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Chronic Pain & Illness

This is the chronic pain and illness blog. Who has an illness?

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 ---jamea3475 on 5/21/13
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James, I sent you a message.
---Nikki on 5/30/13


In the mall tab of this site, there will be a link to "chat and pen pals".

Sign up . You can contact James because he uses his/her full screen name.
---aka on 5/30/13


young ones...your youth matters. the body is mortal.

you can't increase the days of your life in health, but you can improve your quality of life as you get older.
---aka on 5/29/13

James, I don't know what you mean? I would like to chat as well, but how do I post it or get in touch with you?

I think the e-mails are blocked.
Is there a way to chat on CN?
If so, please tell me.
---Nikki on 5/29/13

hi nikki wats ure full user name id like to chat to you if you would like?
---jamea3475 on 5/29/13

jamea, while in the hospital having surgery on my back, I contracted 3 bacteria that almost killed me. I still have it in my lungs and I take an anti-biotic everyday for the rest of my life. I've battled bacteria for the past 3 1/2 years.
---shira4368 on 5/29/13

medication for sciatcia?---jamea3475 on 5/22/13

Yes, I take Neurontin, Lyrica and Tramadol which are not narcotics. You can take Neurontin or Lyrica with Tramadol (Ultram).
But, you may still have to narcotics such as Lortabs, Oxycodone or the like.

Don't be surprise if you have to increase the doses of these meds after taking them for years. The human is very smart. It is always trying to overcome any foreign agent(medication) entering inside.
---Nikki on 5/29/13

I don't have a problem with sciatica, but I have pinched nerves in three areas of my spine. I see a pain specialist who gives epidural shots, and also does rhizotomy, where they burn the nerve with a laser. It takes about six months to two years for the nerves to grow back. I've had success at being pain free for over a year.
---Grandma on 5/28/13

jamea, please let me know how you are doing. I would awaken at 4 or 4:30am and I would be sweating, in pain, just sick all over. I would get up, take two hydrocodone 7.5 capsules and go back to bed. in 30 min or so I was not in pain and I wasn't sweating. this was a ritual for me for about 2 yrs. in between times I had injections but could only get 1 every 6 months. please let me know how you are. God bless
---shira4368 on 5/27/13

jamea. I suffered for 2 years with injections in my back. finally couldn't handle it anymore so I had surgery. my son can turn the wrong way and his nerve pinches and it is really bad for about a week. I had a back fusion and my back has not hurt anymore. I pray you will not suffer long with your problem. I had no problem taking pain meds. that is the only time I ever had pain meds. I just prayed God don't let me get addicted and He answered my prayer.
---shira4368 on 5/23/13

hi every1 i started this blog,im only 29 and cant work due to my back,but im trying everday any one any taking medication for sciatcia?
---jamea3475 on 5/22/13

Hi Nikki, thank you so much, I will ask them today at the wound clinic about that "vac"--bless you! :) Oh and Cluny, I feel bad for the poor guy who got it in his spine. :*( OUCH! I know mine was from a surgical biopsy gone wrong, on the plus side, it turned out negative but I knew I had a problem when a week or two afterwards, I bled like crazy. You're right though--Christ is risen indeed. :)
---Mary on 5/22/13

\\ Developed eye and ear infection from the MRSA, stay away from hospitals folks, if you can help it.
---Mary on 5/21/13

It is possible to get MRSA outside of a hospital, as a friend of mine learned.

He went to the ER with what seemed to be a diabetic UTI (we all get them) that resisted Cipro. It turned out to be a MRSA abscess in his spine.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/21/13

Hi, I have MRSA and a hole in my chest that you can see my sternum through! They say it will take months to close so am learning patience,---Mary on 5/21/13

Mary, are the Doctor not placing a device called 'wound vac' over your sternum?
It is so amazing! I told care of a man who had the same thing you have. His hole was so deep we could see his sternum. So the wound vac helped close the wound quicker. It is a sponge placed over the hole and sealed with thin plastic connected to a machine for several weeks. The healing process is quicker.
Of course you will have to take IV antibiotics.

Amen to staying away from hospitals. I get so concerned when I see people bring their babies to the hospital. Esp newborns.
---Nikki on 5/21/13

My wife is totally handicapped including chronic pain syndrome. She has been a Christian since childhood and mega prayers seems to fall on deaf ears!
Looking around though, there's always someone worse off, We need the Kingdom!
---1st_cliff on 5/21/13

Hi, I have MRSA and a hole in my chest that you can see my sternum through! They say it will take months to close so am learning patience. Developed eye and ear infection from the MRSA, stay away from hospitals folks, if you can help it.
---Mary on 5/21/13

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Interesting blog suggestion.

I have a variety of chronic illnesses, and chronic pain. But, I rejoice. God has given me affordable health insurance and prescription plan. He's also blessed me with great doctors. I see the people I meet in waiting rooms and doctors' offices as my mission field, and I share God's goodness and faithfulness.
---Grandma on 5/21/13

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