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What Is Bipolar Disorder

I need some help understand My Husband Bipolar disorder?

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 ---Arlyne on 3/24/13
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lidia4796: I agree & say AMEN in Jesus' name to your prayer for Trish.
---Adetunji on 8/6/13

ModeratorPermit- thankyou, Prayer:Trish, Lord Father Almighty,
We come
humble we can &
ask you give
grace,wisdom,skill to the surgeon,staff during operation/recovery for our Trish. We ask you let you son Jesus be with Trish ,never leave her side.In you we find hope,peace joy even in the midst of illness,you are still there.Calm what ever fears Trish may have, we thankyou now & forever. In Jesus name.amen
---lidia4796 on 7/30/13

lidia, God is doing a great work in you. your music and your compassion are very commendable. you do have a grip on the things of God. you are His child and He will take care of you. I have never done anything to deserve how good God has been to me. I sometimes wonder why....I could write a book on this subject.
---shira4368 on 7/14/13

If he can find right dr. stick to meds, seek God etc.. change possible! Love of Jesus!---lidia4796 on 7/14/13

You are correct, but it only works because you are taking your medication. Having Bipolar is different from living with someone with bipolar.
Arlyne can't make her husband to take his medication.

My sister lives with me and is Bipolar.
She doesn't take her medication as prescribe.
Arlyne, it is very hard.
You can only control and protective yourself.

You have to have a strong prayer life being close to Jesus.
Only Jesus can change your Husband, give your the Graces to understand, live and love your husband with his mental illness.
---Nikki on 7/14/13

Hello,all- well,you know I am bipolar & yes, it been a long road to find I had it.You MUST stay on meds.If you wish to survive,be usefull to yourself and it has been a blessing the mercy of a loving God. Thank God, I give God the glory he fine tune it for me for good,once I open up,got real about it. I started to play piano,never had a lesson,I ask God help me do something to express my feelings instead of rage, he gave me laughter,piano and learn patience,forgiveness not be so hard on others and on myself.I will pray for you & your husband. If he can find right dr.stick to meds, seek God etc.. change possible! Love of Jesus!
---lidia4796 on 7/14/13

Love wins, I agree with a few people here. Leaving cnet does not help anyone unless they have more pressing things they have to take care of. Everyone has a purpose in the plan of God. Concerning bipolar, five years after my wife died, I got married again and I had to study about bipolar disorder before I got married, because one of my step daughters to be, had it, and when I got married I saw how she use to screem cuss words at her mother. Once I heard her, I put a stop to that real quick. She was 19 years old, and many times did not take her medication just because she didn't want to. After speaking to her, she never did it again. She is now on her own.
---Mark_V. on 4/2/13


The problem isn't with people who are spiritual (or even those who aren't). It's with people who THINK they are spiritual, who are PROUD of their spirituality, and boast that their spirituality is so much better than anyone else's - from such people, run away!
---StrongAxe on 3/30/13

Arlyne, the best advice I can give you is to get as much information from the medical books that you can find in order to understand this condition better, so you can handle the problems you are having with your husband. No two cases are the same. And you will get information from others who do not have it and what they have experienced as spouses. Some cases are real bad, and some or not. The subject of Bipolar disorder is very complex. Some people are diagnose wrong and have something else. There is so many conditions of the brain, and the way it function. Doctors are learning more each day. The very precised doze is not the same for everyone.
---Mark_V. on 3/30/13

StrongAxe, I'm not very spiritual, so I'm probably safe then. :)
---Love.wins on 3/30/13

I need some help understand My Husband Bipolar disorder?
---Arlyne on 3/24/13
because bipolar disorder several types, you must speak to your doctor about the type of bipolar which your spouse has
---francis on 3/30/13

aka, Love.wins:

It can be OK, as long as one resists the temptation to get into the whole toxic "I'm more spiritual than you are" or "I am always right and you are always wrong" mentalities that are, unfortunately, all too common.

Despite the huge amount of that that goes on here, I've actually learned a few useful things during my recent couple of years on here.
---StrongAxe on 3/29/13

aka, we would all do well to leave cnet. It is often not a healthy place to be.
---Love.wins on 3/28/13


I have decided not to go back and forth on cnet anymore.

How could God judge us if we were born into sin?

Sin is sin. And we are responsible.

Arlyne get a hold of NAMI.
---aka on 3/28/13


We are held responsible for things under our control (because we can choose correct or incorrect actions). But how can we be held responsible for things OUTSIDE our control, for which we have no choice in the matter, either for good or for ill?
---StrongAxe on 3/28/13


I am not in a situation to take meds that definitely work.

I am still responsible for my behavior despite my inability to get meds.

That is why we are in need of a Savior. There is no defense in the shortfalls of humanity.
---aka on 3/28/13


You said: With or without medication, refusing to modify errant behaviour is DEFINITELY sin.

The key word here is refuse. Some may not do so because of choice (i.e. refusal), but others may be in a position where they are UNABLE to alter such behavior, and have no choice in the matter.
---StrongAxe on 3/28/13

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1st_cliff, OCD isn't in the same league as Bipolar disorder.
I never heard of OCD suffers harming others, or even killing other people like bipolar people.
Bipolar people can be dangerous if not treated.

OCD just has a clean house and tired people if untreated.
---Nikki on 3/26/13

People with this type of disorder don't have a problem,it's the ones who care for them that have the problems!
My wife has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) drives me batty, but is normal for her!
Actually I think she has CDO that's the same thing only in alphabetical order!
---1st_cliff on 3/26/13

With or without medication, refusing to modify errant behaviour is DEFINITELY sin.
---aka on 3/26/13

My twin sister has Bipolar and lives with me. Which doesn't compare with you. It is difficult.
Bipolar disorder is treatable only if they TAKE their MEDICATION. The problem is when in a height state they refuse to take the medicine. They feel good and get much done including arguments.
When they are depress they don't have the energy or desire to do anything including taking their medication.

Have a routine prayer with God. Ask for the grace to care of him and love him. Know his trigger points. This will help your sanity.
You might need medication as well just to deal with his disorder.

Do you know the song Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi? 'Lord, make me an instrument of your peace'.
It will help you to cope.
---Nikki on 3/26/13

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First, I would say understand his problem by trusting God, yourself > "casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7)

And you are his wife. I understand that God means for a wife to be her man's helping companion. So, God does please to make you understand him and able to help him.

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7)

With prayer > "and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:7) God's peace is spiritual and almighty . . . guaranteed to succeed (c:

"So, there are personality things meant to war against this."
---willie_c: on 3/25/13

ADD, ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder and other problems are NOT sins in themselves.

But what you do about them, especially if you don't seek treatment, MIGHT be a sin.

Refusal to take proper medicine to correct them MIGHT be sinful.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/25/13

My add is a character flaw. My condition makes me do questionable things which bring my character into question and understabably so.

To understand it you have to own it.

It the result of a flawed brain. We can use pharmacueticals but we must either way modify our behavior. Therefore, we ask our God despite our maladies that we renew our mind (thoughts) so we can restore sanity in our own life and later can help others do the same.

Look up national alliance on mental illness. NAMI
---aka on 3/25/13

It used to be called manic-depression: uncontrollable alternations between extreme euphoria and activity on the one hand and depression, with physical lethargy and inconsolable despondency on the other.

It is a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE and not a spiritual malady, demon, or character flaw.. There are medicines that can help manage this, but as with all such meds, it's a balancing act to find out which one or ones will work.

And yes, I know from my own experience with depression that it's a tough road until this happens.

There was an Orthodox nun who suffered from this, yet produced what are still the standard translations of spiritual classics.

There IS light at the end of the tunnel.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/24/13

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