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No Work For Four Years

I have a friend who lost his job in September 2009. He's a believer, but this has been really hard for him and the rest of us who care about him. Does anyone have ideas on how to encourage a person who has been out of work for 4 years?

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 ---Lee on 4/13/13
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Just saw this, so sorry he been out of work so long.. try find work online, youtube has legit/ annocements about jobs online,all types they no checks, finances go into your bank account. Hope this can help or he could try network' my neighbors go CyberCafe...people there Network
Somtimes,I heard... God be with you
---Lidia4796 on 8/12/13

Jed: I do not know in the US, but there are places where the "I can't find work" is actually TRUE.

I've had to move to other continents to find jobs, and so I know the situation.

At this point in the US, too many of the jobs are temporary, so it is hard getting by on those. I've been on a temp job for 2 years, but it'll run out in 6 months, then I'll be looking again - fortunately I'll have some spare money in the bank!
---Peter9556 on 6/25/13

4 years is a long time! God never fails those whom He loves. I do know what God's motive may be in this, He has one or maybe two.
---Catherine on 6/25/13

Lee, I know a many who say they cannot find a job but I know there is many jobs out there, they just don't want to do them. Sometimes because their education is high and they wait for a high paying job to come knocking on their doors. I have a friend who had a great job before he lost it, and he will not take anything less then what he use to get. For three years he just takes care of the house, runs in marathons, bikes rides, and some times take care of the kids, other times he sents them to day care so he can do other things. All this time his wife is working and paying the bills. I know he can work, but doesn't. His use to it now.
---Mark_V. on 4/17/13

Encourage your friend to get a job. He's not actually using that, "I can't find work" excuse is he? There is plenty of work for people who really want to work hard. His wife needs to stop enabling him and should kick his rear out of the house for neglecting his responsibilities and refusing to provide for his family until he has found a job. I bet that would help him get a job pretty quick.
---Jed on 4/16/13

e.lee: My friend is Iranian and lives in Greece - he can't get permission to come to the US! If he could, of course he would!

I might well do that if my current job runs out, it could be fun. I used to work on a farm in Greece, there they give you $5 an hour!
---Peter on 4/15/13

Born: Get a digital camera and start shooting pictures and sell photos freelance like Spiderman. Better to be an inventor or to write songs.

Lots of nice ideas.....

I know one man who sells digital photos, his only real market is marriages - a great sadness for him, as he loves nature! But so many nature photos are available for free online.......

Songs also go for free online - it's no longer the time of the Walkman (I mean the tape one!)

Inventor is a better idea - if one could invent something like Windows or Android or Skype or eBay
---James on 4/15/13

Peter //That assumes he can borrow enough money to start a business! If you've been unemployed for 4 years getting a bank to lend you money can be hard
Perhaps your friend should go where the work is and pick vegetables in the fields as managers are complaining they cannot find laborer. And they pay up to $13 per hour.

He would then have the $$$ to go into business for himself the rest of the year.
---e.lee7537 on 4/15/13

It is told to learn from the past. Do some research about how people survived during the Great Depression.

If one would look at the prophesies of the end days as written in scripture, one would see a plethora of opportunities. One such opportunity is that evil will envelope the world. How would one create an opportunity? By selling personal protect equipment, like mace, sell burglar alarms or even install them.

Pick up a few business opportunity magazines at bookstores or grocery stores.

There is an old cliche in marketing: find a need and fill it.
---Steveng on 4/14/13

Here are some questions he needs to consider, which may encourage him. 1. What are his qualifications? 2. Is he willing to take a job that's entry level? 3. Does he have a resume? (And placed them.) 4. Has he followed up on any contacts he has made? 5. Does he have contacts he can net-work with? 6. Has he contacted any of the temp. agencies. (Sometimes, they will give an assignment to someone and this may turn into a full-time job. And he should not just contact one temp. agency, but as many as possible.) 7. Is he willing to move locations to get a job? He should ask himself these questions, and than act on them if he hasn't done so. Just doing this may encourage him.
---wivv on 4/14/13

---e.lee7537 on 4/13/13: Your friend should endeavor to go into business for himself and not wait for someone to hire him

That assumes he can borrow enough money to start a business! If you've been unemployed for 4 years getting a bank to lend you money can be hard
---Peter on 4/14/13

KarenD on 4/13/13: I'm in a similar situation. I lost my job in Greece, came over to Pennsylvania to work, but it is hard being so far from my wife.

But unemployment in Greece is now at about 30% and going up, and looking online I have not seen anything promising for 3 months!

My wife is naturally upset about it, but she would be even more upset without the money!
---Peter on 4/14/13

We are recognized by our fruit. The question is how we become profitable servants of the Most High. God expects us to bear fruit in keeping with repentence. While we are to be servants of all, we are not to make ourselves slaves of men. Unless he is Mr. MOM, he should do something fruitful. Remember parables of the unprofitable servant or the servant who does not do what he ought. Who cares about wage, go for the heavenly prize.
---born on 4/14/13

Your friend should endeavor to go into business for himself and not wait for someone to hire him.
---e.lee7537 on 4/13/13

Yes. There are jobs in other cities. People who have been without work for so long need to move to where there is work. We have one family living here who are from Ohio. When the husband lost his job, they still had the wife's student loans to pay as well as other bills. The wife is an RN and could get a job making twice what she could back there. She moved here with the children where her mother could help her with the children. Her husband stayed behind for a couple of years to take care of their rental properties. He has now been able to move here. Sacrifices need to be made.
---KarenD on 4/13/13

Join a monastic order and take vows of poverty. May be join the Peace Corp. I don't know what type of work he did before. Get a digital camera and start shooting pictures and sell photos freelance like Spiderman. I can't criticize the man, most jobs aren't worth taking. Better to be an inventor or to write songs.
---born on 4/13/13

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Four years can be enough time to be still with God, so we are ready for what He wants to do with us.

In case the United States is going "third world" . . . we need people who are going through what others go through, here, so we can feel for others and help them with how our Father cares for us >

2 Corinthians 1:3-4.

This is basic to being in priesthood with Jesus who has gone through things of this life so He our Groom now can feel for us and help us >

Hebrews 4:15.

If we fail in this, this can help us feel for others in their sin problems >

Hebrews 5:2.
---willie_c: on 4/13/13

Lee,In order to help it would be necessary to know this person's skills age and abilities!
---1st_cliff on 4/13/13

This is difficult, encouragement is often needed.

Perhaps he can volunteer somewhere where real help is needed, such as a soup kitchen. You never know what may come of circumstances
---Chria9396 on 4/13/13

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