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Christian Having An Affair

I'm a Christian having an affair and want to end it. It's going on 18 months but I have anxiety attacks thinking of how I will miss him if I end it.

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 ---Brenda_Williams on 4/9/14
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The first thing you have to do is admit you are committing adultery and stop calling it an, "affair". Then ask God to take away your desire to continue in this sinful act of adultery If you choose to tell someone about this sin, (such as your pastor, or friend) make sure you can trust them to keep it confidential. Tell the person who is allowing you to commit adultery that the Lord wants you to stop. (Don't be surprised if he try's to justify you continue and gets mad if you don't.) In the meantime, I suggest you and your husband get some marital counseling from a certified marriage counsellor who is not known by either you or your husband.
---wivv on 4/23/14

Elena, keep right on singing. I didn't see where my song was posted. Well not my song but a friend of mine wrote that song I posted on CN.
---shira4368 on 4/23/14

Hello,all my Sisters! Shira4368, RitaH, Mary, Darlene1- just had let you all know, really how really apprecite your song, Shira4368, there a song, I been working on ( good days)'..the ending goes " forgive Lord, becuz I can't take anymore, I'm tired of weeping, can't sleep, but Lord I long to be more sincere, I never should have left your side, take me to your guiding light!
The song was written by a gospel group, the leader had fallen, come bk to the Lord but, very ill..wrote it! 1980's ...
---Elena9555 on 4/23/14

To Sis.Maria7, all respect/ wonderfull post, we continue encourage her run bk to the Lord. he will welcome you and lift you up! Thankyou, Sis.Maria7
Love of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 4/14/14

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10. I had a live-in boyfriend. I knew it was wrong. I felt convicted and I am gratefu for it. I am thankful to the Lord that He did not abandon me. I had a deep loneliness I can't explain and looked in the wrong place for it. After much prayer and seeking God's help, He taught me this-You must be Vigilant! Seek HIM out for everything! I pray that God open the eyes and the ears of your heart and increase you Wisdom, Knowledge and Discernment to go forward in HIS strength in ending this relationship and lie of the devil once and for all and stepping back into God's beautiful and Glorious light and love in Jesus name.....Amen!
---Maria7 on 4/13/14

Hello, again all respect to Bro.Elder, but, truthfully, he telling you the gospel truth.I had a blogg, don't know if it will get on, but,it about this and other sins.Sis.Brenda the mercy of God delivered me from this type of sin.I had no rest, no piece of mind.It may be the best thing, you could do listen to someone seasoned in the word of God, someone like this Brother and PastoraKaren, others been raised or walking with God a long time. I have given my mind, heart, soul, body to the Lord. I am not perfect, but I do not want a man in my life, truly I do not want nobody who will separate me from God.
Love of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 4/13/14

Brenda, it appears that you don't mind missing fellowship with the Lord. That is if you ever had it.

But to help you along... you are not having an "affair." You are committing adultery/fornication.

As long as you do this you will NEVER have this guy.

You are no more than a rental car that he doesn't have to take care of.

You really dont want to end this relationship because when you wanted to start it you did. If you wanted to stop you would!

Your "anxiety attacks" are nowhere as dangerous as the spiritual attacks you are having. But, you refuse to see that.
---Elder on 4/13/14

Brenda....You are so deep in sin that you need to question whether or not you are truly a Christian. If you have not chosen Jesus over your sin already, you have a real problem. Chosing to commit adultery or fornication was your choice. Get counseling from a pastor or Christian counselor immediately if you truly want to change.
---KarenD on 4/12/14

The only answer is to END it NOW.

Cluny "BTW, an affair does not mean you are not a Christian, just one who has fallen off the path." Correct but someone who stays off the path for year on year, never showing sorry or remorse for sin or even seeking forgiveness sounds like he/she either never WAS on the path or has NO INTENTIONS of returning to it.
---Rita_H on 4/10/14

One of the gifts that God has given us is the ability to say no to ungodliness. Paul writing to Timothy says God has not given us the spirit of timidity but has given us the spirit of boldness, love, self control and a sound mind
---Paul_Chiwara on 4/10/14

Hello, here my prayer for you.with love agape. Heavenly Father,
See our Sister, full of anxiety,we ask for mercy,we thank you she taken a huge step here, we realize she is reaching out. my Sister God see you run come bk: Ps.91
love, care, protection, mercy that God gives is so, much more than a lover can give.Give it all over to Jesus.He will forgive you, talk to Him, no one here is able to save but Jesus Christ he came gave his life, that we might be saved.1Pet.3:18. Heb 2:3 Jn.14:6
God loves you still come bk.
in his right time He will send you a husband.Right now, just give all your life to Him.I pray you will come bk to.Him.
Love of Jesus! Elena9555
---Elena9555 on 4/10/14

We cannot love people more than we love JESUS. Your heart is telling you that your desires are more important than anything.

But your mind and GOD are telling you that a clear conscience and peace with GOD is more important than pleasure for a season.

Cutting away sin is compared to being crucified. But winning with JESUS is a greater reward.

---Samuelbb7 on 4/10/14

IT's difficult, but for the sake of your soul and his, say NO!

Remember, you'll miss Jesus a whole lot worse than you'll miss your paramour.

BTW, an affair does not mean you are not a Christian, just one who has fallen off the path.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 4/9/14

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