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What's Up November 2013?

What's up November 2013?

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 ---aka on 11/4/13
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Shira yes usually I find my answers on there but this time it only had instructions for the first treatment,ice,and its way too late for that . Yes he is taking them,I am really praying God will touch him,it usually takes a long time to get over strained muscles. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 12/8/13

Let me,say all respect to you bro.aka rather miss your texts! You have a good sense of humor,say things make people think..hope & pray you are happy re: Christianmingle ,)
To Pastora Karen,Darlene1 my sisters
I quit a long time ago with all the jewelry! Too dangerous! a lady who was fr ElSalvador, always with so much gold! Almost got killed! I told her many times,Go "Costume jewerly" NOBODY wants it! Or like me, NONE!
Safer & cheaper..
---Lidia4796 on 12/8/13

Chria, things have changed immensely for me in the past 3 months. I don't have a lot of time or inclination for this anymore.

How was your move?
---aka on 12/8/13

Darlene, I found the answer to my thyroid on line. the name of a good thyroid sight is STOP THE MADNESS. you won't believe it, but 2 days after my pastor anointed me with oil, I was in the shower and it hit me that I should get on the computer. I got out of the shower real fast and hit my computer. all of a sudden a window popped up on my computer screen and wow...there it was. internet is good for some things. Darlene, can he take muscle relaxer?
---shira4368 on 12/7/13

Shira thank you and you too are a very special person. I hope you are doing better now and know you are in my prayers everyday. Cluny my husband did go to the doctor finally with no results,only found out there is no broken bones and there is arthritis in his back but no help for muscle strain except pain pills. He is still in terrible pain. Thanks to you and all others who have prayed for him,he still needs it. I am going to a hospital site that tells how to treat such things and see if there is anything I can do for him,like massage,heating pad ,etc at home.God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 12/7/13

Wearing expensive jewelry around the community where we minister is like advertising to get robbed. But my main reason not to wear my good jewelry to church is that I feel it presents me as being above the congregation. My expensive jewelry was inherited, but I don't want people to think I am being showy. Of course, Lidia, can tell you that our Spanish ladies love their "bling" and I wear lots of the inexpensive kind. The ladies have made sure that I have wonderful pieces that are beautiful.
---KarenD on 12/7/13

"Hello chria and char. May God always bless you"

And may God always bless you aka!

It seems there may have been a part 3 to your posts which did not make it onto blogs? but know you are a blessing here. Peace
---chria9396 on 12/6/13

Darlene, thanks for sharing with christianet about robbery in the mall. things happen around here especially at Christmas. lidia, you are a blessing to everyone here on are a very special person and so is Darlene. please don't ever change.
---shira4368 on 12/5/13

Lidia thats great news I'm glad you are getting some protection. I have a lot of pretty jewelry my husband has given me as gifts and I used to wear it with no worry now I don't feel I can and it isn't big flashy jewelry just average. Since a lady was robbed in the parking lot of a mall near here I try to look around before I get in or out of my car to make sure no one is lurking nearby to rob me. I don't fear but caution is always wise. A lot of people in this State and here in particular carry legal guns especially since we have had two wholesale killings in this area. The old saying better safe than sorry means a lot more now than it used to. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 12/5/13

Thanks! Bro.aka with all respect to you.
God bless you & everyone in Jesus precious name.amen
---Lidia4796 on 12/4/13

Part 2

You need My Peace each moment to accomplish My purposes in your life. Sometimes you are tempted to take shortcuts, in order to reach your goal as quickly as possible. But if the shortcut requires turning your back on My peaceful Presence, you must choose the longer route. Walk with Me along paths of Peace, enjoy the journey in My Presence.

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

On the evening..
---aka on 12/4/13

Hello,Darlene yes! I have order some! Glad the Lord sure was with me,I can say , like 2Tim.3:10
vs.11 came to my mind "yet,the Lord rescued me from all of them"
Often, I am praying walk' down the street, Oh! the power of prayer!

times,whenGod gives (a feeling) you should avoid,certain people,areas,etc
Always pray before I go out!

If I get a feeling, don't go! I stay inside. Never question God! It has help me many times!
---Lidia4796 on 12/4/13

Darlene real quick.. it says on the mail thing " pepperspray..spray face area!" And run / get a way quick!
---Lidia4796 on 12/4/13

aka thank you that is a very good thing to hear you say it was for me and I understand why you said it. You blessed me and once again are an encouragement with what you say. God Bless Darlene
---Darlene_1 on 12/3/13

aka thanks for the encouragement from the Bible,it wasn't for me but it spoke to me. Sometimes the burdens are heavy but it is only God who gets us through...Darlene_1on 11/11/13

of course it was for you, but I cannot take credit.

Hello chria and char. May God always bless you.

jesus calling 12/2 pt 1...

I am the Prince of Peace. As I said to My disciples, I say also to you: Peace be with you. Since I am your constant Companion, My Peace is steadfastly with you. When you keep your focus on Me, you experience both My Presence and My Peace. Worship Me as King of kings, Lord of lords, and Prince of Peace.

You need My ...
---aka on 12/3/13

Lidea what a terrible experience,I'm so very sorry you had to go through that. I don't know the laws where you live but if it is legal to carry pepper spray you should get some and keep it in a pocket of your sweater or whatever you're wearing with pockets and spray an attacker in the eyes,that will give you a chance to get away. Praise God you weren't hurt badly. You are in my prayers every day. May God help you recover in body and from the attack. God Bless Darlene
---Darlene_1 on 12/3/13

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Wow! Hi, Char & all my friends ,)
Trish ,at 16 yrs. ..a guy came wit'a doll,wrap like a baby beg for food, he SNATCH my wallet/ all my $$ never keep alot of cash!!!

thank God!on the way to my dr. Know me,folks help me cross streets hospital area. There are nice people,too! ThanksTrish for sharing! Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 12/3/13

Sweet Lidia: I once had my purse stolen from a gym locker. My wallet had a custom made Mother's ring in it, along with cash I'd just gotten out of the ATM. My cell phone was also in there. A friend had left her purse in her car, and the thief took her keys, found her car, and stole her purse from her car trunk. I am still disappointed over losing that ring. It had little monetary value, but it had each of my children's birthstones in it.

I'm very sorry you had yours stolen. It's such a horrible feeling. I'm praying you stay safe.

---Trish on 12/3/13

char on 11/28/13,

Good to see you posting, a pleasure, a blessing and yes:
"Elena,Chira, aka, shira ...and others together -
Giving Thanks to God as Father for all His Glory..."
---Chria9396 on 12/3/13

lidia, I am so upset over your wallet getting stolen. I don't have any money but I do have a credit card, driver license, and military id card.
---Shira4368 on 12/2/13

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Hello! got get all again, I told you prayerRoom these little kids..kinda retarded but,hey
' took my wallet & things..
My wallet had maybe $2.00 ??
I guess somebody got them to do it!
I was hoping they would give it back!
NO They took off!

We talking kids....geez!

They were all over me, common "grandma!" I had to pray and calm myself,down.
Thankyou,Jesus! I am ok.
---Lidia4796 on 12/2/13

once I went thru my bedroom in the dark and tripped over a box. I was painting the inside of my house. Anyway I moved the box to one side, went thru my bedroom again and forgot I had moved it so I went around the box only to trip over it again. I wasn't hurt but I was mad at myself for a week.
---shira4368 on 12/2/13

Cluny yes we think it is the muscles too,thank God,and he is staying pretty much in bed.
---Darlene_1 on 11/30/13

\\He stayed in bed most of the day and then got up and went to have coffee with his friends so I think God is answering prayer.\\

This sounds like a simple pull of the muscle or something on that order.

I know that at my age, when I've fallen badly, a time in bed helps a lot.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 11/30/13

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Cluny thanks for the good advice,I agree with you,but he refused an ambulance when it happened,refused our children when they tried to get him to go to the emergency room. He stayed in bed most of the day and then got up and went to have coffee with his friends so I think God is answering prayer. He is a very determined man,not letting much keep him down. Thank you all for the prayers.
---Darlene_1 on 11/29/13

\\Now he is in bed with severe pain in his back,won't go to a doctor but God can help him. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 11/29/13\\

God works through doctors, don't forget.

He may have done no more than just bruising himself badly, or pulling the wrong muscles.

But he won't KNOW for sure.

If you have medical coverage, tell him not to be stubborn.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 11/29/13

Welcome back to those who have been off for a bit. Please pray for my husband,he tripped and fell yesterday. He managed to go on to the Thanksgiving Dinner but had to come home. Now he is in bed with severe pain in his back,won't go to a doctor but God can help him. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 11/29/13

Lidia: Welcome back.
---Adetunji on 11/29/13

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"Lidia4796 on 11/28/13"

Thank you, it's a blessing and pleasure to be here, and Of course I remember you, (Elena/Lidia), whether posting or not you and so many here are kept in remembrance, thought/heart.
All praise and glory belong to God alone, may God bless, giving thanks in all things
---Chria9396 on 11/29/13


Thanks Giving to Our God as Father for His Word...


13 Arise, O LORD, disappoint him, cast him down: deliver my soul from the wicked, which is thy sword:

14 From men which are thy hand, O LORD, from men of the world, which have their portion in this life, and whose belly thou fillest with thy hid treasure: they are full of children, and leave the rest of their substance to their babes.

15 As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness.

---char on 11/28/13

Elena,Chira, aka, shira ...and others together -
Giving Thanks to God as Father for all His Glory...

Ps 19(all)
19 The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth his handywork.
2 Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.
3 There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.

He that committeth sin is of the devil, for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil

Ps 17(all)

Hear the right, O LORD, attend unto my cry, give ear unto my prayer, that goeth not out of feigned lips.
---char on 11/28/13

Hey,glad you back Chria9396
We miss you ,too! Love your post, yes! Thanks,we need you too.

you may remember me?

Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 11/28/13

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Hello! Ritah. precious Sister, I did ha! ha!
not get like this over night.this my 2nd time with cancer. I just made up my mind, Refuse to give up.or give in " don't let the devil drive cuz if you let him ride He want to Drive!

I try to keep my mind focus on things that make me, happy! Pray lots!
going to get a guitar
start " messin'"with that!
ha! ha!
Do things keep your mind focus on make you happy

it a start! everyday I Pray Lord Jesus keep mymind- the body will follow my belief! It did NOT happen over nite. He will do it, all to
His will,either way I am a winner! have NO other help but him, Ps.23 Ps.91 Ps.103 Ps.64
---Lidia4796 on 11/26/13

Lidia, that is wonderful news God is good. You are very brave in the way you handle your illnesses. I'm a wimp I'm afraid.
---Rita_H on 11/26/13

Lidea praise the Lord that is wonderful news. God is the God of the impossible. Still praying Love in Christ
---Darlene_1 on 11/26/13

Sis. Lidia, you are in my heart and in my prayers, I am thinking of you. Hold tight to the Lord.
God's Word:
"My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness. Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." ( 2 Cor. 12:9).
May the power of Christ rest upon you. Peace
---Mark_V. on 11/26/13

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Lydia, I didn't know your surgery was as serious as the one you had. Are you still in hospital? I pray you will heal quickly and happy they found no cancer. God bless you.
---shira4368 on 11/26/13

Good News! I am out of surgery, and really tired... happy to tell you all my friends..All praised to My Jesus! Cancer has NOT SPREAD to my stomach nor Colon. Thankyou All my people who took the time to pray for me...
I am so happy! I still remain with breast cancer..but,,this a victory!
I am so,gratefull... my healing by faith is going to continue..
I am so excited I can't do nothing but sing! Praise the Lord! The nurses and my cancer doctor so happy, gave a
small cake! And wow! Cranberry juice! "I fill on top of the world"
Love of Jesus! Forevermore..
---Lidia4796 on 11/25/13

KarenD. Your mother very wise..alot of respect for you, love advice you give.

Shira4368, I shut dwn my facebook few who liked me to"unhealthy" extreme and people who did not like me- rude, evil hurtfull, foul insults toward me my account has been trouble, " block" a few people.

facebook 6 times shut down my fon for hours! Daily, they imform me acct. got broken into /virus protection, still it a no trust!

one church, of took OVER my account ask $ to S.A.

I never solicit them.wrong!!! It not for me, facebook .

Unbelieveble the foul mouth, hatefull & ignorant hurtfull remarks people put on my account. we still friends.. lol Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 11/24/13

Ive moved and been without internet and/or occupied with the move for some time, and have missed cnet.

Glancing through a few bogs, Cluny, may God bless and heal.
So many here on this blog and other blogs that I would like/hope to respond to soon.

God knows all: that includes your pains, thoughts, hopes, and fears, and He loves/is love, is patient, kind, good, gracious, merciful, all wise, perfect in all His ways. There is none other, and He is sufficient.
May He continue to bless cnet
---Chria9396 on 11/24/13

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Darlene, my brother was abusive to mom and dad. He never hit them but he yelled at them so neighbors could hear. He stole from them and when my dad passed away, my brother who was living in dad's house stealing money, and he didn't want to move like dads will said. We'll I'm no judge but my brother ended up on a vent in nursing home and lay there 6 yrs.i just don't think anyone can mistreat their parents.
---Shira4368 on 11/23/13

I am thankful that my mother was a very intelligent woman who made decisions for herself before we had to make them for her. She downsized to a rental house where the landlord kept things up for her and sold her big house and everything in it and enjoyed years of traveling before she passed away. She picked out her own casket and paid for the entire burial. She wanted to make her own decisions and made them wisely.
---KarenD on 11/23/13

Darlene1,Shira, it hurt me,I had no way to get mom's funeral.

week before she took me view body ,told me,hurry me & myhusband got plans.

2 yrs.later,I find out,they spent my mom's $ for burial /trip to Dubai!
It hurt,$ 30,000 they stole.Let my mom in a card board box,ashes! yes,
relatives can be evil,I love my daughter.She has hurt alot of people.
I still believe she a sociopath.
Maybe this becuz I had cancer,when pregnant with her. God help her.
---Lidia4796 on 11/23/13

Shira thanks ,but no she had the money saved and it a little over $5000.00 with her small insurance policy too so I wouldn't do that when she has even chosen her casket. A good funeral here is $8000,00 and up. We do have a budget funeral home and I'm considering a graveside service for $3800.00,it wouldn't be so hard if I wasn't trying to have some left for her checking account. I don't blame you a bit about your brother some things you just can't do,I agree family first.
---Darlene_1 on 11/22/13

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Sis, Darline, I am praying for you. When my mom was in a nursing home, she called me, begged me to get her out take her home, She told me she was counting on me. I flew to Texas took her home and stayed with her. The first night was terrible, she needed to be cleaned and would not let me do it. All night she complained. I went outside and prayed, begged God to help me. In the morning I called a lady, whose name was angel, who knew my mom. She came right away, and told me she would stay with my mom until she die. to go back to California and she would call me if she got worse. Talk about an angel. It was a blessing from God. She took care of mom and lived there with her until she died. God always answers our prayers no matter how they might be.
---Mark_V. on 11/22/13

Wow Darlene, you are carrying a heavy burden. Have you thought of cremation? I know that sounds awful but my family has that done because my brother made no provision for anything. He always lived off someone else and when he was dying he called me and ask me if I would pay for his funeral. I told him ok but had no intentions of taking from my family for him. He was on a vent for 6 yrs flat of his back and he called me everyday and begged me to come get him. He tried to put me and my other bro on a guilt trip.
---shira4368 on 11/21/13

Darlene,you are a dear soul, sure be glad things get better for us all.It' very lovely prayer you did for me.I think you made a good decision,your mom needs to be happy,my prayer she be alright.thanks! to all. Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 11/21/13

Please pray for me I am under tremendous stress because Mama is nearly completely broke,I'm afraid she will soon. I am going to try to get her on Medicaid so she can go back to the nursing home where she needs to be. If it wasn't for trusting God to make a way where there seems to be no way I would be even more in distress. Also pray I will find a Funeral Home that the little bit of money she has saved will give her a nice funeral. I hoped I could find one cheap enough she would have some money left to use now. All that and surgery again for me Dec 16. God Bless Thanks
---Darlene_1 on 11/21/13

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Lidea You will be in my prayers and are even now. May God give peace,health and happiness. May God cradle you in the palm of His hand and lift you above the pain and give you strength that keeps you and a quick recovery. God Bless Loveya Darlene
---Darlene_1 on 11/21/13

Note: quick, let you know all my friends,got somebody watch my apt.I go into hospital Monday, so, I will need your prayers! Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 11/21/13

Hello,With the utmost respect to our Bro.Adetunji , truly thankyou for your prayer wish for me. I can thank God for so,much and I am gratefull to all well-wishers! Praise the Lord!
Sometimes my way may not be easy, the load gets heavy,but I say Jesus take
me to/ from where I got to go, and if he not too,busy keep me around ha ha just a while longer! Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 11/19/13

Thankyou,Shira4368, you are special in our heart(s).
I learn alot from you ,others.

I pray RitaH. You be well,in prayer for you.
Darlene1. I'm here,thank the Lord.Thanks! for your advice," I don't mind waiting on the Lord!" Like the song says..
I pray every chance,before
I go outside, I pray should I go now,Jesus? If I pray and feel like he says "wait".. I wait. He is my every protection. I began to see well, No use complain get to praying.. Jesus walks,talks moves,sees hears.. he not a blind God! Smiles..He will let me know & if it truly, His will.. it will not be a struggle to move,etc..
Darlene1 we all love you, keep you always in my prayers. Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 11/19/13

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May the good Lord send you help Lidia in your struggles, even from sources unknown and or unexpected in Jesus' name.
---Adetunji on 11/19/13

Lidia, your post breaks my heart. I am praying hard for you. God hears your plea. He will answer our prayer. I have always wondered why some people struggle while others have everything. I don't know the answer but I know God can work miracles. My heart is with you Lidia. Your are special to me.
---shira4368 on 11/18/13

Trish and Lidea thank you both for your prayers. My friend and I have been friends for 66 years plus she is my husbands cousin which gives us many ties. Lidea I think you are wise waiting on the Lord for your answer,it isn't good to make major decisions when you are sick and in pain. Shira thanks for always being tender toward my prayer requests. You all mean so much to me and are in my prayers every day. Loveya,God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 11/18/13

Mary thank you so much for your prayers. Yes its sad,and even sadder that she lost two to cancer and her husband too and she has had it 3 times and is even now fighting lung cancer and winning with Chemo shots every month. She has had it for 3 or 4 years so I thank God He has kept her and she is active too with a few limitations and I must tell you that is a testimony to what Christian Faith does when we trust God in faith He does the rest. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 11/18/13

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,Shira4368,you can not imagine how many times wish I could move! I have cried,prayed. It is hard.I do not have the energy,health I had yrs.ago! I will wait on the Lord.I have seen alot of people move & had to move bk.I have days I am just in bed. I thank God He really does take care of me.I think it best keep in prayer & wait on Him.Nothing is impossible with God. I believe with all my heart.Darlene I will pray the lady God bless her - healthy baby, in the future.I have lost babies,too.Mt.19:26
Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 11/18/13

Wow, I will pray for your friend, Darlene. My Mom is 87, and we buried her baby boy, seven years ago, and her firstborn, five years ago. I honestly don't know how she keeps going. I'm not sure of her relationship with the Lord, because of her mental illness. I just keep praying.
---Trish on 11/18/13

Oh my gosh!! Losing her 3rd child?! I am praying for her, my mother has lost both her sons and I don't know how she copes--day by day I guess. God bless you for posting too and I am praying for you, hugs, Mary
---Mary on 11/17/13

Mary thank you for your prayers i so appreciate them. please pray for my dear friend and my husbands cousin's family,she is my age 75,and just lost her daughter yesterday .This is the third child she has lost and this one was her "baby" of the family. You are always in my prayers. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 11/15/13

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lidia have you thought about moving away from Detroit? I don't know how your funds are but was wondering if you could move. you are on my prayer list sweet lady.
---shira4368 on 11/15/13

Thankyou,all for response, Our situation here,so,mess'up for real,my complaint/ 1st thing my friends told me(they also cancer patients) this company guarantee you a ride where ever for dr.visits,surgery,etc. I have been thrifty not wastefull,honest. I will pay a taxi,the dept.on Aging( for seniors) Detroit,area - they are also,pretty much bankrupt.I used to call them to take Julie for appts. They sent us a veteran, it's a shame,
older SENIORS!! Are basic who
they send & they tell you try get somebody else NO funds!
the poor guy they sent was himself, hardly able to walk!
Right now,it pretty strap(out of funds) this city. I will be ok.
God bless me & I will carry on. I think the Lord for CNT.
---Lidia4796 on 11/15/13

Lidea my prayers are with you. May God be with you through it all and keep you with His power and love. Thank you for all your prayers for me. We have a wonderful prayer family on here. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 11/14/13

lidia, my sympathy is with you. our health care is screwed up. since I have medicare and tri-care, I have federal funded health care but what I am hearing is not good for seniors. Im sorry you have to ride the bus or taxi to go back and forth to dr. our county has a service for people who don't have a way to go to dr. check and see if your place has the same.
---shira4368 on 11/13/13

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Ok,Good news, my doctor in this case the Anethisiologist says she wants to be there and so,all I have to do go bk and forth by taxi.. she will be there on the floor make sure, I am taken care of properly. Thankyou,Jesus!

Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 11/13/13

Hello,Family,I really need your prayers, I have been mess up/Obama behind it... I am to have surgery nxt week, They the provider now, tell me that the computer says I am being denied " being taken to/from my surgery!" I was instructed to take myself by Public Bus system! Thanks! Obama .. Our system here as well as over seas other countries,too
No one cares about Babies & Old people! They said it's not a computer error, I told the young lady, I am not mad at you... I am just mad! Went online, it'linked to Obama - care or lack their of... How to do away with old folks, the poor & babies? or just politics??
---Lidia4796 on 11/13/13

Hello,darlene1 hope & pray you be alright,safely (Jesus blood cover you)the hands of the doctor,nurses,all assist in your surgery,Lord give her comfort that passes all understanding,bring life,healing to the area arm that can not move,so she can go see that mother anxiiously await her lovable daughter
all I beg you,let her recovery be your victory- witness for the power of Jesus christ.wipe every tear,turn it to joy,testimony of your greatness! Amen.
---Lidia4796 on 11/13/13

Hi Darlene, I am so sorry, you are in my thoughts and prayers for this next surgery, may God bless it and heal you, hugs, Mary
---Mary on 11/12/13

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aka thanks for the encouragement from the Bible,it wasn't for me but it spoke to me. Sometimes the burdens are heavy but it is only God who gets us through. I fell in March and dislocated my shoulder,tearing the Rotator Cuff so bad it pulled down into the upper arm,terrible pain. In June I had surgery and the doctor did repair it but my bone he attached it to was weak,osteoporosis,and it tore loose. Now I have an appointment for surgery again Dec 16 and only through God do I have peace that passes understanding. It must be done for I can't raise my arm up. On top of that my 95 year old Mom needs me although she has a caregiver, and I can't drive very much to go to the town she lives in even to see her,though its only twenty minutes away.
---Darlene_1 on 11/11/13

, and see how I have helped you through difficult days. If you are tempted to think, Yes, but that was then, and this is now, remember who I am! Although you and your circumstances may change dramatically, I remain the same throughout time and eternity. This is the basis of your confidence. In My Presence you live and move and have your being.

So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

But you remain the same, and your years will never end. Psalm 102:27

For in him we live and move and have our being. As some of your own poets have said, We are his offspring. Acts 17:28
---aka on 11/8/13

From jesus calling:part 1

November 8

Learn to appreciate difficult days. Be stimulated by the challenges you encounter along your way. As you journey through rough terrain with Me, gain confidence from your knowledge that together we can handle anything. This knowledge is comprised of three parts: your relationship with Me, promises in the Bible, and past experiences of coping successfully during hard times.

Look back on your life....
---aka on 11/8/13

Hi, happy belated birthday Trish :) And hi Lidia, God bless you honey and keep up the great attitude, you inspire me, love and hugs, Mary :)
---Mary on 11/7/13

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Hello,Shira4368, my best to everyone.So,exhausted!God good no matter what happens,how I feel or what people say -He( the Lord) working it out! had lots of x-rays done,lower body.Keep all the chronically ill in your prayers! Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 11/6/13

I am responding to Christian. You and Markv are I the same person. Your post are exactly like Markv. Don't tell me I've taken scripture out of context, because your predestination doctrine is so far out of context and frankly all your doctrine Is far out. To be a baptist you aren't inline with them.
---Shira4368 on 11/6/13

God is good and very gracious.
---aka on 11/5/13

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