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What's Up August 2013

I know we are halfway through August, but I haven't seen a What's Up for this month.

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 ---Trish on 8/14/13
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Heavenly Father,I pray for our Sis.Trish, she really needs healing SINUS afflicting her so bad,It re- occurs only you Lord can make her whole,doctors many have tried,she needs a special touch oh,Lord we ask for mercy,heal this sinus condition.we beg you touch Trish all over her body,bring this sinus under subjection by your healing hand.We believe you can and you will! Thankyou Oh,Lord for all you going to do.
Ps.103:3 Lk.1:37
---Lidia4796 on 9/3/13

Trish, I hope you feel better soon!
---catherine on 9/3/13

Please pray that I'm able to get rid of a bad sinus infection. I've been on an antibiotic for 12 days, and am still very sick, worse than 12 days ago. I'm at an urgent care office waiting to be seen.
---Trish on 9/2/13

lidia, thanks for the sweet words. I know what its like to struggle. I did for many years. well God laid it on my heart to ask and that is why I ask. you are a precious person and I pray for your well being and I pray you will kick the cancer right in the old backside.
---shira4368 on 9/2/13

Hello,Shira4368, you are always loved & appreciated.. things are working out, smiles.. I pray for myself as well, I had ask for prayer because I help out my neighbor, I too,read between the lines,she kind of set me up!

But, I hold no grudge ...her boyfriend knows my late husband,he somehow got her in a bind,then they figure I am sick,NO did not take advantage ( I am too smart) women get jealous crazy. I do not date, I was able to speak with her.smiles..she NOT saved!

I learn do things peacefull & in order... you do not owe me nothing but Stay like you are!
I pray for anybody it the least I can do! I never ask people for nothing! .
Love of Jesus

---Lidia4796 on 9/1/13

lidia, go to shira4368 and if you feel comfortable in doing so, send me your address. I am reading between the lines on some things I may be able to help you. your prayers mean so much to me. thanks from the bottom of my heart. still wish you were my neighbor.
---shira4368 on 9/1/13

Wow! Hello,Sis.Shira4368 I'm sit here,so Happy!

You got that machine! Bless the Lord! It brings such a joy to me,it's 5:00am in the morning,this has made me,extremely happy! Thank you Lord Jesus, you know Shira4368, my heart goes into
every prayer...

I want to jump up & down,but ha!ha! neighbor- utilities be back on too,Tues.
God really does care..thankyou
---Lidia4796 on 9/1/13

lidia, thank you so much. I did get the machine today but I had to pay 1470.00 for 1 month rental until its approved by medicare. of course I cant keep doing that but God did answer my prayer. it is new technology for home use and a non invasive vent machine. I am just thankful I could come up with the money. you are precious to me.
---shira4368 on 8/30/13

Moderator permit-for Sis.Shira,
Honor this prayer - Heavenly Father,Touch deep upon the hearts
Any qualified personel Medicare,provider /Shira4368 Needs machine Help her breathe, we love her still!
we are one body in Christ but,many parts!

Bring it to pass
I beg you oh!God..

give our sister Blessing From you Lord!
Thankyou for your response by FAITH

Shower her Give the gift we plead for her,
Remember others CNT we do not know also in need.
they are family just the same, in Jesus name.Amen.
---Lidia4796 on 8/29/13

Praise The Lord. I feel so much better today. I still have some pain, but it's not anything like it was yesterday. Also, all the symptoms I had for months before the surgery are gone. I am so grateful. God is so good, all the time.
---Trish on 8/29/13

To Simone,wow! Canning,my late mom used to do that! Thanks,again
I am going to have take care myself,pray for my neighbors,I believe I'm happier I feel so,bad when people suffer! Trish, be blessed, seems they loving,caring folks! glad for you, I have faith things will change for the better.I always want to hope,pray for the best,No matter how it seems,looks or feels,emotions are flexible.God's power is real!we all depend on Him..very happy hear from you all!
smiles, love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 8/28/13

august is almost over and the good thing is I get paid the last day of the month. its too hot here to do much. just stay inside.
---shira4368 on 8/28/13

God keeps blessing me. This evening, my daughter's sis-in-law told me she arranged for the ladies at church to bring me meals till Tuesday. I am so grateful. God has given me a wonderful church family, with the kindest people.

I can also say that I do not have any of the awful symptoms I had before surgery. Praise The Lord.
---Trish on 8/28/13

Lidia 4796 Hi again. Busy month for me...doing pickling and canning. Plus we are going away for 10 days the middle of Sept. so busy preparing for that. Will be able to visit here more often in the winter. God Bless dear sister.
---Simone on 8/28/13

Hello,Simone,yes! So good hear from
you,thankyou, well I still am the same.
been wonder what happen ? to you. you name, smiles, I know perhaps you are a female,
in other places that name the "E" on the end..
I am doing fine.Keep in touch! Welcome stop by again! Love of Jesus! :) Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 8/28/13

Hi lidia4796,
I last sent a note to you in "What's up July 2013". How are you doing? To answer your question, I am a sister, not a brother. Making new friends is great. So many on here bite and devour each other, but you have a kind word for all. Keep up the good work.
---Simone on 8/28/13

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Wonderfull,Trish very glad the Lord stood by you,it' good news!
Be well,
remember your best for His finest! Love ofJesus! Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 8/28/13

Thank you for praying for my surgery. Everything went well. I'm home, with ice and pain meds.

My sweet daughter not only made me dinner today, she also arranged for her sis-in-law and a friend, both from church, to bring me dinner tomorrow and Thursday. God is so good.
---Trish on 8/27/13

Hello,Trish,sorry late with wishing you the best for your surgery, please know we all care, may the Lord give you healing,victory.. get bk when you can. Sincerely, Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 8/26/13

Trish I'm praying for you. May all go well with the surgery and recovery.
---Darlene_1 on 8/26/13

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I'm so grateful for what God is doing in my grown children's lives. He also blessed me with thoughtful kids too. My sweet daughter is willing to get me to the hospital at 6 a.m. tomorrow. Plus, she's going to make me a meal. God is so good.
---Trish on 8/26/13

To SisShira4368, See PrayerRoom message from me. Hope you get this soon.Thankyou,CNT. Love of Jesus!
Ps.91:1 Ps.23
---Lidia4796 on 8/26/13

lidia, I am not on christianmingle. I am only on christianet. also facebook. you can reach me at shira4368.
---shira4368 on 8/25/13

Shira4368, been all over Christianmingle, it really confusing..I got in finally,look all thru the people in Georgia, I just sent Christianmingle get intouch with you for me,left my fon number/ name. Wow! I have not been able to get the link leave my pic with my new profile name. Well I am going to send them another text they send me set-up for michigan/ maybe that will work,you find me..
God will work it out somehow, smile..really hot today! Lol Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 8/25/13

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Lidia4796...Buenos Dios Hermana. It is so good to see you back on these blogs. Been praying for you.
---KarenD on 8/25/13

Shira4368, hey, I am bk on just look up " Lidia Lizette Alvarez"
that name. You know I change my online name. Ok let me know if that works? Love of Jesus!
Hope it does.
You know I donnot have computer.this is android.
---Lidia4796 on 8/25/13

Hello,Shira4368, I am try to get on ChristianMingle.. got through still wait for clearance you know where make you over & over write letters, numbers for security..hopefully soon they let me in I put on my NEW profile CubanLidia.. make it easy for both of us! Smiles ..
It has changed abit... it might just work hope so! Lol God bless all my friends!
---Lidia4796 on 8/25/13

lidia, I looked up your profile but it says you are no longer a member. contact me on shira4368.
---shira4368 on 8/24/13

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Hey,I wish we could talk, I got free long distance in my plan. I would love to hear lots of great experiences your life,living for the Lord. I love to hear good happy things about how God works in people's lives! We all need encouragement. I am a happy person,when not in pain but, I know that the Lord is good. I met a lady at the clinic 4 times brain cancer, smiling,talking,she shared her story with me.. she has fibromyalgia,lots stuff like me..her name the same!
We are all going through sonething, God will help us all.. thankyou for your love,kind words..
Love of Jesus! Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 8/24/13

Shirl, Grandma, Trish, Lidia and a few others, you folks make it worth the time to come to ChristiaNet.
Thanks for your ministry and choice to serve the Lord.
God bless, keep on keeping on for Him. We pray for you all.
---Elder on 8/24/13

Sweet Lidia,
I've never read one offensive word written by you.

I keep you in my prayers.
---Trish on 8/24/13

lidia is always so sweet. no one could not love her. I wish we were neighbors so I could sit and talk with her about life experiences and bible. I love talking about the bible.
---shira4368 on 8/23/13

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Thankyou,Trish you are going thru so much, we are fortunate you and others give us your good company I got to say I apologize if I ever bad mood,I am in pain sometimes and I get frustrated .. if I ever say things harsh, I beg forgiveness.
Trish,pain is really a whole lot wow! They said 3 yrs.ago I had low tolerance..hmm..that's Changed! Big time!
Love of Jesus! Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 8/23/13

Thank you Lidia. That was sweet.

I appreciate prayer for my surgery. My concern is that it go as scheduled. I had to get a second test for MRSA even though the first test was negative. I'm praying this one also comes back negative as well. I'd hate to have to postpone again.
---Trisha on 8/23/13

Almighty God, We pray for Trish
we have an emergency! We ask you touch,heal Please this Sinus infection
It must be gone! Shedule gall bladder surgery Tues. HELP Oh! God,our trust is in You, thank you what You going to do, Mt.9:22(2) Lk.4:18 Is.53:4,5. Rom.12:3 Mt.17:20 in Jesus name.Amen
---Lidia4796 on 8/23/13

Hi Trish, so sorry about the sinus infection, will pray for that and the surgery coming up, may God bless you in the midst of all this. Hugs, Mary
---Mary on 8/23/13

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I have another sinus infection. Please pray I can get to the root of this problem. In the meantime, pray I get an antibiotic and get rid of it before my gall bladder surgery on Tuesday. Thanks.
---Trisha on 8/22/13

To Chria9396, smiles,thanks!

I believe more and more, it is so real, vivid wonderfull the gospel of theLord Jesus Christ, we are living in both a terrible,deceptive anything goes age yet,at the same time as one gets into delve into the scriptures, Jesus is got to pull your heart strings closer to Him...
keep Him at your side,NO matter how the wind blows..we got to hold on to our faith live for Christ.
---Lidia4796 on 8/19/13

Thank you Lidia
---Trish on 8/18/13

Heavenly Father,
Grandma, on fixed income,we know you will not withold any good thing, from your children,we trust YOU!

Open a door which no one can shut! She needs help re: computer
Please give her a financial breakthrough!
Your eyes see,your hand is not tied,your reach beyond measure
send a blessing,you are able to give new cpr or restore or replace, meet the need in the name of Jesus
we already thanking you!
I have faith Grandma He will move someway,somehow!
Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 8/18/13

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Please pray. My computer died and I've been trying to fix it. I really can't afford to replace it, because next month I am buying a washer and dryer, then I October I am getting some work done on my car. I'm on a fixed income as well. My God is gracious and He does provide all my needs.
---Grandma on 8/17/13

Hi, bless you Lidia, thank you so much for your sweet prayer and for just being who you are everyday. :) Love and hugs, Mary :)
---Mary on 8/17/13

Hello,everyone,had a problem / my post did not get through,Mary , prayer - For your husband Father Almighty,Everlasting is your love,please lift up healer,deliverer,Comfort & Saviour Jesus touch Mary' husband - give hope,mercy,good report, heal,deliver from all worry,YOU are in Control..Faith the key unlock this door- Renew,Restore pour out a blessing on this couple,let them Praise you forever in spirit and in truth.Let your power go forth the Blood of Jesus protect them both in Jesus name.amen.
---Lidia4796 on 8/17/13

Hi all, I'm waiting eagerly for the 30th, when my husband FINALLY gets the results of his CT scan on his lung, hope the month flies by and that he's okay, love, worried wife. :)
---Mary on 8/16/13

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I'm full of gratitude this week. I am reading an enlightening book about the grace of God. It was published 20 years ago. I wish I'd read it then. It's called the "Ragamuffin Gospel" by Brennan Manning.

I also just finished reading a dear friend's autobiographical account of her childhood. She described how she came to a saving knowledge of Christ, and was called to the mission field.
---Trish on 8/15/13

Fasting from TV this month. Not to bad until you try eating dinner by yourself or folding clothes, because that is exciting (sarcasm). I do have the radio it helps.
---Scott1 on 8/15/13

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