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Loving To All On Blogs

I am making a New Year's resolution--to be loving and charitable to everyone on this network, if they agree with me or not.

What are you, personally going to do to make these blogs a place where we can share our love, instead of our enmity?

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 ---Monk_Brendan on 1/1/14
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Hello,my good friend Sis.Rita,smiles,
you are a blessing,too! all.respect you made my day,pray for me. I have been praying a long time,God move,I am.a much gentler woman.long like 1Thess.2:3,4,5. It' a serious relationship between me & Jesus-He heard my cries,I need here help.somehow and! Smile..keep us in.prayer.look.forward to.your posts,too. Kept waiting see who exactly was writing of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 5/22/14

Elena, thank you so much for your loving comments. This site is not what it used to be and many good contributors are gone. We should all be loving and gentle. That is how God wants us to be. Even when correcting someone He wants us to do it with love and not sarcasm which, sometimes looks like hatred.

I love to see you on here - you are a truly gentle lady. It makes my day brighter when I have read your comments.
---Rita_H on 5/19/14

To Bro.Cluny, concern Sis.Shira4368,honestly explain how her husband had a friend who married them,etc.. Bro.Cluny be kind & let the amnesmosity go,you a intelligent brother

,it tough world but,not all people are the same.

My dad white & Cuban.I look.very dark,I am mix but yes,
a black woman.

Not everyone is racist in the south.I.been.dwn south alot
all the people kind.

The past is the past.

your gift to write English-language so,good and proper.

Let' bury the hatchet ..welove and respect you brother.Shira4368 knows she is loved.

Forgiveness is for every Christian not just one..Br.Cluny.

Love of Jesus! Elena 5999
---Elena9555 on 5/19/14

Hello,to Kathr4453, thanks alot.Well just take a minute, to all my friends here,Shira, Mary, Kathr4453,Rita, etc. you all mean alot, no family to talk to/ CNT worldwide family....
Mean alot to me.I'm just a regular person,want to always be open to learn, learn how to study, be quick to be carefull, loving, charitable to others!

Love of Jesus!

important! Love of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 4/22/14

Elena, just want to clarify that obedience unto death mean death to self and our old Adam nature.

---kathr4453 on 4/22/14

Hello,Sis.Kathr4453, thankyou.I love you in the Lord, keep me in prayer yes! I want to learn to be obedient unto death, if that the Lord does not heal me.It' very hard, brutal,takes away alot, but, I know God must be first love, healed or not.He changes not, I miss my daughter, but even she can not separate me from the Lord.
I believe you, lot others on here are really serious, care about souls, on here.God bless you all, you know who you are..I wonder about different ones who are sold out to God, sure do miss them..
Love of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 4/22/14

Elana9555, that is an awesome story and thank you for sharing it...WOW, and yes, what great faith and obedience she had and showed and was able to see the fruit of that obedience of faith.

I love it....thank you for sharing that.

XXXOOO I'm praying for you Elana.
---kathr4453 on 4/22/14

To Sis.Kathr4453,all respect- here re: the gift of Faith blogg, God works many ways, the Lord CAN bless in the worst of situations.Even a family in crisis. God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.I knew a minister woman of God, she had great faith, she ran to help out a family in Crisis, on her own late 12am! at night.
She had such faith, she sat all night with this family, who son was dying, she prayed talk to the little boy until the wee hours, up to the next day because of her love for souls and faithfullness, that child went home saved into glory...the father and mother both got saved.If it had not been God sent her, by Faith that child, that family would not be saved today!
Love of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 4/21/14

Dear Elena

May GOD continue to be with and may you and your loved ones continue to walk in JESUS.

---Samuelbb7 on 4/18/14

Hello, everyone! We are blessed to be here, have CNT. I have found out and let me say Bro.Luke, Bro Samuelbb- all respect to you here, you really make me happy hear such nice comments.I have decided if someone
writes something rude, just better not answer - give o'er to pray about it.It' hard to arque if the person will not argue, if you read it o'er and think "hey, maybe they are right, their point but, being angry can confuse the point they're trying to make..take it to Jesus! He will help both..prayer changes things, we are here to show the love of God and learn.I also, believe it is disrespectfull to bad mouth my elders. That how I was raised.loose lips sink ships..the tongue is unruly fire! Love of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 4/17/14

//I pray that We all seek to be loving and kind. No matter how much we disagree.//

Loving, kind and respectful should be the way every individual who is born of God should be conducting themselves. Not out of their own power, but the power of God the Spirit.
Many feel attacked, when it is only the truth that is quoted. Those who feel attacked should never feel that way with the truth. The truth convicts the heart of individuals.
---Luke on 4/17/14

Thanks! Please Mod.Permit- Prayer for Our Sis. Trish & family
Goodmorning Jesus! Thankyou for the blessing, life, love & limb.I want to
take a moment, please help Trish & her relative who lost his wife, soon after baby born.Maybe Trish is helping him, out.Lord we ask your tender mercies BE with Trish, her mother, all her family members, we include her church family. Meet the needs spiritually, financially, health and in their homes, let the love and mercy of Our heavenly father be present and never too, far away let us
here be united in prayer Trish and her loved ones.amen.
---Elena9555 on 4/14/14

Hello,Shira4368, I also believe we still have to loving in a Christ like manner, prayerfull,forgiving,remember me & a friend who I use to help so,much we really disagree about Pres.Obama, we made peace.
She was really mad! She spoke to me on Dec.24, since then hasn't spoken.
Race has nothing to do with it, she quit talking to me. It' his policies,etc.We just have to pray, I pray for him
and his family,our veterans,etc..

Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 2/25/14

I must admit, I've gotten angry on cn when Markv told me I wasn't saved and I have a false god. I don't know how to be tactful like others here, I just say the truth as I know it. My family says I'm the peacekeeper in the family but sometimes I wonder. I'm a peaceful person or at least I try. I don't hate anyone but I dislike Obama. I am blown away as to how he got elected. We still should pray for him. I pray he will be saved. That's his only hope.
---shira4368 on 2/25/14

I pray that We all seek to be loving and kind. No matter how much we disagree.

Agape to all
---Samuelbb7 on 2/24/14

"To Bro.Josef, all respect to you brother you alright with me. No problem here." :o) Glad to hear that SIs. Lidia, because I certainly am not here to cause problems. All respect to you as well. Thank you for your response.
---Josef on 2/24/14

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To Bro.Josef, all respect to you brother you alright with me. No problem here.Thankyou very much all the same.
I promised the Lord let me be always a kind person and try to be a peacemaker .
Smiles, love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 2/22/14

"believe this is a good service they are doing."
I agree Sis. Lidia. I did not mean to imply otherwise. Thanks.
---Josef on 2/22/14

To Bro.Joseph all respect. I am here, from the "Hell Suicide Post"

we should feel free to speak on the bloggs. I've had posts didn't get on..In prayer ,serious thought. The Lord answer me 1 night!

The Bible says 1Cor.10:23 and 1Cor.6:12 using words in the verses - Expidient , Benificial or the word Permissible ( I had some topics ..NOT beneficial )

I ask the Lord to forgive me.

Better Bible or subjects NOT so contraversial. gratefull, always! believe this is a good service they are doing. Thankyou, Bro.Josef & thankyou, CNT.
---Lidia4796 on 2/17/14

A philosophical understanding is usually a personal desire/effort. I did not say that we should not rely AT ALL on the message of scripture (understand God's MESSAGE, not the TEXTUAL/literary content). We shouldn't BE DEPENDENT on scripture text (rely on Jesus and the Spirit He brought).

Only JESUS hung on the cross (neither does the "bible" have any marks from the crown of thorns)....(The Father wishes that you would acknowledge His Son's suffering and pain....scripture did not cry out in pain...JESUS DID!!).

Acknowledge today and forever that the "bible" and JESUS are NOT the same.

Jesus said "ALL AUTHORITY in heaven and on earth have been given TO ME". ALL HAIL JESUS forever and ever AMEN!
---faithforfaith on 2/11/14

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Faith, I totally agree with your last post. You are correct, but you are correct because the Bible tells us all those things, otherwise you would not know. What we know now and what will be revealed to us comes from the Word of God. But after a person knows those things, we need to continue studying the Word, because at no time do we know it all. God reveals things to us a little at a time. But I agree on what you said. And prayer is very important for the believer, we are told in the Bible to pray without ceasing. In the Spirit on all things.
---Mark_V. on 2/9/14

GOD EXISTS...matter what we do (meaning our actions or our inactivity has no effect on God and does not make Him more meaningful or less meaningful to humanity or anyone). "Prayer" does not 'increase' God's meaningfulness or His effectiveness. What He did on the cross, etc. is DONE/finished/accomplished. NOTHING that we do with books, information, text, words, robes, rituals/procedures, or ANY activity/effort (works/deeds) changes, increases, or hinders/harms or mocks God, BUT humanity doesn't want to admit that this is true (we insist on pretending that God needs us to ASSIST Him). We need to make a resolution to make the world understand that only GOD is God (only GOD is responsible for us receiving Divine/spiritual blessings.
---faithforfaith on 2/8/14

For your DEVOTION (YOUR devotion, your worship, and your relationship SHOULD BE all the same thing, if they aren't, you have the wrong attitude and you are not offering God "acceptable worship"). A person must be willing to understand even a small part of what they don't agree with (EFFORT is necessary in order to gain "UNDERSTANDING", Proverbs "Get understanding".....most people settle for "wisdom" so they can imagine themselves "prophets"/teachers...puffed up).....

..REMEMBER..."he who has" some understanding well be given more.

We shouldn't be focused on sharing what should be in our heart anyway, we should be intending to pursue and share "UNDERSTANDING".
---faithforfaith on 1/22/14

Faith, what you said is wrong.
"The first thing that must happen is that we must learn not to depend on scripture"
Is very wrong. If you had read Scripture, and depended on the Word of God, you would not say what you said.
You cannot divide God into pieces. God is Spirit, and cannot be divided. The Holy Spirit is Christ in His divine nature. It is Spirit of Christ who indwells believers. Even Pharaoh knew about the Spirit, when he said:
"And Pharaoh said to his servants, Can we find such a one as this, a man in whom is the Spirit of God?" (Gen. 41:38). Here the Spirit of God is mentioned in capital letters. And there is more. Also the death of Christ is sufficient to save anyone. It needs nothing.
---Mark_V. on 1/19/14

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The people in O.T. times only had PARTIAL God. The Jews only knew JEHOVAH the creator, they did not know JESUS the Messiah/Lamb of God, nor did they know the divine Spirit (Holy Spirit). In the O.T, God's Spirit is always spelled with a small "h". The first time "Holy Spirit" is spelled with a CAPITAL "H" is in Matthew chapter 1 (never before in scripture is the "Prince of Peace"/Messiah NAMED as JESUS). God never told the Jews to include the divine Spirit in their worship. WE Jesus worshipers have COMPLETE God (God in ENTIRETY). We need BOTH Jesus AND the eternal Holy Spirit in our lives in order to be saved. The blood that was shed at the cross is not enough for complete salvation.
---faithforfaith on 1/18/14

Faith, having a discussion on the Bible without being present is a little hard to understand what it is you are saying. Are you saying that the Old Testament people did not have the whole gospel? You are correct. But that did not stop God from saving individuals by Grace through faith. And we know of all those events only because we have the Word of God now complete. When Jesus spoke at the time, it was becoming Scripture as He spoke. We know that because of the Bible. So without the Word of God you will know nothing about God. That is my point. All you know now is because the Bible tells us so. And when God speaks to us, He speaks to us through His Word. The Spirit guides us to all Truth in the Word of God.
---Mark_V. on 1/17/14

faith, my bible is not a book. It is the Word of God. It will last eternally.
---shira4368 on 1/16/14

We read the "word of TRUTH" (and we do not "rightly divide" it).

The Gentiles glorified JESUS, they did not glorify a BOOK (get the truth from the "word of truth, the gospel of our salvation").

The word of truth is supposed to be handled correctly (rightly divide "the word of truth).

The events that the Messiah will experience were foretold in the O.T., but that God will be shown in ENTIRETY/completeness is not specified until Isaiah 9:6 made that fact obvious....THEN, the "WORD" became FLESH (NOT TEXT) and walked among us.
---faithforfaith on 1/16/14

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faith, you don't make sense. You give "Isaiah 9:6, it is COMPLETE God that is mentioned for the first time (the revealing "WORD" IS IN TEXT,....and then becomes FLESH.....JESUS IS THE "WORD", not SCRIPTURE)."
How did you know that? By reading the Word of God.
Then say: "the Jews only had PARTIAL God....JEHOVAH THE CREATOR, WE have all three ministries/dispensations of God (what some call "TRINITY")."
How did you know that? By the Word of God. In fact all you have learned is by reading the Word of God. And you now tell others not to depend on the Word of God. In fact the Spirit should be guiding you to the word of God.
---Mark_V. on 1/16/14

In Isaiah 9:6, it is COMPLETE God that is mentioned for the first time (the revealing "WORD" IS IN TEXT,....and then becomes FLESH.....JESUS IS THE "WORD", not SCRIPTURE).

The Jews only had PARTIAL God....JEHOVAH THE CREATOR, WE have all three ministries/dispensations of God (what some call "TRINITY").

The jews did not have Jesus OR the divine spirit (Holy Spirit). Jesus said that if we do not LIVE a life consistent with His divine Spirit, we are no part of His body.

In these blogs, there has been too much TEMPER, suggestive accusation, and condescension ("fruits" of the divine Spirit must become obvious).
---faithforfaith on 1/15/14

faith, the bible is my roadmap, my teacher and my guide thru this life. we are to try the spirits and they should line up with the Word of God.
---shira4368 on 1/14/14

The first thing that must happen is that we must learn not to depend on scripture (we must learn to depend on our spirit being like God's divine Spirit).
---faithforfaith on 1/14/14

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Hello,May the Lord bless you Bro.Monk_Brenden with all respect.

Lidia -help of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, be kind,keep myself " prayed up" be pray daily ask God help me, be more like Jesus' be kind to others.

Instant in love,prayer. Be able to encourage on here,put away doubt & fear, give,respect,appreciate Godly advice by others.

Be an ambassador of God' love inspite of obstacles,(there' NO place like home!).ChristiaNet has help raise me spiritually,we are family!

till the day I pray Jesus' take me home. I love all yall! Regardless,race,religion,politics,denomination, nationality,age, gender, whether any do not love or understand me. I am here to show love agape in Jesus name.
---Lidia4796 on 1/4/14

Shira thank you,I love you like a sister too. I want a close walk with God,I don't think we can ever fail by seeking more of God and His love in our lives. I know what you mean about staying home,it really hurts in many ways,but the most,I think is that I am not getting my Spiritual tank refilled with the Word of God and the loving fellowship of friends at church. I miss it even though its been years that I'm not able to go. Thank you for your prayers,you are in mine too,and praise God my husband is a lot better. I hope you have a happy, blessed 2014 and I pray your health gets better. God Bless Darlene
---Darlene_1 on 1/4/14

"What are you, personally going to do...?
Monk Brendan, personally I will embrace these words, and keep them in mind as I post. "Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous, boastful, proud, or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. Prophecy, speaking in unknown languages, and special knowledge will become useless. But love will last forever!" Ref. 1Cr 13:4-8. Giving all praise to the Father for His love, grace, and empowerment.
---josef on 1/4/14

wow Darlene, everything you write is true. that's why I love you like a sister. I need a closer walk with God too. being sick and home Ive had to miss church and I can tell it too. may God bless you in 2014 and I pray your husband gets well.
---shira4368 on 1/3/14

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Monk Brendan,Good for you!! I am going to go on the way I've been doing for years sharing love. Giving the Word of God on love, 1 John 4:7 & 8 Beloved let us love one another for love is of God and he that loveth knows God he that loves not,knows not God,for God is love. The Word teaches us where two or three are gathered together in serving God,prayer,praise,etc,there God is in the midst of them,it follows that in contention God is far away from people. I surely want God near and don't want to see Him pushed away. Blessings
---Darlene_1 on 1/3/14

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