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Pass Drivers Test

Please can you pray for me that I pass my driving test on Wednesday? This will be my 6th time. I drive well on my lessons but I get so nervous during the tests. I need my licence as what I can do with my children and where I can work are limited. Please pray with me.

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 ---Gifty on 6/15/14
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Carmen, we have seen it and I'm certain that some will be praying for you. If you have been working hard for this and are taking it seriously I am sure you will do well. I don't know what the test consists of where you are (as I am in U.K. where many things are different and we don't have qualified drivers as young as you are) but will pray that you will be rewarded according to the effort you have put into this. We ALL want only safe drivers on our roads and I hope that you will be one of them. Please let us know how it goes.
---Rita_H on 8/2/14

I'm not sure why I'm doing this, especially since I don't think anyone will see this, but this just gives me a sense of hope. I'm fifteen, may someone please pray that I pass my permit test? I'm scared of feeling down and like a failure, and I'm not sure what to do..
---Carmen on 7/31/14

Haha! Oh, boy, yall got me laugh'n ear to ear, they used to joke in spanish "woman driving, beware danger!"
"Mujer manejando peligro andando!"

Really love sharing, we know some like me can never drive, bad eyes, etc.
But now a days it common place women drive like anybody else. .
Praise God! Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 7/3/14

well I got to tell you my experience in driving. I was 15 and my cousin came to see us and we went into the city and she let me drive. we had clutches then and I stopped at a red light going up a hill. when it turned green, I couldn't coordinate the clutch and gas so I went backwards. almost hit a car. I was 15 with no drivers license.
---shira4368 on 7/2/14

Wow! Sisters,when I was 18, my boyfriend (fiancee) got a plymouth 1970 never forget, he took me help me supposedly, learn to drive, I got so nervous,at the test I ran into the biggest cement pond & he screamed abd told me," you are going to pay for smashin' my car the wedding defintely off!" It took me about 4 pay checks pay for damages..
I have never siince even before losing my sight bother again. I had cars but always had someone drive for me.
It'been many years now can't afford one, and no one reliable anymore that I would trust. Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 7/2/14

Oh my gosh lol! That reminds me of the day I got my permit and my sister in law told me to make a right turn, I couldn't safely do it, so I panicked and ran over a stop sign, went through a yard and hit a house!! :D :D OOPS! :D
---Mary on 6/28/14

Once went to the DMV to renew license. As I waited a woman paced the floor because her elderly husband had gone out for his test with the officer. It was his third time of taking the driving part. As they came in the door the officer was shaking his head. By the look of the older man's face you could tell he didn't pass. He said, "I was doing fine until he told me to turn right next street and I turned right into someone's yard and broke down their fence." Scary!!!!
---KarenD on 6/25/14

The stress associated with a driving test is made worse by the fact that we are aware that it is going to happen. The panic and fear builds up, causes loss sleep, maybe inability to eat properly so that the person is far from being at their best on the day of the test.

Something serious happening during normal driving happens out of the blue. We do not anticipate or worry about this. People are very good at behaving well and without panic in these unusual instances as natural adrenalin (like the fight or flight ability we all possess) just kicks in and sees us through. On those occasions we do the panicking after the event, not before.

This is very unlike the panic we feel before having to do something we'd rather not be doing.
---Rita_H on 6/24/14

Very good point Karen. I've had a driver's license for 51 years & have driven all over the U.S. & a few countries abroad. I must say vehicle operations isn't for the squeamish. Not everyone should nor is capable of safely operating a motor vehicle. Those individuals need to take a bus or any other alternate form of transportation, e.g., pay a friend or relative to drive you, etc.

Gifty, please consider your safety as well as the safety of others (TO INCLUDE YOUR CHILDREN).
---Leon on 6/23/14

If a person is too stressed to pass the driving test, what happens when they are put in a critical moment while driving?
---KarenD on 6/23/14

Very many people have problems taking any kind of exam because of nerves. That does not make them unfit or show that they don't know their subject.

The 11+ exam which we had in U.K (which ended around the 1960s I think) was failed by many very bright and able children purely because of the pressure of that day and the knowledge that such a lot hung on what happened.

Some people just cannot cope with 'that kind' of pressure but they are certainly not failures or incompetent.
---Rita_H on 6/22/14

If you are this nervous when taking a driver's test perhaps you should not be driving at all.
---KarenD on 6/22/14

Cluny, **But the six-legged grass-hoppers were not made in God's image**
So you're saying since We are made in God's image, that He has two legs just like us ?
---1st_cliff on 6/20/14

Hello,sorry I didn't see it sooner,but I ask God if they still need help,Lord we know you are the heart fixer and mind regulater,bless this person be helped.IJN
Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 6/20/14

Lisa 2 : Jesus told His disciples what to pray for at Matt.6.!
He also said "Seek first the Kingdom" your "cares' have anything to do with your Kingdom search ?
---1st_cliff on 6/20/14

---1st cliff: I Peter 5:7 states, "Casting all your cares upon Him, because He cares for you." I take that to mean that anything that we are concerned about concerns Him. If that is not true then who would be the judge to decide what is worthy to take to Him and what is not? You? The President? Just wondering.
---Lisa_2 on 6/20/14

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\\Especially when He views us as grasshoppers in His sight! Isa.40.22.
---1st_cliff on 6/19/14\\

But the six-legged grasshoppers were not made in God's image.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/19/14

I guess it's all a matter of perspective, IE,
Go to the highest authority in the nation, call the White House and ask the President to help you mow your lawn or fix your vacuum cleaner...see how far you get ! What will show up likely are men in little white coats to take you bye byes!
Ridiculous, right?
Yet think nothing of petitioning the highest Sovereign of the universe who created all things, to help you pass your driving test,yet!
Especially when He views us as grasshoppers in His sight! Isa.40.22.
---1st_cliff on 6/19/14

I hope that Gifty returns to tell us how today's test went. I have been praying that God will take away the nervousness and allow him to show the examiner that he is a safe and careful driver.
---Rita_H on 6/18/14

aka, I quite agree with you.
---love.jesus on 6/18/14

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Cliff and love.jesus and others...

Prayer is a chance for us to go beyond our senses and what somebody directly says. We have faith in what we cannot see, hear, feel, touch, and taste.

You can see there is a need here that goes deeper than a driving test, yet your solution is to share your "humble" opinions online instead of pray for spiritual gifts for gifty so she can overcome her sensual limitations to pass.
---aka on 6/18/14

I quite agree that God is not our Celestial Butler.
---love.jesus on 6/17/14

I well understand the evangelical attitude regarding prayer,personally I believe it "trivializes"it praying for frivolous things!
It's like changing the 23rd psalm to " The Lord is my servant, I shall not want....."
God gave us the power to do most things on our own. We call on Him when we can not! IMHO
---1st_cliff on 6/17/14

Elder what are you talking about? I was just kidding around.

cliff...what people ask for and what they need prayer is spiritually discerned.

May the force be with you.
---aka on 6/16/14

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Elder, I absolutely agree with you. We should take anything and everything to the Lord in prayer.
---love.jesus on 6/16/14

"'for ... to be a safe driver...'
obviously not a prayer that God honors."

More obviously not for you.
We pray this very prayer all the time.

Being that God wants to hear our desires and wants I really don't think it scares Him when we pray this.
---Elder on 6/16/14

aka, We obviously view prayer differently.
The person is either a qualified safe driver or not, the examiner will call it !
Asking God to influence the examiner ,regardless of ability, is not what prayer is about!
---1st_cliff on 6/16/14

'for ... to be a safe driver...'

obviously not a prayer that God honors.

The prayer is not for your test, but is a prayer for you and it is a valid.

cliff, take off, eh?

the power of the force has stopped you, you hoser... [from strange brew]

we will pray for you too
---aka on 6/16/14

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May you be calm and relaxed during the test, and may, God move the examiner to favor in your behalf.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/16/14

Gifty, if you are nervous ONLY when you take the test but are a good, relaxed and safe driver at all other times then I will certainly pray that you will not be nervous on this next test.

The examiner can only pass or fail you based on what he sees on that day so you must go trying to feel relaxed and ready to show him your safe driving skills.

It is hard to do but just try to imagine that you are having a lesson but with a different instructor in the seat beside you.

What time (British Summer Time) will you be having the test? I'd like to be praying for you at that exact time.
---Rita_H on 6/16/14

Gifty. I'm a driving instructor and I often see exam nerves affect students.

One tip that might be helpful for exam nerves is to not to expect to pass the test. Just see it as a practice run of the test. I've seen quite a few students pass this way as there is no more pressure and therefore the nervous anxiety reduces.

And importantly, just trust in God that where you are is where He wants you to be right now as you grow as a Christian. We don't see the big picture, but God does and He knows what He's doing in building you up.
Rom 8:28
we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose
---Haz27 on 6/16/14

Elder I will believe with you. But be safe. Always know when to park the car. Don't try to drive be on that point. God be with you always.
---Bryan on 6/16/14

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Gritty, we pray for people, places, things and pets that are furry or with fins and scales and the slick and slimy ones too.
We pray for the sick, the well, the ones that are happy or sad. We also pray for those that hate us, those we love and those we want to love and those who need to be loved but deserve to be hated.

We do that because God said for us to let our request be made known to Him.

A driver's test is a simple thing for Him to do for you. We will also pray for you to be a safe driver. Never know when I might try to pass you on the May God Bless your efforts.
---Elder on 6/16/14

Gitty, A few words of encouragement maybe but prayer for driving test ??? really?
---1st_cliff on 6/15/14

Gifty, I will pray. God be with you.
---love.jesus on 6/15/14

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