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Pray For Long-Term Marriage

Please pray for me and my husband, we have grown apart and our marriage may end. I dont want to see this happen because we have been together for 30 years. Please help him lord see what he is doing, saying and how he is behaving. Please lord bring us back together in love and light, amen.

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 ---cindy on 6/10/13
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Do you have grown children who have now "left the nest"? If so you both may be experiencing a "Child Centered Marriage". This means you have focused on the children for most of your marriage, and now that they have gone, you have nothing to "talk about". My suggestion: just sit down and talk. Ask each other questions, for example, ask him "why is he doing this". His answer may come as a shock to you, and a revelation. Be prepared to answer any question he may ask.
---wivv on 6/12/13

"Are you saying that matrimonial harmony and stability are NOT in God's will, josef?" No. I make no attempt to determine Father's will beyond that which is written. Trusting His will in whatever situation I face, whatever that will may be, is where I choose to rest, and is what I was attempting to share. When we trust and rest in His will, we yield and submit to Him, acknowledging His control in all things. As it is written. "Delight yourself in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring [those desires] to pass." For your desires in the aforementioned scenario will reflect His will.
---josef on 6/11/13

This is not a question, it is a prayer request asked TODAY so why the rush to expect Cindy to return and 'discuss' this. Maybe she does not wish to discuss this with us but just needs a little prayer back-up which we, if we care enough about other people, can give WITHOUT asking for further personal details and castigating her beause she has not chosen to tell us every little detail.

Do we really need to know every intimate detail before we can pray for someone?
---Rita_H on 6/10/13

Another question posted by another person who won't continue the conversation. It appears that there are just questions posted by moderators to get discussion going.
---KarenD on 6/10/13

\\"Please lord bring [them] back together in love and light, amen." Yet, not our will Father, but your will be done. Amen
---josef on 6/10/13\\

Are you saying that matrimonial harmony and stability are NOT in God's will, josef?

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 6/10/13

Cindy Darlene is dead on in at least one respect. Two people don't grow apart by accident. It may seem impossible to draw near to him and come along side him as a helper, but that can only be in direct measure to the offenses counted against him. So you need to take inventory of how you are destroying grace. Your motive may initially come from hatred of sin (a good thing) but when it cements your attitude to one of spiritual separation your actions are taken prisoner to the same.

The Bible makes your part clear if you are believing and he is not.

1 Peter 3:6
---Pharisee on 6/10/13

Have you spoken with your husband about how you feel you two have grown apart?

Remember, "we" can grow apart if just one does it. BOTH of you are responsible for the apartness.

And you prayed, "Lord, help HIM see what HE is doing." How about, "Lord, help ME see what **I** am doing, too."

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 6/10/13

Cindy, I will be praying.
---Love.wins on 6/10/13

"Please lord bring [them] back together in love and light, amen." Yet, not our will Father, but your will be done. Amen
---josef on 6/10/13

Cindy not once did you say Lord show me what I can do to keep our marriage strong. All you said was to pray for you and him to stay together but not once did you ask for wisdom about what you both need to do to save your marriage. You are so focused on your husbands flaws you can't be honest with yourself about what you need to change in you to make your marriage work. It takes a lot of give and take from both parties in a marriage to make it work. Ask your husband what he thinks needs to be done to make your marriage work. Love suffers long and is kind,love seeks not it's own,love is patient,love never fails.
---Darlene_1 on 6/10/13

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