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Lost Faith In My Husband

I have lost faith in my husband who is the best minister I have ever known. He has chosen his daughter over me. She lives in our home and I live in a camper! Of course there is more to the story but I don't want to bore you.

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 ---Rebecca_Barnette on 10/13/13
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Your full circumstances as not known so it is difficult to answer the first thing is was your husbands wife prior to you deceased or was your marriage because she committed adultery?

2nd, If any of those then, I hear you, Otherwise you made a rod for your own back in more ways than just now having to live in a camper.

However, if your husband was right in remarrying then, being forced to live in a camper for what must be peace sake is wrong, If you are living with a man who puts his daughter before you, judging that you have been a biblical, fully committed and loyal wife and mother to his child, but found you have been taken advantage of, then you need to find a better place to live and this time choose God over remarriage.
---Carla on 10/16/13

Rebecca, I repeat - answer only what you are comfortable answering. No-one comes here to be bullied and no-one should be here TO bully.

However, it is assumed you wanted advice and it is rather difficult to give at the moment. Have another think about this and return if you feel you can share more with us and if you really do want advice about your situation.

Most importantly, pray about it and ask God to help you in the parts of your life where help is needed. He'll guide you to someone who can help.
---Rita_H on 10/15/13

Rebecca...Of course, you don't want us to hear the rest of the story. Why did YOU decide to move into the camper? Why are you JEALOUS of his daughter? Why don't you want us to hear the other side of the story? Are you the same Rebecca who used to post on her about all the problems she had with her mother-in-law?
---KarenD on 10/15/13

Rebecca, is it possible (without being too personal)to explain why you are living in the camper? It is difficult to advise without knowing how this came about. Are you there from choice or did 'he' tell you to move there?

Does the child have a mother and, if she does, what input comes from that direction?

Is your husband still working as a minister since all this domestic turmoil began and, if so, how does he justify not 'getting his own household in order' and how much of this is known to his congregation?

Do you still attend church - either his or some other?

Answer only those points you are comfortable answering.
---Rita_H on 10/15/13

Rebecca, you sound like the same Rebecca that use to be here on line. You have put your faith in someone other then Christ. If he is the best minister you have ever known, you must not know great ministers. But no matter how great they are, they will fail. All human beings fail. Jesus never fails. As humans we sometimes are very selfish. Maybe you are thinking too much of you, because she now lives with you guys. And she has taken his attention away from you. Think of ways you can all come together. You can do it if you try.
---Mark_V. on 10/15/13

You have your faith in the wrong person then. Your faith should be in the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, you should be focused on becoming a Godly Christian woman, wife and mother.

Never put your faith in a human. They always let us down, simply because they are human. Only Jesus is perfect.
---Grandma on 10/14/13

You say he has chosen "his" daughter . . . not "our" daughter.

Did he get a divorce and then you married him?

If he is a serial failer in marriage, he is not the best minister you could know.

If he is a serial failer, you have had the character to connect with him, which is not his fault. You both can get real with God and do better, or one of you can without the other.

Seek first the kingdom of God, so you have God and not merely solving your problem. Have you experienced how God is the best??? By means of trusting in Jesus, we can.
---willie_c: on 10/14/13

If your husband is the best minister you know, maybe you need to listen to Jesus cause he want kick you out of the your house into a camper.
---Bryan on 10/14/13

And your question is what, exactly?

You've not said how old your daughter is, or why you're living in a camper.

Do you want us to simply side with you and join in you in singing, "Oh, poor Rebecca?"

I think there's a whole lot more to this story than what you're telling--and I'd like to hear your husband's side, too.
---Cluny on 10/13/13

"I have lost faith in my husband..." "Have faith in God".
---Josef on 10/13/13

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