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How Should Christians Get Along

To fellowship with other church denomination be spiritual, friends or other?

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 ---Diane on 7/4/14
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Greetings,Bro.Josef,all respect thankyou, all praises goes to my Father God, and His Son Jesus christ! God has become MORE then "mere words can say!"

I give the Lord the glory, he put a loving grandmother in my life, TAUGHT me re: love, charity, forgiveness,when I was raised in several homes later on...
the hurt, the bickering, the pain, the unforgiveness gains no respect, takes away more than people realize.
I used to sit down and cry when people got mad with each other.
I learn now best pray, and seek the Lord. It will change.
Love of Jesus! Elena 9555
---Elena_9555 on 7/11/14

You are quite welcome Elena_9555. "Brother we need to do just that!" And you do it well. A Friendly, nonjudgmental, noncritical attitude is something I recognize in you, in abundance. You are a blessed delight dear heart. Thank you for your presence here.
---josef on 7/10/14

I agree, Christian should get along. Egos mixed with man made religions will always seems to be here. The Mystery of the Kingdom Heaven ls always share the Gospel. You remember at the very beginning God said let there be "light" did it bring darkness? No it brought light and that light is still here waiting to shine throught all who believe in it. It is the smallest seed but it grows into the largest tree.
---Bryan on 7/8/14

If Christians take 1
Corinthians 13 to heart, they will get along just fine.
---love.jesus on 7/7/14

To Bro.Josef, all respect, wonderfull post 7/6/14
I agree 100% thankyou, Brother we need to do just that!
May God bless you and all your family.
love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 7/6/14

Well it takes being Spiritual to get along in a friendly non judgmental way.

We can agree to disagree but we should always do it politely.

I am sorry to say not everyone in my denomination is as considerate as they should be.

---Samuelbb7 on 7/6/14

"To fellowship with other church denomination be spiritual, friends or other?"
Be friendly, non-judgmental, and non-critical.
---josef on 7/6/14

Elena, thank you so much for your loving answers to me and to everyone else here. I too am in a different church (and denomination) from where I used to be. I have never felt so welcome and I am so happy there I will not be moving again unless something major happens which makes me have to move home also and if that happens I know that God will be the instigator of it, just as He was last time.

God is good and wants only the best for us.
---Rita_H on 7/5/14

this was already covered a few years ago...

Matthew 7:12
So in EVERYTHING, do to OTHERS what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. [emphasis added]

this way you do not need to judge a person as to where her/his heart is thus, putting your "chistianity" to the question.
---aka on 7/5/14

Hello, All respect to you Sis.Rita, made alot of sense, love your posts as usual it makes alot of sense, there are christians we differ on some things but the God we serve still the same.Important thing,the bible speaks we will know them by their fruits, etc.. we do not argue never.
I have been asked come back to a church went to years ago..
I told them I am so, happy where I am
but, thanks,for asking.
God bless you Sis.Rita in jesus name.
Love of jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 7/5/14

We should be patient and tolerant with others, remembering that some are babes in Christ (even if much older than we are).

We should check out the main points which make the teachings of other denominations different from our own but not allow these to prevent us from fellowshipping together (unless they teach something which opposes what God tells us).

Where personal friendships with unbelievers (and non-believing family members) are concerned we must love them whilst keeping ourselves apart from all they involve themselves in which we believe to be wrong.

God gives us the grace and ability to do this if/when we ask Him to do so.
---Rita_H on 7/5/14

How should Christians get along?

It seems to depend on if you are face-to-face or posting on ChristiaNet.

Scott's answer covers it all and brings up other questions.

1. What is a Christian?
2. How do you become a Christian according to the Bible?
3. Are you/am I a Christian according to the Scripture?
4. Do you/I live as a Christian according to the Bible?

Let's answer these but there are more.

Now these don't ask someone else's opinion of you because how do we know they are Christian according to the Bible?
---Elder on 7/5/14

Hello,Rom.12:8,10 Love must be sincere.Hate what is evil, cling to what is good.Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.
vs.12 Be joyfull in hope, patient in affliction, faithfull in prayer.
vs.21 Do not be overcome by evil but, overcome evil with good.
Yes, we can fellowship, above all be spiritual, live in harmony with other christians, be there for each other through good times and hard times.
I do know other christians and they go to other churches, we share about what God doing in our lives, once in a while I may say let's go share some ice cream together.. once in a while we do. Thankyou, good blogg!
Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 7/5/14

God's family body Should get along. - fellowship spiritual friends.
2nd. Cor. 6 v 14. For what fellowship has righteousness The Acts 2 v 38 Church of The living God which Are few, have with unrighteousness, None?, which is the trinity doctrines & commandments of men, those that worship other gods, the atheist, agnostics, men - women perversions other etc which are many. Just maybe friends. / For what has light, The Acts 2 v 38 Church of The Living God which Are few, have with darkness, None?, which is the trinity doctrines & commandments of men, those that worship other gods, the atheist, agnostics, men - women perversions other etc which Are many. Just maybe friends.
The few & The many, Matt. 7 v's 13 - 14.
---Lawrence on 7/5/14

As christians
---Scott1 on 7/4/14

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