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Wear Hats In Church

Do the women in your country wear dresses and hats to attend church these days? Here in the U.K. I cannot remember when I last saw a woman in a hat, except when attending a wedding. Dresses are almost as rare also but I did wear one last Sunday when it was extremely hot.

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 ---Rita_H on 7/23/13
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Most of you will fight with everything within you to oppose God having the right to save whom He wills to save. You want to have that right over God, and get this, those who complain are all suppose to be believers who should be putting their dependence on God and not in themselves, yet they still want their rights over God. But all of you are wrong. "is there unrighteousness with God? Certainly not. For He says to Mosess, "I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whomever I will have compassion. "So then it is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy." (Rom. 9:14-16). The Word of the Lord.
---Mark_V. on 8/25/13

Nana, in answer to my statement,
"While opposing me, you oppose His sovereignty."
---Mark_V. on 8/24/13"

You say,

"Wow! I guess we should all 'apologise' to the royal hindness!!!
---Nana on 8/24/13"

I am no royal hindness. I am a sinner saved by the grace of God. And when I bring the truth to others like you, and you oppose it, you are opposing God's Truth. You hate me enough to oppose His truth. And get this, you believe you have free will to do that, but you are really in bondage to sin and don't even realize it. You think you are free but you are not, you are only doing what your nature is to do.
---Mark_V. on 8/25/13

Shira, you say,
"markv, you have ask for scripture on free will and you still don't believe. I don't know what else we can do to help you."
I have not seen one passages that states God gave free will to man. I don't believe in free will, is because the Bible tells us the condition of lost man. He is not barely dead, he is really dead in trespasses and sins. He needs for God to give him spiritual life. Otherwise he remains in bondage to sin. The whole Bible speaks of that. "there is none who understands, there is none who seek after God" This is the Word of God, how can I believe what you guys believe? Just not possible, I believe the Word of God. That God is in control of all things, including sinful man.
---Mark_V. on 8/25/13

"While opposing me, you oppose His sovereignty."
---Mark_V. on 8/24/13

Wow! I guess we should all 'apologise' to the royal hindness!!!
---Nana on 8/24/13

markv, you have ask for scripture on free will and you still don't believe. I don't know what else we can do to help you.
---shira4368 on 8/24/13

"Mark: Elder's given name is Elder."
Grandma, Mark knows that. He has been informed more than once. He just wants to try to aggravate me. I've had better than him try. I just toy and play with him.
Thank you for trying to explain to him. He just doesn't care. If he hasn't "read" it somewhere he can't think it out on his own.
Again, thanks for being involved. May God bless your every effort.
---Elder on 8/24/13

Elder, you know nothing of my mother. I only have one Father and that is God. Everyday, you complain and whin, never do you present the Word of God to show where I am wrong instead you whin. Yes, many have found me out on CN because, all those who preach free will. I speak the Truth, give explanations, and present Scripture. You give nothing concerning God. You are angered because someone challenged your free will doctrine, which does not exist. I suppose tomorrow you will do the same thing, you cannot help yourself. You should repent and ask God for forgiveness for challenging His right to choose whom He pleases. While opposing me, you oppose His sovereignty.
---Mark_V. on 8/24/13

There you go again Mark, spreading gossip by saying I am spreading it.
Ya gotta say something 'cause you have been found out by many on CN.
Since the use of my name disturbs you I'll just call you "Skid" Mark from now on.
I know your birth doctor told your mother, "Its a boy but it sure does cry a lot."
I do wonder though if you and Carla are sisters.
Please don't post when you are drinking. I know you love conflicts and it becomes your spiritual leader but you ain't very good at it, just like a lot of other things.
Let's see now Mark also condones keeping sinners out of church.... hummm he must not go to church!
---Elder on 8/23/13

Mark: Elder's given name is Elder.
---Grandma on 8/23/13

Trish, you know I have been saying for years, If someone is hurt I'd always send them to you. You would worry about how they felt if they were told they are not good enough to come to our church because of a sin?
Carla doesn't want them in church and Mark makes them not want to go. Wow! Then they call themselves Christian and try to tell others how to live.
It is still our duty to love those that commit sins against the Lord.
Jesus was a lover of sinners. He hung out with them. I guess He had his Carla's and Mark's too. That must be why He chosse to fellowship with known sinners.
Trish, your heart is in the right place.
You don't reject those who haven't found the peace that God offers.
---Elder on 8/23/13

Elder, there you go again, spreading gossip, by speaking bad about others, you cannot help yourself, thats who you are.
" I believe that what matters is what is in your heart. God is interested only at the heart. For what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart. You think that because you call yourself Elder, you have a right to go around and slander others but all it does is to give proof of what is in your heart. The spirit of the antichrist is within you, not the spirit of God. If the spirit of God was within you, you would be spreading love. Those that have the same salvation as you, love what you say. It's Friday and you are still whining and complaining from last week.
---Mark_V. on 8/23/13

Elder: I totally agree with you. Those people do not belong at Carla's church. They belong at your's or mine.
---Trish on 8/22/13

Carla, needless to say I have found out long ago that when I throw rocks at a pack of dogs the one that get hit yelps the loudest.
You are the one who comdemned a pastor and a divorced person. You are so above God's plan it is you that thinks they shouldn't be in YOUR church.
I just agree with you. I don't think they should be in your church either. I'll just guess that you have set the "standards" for a lot of other things also.
You do sound like a female Mark or our old Eloy.
---Elder on 8/22/13


what was wrong about your analysis is that you claim to know god yet you throw stones yourself.

my spirit does not bare witness to your reasoning, if you had shamed me in any way it would be because truth came from your mouth.

However, your spirit is not in-tune with the word or you would have used the word through wisdom to convict not mere sarcasm.

hypocrites are those that call good bad and bad good.

I pray that you will have a discerning heart and thus wisdom,to be able to rightly divide the word of God.

---Carla on 8/22/13

If you can find one I'll gladly attend...

However, you miss the point because your heart is fixed on scoring points rather than reading the word from a personal view, rather than a congregational or Western way of viewing salvation.

God did not do away with his word in fact he said Christ came to fulfil them. clothing is something you can get from a charity shop for little and nothing, clothing in terms of the latest gear is irrelevant.

I don't buy from top name brand shops, so I'm not who you think you are addressing.

pls stay with the grain and if you want to impress bring in the meaning of holiness, sobriety and shame, fashion is not the issue that you know well. [or] NOT!!!
---Carla on 8/22/13

Hello,Sis.Trish, good see you just want to say I agree whole hardidly, Rather be around people who the world "trashes!" But God turns into vessels apt for the masters service, they usually appreciate MORE their salvation,many become real SOLD heart and mind In love in mind ,body,soul for the Lord.. how do people think the song "Look where He brought me from!" Some people like myself, had hard lives...
We know this world is all but, what God has prepared for those who love him, we come from all kind of back grounds.. we don't have to be a shamed no more.. we are covered by the Blood of Jesus, old things past away. Thank God! Love goes out to you Sis.Trish. Lidia 4796
---Lidia4796 on 8/20/13

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Carla, watch it or I'll tell Sam Malone how you are acting in public...
PS: Your self-righteousness is showing.
I am glad you are so scriptually "learned" but still there was no one trying to stone the woman in John 4. That is the reference I gave.
The problem with jumping to conclusions is that one day ya gotta land somewhere.
You just keep on trying to kick people out of church, where they need to be, that way you won't be a bad influence on them.
---Elder on 8/20/13

Carla: I'd rather attend a church that welcomes street people, prostitutes, and addicts, regardless of how they dress, than one where everyone is perfectly attired, as you describe.
---Trish on 8/20/13

Romans 15:14 "And I myself also am persuaded of you, my brethren, that ye also are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge, able also to admonish one another."
Why admonish one another?
Of Christ is said, "Heb. 2:18 "For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succour them that are tempted."
We are not to Lord over our weak and fallen brethren, Gal.6:1 "Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness, considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted."
---Nana on 8/20/13


you miss the point of Christ and the adulterous woman, meaning the ones who wanted to stoned her rejected him... REJECTED CHRIST.

no one rejects a person who has come to salvation. No one calls out one in whom was once themselves murderers, fornicators liars thieves as such were most people including myself.

But ye are washed, ye are cleansed ye are born again, repented of your sins and yes sin less.

Do you uphold that which God abhors, sin un-repented, sin dressed up in salvation?

God forbid!

your enshrine foolishness in the scriptures that is for hypocrites to mask your own understanding, which is to mask what is sin and call evil good and good evil.

how could you know the difference?
---Carla on 8/20/13

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hats block the view of the people behind you
---francis on 8/20/13

Shira4836, bless you, I tell you,we sure have good times on here,well if you recall I was politely asked go on penpal :) ..leave the blogs)

I am trying to be good...anyway, a person said "like the old days partyline.." so,I left smiles,yes,I am fat and love me.
Anyway, I try to be nice, the word does say live in peace...
Love of Jesus! :)
---Lidia4796 on 8/19/13

If the word has gone to great lengths to identify that a man should NOT Be Covered then the opposite is for a woman To Be Covered. Whats the harm or subordination, or disrespect, whatever in being Covered ( in Prayer) whether clothes or head in the "house of God" we ought to dress correctly?. I never said in gold, in jewels, in leather, in silk... I mean modesty without breast, legs, and arms showing the flesh. We curtsey to HRM the Queen and dress like a VIP and walk into the house of the King as slovenly dressed women???? and no one can see the difference!
---Carla on 8/20/13

"I never thought my church would allow divorce and remarriage"
Yea I know what you mean....
Jesus had this habit. Just look at that woman in John 4. She had 5 husbands and living with someone now. He wouldnt even allow some to stone those sinners. Whata we gonna do???
Did your church allow murderers and thieves in also?
Humbug... Don't ya think church should be just for the "righteous" like you and me?
And look at the hospitals.... all them sick people laying arround taking up space so we well people can't get a bed. Not to speak of those poor ol' doctors that could be playing golf somewhere.
Maybe they oughta go off somewhere and die by themselves.
And then there are those hypocrites......
---Elder on 8/20/13

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lidia, I am always amazed how some guys like fat girls, manly girls and just plain ol girls. how did you get kicked out? just curious. I got kicked out once because this site was bad about leaving the first letter of a word out. I have racked my brain but I can't remember what the word was. that was a long time ago.
---shira4368 on 8/19/13

Hello,Shira4368, hope you feeling better, ha!ha! I got a kick out of your post, in reality, you would be surprized how things have evolved NOW! some men like a woman "cute" or/ "heavy deep" voice!

One of my friend's
a guy always bother her "he liked her cute ears!'"there are men who go "gaga!" looking at her ankles..heels,etc.

It surprize me as a young girl,alot go to church just to look for a glrlfriend!"
---Lidia4796 on 8/19/13

any woman who dresses to provoke sexual feelings to another person...mostly males but now days it could be females is not dressed modestly. why do women want breast implants? it certainly isn't for herself. I don't think ankles will provoke nothing to even the most vivid imaginations.
---shira4368 on 8/15/13

I will remain with the word, western societies have a bad habit of allowing what pleases them as do people in the world. I am nearly 50 years old and I have seen things come and I have seen things go.

I never thought for one minute my church would allow divorce and remarriage even where there has been no adultery, vanity has taken over big time, wearing of other peoples hair in the name of fashion, looking more European, bleaching what is very dark skin, the promotion of self more than the promotion of God. and improper clothing is rife to the embracement of the older women. Even there the rules of silence would be of very good use!!! simplicity is not shouting out about others but a sober attitude to modesty IMHO peace be with you!
---Carla on 8/14/13

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It amazes me how my question has brought answers about naked breasts, ankles and arms etc. How we digress here !!

We have some churches here in the U.K. where the term 'women should have their heads covered' is taken very literally and, if a female visitor arrives bare headed they are offered a triangular piece of lace to drape over their hair. It can be refused though.

I seriously believe that God is more interested in our presence and our attitude than He is in our mode of dress. Climate and culture play a part in this also.

We must each decide for ourselves without being judgemental of others.
---Rita_H on 8/13/13

Well Elder if thats a correct definition in which I despute it NOT! You need to either cover your head in church or insist your women are covered with a covering whilst in prayer or be shorn/shaved becasue that was the alterntive to being covered!
---Carla on 8/11/13


Perhaps you didn't understand anything I have said in this blog. Is baring the skin on one's ankles "modest" or not? Some societies think it is, some don't - and this is not a detail the Bible is specific about.

So how do we answer this question? It's not a matter of theology, but rather of local social customs.

Christians in the west (Victorian England earlier, the United states today) have a common conceit that their own cultural norms are the same as have been in effect everywhere, for all time, and are the same as God's cultural norms. But this is not true.
---StrongAxe on 8/11/13

" "modesty" is a term that may vary from place to place and time to time."

Strongaxe, since God is all ways correct the first time just what is He "context-dependent" upon?
It is He who established modesty. No matter what anyone says or feels His "context" is the correct one.
What has third world countries got to do with what He has said? Third world countries worship third-rate gods anyway. Some of their people starve to death while worshipping cows. We cannot determine what modesty is based upon anyones opinion except God's.
Hugh Hefiner has an entirely different opinion of what is modest. Would you like to see your mother featured in one of his magazines?
---Elder on 8/10/13

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strongax, you speak of women in some third world countries that don't wear tops. please answer this. why are third world countries void of the one God of heaven? why do they have any thousands of resources but are dependent on other countries to feed them? why are they called heathen countries? why did America prosper the way she has? why has America turned her back on God? why has God turned His back on America? why does America send food overseas and is confiscated and sold to its people? why does America do such stupid things as supporting the enemy? just a few thoughts here this morning.
---shira4368 on 8/9/13


In a nutshell, I have not been questioning the concept of "modesty" - just saying that it is a term that is context-dependent, and the specifics may vary from place to place and time to time.
---StrongAxe on 8/6/13

StrongAxe, you are on the right track. The words used in the Old and New Testament can be rendered many ways.
One refers to fortified places/fort. It can mean a covered, protected or strengthened place.
It can aslo mean disgrace, blemish, shame, unclean or indecent thing. It refers to male and female exposed parts, Gen 9:22-23 explains this.
It can also be used to mean, want or need of sufficient clothing.
You can be naked if you walk through a thorn infested area in shorts, no shoes, and no shirt. Or if you are dressed in long pants, boots with no shirt.
Proper covering and modesty, again, is the issue.
---Elder on 8/5/13

Most churches today are AV integrated, hats serve to prevent people from seeing the screen

no more large hats with flowers and fruits all over them

lady will you take that hat off , or sit in the back pew? I cannot see the screen your hat is too big
---francis on 8/5/13

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To properly understand what the Bible means, one needs to understand not only what words it uses, but what the words mean. For example, we use the word "nakedness", but do you know what the Hebrew word means?

I think that it refers to private parts, and not breasts (but I cannot state this with assurance - I don't have a concordance handy).

One CANNOT take the English word totally literally, because if it does, what about "naked" arms and ankles and faces? Other cultures would then rightly condemn us for baring these - which WE consider to be acceptable.
---StrongAxe on 8/5/13

When I was a little girl, I attended Catholic school, and was taught that girls and women MUST wear a hat, or veil, to cover their heads when attending the Catholic church. Otherwise, it was a sin, to enter without a head covering. Part of my school uniform included a cap, or beanie, with the school emblem sewn on it, for when my class attended Mass. I vividly remember one day a female classmate had forgotten her cap, so Sister gave her a clean tissue and a bobby pin to fasten it to her head.
---Grandma on 8/4/13

I believe all that Rita is saying is that the women of old wore hats to church, it was a fashionable thing back then, but now that is lost

Younger women today have a variety of fashion sense, including but not limited to hair weave
---francis on 8/4/13

Strongaxe, I agree with your answers as I did on the blog that was removed. This was my answer to Jed on another blog,
"Jed, I believe that what matters is what is in your heart. Just look at all those that God saves, drunks, murderers, drug addicts, Prostitutes, big heavy people, skinny people, bold headed people and people with a lot of hair. God is interested only at the heart. For what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart.
You might feel bad doing all those things you mentioned, so if you do, don't do them. You have to listen to your conscience, for the Spirit speaks to our conscience. So if you believe something to be sin, don't do it."

The world sees the outside of a person not the inside as God does.
---Mark_V. on 8/4/13

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StrongAxe you said, "Elder:
In some cultures (for example, ones in Africa), men wear little more than loincloths, and women wear grass skirts and no tops. In those cultures, such dress is considered common, acceptable, AND modest."
Just what is someone supposed to deduce from your statement? It sounds like, to me, you are upholding nude/semi-nude dress.
What do you suppose that God honors in any country, culture, climate or area?
The Bible teaches uncovering nakedness is sin... No matter how you look at it!
---Elder on 8/3/13


I am not talking about things God specifically allows or specifically forbids. I'm talking about things that are not specified.

I never mentioned "women who cover their eyes and bare their thighs". I spoke of African tribes where women customarily were bare breasted (whom we would consider immodest), and middle-eastern women who cover their faces and ankles (who would conversely consider US immodest). It would be arrogantly naive to assume that OUR sense of modesty is correct, and both the more permissive and more severe ones are wrong.
---StrongAxe on 8/3/13

Stronaxe, the culture we need to focus on is what God has said.
Do you think a woman who covers her eyes and bares her thighs is modest.
While I was overseas it was common for the locals to steal. Did that make stealing OK because it was in their culture?
Prositution is legal in Vegas. God says it is sin. So, which do you think is right? You don't have to answer I know you will side with God.
Does what man says or does negate what God has said? Of course not.
Modesty is not determined by anyones culture. It is determined by God's standard.
---Elder on 8/1/13

Oh this is a good one! I love hats and gloves, and I wish they would come back into style. Women ought to look like women, anyhow! Dresses, hats, gloves are so classy. If it's hot weather I am sure we could shop carefully for cooler material.
---catherine on 8/1/13

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In some cultures (for example, ones in Africa), men wear little more than loincloths, and women wear grass skirts and no tops. In those cultures, such dress is considered common, acceptable, AND modest.

We in the west would not consider it so here, but then again, who are we to judge what is modest in another culture? Do we want people in the Muslim middle east screaming that our women are prostitutes because they don't cover their eyes and ankles? I think we would regard their judgment with equally little weight as others should regard ours.
---StrongAxe on 8/1/13

The Bible... but omits specifics...."
StroneAxe, the Bible does give
specifics. Modesty is the issue. In some cultures women go bare topped and men wear nothing. Is that "fine" with God?
When the demon possessed man in the tombs got Saved and in his right mind he clothed himself. Those who are being influenced by devils will uncover their bodies and display theselves.
When Adam sinned God clothed him. Saints will be clothed with a robe of righteousness.
A "product" on display is normally for sale at some price.
How do you want/allow your wife or daughter to dress? What's on display for what purpose is the question.
---Elder on 8/1/13


The Bible gives certain guidelines, but omits specifics. For example, how low should a woman's hem line go, and how low can her neckline go? The Bible doesn't say. These are matters of prevailing cultural norms, which frequently change.

As such, one can say "your clothes are not acceptable for our church", but one usually cannot objectively say "your clothes are not acceptable before God".
---StrongAxe on 7/31/13

Well,in N.Y.C. my fond memories ,the most sincere lovable church people,we went to a home church,

They so kind,
every church in N.Y. extend love to the "street people" get prostitutes off the streets, put them front row,( Cover them up with big long shawls)
the older women sit with them ,disciple them, treat them with love,all converted! Nobody bother or mistreat them.
---lidia4796 on 7/27/13

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grandma....Guess you have never known anyone who believes in holiness in the way they dress. It is not unrealistic. Millions of people worldwide dress in what they consider to be modest apparel which means that the women never wear pants. I am not one of those people as I do wear dresses to church as well as dress slacks at times. I also wear jeans running around town. I just think it is silly for people to keep saying they wear only dresses to church when they can wear anything else when they walk out the church doors.
---KarenD on 7/27/13

All of these attacks on folks because they dress different in Church than at other places is foolishness.
Police Officers don't sleep in their uniforms. Some have little colored PJs.
Shirl is a giver to many ministries. Ain't nobody ever told her she was dressed wrong when she gave her money.
Why would I wear my Tux to church then go home and work on my car dressed the same way?
Again, the issue was addressed by Paul. It is all about modesty.
Many are blinded by their own "spiritually."
---Elder on 7/27/13

The truth is women used to cover their heads in the house of God and men used to remove their hats, Men still remove their hats but women as usual, full of vanity and pride, all puffed up with fashion and disrespect, women who obey the order to cover in prayer...they who tell you otherwise are lost in the world of self and do as they like, calling out others as hypocrites. It does not matter what anyone thinks, you dress like millionaires to see the Queen and curtsey at her command yet you stress the small stuff when it comes to the Almighty God.

But lets face it... the gentiles were called, the Jews were chosen a royal priesthood, not of an European nationality. So the falling away it largely due to coveting the world and its values .
---Carla on 7/27/13

KarenD on 7/27/13
Thanks karenD, i did misunderstand you
---francis on 7/27/13

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KarenD: A woman can dress like a lady in jeans during the week, and still honor God. I don't wear my nice outfits for cleaning or babysitting my grandchildren, because they'd get dirty right away. Jeans and a feminine T-shirt look just fine for taking care of those jobs I do regularly.

There is absolutely nothing hypocritical about dressing in casual clothes while doing housework or childcare, and dresses or skirts on Sundays. Your comment is extremely judgmental, and unrealistic.
---Grandma on 7/27/13

hello,Shira4368, for true
,culture plays a part, because I can remember in the Spanish for years if you went with a big hat,dressy fancy like sisters in church you would have been maybe even put out! years ago because it was consider "obstentatious" like in the bible dressing to get attention, that how they saw it..back in early 60's to the early 90's Now, in the midwest
You could not wear pants! either,it changed.
---lidia4796 on 7/27/13

Francis...You must have misunderstood what I wrote. I was trying to say it is hypocritcal for a woman to dress nice for church but then dress worldly when she isn't in church.
---KarenD on 7/27/13

karend, you are judgemental to the empth degree. you don't know what you are talking about. so YOU THINK I AM A HYPOCRIT? if you went to see obama how would you dress? well, I wouldn't care what I wore up there but I wear my best when I go to the house of God. did you know at any one time, many people are watching your life? my pastor and my church know I wear jeans unless I am at church. I am not trying to deceive anyone. I just prefer to dress differently for church. that is MY choice.
---shira_4368 on 7/27/13

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-KarenD on 7/26/13
think about the mindset that says: I am going to look my best in the world, and look like what ever in the house of God since God says render your hearts not your garments
---francis on 7/26/13

Sounds like a hypocrite when a woman wears only dresses to church but runs around in Jeans the rest of the time. I would call that a Sunday Christian. Just dress like a lady on Sundays Maybe this is why our youth are confused.
---KarenD on 7/26/13

clothes to wear to church are still cultural. that does not mean we can dress like my grandson said to his mom. "mom I'm not going to take a photo with you in that.....well, in that ...its a garden tool." he meant a ho. after I finished laughing she put him on restriction. that was NOT FUNNY. all we need to do is be decent. nothing less or nothing more.
---shira42368 on 7/26/13

wivv, my age is almost up with yours. my pastor wears suits, our ladies wear dresses even the teens. I have never worn pants to church because I was raised that way. I do wear jeans all the time but not to church. all my clothes are decent. wivv, yes there is a dress code in the bible.
---shira4368 on 7/26/13

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What a person might wear to church is a cultural matter and not a biblical one. The only people I see wearing dresses or suits to church are older folks. (Exception would be me - I'm 76 and wouldn't even consider wearing a suit unless I'm doing the speaking.) Most pastors I know, (and as a retired missionary I know many,) don't always wear a suit. Christ is more interested in our relationship to Him: not what we wear! Tid bit, when on the Island of Barbados, there was a dog what use to always come to church and sleep in front of the alter-no one minded.
---wivv on 7/26/13

Mary yes,thankyou, my friend
it was hard for me. it never let up! I don't get it? I talked to the leaders..they afraid to lose people.

Shock me the one woman WHO,she started it all,4 mos. Later..came to see me at my home ..crying Dr. told her she has
b.cancer! I told her Pray!
Get serious with God!
would not wish this on anyone!
---lidia4796 on 7/25/13

Hi Lidia, I am so deeply sorry you've been laughed at with your illness in so-called "churches"! Shame on those people and one day God will question them as to why they treated a cancer patient like that! May you continue to be blessed at home hon, take care, love Mary
---Mary on 7/25/13

Twenty years ago, my pastor preached on 1 Corinthians. Before we knew it, all of us women were wearing hats. It became a matter of conviction for us. Eventually, we changed from the fashionable hats to the small prayer caps the Mennonite women wear. I eventually fell away from it, but still have a desire to return to that.

As for dresses, in my Baptist church, the dress for women varies from dresses, or skirts, to dress slacks, and some jeans.
---Trish on 7/25/13

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bro elder, thanks for you loyal support. just another reason I love you and sis jareldeen. best friends I ever had.
---shira4368 on 7/25/13

"The Bible does not give us a dress code."
Strongaxe pay close attention to what Shirl has said. Her wisdom excels.
The Bible gave dress codes for priest, men and women. Nothing that brings attention to your person is allowed.
Men are not to dress as women, women are not to dress as men. Both are to dress modest.
The word "Modest" in
I Tim 2:9 means well-ordered outward appearance and also stresses good behavior.
God clothed Adam and Eve after they sinned, gives white robes to the saints and directs us in this world how to dress properly.
---Elder on 7/25/13

strongax, please read 1 timothy 2:9, God's children are told to dress modestly and not to draw attention to ourselves.
---shira4368 on 7/25/13

shira4368 wrote: I found a little church that women wear Godly clothes.

willie_c wrote: An immodest woman can use any outfit, just by how she shows an ankle or whatever. It's a spiritual battle thing.

The Bible does not give us a dress code. It doesn't tell us what clothes are "godly" or "ungodly". Such distinctions are usually intended to be spiritual yardsticks, but tend rather to be merely cultural prejudices. What passes for "godly" today (for example, a dress that ends just below the knees) might have been considered scandalous in centuries past (because it's above the ankle).

It often comes down to cultural prejudices, and these change constantly, while God never does.
---StrongAxe on 7/25/13

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Many of the women in black churches in the USA wear hats to church. Other than those churches, most women do not wear hats and haven't worn them in years. Living out here in the Arizona desert the only time I wear a hat is when I am outside. Dresses at church are worn by some women, but many wear dress slacks and some wear jeans to church.
---KarenD on 7/24/13

I haven't worn a hat, for any kind of occasion, for many years. I have such fine hair they just fall off or to a position where they are not meant to be. I look stupid in hats and don't wear one even for weddings.

I think that dressing modestly is the key and 'some' hats come in the 'ostentatious' bracket and are far from 'modest'.

God wants our hearts not our fancy outfits.
---Rita_H on 7/24/13

Well, ha! ha! I have to be honest Ni matter what church .. the women just do not like me. I donot like hats! I am a person, I just ignore people on this issue. I am single and been accused of everything ..only by the church women. I am either do not fit in the cliche or they say I look too, not my age. Or too ugly, no hair..on & on...
they laugh at me in this illness . Anyway I wear long skirts black mostly. I wear pants not tight. I just ha!ha! Am too sick to bother with the them no more so, I listen online. I liked bro. Steven idea but No one here visits, Happy with Jesus at home..unless my healing comes..amen.
---lidia4796 on 7/23/13

I was told once I could visit a church if I wore a hat. I kindly said if I have to wear a hat to go to your church, I wouldn't fit there anyway. I found a little church that women wear Godly clothes.
---shira4368 on 7/23/13

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An immodest woman can use any outfit, just by how she shows an ankle or whatever. It's a spiritual battle thing.

I know someone who is gorgeous, may dress lightly in the heat, but any time I see her I can be knocked on with "BE HOLY!". She has an instant messaging system or something, so I just glance at her and I'm getting "SHE IS HOLY . . . BE HOLY!!!" She doesn't have to say a word, and her love example feeds me.
---willie_c: on 7/23/13

People can think what they want about "church dress" but remember "for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.
The condition of your heart is more important than what you wear.
---michael_e on 7/23/13

The key issue is modest dress for men and women. One can be comfortably AND modestly dressed in all sorts of things--or equally immodestly dressed.

Here in hot Arizona, things are generally a bit more casual than in other places I've lived, and I don't mean just in church.

While I would prefer to see women cover their heads, as St. Paul directs in 1 Corinthians, I'm in no position to enforce it. There are also more important issues.

OTOH, I read of one Orthodox parish where all the women were convicted AT THE SAME TIME that they should. That's the best way.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/23/13

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