the center of our being at other times

spirit and flesh seem to be what we are, and soul is who we are.

Wheresoever the spirit be, the soul taggeth along

the KJV is wrong in its use of hell and grave for Sheol and Hades. You tried to give some historical insight to Paradise, why not Sheol?

Because one of them doesn't support your doctrine

And you still haven't attempted an answer about Jacob and Saul. Why is that ???
---James_L on 3/21/13

Gordon, The fallen angels go to Tartarus not Gehenna 2Pet.2.4 Read the footnotes in NIV or Strong's Concordance for proof.Tararus is described as dense darkness (no fire there)where there's fire there's light!
If you're wrong on this point you could be wrong on others,huh?
---1st_cliff on 3/21/13

1st Cliff, Since you're still here.....Gehenna was the name of the garbage dump outside of Jerusalem, which was kept constantly burning. YAHUSHUA used that Gehenna as a metaphor for the Lake of Fire. Because, the Lake of Fire will be the eternal Garbage Dump for the fallen angels and for all the wicked of mankind. They shall be as stinking garbage in the Holy Eyes of GOD. And, they shall be constantly burning throughout Eternity. REVELATION 14:10-11.
---Gordon on 3/21/13

JamesL, Just for clarification, I don't always make a distinction between soul and spirit because what happens to the one will happen to the other. Whereas, the physical body is different.
-----And, Cliff..? I will N*E*V*E*R **** E*V*E*R change my mind from what my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit KNOW is true about the souls of both the wicked men and the Redeemed men, that their souls shall exist throughout all Eternity. By GOD's own Design.
---Gordon on 3/21/13

James L,The King James bible translates sheol which appears 65 times , 31 times as "grave" and 31 times as "hell" .I can only speculate the reason for the hell word was to give credence to the belief that it was a bad place!(why else?) Gehenna is also translated hell and people associate them both as the same place.Gehenna is a metaphor of complete destruction!
Hades is the Greek equivelent of the hebrew sheol
---1st_cliff on 3/21/13

Some use the soul and spirit interchangably, as seemed the case with Gordon.

You use soul to mean "life" or "living being", as in body + spirit = soul

scripture uses soul in both ways. That's why I said spirit instead of soul

"You shall not abandon my soul to Hades/Sheol" (Ps 16:10. Acts 2:27)

You noted what you thought "Paradise" was intended to mean, but why not Hades? Hades/Sheol was NOT the grave as you say. Rather, it is the place of the dead.

Will you comment on Jacob and Saul?
---James_L on 3/21/13

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trey, you are absolutely right in your answer. many feel when a Christian passes from this life its all over but when I pass this life, I will have a new life without tears, trials, crimes,no adultery. I almost get excited when I speak of it.
---shira4368 on 3/21/13

Cliff: Not trying to convince you of anything. Just stating Bible facts. Can you prove Luke 16:23 is only a parable? No doubt when we die, we'll both know for sure.
---Leon on 3/20/13

Trey, Paradise was down below, a part of what is all, now, Hell of Torments. Then, after YAHUSHUA's Resurrection, All those old Saints of Paradise were taken up to the Third Heaven where GOD's Throne is. And, that is now where all Saints go to at Death. But, one great Day, "Heaven", as we usually think of it, will be the "New Earth" of REVELATION 21:1.
---Gordon on 3/20/13

Trey,Luke 23.43 "Paradise" here is actually a Persian word (look it up) and means park or garden with trees (like Eden) Jesus was promising the thief life in a "new earth" paradise after a resurrection!
Paul and all Pharisees believed in immortality of the soul!
All Christians ,at death, give up their last breath (pneuma spirit) with assurance that God will restore it at resurrection!
---1st_cliff on 3/20/13

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Hi Gordon,

Luke23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.

Paradise = Heaven:
2Cor 12:2 I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell, or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth,) such an one caught up to the third heaven.
See also 2 Cor 12:4

Luke23:46 And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost.
---trey on 3/20/13

If you're looking for an answer from scripture, it doesn't say where Jesus' soul went upon death, or that it went anyplace at all. In any case does it matter?
---Love.wins on 3/20/13

My understanding, I believe it has been said (Fathers of the Church) Jesus released those holy men and women from hell (not the damn hell most people think of, but a place not with God) prior to His death.
Holy people such as David, Moses, Esther and the like.

Jesus said God is the Father of the living not the dead.
---Nikki on 3/20/13

Leon, Mark 36 "lose your soul" is the same as lose your life!
You can convince me if you point out a scripture that says the soul leaves the body at death to live somewhere else! "Life" exiting the body does not mean it goes somewhere!
You've never seen headlines in the newspaper "Loss of life" (means they died!)
Can you prove Luke 16.23 is not a parable?
---1st_cliff on 3/20/13

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Gordon , I never realized that a blog was the exclusive property of the questioner!
Never convince you and others?? Never say never Gordon!
It's not a waste
of my time and if others dispute me they can tell me so!
Eventually the truth will be known, but not from keeping silent!
---1st_cliff on 3/20/13

"...The soul [doesn't leave] the physical body at death...At death man is a "dead" soul!...At death the "mind"(brain activity) ceases, the soul is dead! [?] God recreates [it] at resurrection! Only pagans believe life continues!" [?]
---1st_cliff on 3/19/13

Cliff: You're not willing to wrap your mind around the distinct functions & differences of the spirit "mind" (SOUL) & the physical "brain". You choose to think the soul of a person is lost (perishes) at death. That's contrary to what Scripture says. (Mk. 8:36) Physical brain activity ends when the spirit mind (soul) leaves the dead body.

Jesus wasn't a pagan Cliff! (Lk. 16:23)
---Leon on 3/20/13

1st Cliff, I specifically addressed this Question to those who believe that the soul departs from the body at death. I already know what you believe concerning this matter. So, I am kindly asking you not to make comments on this thread unless you seriously want to learn things of which you've doubted about before. It's definitely nothing personal, and I can't stop you from making comments. But, it's a waste of time and space for you to try to debate your views on this particular Blog, for, as I said, many of us already know what you believe regarding the separation of body and soul at death. And, you will NEVER convince me, nor certain others, of your views. For, we know the Truth.
---Gordon on 3/20/13

James, If you read my post I said "soul"
Spirit is a whole 'nuther matter!
Spirit=pneuma Gr. air, breath etc..
God breathed into Adam's nostrils "breath" of life.
At death that pneuma=breath of life returns to God who gave it (not exactly rocket science)
Sheol is the grave!
---1st_cliff on 3/20/13

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The soul does not depart from the physical body at death....Only pagans believe life continues!
---1st_cliff on 3/19/13

The spirit DOES depart from the body.

And if you think that was a contrivance of the Pharisees, then you haven't studied scripture

Gen 37:33-35, Jacob thought that Joseph had been eaten by a wild animal. Yet, he said he would go down to Sheol to his son. Is Sheol in the jaws of an animal ??

Then in Gen 49:33-50:5 Jacob died. Then, AFTER he was gathered to his "departed" people (Amplified Bible), it was another 110 days before he was buried.

Look at King Saul's death too, when he went to be with Samuel on a certain day, but his body wasn't buried for a few more days
---James_L on 3/20/13

Gordon, The soul does not depart from the physical body at death.
Gen 1 Man "became" a living soul!
The dust of the ground and the breath of life produced a "living" soul
At death man is a "dead" soul!
Soul translated from Gr. psyche the root word of psychiatry ,dealing with the mind. Adam became a conscious "thinking" creature.
At death the "mind"(brain activity) ceases, the soul is dead!
God recreates this at resurrection!
Only pagans believe life continues!
---1st_cliff on 3/19/13

As we sing during the Paschal season in the Orthodox Church:

In the tomb with the body, in Sheol with the soul, in Paradise with the thief, on the Throne with the Father and the Holy Spirit, were You, O Christ, filling all things, limited by none.

Glory to Jesus Christ1
---Cluny on 3/19/13

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