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Why So Many Mean Women

Why did God create so many very mean women today that are making it very hard for us good men looking to meet a good woman to share our life with?

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 ---Jay on 6/6/13
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Hi, 'experience,women/.scars heal.out side.
re: a process, imagine! no "shoulder to count on" like our Jesus! still saved,
"scars" not seen public
There' women stay mean,
I did therapy & prayer.

Prayer helped me most!
life is calmer, no more dating nor relationships..not ' illness
prefer be single.

Maybe it was the lack of security,love as a child. I get bored or sad but,not cause of "love lorn".

No more suffering,doubt,shame,heartache. Reality Not like the movies. I hate games of the heart.why play?

prayer,dare not venture there again.
Hobbies,etc take my time.
---Lidia4796 on 1/24/14

Wow! I happen to open my bible to..
Really like Ps.38:20,21,22. Ps.42:5,
Ps.52:8... I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever.

Ps.56:13 For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling,that I may walk before God
in light of life.
---Lidia4796 on 1/24/14

Nikki: Is Jesus in control of a person's life if she (or he) doesn't submit their feelings & thoughts to Him?---Leon on 7/23/13

Yes, Jesus is always in control.

If I allow you to destroy yourself because I respect your freedom I am still in control.

If I stop you from destroying yourself, I am still in control over you.

If you let a 2 year old run freely in the fenced back yard, are you not still controlling the 2 year old environment?

But, the 2 year old still can walk, run, skip, sit play my himself without having anything to do with you.
He thinks he isn't submitting himself to you at all, but
he only has limited control, and you have complete control.
---Nikki on 7/24/13

Leon, I wrote: Our emotions get caught up and we start to imagining thing that are not fact or part of the solution
And you wrote: [Willingly believe a lie?].

If I cheat on my taxes, and someone tells me it is okay because everyone does it, so I believe it's okay to cheat on my taxes.
That's willingly to believe in a lie.

T. Martin's situation is an example of people imagining something not fact, or part of the solution.
Like when those speaking about repealing the law 'stand your ground' which had nothing to do with the case.
Even the President spoke about looking at the law while speaking about Martin's death.
The trail was tried on facts, not emotions.
Rioting in the street was from emotions.
---Nikki on 7/24/13

"I think there are so many mean women because we are so emotional.
Men are not emotional.[?] Men look at situation with facts and objectively and logically develop a solution.
Women think in subjective path of solving a situation.
Our emotions get caught up and we start to imagining thing that are not fact or part of the solution [Willingly believe a lie?].
We are not kind. It is hard for many of us to say sorry.
This includes me.
But, Jesus is in Control!
---Nikki on 6/29/13

Nikki: Is Jesus in control of a person's life if she (or he) doesn't submit their feelings & thoughts to Him?
---Leon on 7/23/13

Anyway, I wanted to also say Don't give up! Hope you all who are looking for a good wife or a good husband .
Keep praying, maybe good write down exactly the qualities you are looking for -- write down what are your strengths? Negatives?
Ask God help you to fine- tune it (smile) Tell the Lord, help you in every aspect, he said
Ps 18:22 He who finds a wife finds
what is good and receives favor from the Lord.
---lidia4796 on 7/23/13

Hello,Sorry, to say it, yes! There are mean women & mean men, as well.
I have had trouble most with ( the women in church! )
I said time & time again , any issues? they welcome talk to me,outside, there's alot of ignorance, disrespect..this is a condition hard enough without the out right malice, cruelty! I have quit
going.. even some people told me, trying to help said " they just are either too, ignorant, racist, or they just do not like you...grandma you are a nice lady " find you another church!"
I took their advice to heart. The young people all treated me nice call me" grandma" ..
Love of Jesus!
---lidia4796 on 7/23/13


I agree with what you say, but would like to add something.

Our biggest problem is, when we see God move people together in other's lives, we think that He's using some magical cutout that will bring the same thing for us as well. God does not move the same way in every person's life (obviously), and we know this but get frustrated and "take matters into our own hands." All I would recommend, is that you ask God to keep you close to Him. He will put someone in your life when and if that is His will, and although it can be hard to let God drive the car, He knows where we're going, we can't even read the map.
---A_servant on 7/3/13

marle, stop looking. I know a few good men but they are all married. lol. I am not looking for one but I said I know some. a good man is hard to find as a good woman is hard to find.
---shira4368 on 6/29/13

I guess opposites really do attract, Because I am looking for a good man and I keep getting users and controllers. Go figure. Im still praying. My advice is to keep praying, When God sends us the right one we will know it. I think we meet the wrong person because we are not letting our Savior choose for us.
---marle on 6/28/13

niceness is not necessarily kindness.

bearing teeth is not necessarily smiling.

curiosity is not necessarily concern.

blood is not necessarily family.

church is not necessarily home.
---aka on 6/29/13

nikki, lets call a truce so you won't be labeled mean and arrogant. really I am old enough that stuff like we did on the other blog means nothing. its almost like you are saying "mama, make her stop calling me names". that is how we both sounded.
---shira4368 on 6/29/13

I think there are so many mean women because we are so emotional.
Men are not emotional. Men look at situation with facts and objectively and logically develop a solution.

Women think in subjective path of solving a situation.
Our emotions get caught up and we start to imagining thing that are not fact or part of the solution.
We are not kind. It is hard for many of us to say sorry.
This includes me.
But, Jesus is in Control!
---Nikki on 6/29/13

there is some mean women on this blog. arrogant and mean.
---shira4368 on 6/28/13

I agree!
---Nikki on 6/28/13

there is some mean women on this blog. arrogant and mean.
---shira4368 on 6/28/13

Jay where are you looking?
You are not going to find many 'nice' women in bars or clubs.
If that is where you are looking for ladies.

Are you telling me you can't find a 'nice' lady in your Church?
Usually the ladies can't find nice men.
But, as Catherine said, keep looking.
But keep looking in the right place.
Go to Church. There are more single women at Church LOOKING for single men to MARRY than any other place.

Keep your eye open to the red flags. If she treats others mean but not you then RUN!
After marriage you are next to be mistreated.
---Nikki on 6/26/13

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Adam and Eve were created perfect by God. In other-words, made sinless. SATAN SHOWED-UP. He is active today. Too active. People are pretty rough, today. It's going to get worse as time goes on. God said, "keep looking"!
---Catherine on 6/25/13

Jay: I believe there are as much mean men as women but the men's meanness manifests in different things/directions. I believe the level of surrender of any person to Jesus determines how good they are. Vice versa the closer a person is to the devil determines their degree of wickedness & meanness.
---Adetunji on 6/21/13

Shirl, we can hardley wait. This time you will get to see what's being done at the Campground and Church.
God Bless.
---Elder on 6/20/13

Lonely? much
---atheist on 6/21/13

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oh yea, you can install a generator and air conditioner. cost a fortune for those 4 days we had without electricity. I'm gonna plan my next trip around hurricanes. my son flew to dallas, tex in bad weather diverted to Houston.
---shira4368 on 6/20/13

Shirl, when you do I will cook dinner for you. You and Jeraldleen can just sit back and talk...... about how great (a cook) I am.
You all ready know I can install an air conditioner......
---Elder on 6/20/13

bro. elder, you are a mess. love you and jareldeen and I'm coming up real soon. my sister bossed me for 4 years. lol
---shira4368 on 6/19/13

Great Shirl, we'll dig an extra
---Elder on 6/19/13

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bro. elder you are right about being bossed around. at this stage in my life, I don't have to put up with anything I don't like. my friend I am flying to see you both pretty soon. got to recover from this trip before I go anywhere else.
---shira4368 on 6/19/13

Yea, Leon, I'd like to make a movie of anyone trying to boss Shirl anywhere at anytime. That would turn out to be a classic in about a week.....
---Elder on 6/19/13

Leon thanks for you post. I was kidding about the bossy part. Bro. Elder knew I was teasing. We all need to get a few laughs to keep from crying. Bro. Elder, I haven't mailed your mail yet. Been with my brother with eye surgery. Going home tomorrow. He can drive now.
---shira4368 on 6/18/13

Shirley, there is no doubt in my mind that your husband was an honorable man. I also think he did this not to prove his honor but because it was his nature to be honorable and because of his respect and love for you.
---Elder on 6/18/13

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"...I don't know why my husband walked next to the street. He just did it & I just went along..."
---shira4368 on 6/17/13

Hope you don't mind Shira, but real men are hunter-gatherers & PROTECTORS of the family. So, it's normal for a man to walk on the street-side (outside) & his woman (wife & mother of his children) to walk on the inside. Any man worth his salt should be willing to sacrifice himself (give his life if need be) for his lady. That's part of a real man's God-given role in life. But, of course, Satan always wants to reverse God-given responsibilities & roles of men & women...

However bossy he was, you were blessed your man lovingly "manned up" on your behalf! :)
---Leon on 6/18/13

thanks bro elder: you are always right on the money and much wisdom. markv, my church would never say anything about me talking to anyone. I am a neck hugger and I hug everyone. my pastor wouldn't put up with gossip. I don't want a relationship with anyone but I talk to everyone. bro elder is my friend but so is his wife. I hug on both of them.
---shira4368 on 6/18/13

Shirley, years ago a man walked street side next to a woman as a place/show of her honor. It was a sign that he was her protector and she was not available to others.
In the Military, which I know your husband served faithfully for years, inferior grade Officers walked to the left side, which was normally street/road side, of the superior grade officers. That was in case of attack the ranking officer could draw his sword to fight without harming the other officer. This was because most people were right handed and wore their swords on their left side. When I served in the Chaplain Corp. we also practiced this even though we didnt carry weapons. It was about military tradition.
---Elder on 6/18/13

Shira, the church I attend now is also too small to have a program for singles. The one I belong to before I moved was about 1,000 members and many singles. The singles did not speak to other singles because they believe others would talk about them. It is hard for many who have been alone for a long time and always have to be careful who they talk to in the church. Especailly single moms. But the program was great, so many had a chance to talk to each other just like when they were young kids.
The Seg, I believe you are correct why the man walked on the side of the street. I believe that is better then a woman having to walk ten or more feet behind their husbands. The husband cannot see what she is doing back there, ha, ha. peace brother
---Mark_V. on 6/18/13

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markv, I don't know why my husband walked next to the street. he just did it and I just went along. didn't think anything about it. he was bossy lol. another thing, my church has nothing for singles either. I've been a widow for almost 6 years. my church is too small and don't have many singles.
---shira4368 on 6/17/13

Jay, I am going to tell you a part of my story. When my former wife died, I was alone for about three years. At church I noticed they did not have any programs for singles or single parents. I asked my pastor and he suggested for me to start one. So I did, and we all met at our church and had the married couples serve us food once a month, just like we did to them. We had a chance to meet others and make friends. It was a good way of singles to talk to each other without someone judging us. Many churches do not have anything for singles, only for married couples. Start one at your church if you do not have one. You need to find people that have the same believes as you.
---Mark_V. on 6/17/13

2012: Upon my exiting a convenience store, a young woman was about to enter. Getting there 1st, she pulled the door open & held it for me. It felt odd getting that kind of treatment from a lady, but I graciously thanked & accepted her kindness.

Days ago (same store): I was again about to exit when I saw a young man, dressed "gangsta style", approaching. "Oh Lord!", I thought & prepared to let him enter first. Well, to my surprise, he flung the door open, smiled, held it for me & said, "Hey ol' school"! Completely surprised, I smiled & said, "Hey young man, thanks!" & walked thru.

Point: Good & bad (MEAN) needs to be assessed on an individual basis. :)
---Leon on 6/17/13

Mark_V. it started with mud and water. Horses and horse pulled carriages.
still holds true today.
unless you don't like her dress and don't want to offend her. Ha ha ha!

Just call me dad! Ha ha ha!
Peace Bro.
---TheSeg on 6/17/13

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You can also turn that around and ask why there are so many mean men that it makes it hard for us good women to meet a good man to share our life with.
---Phyllis on 6/17/13

Shira, I remember when I was young, I use to hear that man had to walk on the side to the street. And the girl was to walk away from the street. I never knew what that was for, but I guess it meant that if a car got off the road, it would hit the guy instead of the girl. What a sacrifice if that was the reason. That is the only thing I can think that tradition was for. What other reason could that have been? Do you know?
I never had a dad to guide me, and my mom had many ideas from her own past that she told me about.
---Mark_V. on 6/17/13

shira I really dont know how you got that from what I said!

But the truth is I do open doors, holding them open until youve pass.
Even if the door has closed, if I see you, I will reopen it and hold it.
I will never let a door close on anyone. Its like a job!
I love it when people dont understand, what Im doing.
They look at me with bewilderment.

The reason I dont understand how you got that is, I wrote:
I was going to add: This way if anything happens, it will happen to (them first!)
And again what made you think of the street side. Yes! This is where a man should walk. Your life should come first!
---TheSeg on 6/16/13

Set, you are a gentleman. My husband always walked on the outside next to the street. Not many gentlemen are around because of women lib. That. Movement ruined the relationship between men and women and frankly did me a disservice. Lo, lol
---shira4368 on 6/16/13

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Brother Mark went I wrote
I would never let my wife, my sister or any woman walk behind me
I was going to add: This way if anything happens, it will happen to them first!
But I said no, let me not, just in case. LOL

I believe this to be true! If you take many two people and put them on an island alone.
Separated from the rest of the world they would become the best of friends
Depending on each as God intended. But so long as this world is here this cannot be seen.
Peace to all my Brothers and Sisters in Our Lord Christ.
Happy Father Day!
---TheSeg on 6/16/13

Bro. Seg, I understood you were only joking. Of course brother, I would never believe what you said was true at all. I just didn't mention that part in my answer.
I was just giving reasons why our wives are so important to us, and how we should treat them. That was all brother. What you said was funny, but I knew it was not true. Peace I leave you.
---Mark_V. on 6/16/13

Mark_V. you know I was only joking!
I would never let my wife, my sister or any woman walk behind me
I think women are the most wonderful thing God has ever given (me)n!

Even when I was in school, I remember people making fun of some of the girls
For one reason or another, I never did, I really love women.

I have seen women who walk behind the man, I just dont get it.
Never have, never will!

I have met what one could call mead women, even hate-filled women!
But always, given enough time with them, you know they going to love me.
Because I love them first!

Jay, some old guy alone time ago, show me this!
Just love them! Peace
---TheSeg on 6/15/13

Bro. Seg, you say,
"Wasn't it Paul who said in 1Co_11:9!
Neither was the man created for the woman, BUT THE WOMAN FOR THE MAN!"

Yes, but a helper, not a slave. Woman are fantastic. If we love them as Christ loved the Church, they will follow you forever. Without woman, no one would exist. It is a good thing God created woman to help us and have children, it sure saved us man from having to go through childbearing.
---Mark_V. on 6/15/13

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Seq: Is that what's called floor-play? :D
---Leon on 6/14/13

Mark, maybe Japan has the right idea.
Wasn't it Paul who said in 1Co_11:9!
Neither was the man created for the woman, BUT THE WOMAN FOR THE MAN!

I know this!
When my wife and I HAVE AN ARGUMENT!
OVER AND OVER AGAIN, come out from under the bed you chicken!
Yes my love!
---TheSeg on 6/14/13

God makes men & women MEAN?! UNTRUE!!!

Foolishly standing in opposition to God's will & purpose for one's life causes people to be MEAN (bitter, corrupt, ROTTEN). For example, Scripture says God hardened Pharoah's heart. Now, many well intentions people would say, "See there's proof God makes people mean". But, the truth of the matter is, after he'd thought about (stewed over) what God had done to him, Pharaoh became furious (euphemistically speaking, ticked off) at God. Why? Because he thought of himself as being a god. What a fool!!!

The same can be said about MEAN MEN & WOMEN!
---Leon on 6/14/13

Jay, did you not know that God created many mean man that make it very hard for good woman to meet? While there might be more woman then man, all through history woman have been put down in just about every country. Who has put them down? man. In the country of Japan, woman cannot walk together with their husbands many times, they walk far back. I believe there is more man who have been so mean with woman, who take the leadership God gave man to an extreme.
---Mark_V. on 6/14/13

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Personally, I think you should just stop looking for good women and enjoy all the time you have in the arms of God. When he sees fit, he will introduce another into your life and his embrace, let God take care of it and carry your burdens for you.
---A_servant on 6/13/13

Jay: Forget about the mean spirited, shrewish women of the world. They've disqualified themselves, by the millions, from ever having a really "good man". Most will likely die bitter & manless, blaming God & men for it.

Now, what makes you a good man? Where are you "looking to meet a good woman"? Perhaps you're not seeking in the right place(s). Just maybe you're looking too hard & thereby unintentionally sending the wrong (a scary) message to good women. You don't want to appear desperate! It makes you look weak. That's unattractive & a definite turnoff.

Don't look for someone to complete you. Be a complete, confident, godly man & it'll show! Ultimately you'll win a godly mate.
---Leon on 6/12/13

Because everybody knows that a good man is hard to find.
It just seems to fit!
---TheSeg on 6/12/13

Why is the blog only about mean women not also about mean men?
---Peter9556 on 6/11/13

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Grandma, your comments are valid. My comments were directed to "mean women."

I imagine being a single mom is difficult as there are many dead-beats who will not pay child support. They should be forced to. I also know there are many mothers who go to extraordinary lengths to stop the fathers having contact with their children. They are likewise deadbeats and should not be able to do this.

I aimed my comments at the percentage of women with whom it is difficult to have an ordinary conversation because they think all men are b******s. They have an enormously long list of what they think are sexist comments. And to compound the problem they each seem to have a different list.

All the best Grandma from Grandpa!
---Warwick on 6/11/13

I am a feminist when it suits my interest. Let the man pay for the meals and open the doors.
(I truly don't understand women who get mad when a man opens the door for her).
I am the lady stopping any man at the store asking him to reach objects in high places.
Something heavy, I'll ask a man to pick it for me in a second.
Give me equal pay for the same work.
I don't mind staying home, because I am not going to work outside the home and at home as well.
---Nikki on 6/11/13

Warwick: Here, here! Feminism is a large part of the cultural rot that infects our country (USA) as well. My loving wife detests feminists as much or more than I do. Many years ago when this movement began, I asked my wise mother if she was a feminist. She said "heck no! I don't want to be demoted."

Grandma: You're not a feminist. They're a bunch of bra-burning, screeching whenches. Men are ONLY gentlemen to ladies, and feminists are NOT ladies.

---jerry6593 on 6/11/13

We have plenty of reports of how people who have been faithful to God have had mean people messing with them and their lives, but God has done all He is committed to doing with these people who have stayed with Him.

They were mean to Jesus. How much did that stop Jesus from getting His Bride?


I can boast how right I am, but God knows. He won't trust me with a real lady of Jesus, if He knows I am not being humble and honest with Him. If I want a real woman, I must become a real man. The real ones can tell the difference! (c: They won't evaluate me by my looks, and say-so, and charm and smart talk (John 7:24).
---willie_c on 6/11/13

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Warwick: I am aware that some feminists act like "feminazis". Problem is, NOT ALL feminists act that way. There are some of us who simply believe in equal opportunities and equal pay in the workplace. We aren't radicals. Most of us are single Moms trying to support ourselves, and our children. Many of us don't don't receive child support from deadbeat fathers. Please be aware that generalizing is unfair to the normal women who simply want the same things men do.
---Grandma on 6/10/13

Nikki, it isn't a save but the truth. My wife is nothing like the aggressive feminist inspired horrors I have met. She is great!
---Warwick on 6/10/13

My wife conversely is intelligent and gentle.---Warwick on 6/10/13

Nice save. Smart man
---Nikki on 6/10/13

I have met many sour, aggressive women. My wife conversely is intelligent and gentle.

It is my opinion based upon experience that the spread of feminism is the main cause. I believe feminism is essentially an anti-female philosophy, aimed at destabilizing male/female relations. The femiNazi's claim men enjoy lives of 9 out of ten and women (7 out of ten) must battle and reach these unattainable heights, unattainable as men are not at 9. This sets women up to feel they are being cheated, breeding discontent and jealousy of men.

Sadly hyper feminism has penetrated the thinking of Christian women.

This discontent is I believe the cause of the reality that in Australia c90% of divorce actions are now instigated by women.
---Warwick on 6/10/13

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Jay: God did NOT create any mean women. We have allowed our culture to degrade to the extent that Satan's personality is represented everywhere.

---jerry6593 on 6/10/13

Typical of today, when bad things happen.....blame God!
---1st_cliff on 6/9/13

hi jay..this could also be the sentiment of some women asking for a good life partner..
lets face it,there are mean men and women irregardless of gender..only God can truly overhaul personality..find someone of godly a magnet
---mj on 6/9/13

Guess Jay doesn't know how to do anything in these blogs except post a question.
---KarenD on 6/8/13

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Satan is mean, and everyone in his kingdom is mean. Yes, there are ones who make quite a convincing show of being "nice" and "kind" and "charming" and "helpful". But if you mess effectively with what they treasure for pleasure and "independence" which can be their idol . . . then is when you can find out what is in them and ready to go.

But in Jesus we can become so "I will not be brought under the power of any," as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 6:12. Jesus gives us "rest for your souls" (Matthew 11:29) so nothing of this life can have power over us and addict us so we have withdrawal nastiness when someone messes with it.
---willie_c: on 6/8/13

Well Jay I can sympathize with you a lil bit. One blogger touched upon it that our culture plays a big part in this mess, another pinned it on the fall and both are correct with one being the result of the other.

Nonetheless we HAVE TO start looking at human relationships as a wheel barrow. You see everything we put in determines the overall contents of the whole and we get to decide moment by moment what we want in our relationships.

The great part is we can take stuff out later. The sad part is what was put in can punch holes in the vessels and rend it useless. Painstaking care should be taken to be someone who patches holes if and when they get made as "Love covers a multitude of sins."
---Pharisee on 6/7/13

Eve wasn't mean when partook of the forbidden fruit then past it to Adam. It was disobedience, & it has been in the human race ever since.
---Lawrence on 6/7/13

Are you assuming that every woman that you decide you might wish to marry should almost fall at your feet in gratitude for you showing some interest in them?

Women have a say in this matter also and if you examined the way you approached women you might find them more reponsive and willing to get to know you better.

Men might consider us to be breeding machines but WE don't.

I'd be interested in hearing your definition of 'very mean'.

Women don't 'need' a man in the way that they used to. In 2013 you will need something more to offer than a free meal ticket.
---Rita_H on 6/7/13

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It's not a question of mean women.

It's a question of mean PEOPLE.

One of the signs that God wants you to remain single is not meeting anyone appropriate to marry.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 6/7/13

Jay...Please give us examples of these "very mean women" who turn you down? What was it that they didn't like about you? How can you change to become a better man? How many times have you been married?
---KarenD on 6/7/13

Jay, It's part of the sin-nature. But, it's also a result from the Women's Liberation movement started a few decades ago! Those WL women (Gloria Steinman, etc.) teach that men and women are equal in the sense that "whatever a man can do, a woman can do also, sometimes BETTER!". Also, it teaches women that they can get along "just fine" without men. But, that is Satan's false version of the true equality of men and women. GOD made men and women of equal value and importance. But, they are designed, each, with different strengths and weaknesses.
---Gordon on 6/7/13

Be the example. With God, you can win mean women to Jesus and doing better. And being kind with everyone can connect you with a real woman.

And, by the way . . . that is a good point about how it is not our Father of our Lord Jesus who has created mean people. There is "the god of this age" (2 Corinthians 4:4) > "the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience" (in Ephesians 2:2). So, if the one who causes people to become mean is your "God", you need to get with Jesus, first.

Ones can get mean, just because you aren't giving them what they're looking for. But if we learn how to turn the other cheek, things can't get the better of us to get us mean (c: Your example can help ladies to do this.
---willie_c: on 6/7/13

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Methinks this question is bait to get a blog fight started. First, God does not create mean, male or female. Second, I missed the survey that declared there are more mean females than mean males. Third, love can erase all meanness.
---Geraldine on 6/7/13

God didn't create mean women life and other people did. Abuse shows up on women in many ways. It isn't all the bruises and broken bones but also the mental anguish and heartache leaves their marks on a woman. A girl grows up with abuse or marries into an abusive relationship,not only the husband but too often the In-laws. It hardens a woman whether a lack of love,physical or mental abuse,or a man believing he owns his wife and makes her his captive,breaking all ties to family and friends. Verbal abuse also destroys the sweetness in a woman or child for that matter. So many things harden people and it happens to men too,there are some very mean men in this world. Check yourself are you as good as you expect a woman to be?
---Darlene_1 on 6/6/13

Might not a woman ask the same question about men?
---Love.wins on 6/6/13

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