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Prayer Stop Smoking

I am a christian and I would like you all to please pray for me to stop smoking.. I know I have it in me to stop and I know God will deliver me.. I also know if we pray for one another it will happen.. thank you and God bless..

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 ---will on 7/22/13
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Family, any addiction -I truly believe If christians,esp.the church'folk would encourage them to be fasting,pray with them,it sure might help them to quit.
Sadly all kinds of addictions,yes, that can grip a person. I know only 1 sister who kept fasting,praying,never let up! On God healed her from crack cocaine! She still to this day the only one I know did it alone.I mean the church nobody did much except gossip.She was determined! She now,sings for many yrs. She is the song & praise leader..
She remain diligent. She been off drugs about maybe 15 yrs. Praise God! She the only 1 who has never gone bk.the other 2 mention before they bk.on drugs.Sad to report.
---Lidia4796 on 11/19/13

Lawrence, I know Christians who smoke. not that its right because its not but some acquire the addiction before salvation. I think a saved person would quit smoking one way or another.
---shira4368 on 11/18/13

If you was a Christian you wouldn't be smoking in the first place. There is NO such a thing as smoking, alcohol drinking, cursing, fornicating - adultery, carousing etc Christians. 2nd. Cor. 11 v 14 says there is the trinity Rev.17 v's 4 - 6 people are ( saved - kept in their sins.)

Acts 2 v 38 people Are saved From their sins.
---Lawrence on 11/18/13

lidia, let me tell you how great God is. I bought a bi-pap and pd 1750.00 for it. it didn't do any good for me. so I researched what I needed and found it. my dr. prescribed the trilogy. the good part is a friend of mine said her mom needed a bi pap and I told her I would sell it to her. God pricked my heart and said give it to her. so I told her I would give her mom my machine. the next day my trilogy machine was approved. If I had charged money for mine, I don't think God would have blessed me. I gave away a 1750.00 machine and God gave me a 10,000 machine. I am forever thankful.
---shira4368 on 10/28/13

Hello,Shira4368 SO VERY HAPPY for you! Wow! Sister, I tell you our God is SO GOOD! You and all my other friends onhere always in my prayers! I was just get ready take a little nap..but,you know I love read here...saw your text.You have a beautifull spirit and heart, I am very glad something praise God comes thru for you.. Thankyou Jesus for all you gave done. Much love.Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 10/28/13

lidia, I did get the machine I needed. it is called a triology machine. it didn't cost 6000 but 10,000. it is a miracle because under Obama care people over 70 won't be getting much of anything.
---shira4368 on 10/28/13

You have choice friend, only you who can stop yourself from smoking and no one else. I don't believe that God will intervene here, cos He gave us all the freedom of choice. You chose to pollute the temple of the Holy Spirit and you expect God to undo it when you know in your heart that u will not stop? God will not heal a rebellious heart. Stop posting ridiculous questions.
---Janz on 10/28/13

lidia, you are so sweet. thank you so much for your sweet words. thanks for your prayers. medicare requires lots of red tape and I plan on doing all I need to do to get it. it is about 6000.00. the machine forces air into your lungs and gets rid of the stale carbon monoxide that is trapped. I had it once in the hospital and I felt like a new person. I do believe God will answer my prayer. He always does but sometimes not the way I wanted. He will answer in His time.
---shira4368 on 8/15/13

Lord be praised! My friend Sis.Shira4368, my most sincere prayers go always for you, anyone , my dear Sister may they give you that breathing machine! Soon as possible! I decree in Jesus name. Glad hear from you! So,much I wish I could do for you & others . . love goes out for all my family here,we are real people of Jesus!
Thankyou so much for being here..
---Lidia4796 on 8/14/13

lidia,you are so sweet.thanks for the prayer. I need all the prayer I can get. my respitory girl is trying to get me a machine that I really need. it cost appr 5000.00 and medicare will pay for it if I do certain things. I all game for this one.
---shira4368 on 8/14/13

This for Shira4368, lool like they should give you one of those carry around Breathing Machine.. it looks like a handbag type thing!
Heavenly Father,Please help our dear Sis.Shira4368, if we was able we all would love come to her aid, but we realize you are holy,you in charge Now please bless us to be loving kind and all if us be united in prayer for our Sis.Shira4368
I don't have a family so yes I come to think of all on here my family and they are... no shame in my game!
---Lidia4796 on 8/13/13

Smoking is really bothering "Will" and he should pray and ask help from God. In the mean time we should pray for him too. He might be missing witnessing to others because he smokes, he might be getting sick because of smoking. We should pray for any brother or sister who is going through a hard habit or tribulation. Support our brothers and sisters.
---Mark_V. on 8/1/13

WE GOT THIS ALL SCREWED UP DON'T WE. Sin is disbelieving Gods word. Adam's sin was disbelieving Gods' word, do you think your better than Adam? If you want to put habits "Or what you call sin" under your feet. Learn to sow the Gospel. Jesus Mark 16:15 preach the Gospel not religious rules of men, but the Gospel. When you sow the Gospel you will reap the Gospel that is Good News. It will set you FREE. That is what the Gospel dose. John 8:36 Who the word sets free is free indeed.
---Bryan on 7/31/13

Pharisee, I tend to agree that if he thinks the way you put it, he might stop buying them. But disagree that a habit becomes a god. There is not one person in the world that does not have a habit of some kind. Many are bad for the body we know that. What we don't know is by what matter a person is going to die from.
Your advice is great coming from someone who does not smoke. If you smoke, why have you not done what you say? All through our lives we wrestle against the flesh. Too much sugar, too much fat, too much weight, too much alcohol, to much smoking, to much cussing etc. God is sanctifying us all through our lives. Just my opinion because the body will die, that is a fact, some way or another.
---Mark_V. on 7/31/13

Will I got an easy fix for your problem.


Every time you lay money down for them your saying it's your God, your paying homage to it with a sacrifice, it's money that your God given time energy and talent procured for you through his blessing, then you in turn give it to a false god, bring home this substance and worship at your altar (ash tray)

Start looking at your habit this way and it'll be a lot easier to beat.
---Pharisee on 7/30/13

"Mark_V. on 7/28/13" Amen Mark. Beautifully stated.
---josef on 7/29/13

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Will, since you wanted prayer for you to stop smoking, I will pray for you. I believe that when it's your time to go (die) you will go whether you smoke or not. I have seen great people who never smoke or drank liquor that died suddenly. Some died working out. Too much of anything is wrong for the body, but if it is not smoking, it is something else. If it bothers you to smoke then we should pray for you. If it interfers with you witnessing, then you should try to leave it. My grandfather drank a bottle of liguor until he was 95 and that didn't kill him.
---Mark_V. on 7/28/13

Cluny...Do you smoke?
---KarenD on 7/27/13

will: God knows better all the time & as you have been talking to Him to deliver you, be sure HE will. I was praying to God to deliver me from beer addiction. It took ~3 years, but the day & manner God delivered me from fornication: a reasoning came into me also to also quit beer drinking & that did it.
---Adetunji on 7/25/13

\\Cluny...He wouldn't be the first minister to lie about what God told him.
---KarenD on 7/24/13\\

And you wouldn't be the first woman to be wrong about what God told someone else.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/24/13

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Cluny...He wouldn't be the first minister to lie about what God told him.
---KarenD on 7/24/13

\\God probably told that man many times to put down the pipe.
---KarenD on 7/23/13\\

As a matter of fact, KarenD, you are mistaken.

He had prayed many times for help in quitting, and the answer came back, "You picked up that pipe without permission, and you won't quit it until I tell you."

In any case, God was talking to him, not to you.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/23/13

my dad started smoking when he was 16 yrs old. that was in 1923. there was nothing wrong (or so they thought) with it til hollywod actors started dying off. I use to be look out for my friend to smoke in the rest room in high school. my dad was a man of God but when we sin in the flesh, we pay consequences of sin. my dad passed away with heart disease from smoking. when I was growing up between sunday school and church, all the guys went outside to smoke. a different time than now. we know they kill. it was like drinking a coke now. would be the same if in 40 years science found coke caused cancer.
---shira4368 on 7/23/13

I quit smoking years ago by putting them down. I would guess that God probably told that man many times to put down the pipe.
---KarenD on 7/23/13

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We will pray for you. You also need to know that nicotine is the most addictive drug there, and the hardest to quit. Your body craves it when it's denied it. It is not a lack of faith to seek help from your doctor. My family members who quit all sought professional help. Some used the patch. Some used Chantix, and some used nicotine gum. I also knew a woman who went to Narcotics Anonymous, and used the 12 Steps of the program to quit. To be a member of NA, you only have to have a desire to quit your addiction, regardless of what the drug is.
---Grandma on 7/23/13

\\If you truly want to serve the Lord, you will do that.\\

Have you ever read THE HIDING PLACE by Corrie ten Boom? She describes how her deeply and devoutly Christian father smoked cigars.

Don't confuse evangelical cultural taboos with commitment to Christ, KarenD.

I know a deeply spiritual man, a priest, who smoked a pipe for decades, until one day God told him, "OK, George. Put it down now."

I'm not saying that smoking is a healthy habit, but it doesn't stand in the way of loving Jesus. Get over yourself.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/22/13

Clunky you are correct. People who have never had this addiction do not know what they are talking about.
---shira4368 on 7/22/13

Will...The only way to stop smoking is not to pick up another cigarette. If you truly want to serve the Lord, you will do that. God can deliver you of anything, but you need to love the Lord more than you love yourself and those cigarettes.
---KarenD on 7/22/13

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May God have mercy upon you and grant your petitions that are for your good and His glory.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/22/13

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