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Devil Will Get Them

My father told my 3 and 6 year old that if they lie the devil will get them. At what age should you talk about the devil or should you wait until they ask?

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 ---Lydia on 6/18/13
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Marks, no need to give lectures on Calvinism, avoiding the statement Christan made.

"If we believe not" .....ok, exactly when is this taking place, before or after conversion? Your version CAN'T believe before conversion, correct? So is Christan saying AFTER conversion, some believe not, yet Jesus can't deny Himself?

Come on Markv, address the verse here and what Christan is really saying here. He is saying even if the elect believe NOT, they are still the elect. Oh joy, maybe some child molesters will be sharing heaven with you after all. And they sure are UNGODLY creatures that God just may have justified against YOUR WILL and wishes. I hope you Room with 10 of them.
---kathr4453 on 7/6/13

Kathr, you make stupid remarks because you don't understand anything. You say,
"Here Markv...Christan is stating the elect are elect regardless of whether they believe or not...BLASPHEMY"
When the Elect are born, they are born in sin like everyone else. They don't know they are of the elect, so don't have faith. At some point, God makes them alive together with Christ. Gives them faith, convicts their hearts of sin, and they come willingly to Christ asking forgiveness. God elected a people in Christ before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:4,5) Now hear this,
"Having predestined us to adoption as sons by jesus Christ to Himself according to the good pleasure of His will" Not your own free will.
---Mark_V. on 7/6/13

markv, when I got saved I knew nothing about faith. all I knew is I was 13 yrs old and I knew I had to get saved. after I got saved, I lived by faith. Sinners do not understand faith.

Hello again!
Perchance do you believe you are not a sinner?
You said you lived by faith.
But, sinners do not understand faith.

So I am asking do you sin.
And if you sin then you are a sinner.
But, sinners do not understand faith.
I hope you see my point.

How can anyone who is a sinner call someone a sinner?
---TheSeg on 7/5/13

Markv, no one can come to God apart from faith. Faith is believing GOD is who,He is, and believing what He promised as true. It is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. How can anyone hope in the promise of redemption and claim they did it without faith? You're mental Markv.

So what faith can anyone not have and claim to find salvation? YOU Markv need to go back to kindergarten and learn the basics.

You have no clue what faith is if you believe I or anyone can claim the promises of God and not call that faith.

Yet Christan just posted that the elect don't need faith. What wing nuts you both are.
---kathr4453 on 7/5/13

If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself."---christan on 7/5/13

Here Markv, if you have issues with not believing yet have salvation, confront your side-kick. Christan is stating the elect are elect regardless of whether they believe or not...BLASPHEMY.
---kathr4453 on 7/5/13

markv, when I got saved I knew nothing about faith. all I knew is I was 13 yrs old and I knew I had to get saved. after I got saved, I lived by faith. sinners do not understand faith.
---shira4368 on 7/5/13

Kathr, now you lie. You know very well you said you came to Christ out of your own free will and did not even have faith. That after you committed your life to Christ you received all the things. You can lie all you want but you said it. Maybe you forgot to take you med's.
---Mark_V. on 7/5/13

Markv, at no time did I ever say I came to Christ with no faith. Your memory remembers lies and made up stuff. so to avoid relying on your twisted memory, please QUOTE someone's words avoiding openly slandering someone you say you vaguely remember someone saying.

Your WRONG Markv, for only those who have the FAITH OF ABRAHAM are saved Markv as I have posted here more times than the number your IQ reaches.

Your dirty slandering game you play on people here is known by all, so your idiot games don't hurt me but YOU. . God may forgive an IDIOT/MORON and you may find forgiveness because you are. But REMEMBER, Your intentional selected memory used to twist and slander Markv is a mark of SATAN. The Father of LIES, SLANDER etc.
---kathr4453 on 7/5/13

Trey, I know faith is also one of the fruits of the spirit, but I guess we have a different issue here concerning that area. You claim with that all OT saints who had faith bore the fruit of the spirit, yet, Romans 7 clearly states that those under the LAW had to die to the law in order to bear fruit.
And since Galatians is talking about THIS fruit that comes to those who are Crucified with Christ, I believe now you will need to do some explaining as to how anyone was already crucified with Christ from Abel on, in order to bear this particular fruit, faith?

And you say even from Abel on they walked in the Spirit and didn't give way to the flesh? HOW was this possible before Jesus Christ died and rose again?
---kathr4453 on 7/5/13

Trey #2

And then you want to insult everyone here by claiming Galatians 5 ".the fruit of faith" was YOURS before ever believing, giving you the "power" to believe. So you say the "POWER" of God was already "IN YOU" via YOUR identification with Jesus in Death and resurrection life, AS THIS IS THE ONLY WAY the "Power" of God is within anyone. Paul says that I may know HIM and the POWER of "His" Resurrection, first being made conformable to His death. So YOU claim YOU had that before ever getting saved? Paul tells us THAT POWER comes only to those crucified with Christ and raised up a NEW CREATION. SO you claim YOU were a NEW CREATION before believing?
---kathr4453 on 7/5/13

Kathr, now here is what you said,
"My election is only the result of being IN CHRIST, and that happened when the Holy Spirit Baptized me into Christ."
That is not what the Bible says happens. Here, let me write it down for you,
"Just as He chose us in Him (in Christ) before the foundation of the world:
You said it did not happen until the Holy Spirit baptized you into Christ. The Bible contradicts what you say. You made it up.
I do remember very clearly that you said some time back, you came to Christ with no faith and got everything after you received Christ with your free will. Please read the answer brother Trey gave. It will help you out.
---Mark_V. on 7/5/13

Cathr, please consider the following:

Eph1:4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:

Eph 1:4 speaks of the entire elect family of God, not the Adamic family.

Your faith is a fruit of the Spirit. Gal 5:22 Of ourselves we have no faith. God give all the elect family of God the measure of faith.
Your eternal justification is ultimately by the blood of Christ which you had nothing to do with. Rom 5:9

We choose God because he makes us willing. Phl 2:13
He is the author of our faith Phil 1:6, and Heb 12:2
---trey on 7/4/13

You're a total joke here Markv, no one takes seriously.

I am one of God's elect Markv, but I came through faith in Jesus dying for my sin. I was first JUSTIFIED by faith, resulting in my being Born Again. My election is only the result of being IN CHRIST, and that happened when the Holy Spirit Baptized me into Christ. I wasn't in Christ before Salvation, therefore couldn't be the Elect before Salvation.

Your version makes you an "individual" god before your salvation. That's blasphemy.

Isn't it Christ alone who is the elect? And our election is ONLY because we are NOW in Christ. I'm not the only one IN CHRIST. I am one of many members IN CHRIST, called the ELECT CHURCH. You're NOTHING without a head.
---kathr4453 on 7/4/13

Kathr, you say,
"God does not go around whispering in certain ears saying " Guess What, you are one of the elect"
The reason you against the election of God is because you are not saved. If you were, you would know your election of God. That tells me the word you heard did not come to you in power and in the Holy Spirit. All who are saved know their election by God,

"Knowing, beloved brethren, your election of God" For our gospel did not come to you in Word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit with much assurance.." (1 Thess. 1:4,5).
You do not know your election because the word came to you in word only not in power, and not in the Holy Spirit with much assurance.
---Mark_V. on 7/4/13

Kathr, you did not beg for mercy because you came to Christ with no faith. That was your statement. How can you beg for God to have mercy on you, when you believe you deserve it, for exercising your own free will. Expecting to get everything for doing your good deed. If you were actually saved, you would know your election by God (1 Thess. 1:4,5). But you make every effort to deny the election of God. When God made me alive together with Christ (Eph. 2:1) Once I saw my sins, I begged for mercy for the things I had done against God. You on the other hand, didn't have to beg for mercy, you think you deserve mercy because of your own free will.
---Mark_V. on 7/4/13

It would appear for both David and Peter, their begging for mercy as you say, was over a specific sin, or time of laps etc. but again, that is not what I was talking about. Let me repeat that again, THAT was not what I was talking about.

When I heard the Gospel, that Jesus died for MY sin, and I obeyed the Gospel, receiving Jesus Christ, totally surrendering my life, having at that moment an experience beyond words, literally saying FATHER, having been Born of the Spirit, I CRIED FOR JOY. I was given the Gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Now if after I was called to be a king or an apostle, and failed, or betrayed my calling, like even Esau, who also cried bitterly....yes, that is a different matter.
---kathr4453 on 7/4/13

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Must re-iterate Esau here, in the crying bitterly for mercy part. If one re-reads Hebrews and OT, Esau sold "his birthright", not his salvation. A moment of laps, sold it to Jacob for a bowl of soup. There was never a birthright that one would be saved and the other lost.

It's one thing to lose your place or calling/ministry in this world, but none of these begged for salvation, but rather restoration in position. David said Restore to me "the JOY"of My Salvation, not "my salvation".

Esau was not given a birthright to be SAVED. Nor did Jacob replace Esau's salvation. The issue between Jacob and Esau was never, who would be saved and who would be lost, as some want you to believe.
---kathr4453 on 7/4/13

Peter begged for mercy just as David in the OT.
Luke 22:62 He went out and began to weep bitterly.

As I read the Bible, David wasn't weeping as Peter but acknowledged his sin.
2 Samuel 12:13
.."I have sinned against the Lord."

David was praying hard for his first born with Bathsheba.
2 Samuel 12:15-23
V16 David besought God for the child. He kept a fast, retiring for the night to lie on the ground clothed in sackcloth.
After the child dies, David goes back to life as normal.

I am not saying David wasn't sad for his sin, but it seems Peter in the NT was more upset over his sin than David in the OT.

Law or not, God is still God yesterday, today and tomorrow.
---Nikki on 7/3/13

Shira, yes I know, re : David. Back in the OT adultery and murder was under the Law punishable by death, even for David. He knew he deserved death, after knowing God, and having faith in God. So his cry for mercy was not an unsaved man begging for salvation.

Under Grace, one does not upon faith in Christ have to beg for mercy, as salvation in and of itself is God's mercy towards us as a sinner. We can come boldly to the throne of Grace, boldly here means with confidence. Begging is not a display of confidence, or faith. How long do you have to beg? How do you know you've begged enough? You either BELIEVE or you don't.
---kathr4453 on 7/3/13

kathr, when David sinned, he prayed, cried and was depressed while begging God to restore him spiritually like david once was. it took a long time for God to restore him. when we get away from God, it is hard to get back to where we once were before we fell away. there is no better feeling than when we first get saved.
---shira4368 on 7/3/13

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shira, absolutely. Mercy was shown at the cross. Jesus shed his blood so that God could have mercy on ALL, just as scripture states. Anyone NOW can come boldly to the throne of GRACE to find Mercy.

Funny thing, Markv says he had to BEG for mercy after salvation. NUTS to that. That's begging for salvation, which is not FAITH but a work that will never save anyone.

They make comments regarding grace, mercy, etc and don't even know what God says about what each mean. They have their own definitions for these words not found anywhere in scripture.
---kathr4453 on 7/3/13

Lydia, Tell them, even as they are still children, the truth of the Devil.

Explain it in simple terms, so they can understand better, like "The Devil is a bad angel. He is mean, does very bad things and tries to make other people do bad things as well. All that displeases GOD.", etc.

If you wait on your children to ask about the Devil, that may never happen.

Some people would even tell their newborns about Santa Claus. What's so bad about that? It's a LIE, for starters.

Best to tell the truth of the Devil early, in simple terms. Tempering that with the reality of the existence of Almighty GOD and HIS Saviour, Who will, one day, destroy the Devil forever.
---Gordon on 7/3/13

I think about 5 years old in simple, but serious terms.

Because when they do tell lies, and realize the devil didn't get them they are going to think the devil doesn't exist.
They are going to think the devil is same as santa clause, easter bunny and the like.

We also tell them santa is going to give them coal for Christmas if they are bad. Some might even play the song to them of being nice not naughty.

When I was little and realized santa wasn't real, I started going down the list within minutes of other fake stuff told to me.
So now these kids will think the devil isn't real as well.
---Nikki on 7/3/13

kathr, you said the same thing I have been saying all this time on predestination. of course we are all born in sin, even those who think God shows them special mercy. God shows everyone mercy.
---shira4368 on 7/2/13

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God does not go around whispering in certain ears saying " Guess What, you are one of the elect" You are one of the special chosen ones that Jesus blood has washed away YOUR sin, but there are those Jesus never died for their sin".

THAT IS NOT THE GOSPEL, yet it appears this is the perverted Gospel the Calvinists say they believe. Their faith is not personally in Jesus dying for them, their faith is in the doctrine of Calvin's twisted version of predestination.

We are not saved by predestination, we are saved by GRACE THROUGH FAITH in the finished works of Christ. THEN we are predestined to be conformed to HIS DEATH...Philippians 3 SAYS SO!!!! That is exactly how one is conformed to His Image.
---kathr4453 on 7/2/13

MarkV, let's put believer and unbelievers in it's proper perspective. FIRSTLY there are the saved and lost. ALL were at one time lost, all were then defined as unbelievers. Yet out of those unbelievers came believers. Believers in what? Believers in the Gospel message. so then a lost unbeliever upon believing God's word became a believer resulting in salvation.

You were not a "believer" before hearing the Gospel. There is no such thing as believers and unbelievers already set in stone before you or they were even born.

an unbeliever is one who had heard the gospel and out of their own free will chose not to believe Jesus died for their sin. YOU PERSONALLY must believe Jesus died for YOUR SIN before becoming a believer.
---kathr4453 on 7/2/13

athiest, God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and omnipresent. God created a plan exactly as He wanted. God did not created us all at the same time, with the same minds, the same parents, at the same place, with the same education. That was His plan. What you expect is, that since God is God, He is obligated to do things the way sinful men thinks He should. And if it is not that way, He must not be God. In this plan, He is able to display His love through His Son Jesus, His mercy, His patience, His justice. He is also able to display His attributes and character.
If everyone was perfect and thought the same, and no one sinned, there would be no mercy, justice, love, and no need for His Son. You have to look at the big picture athiest.
---Mark_V. on 7/2/13

...... without resorting to the poorly understandable, distributed and outright confusing,contradictory, bible.
---atheist on 7/1/13

Your last statement first...GOD doesn't scare little children. Men do. Stupid men. Men who have twisted the Bible. Much like yourself...what you don't understand you hate. So rather that try an understand you must denigrate to your comfort.
There are no scriptural contradictions.
Except by men. That is why I require two witnesses scripturally. Prophet/Apostle. Two prophets. Christ/Prophet/Apostle
Truth, there is only one. You don't have it. Men don't have it.
There is only one regarding the unknown. multiples have and share/declare. For those who seek it.
---Trav on 7/1/13

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---atheist on 7/1/13
Confusion huh?

has it ever occured to you that this confusion is caused not by God, but by the devil?

the confusion is proof of tehdevil
---francis on 7/1/13

Belief in GOD can be logic found "truth" if one searches for it.---mark

If god were omnipresent and omnipotent he'd find a good way to clue everyone, and I mean everyone in without resorting to the poorly understandable, distributed and outright confusing and contradictory, bible. The fact that there are so many "questions" on this blog prove that point.

If god is not omnipotent and omnipresent he is not nor does he deserve to be called god.

So why scare small children with the rambling in the bible?
---atheist on 7/1/13

Kathr, I did answer your question. I said no. Believers cannot be condemned. But only believers know that by reading the Bible and believing it, unbelievers do not believe the word of God.
I cannot explain it more clearly to you.

As to the question, there is no scripture that tells us when to present the whole gospel to our children. What we can do is present Jesus Christ to them, and explain what He has done for us in order to have everlasting life. At some point in their age, it will be possible for them to understand the reasons why people need Christ. Only when you feel they can understand the presence of evil in the world and how lost the world is.
---Mark_V. on 6/30/13

Everything that a child needs to know should be explained to them at the age when a parent knows that they can understand the information given.

Some information is simply gleaned as each day goes by (picked up along the way) whilst other things need to be specifically discussed as and when appropriate.

Christians mention Jesus and God as they pray with children so that some terms are familiar and (hopefully) accepted and that more information will be requested as children begin to think more seriously for themselves.

Grandparents should not interfere with what parents are reaching their children. The devil needs to be mentioned before children start school at the very latest i.m.o.
---Rita_H on 6/30/13

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But back to this blog's topic:
I do not think it good to scare small children with devils and hells.

---atheist on 6/30/13

Well, I'll agree with you.
Belief in GOD can be logic found "truth" if one searches for it. Would GOD as a GOD not provide witnesses in writing? Will he provide to an educated lazy man? Effort/desire is required.
Hell or the devil does not translate from the original what most ignorant weak studied men have taught as doctrine.
Research original languages for truth in meaning and application. At least prove to your child that Hell can be the grave and the adversary (ourselves)may be our own devil. You are your own adversary(devil) to enlighting as are we all at times.
---Trav on 6/30/13


Math is of its own.
A one is a one and two of thems is a two.
It's an a priori.
Kind of silly but always true.
One and one is two.
By definition....It is perfect, but only a perfect tool, defined to be such.

There's a mountain of philosophy in that.

But back to this blog's topic:
I do not think it good to scare small children with devils and hells. True truth is hard enough to find without the addition of fear.

I think you might agree.
---atheist on 6/30/13

MarkV, I just asked a simple question based on YOUR post. Obviously you say things you don't even proof before posting. Just more yadda yadda yadda nonsense coming out of your mouth.
---kathr4453 on 6/28/13

Kathr, no, believers cannot be condemned. You are looking for a reason to argue. Believers learn from God's Word, the reason for people been saved and why the others are not saved. Unbelievers do not believe in the word of God. So they don't know they are heading to hell and that they are doing the desires of their father the devil. They believe they are free to do what they want just like you, but in reality you are a slave to sin, or a slave to righteousness. No one is ever free as you suppose.
---Mark_V. on 6/28/13

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Atheist: ' Belief and reason do no make good bedfellows...'

Your statement is often quoted, but while it is is extremely well meant, in all reason we must believe in some basic things (here I do not mean in God)

When you consider reason, you need to believe in some things (let's say the multiplication table) as an automatic assumption. Well, most people here tent to take the assumption of the existence of God as such an automatic assumption.

As one who came to believe in God as an adult, I remember HOW I came to believe in God, and what all my arguments were, so many of you disputes remind me of my disputes

You may not respect me, but I do respect you, for your strength in your beliefs, which are different from mine.
---Peter9556 on 6/28/13

An atheist is a person who believes in one less god than you do....
Think of all the gods you don't believe in..."
My point was that atheist don't go to heaven and when they show up in Hell they become believers. It is too late but then they realize the truth of the matter.
---Elder on 6/27/13

Belief and reason do no make good bedfellows...
---atheist on 6/26/13

Now that's the single most contradictory statement I've ever read. How can you believe anything if it not reasonable to do so.

The whole notion of atheism is a belief based on _______. fill in the blank

You believe something because you've reasoned it to be believable through available evidence. No? Do you not see how hypocritical this is? You have a belief based on the reasons you believe it to be true, and to you that's reasonable, but someone having a different conclusion by the same process is somehow unacceptable? As long as you remain in this arrogance your in a prison constructed by your own bias irrespective of what the truth really is.
---Pharisee on 6/27/13

Athiest, the Bible gives us believers a wealth of information enough to save us or condemn us. ---

---Mark_V. on 6/27/13

Seriously? BELIEVERS can be condemned?
---kathr4453 on 6/27/13

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I believe the world would be better off if people thought and acted rationally.
---atheist on 6/26/13

You think that out of " the big bang" came order?
---francis on 6/27/13

Athiest, the Bible gives us believers a wealth of information enough to save us or condemn us. (Rom. 1:18-22) is a passage that says,
" For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodlyness and unrighteousness of men, because what may be known of God is manifested to them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools..." (Rom. 1:18-21).
---Mark_V. on 6/27/13


I believe the world would be better off if people thought and acted rationally. I have learned here that it is unlike that I will encourage people to change and think in that matter. However, I still can hope. What amaze and amuses me is how contradictory peoples' position are internally. Belief and reason do no make good bedfellows...
---atheist on 6/26/13

-atheist on 6/24/13:
Yesterday you seemed, after I pointed out that you can't show that God doesn't exist, pointed out, in a very reasonable way, there are plenty of other things we can't show dont exist

I think what you mean you believe is not total atheism but that you never found any evidence of God, so you decided He does not exist

Many years ago I felt the same, but slowly my views changed - it does happen sometimes

You place yourself in a not so friendly blog site. Could you tell me why? Are you hoping to change peoples' mind? To get a good argument?

If you want a good debate, we can trade emails and we can chat by email, and I will be polite. It would be interesting

You debate well
---Peter9556 on 6/25/13

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Everywhere I find beauty I find not god. Beauty is not god, but it is really quite wonderful.
---atheist on 6/25/13
who said beury was God?

How do you know that for 100% certain?

Where have you looked for God and not found Him
---francis on 6/25/13

Everywhere I find beauty I find not god. Beauty is not god, but it is really quite wonderful.
---atheist on 6/25/13

God does not exist, he has no plans for me or you.
---atheist on 6/24/13

How do you know that for 100% certain?

Where have you looked for God and not found Him?
---francis on 6/24/13


An atheist is a person who believes in one less god than you do....

Think of all the gods you don't believe in...
---atheist on 6/24/13

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So what gang.....?
I don't believe that any Athiest will exist either in Heaven or Hell.

---Elder on 6/23/13

Exactly. What's an atheist?

Psa_14:1 To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

Psa_53:1 To the chief Musician upon Mahalath, Maschil, A Psalm of David. The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.
---Trav on 6/24/13


God does not exist, he has no plans for me or you. Nor did he have ay plans for those at Hiroshima and Auschwitz. It is up to us to try to make sense of the world and take responsibility for the things that happen in it. That is of course to the degree that we can, hurricanes, earthquakes, old age and psychopaths aside.
---atheist on 6/24/13

-atheist on 6/24/13

Here is the only question that needs to be asked of you: Are you at all interested in God, knowing whether or not He exists, and knowing His plans for you?
---francis on 6/24/13


There are billions upon billions of things one might chose to believe in that no one could possible prove to be untrue. That is the way it works agreed.

The issue is about proving things about things that do exist and have good testable evidence. I can't prove that invisible pink unicorns and Santa Claus don't exist,either, but that doesn't prove or imply that they do.
---atheist on 6/24/13

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Atheist: Please read my post, and see if you can provide and evidence that would hold up in any 'peer-reviewed-scientific-journal'

When you say about God and demons not existing, how well can you prove that? You can say you have no evidence - but that's not good proof.

If you look at my stuff, I am not unkind to you, I like your posts.

It is awfully hard to prove in scientific terms that something does not exist - especially if it is not in this universe

I would love to give you my email, if you get a Member site we can trade emails and have a better chat

In the atheist terms, my end terms would become 'hope you have a good whatever time of day you have when you read this post'
---Peter9556 on 6/24/13

The devil has a lot of people, today! I believe the father was not serious in his commentary with the little boy. Most inappropriate.
---Catherine on 6/24/13

So what gang.....?
I don't believe that any Athiest will exist either in Heaven or Hell.
---Elder on 6/23/13

Atheist: 'But I am not speaking on behalf of a non-existent devil'

How can you know that a being that is not in this universe (at least not always) does not exist?

Even on scientific terms, proving anything outside the universe is not possible for science.

What you really mean is that you have seen no evidence of demons.

That's how it works - it's sort of like spyware or malware on your computer - both work BECAUSE you don't know about them!

Maybe you understand at least how I mean it, that some things work best if people don't know

But you are a good challenge
---Peter9556 on 6/23/13

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Yes.Neither exist.
---atheist on 6/23/13

Atheist, whose behalf are you speaking? It isn't Satan because you say he don't exist and it isn't God because you say HE don't exist.
---shira4368 on 6/23/13

---atheist on 6/22/13

Make your post more interesting
say something like: let me be the devil's advocate I am not speaking on behalf of a non-existent devil. How can I speak on behalf of one who does not exist?
---francis on 6/23/13


But I am not speaking on behalf of a non-existent devil. How can I speak on behalf of one who does not exist?
---atheist on 6/22/13

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At an age they would understand, 8 or 9 etc. however if you read the Strongs concordance of the Hebrew and greek understanding Satan isn't just the supernatural fallen angel, but it also means adversary, devil, someone or something against God. So anyone without being possessed by demons can be a satan or devil if they oppose God. A government can be one as well. Look up the meaning of what you teach the children for a better understanding. Don't use threats like some church leaders do.
---womandisciple on 6/22/13

Devils do no exist, if you believe they do, please don't pass this nonsense on to your children. Shame on you if you do.
---atheist on 6/20/13

You need to make your post a little more interesting

try this next time: Speaking on behalf of the devil, let me reassure you that Devils do no exist, if you believe they do, please don't pass this nonsense on to your children. Shame on you if you do.
---francis on 6/22/13

This is like a mom saying to her child as they pass by a policeman ,If you do not be good he /she will put you in jail.Likewise if you do not be good the devil will get you.
If the child lies it would be because the child's decision not a devil's because the parent said "will get you "and did not say"the devil made you do it"
The child should be taught not to fear either one.
The devil has no authority ,power or ability to control the mortal mind since the spirit of truth( a teaching vaguely taught) is present with us and the policeman is serving the public safety.
---earl on 6/22/13

Shira: As far as light and darkness goes, scripture says that satan appears as "an angel of light" This tactic has been very effective!
---1st_cliff on 6/22/13

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We Christians know that Satan lies and is the father of lies. I just wonder how many know the biggest lie he told and how well it has worked?
This lie has trapped people like athiest into reading the Bible and rejecting its teaching.
There is no doubt in my mind that athiest knows the Bible very well. He knows what it says he just doesn't accept or understand it.
That is because he has accepted the biggest lie that Satan ever told.
That lie is that he (Satan) doesn't exist.
When someone accepts that lie and then finds out in the next life they have been deceived it is too late for them. That is because God has revealed Himself to folks like athiest all ready!
---Elder on 6/21/13

atheist, how can a person in darkness give light to someone else? you are in total darkness and incapable of light in your present state.
---shira4368 on 6/21/13


Shed the light.

While I'm waiting for the broken light you have to be fixed read this-

If I gave you 10 pennies marked 1-10 and put them in your pocket and shook them up and then pulled them out 1-10 in perfect succession the odds of that happening are 1 in 10 BILLION!

These are the kind of perfect accidents needed to form everything in the world by random chance. Millions of years are not enough time to explain how these odds were overcome again and again and again to form everything in the universe, much less the evolution of a single species.

On the other hand it's impossible for you to conclude God doesn't exist, to know that you'd have to be GOD!
---Pharisee on 6/21/13


I am here but to bring a little light into your darkness.
---atheist on 6/21/13

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Atheist why are you here?

This is Christianet, are you the official troll of the message board?

Because you say so we should all deny what we know and put our faith in random chance like you... Oh you don't realize you have a faith system?

Yours is called evolution, and your God is random chance. It actually rquires more faith to believe what you believe then to believe in Jesus. Blind faith at that. I used to be a member of your church. Challenge God, but do it honestly not arrogantly. If you do that you'll learn something you can't deny. GOD IS!
---Pharisee on 6/20/13

There are enough real things in this world that children must learn about and adapt to emotionally. Horror stories about devils, demons, and hells, told to children as matters of fact are simply child abuse. It is mean, irresponsible, and if told by an adult, questions the rationality of that adult.

Devils do no exist, if you believe they do, please don't pass this nonsense on to your children. Shame on you if you do.
---atheist on 6/20/13

The devil can be used as an egotistical way to control with threats. They need example of how to love > "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." (1 Peter 5:3)

What does he mean by "the devil will get you"? Does he mean children of God can lose their salvation? If they are not God's children, how can the devil get whoever he already has? Have they trusted in Jesus?

There is concern about if they are God's in His care, until they are old enough to knowingly trust in Jesus. It says if you are a Christian your children are not unclean but holy (1 Corinthians 7:14). Also, we have how Paul said the jailor's whole family could be saved > Acts 16:25-34.
---willie_c: on 6/20/13

//My father told my 3 and 6 year old that if they lie the devil will get them.//

what an excellent way to lead the boys into more lying.

//At what age should you talk about the devil or should you wait until they ask?//

you should ask God. the windows of opportunity will become more apparent.
---aka on 6/18/13

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I had a Catholic friend who told me that in the Catholic school that she went to, the teacher (a Nun) held her hand over a lit candle and said "imagine what hell is like"!
---1st_cliff on 6/18/13

Once as a child I came home frightened by a sermon about Jesus coming as a thief in the night.

Mother asked me, "What does a thief do?"

I replied, "He takes things that don't belong to him."

And she said, "And your heart already belongs to Jesus, so you don't have to worry."

Keep in mind that children of that age have lively imaginations, and sometimes think that what they imagine IS the truth, and will say it with no intention to deceive.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/18/13

I don't think you should wait to tell children the ultimate truth of the universe, but I don't think you tell them to scare them either. If they're scared from hearing the truth obviously the whole truth hasn't been told to them... There's GOOD NEWS!

If they've been scared I think you should tell them God is the one to be feared. (fear not them which can kill the body...) Furthermore I think they should know about Jesus, you shouldn't hold anything from them, many parents make the mistake of calling their children "my children" if they were yours they would never leave you, they're God's lil people and you simply have a job to do for HIM.
---Pharisee on 6/18/13

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