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Overcome Severe Depression

How do you overcome severe depression and find a reason to live for. Ive been battling for years now and its getting very just exisiting but not really living. I hate getting up, my best moments are when and if i can sleep. Im taking meds and they arent helping. I really need help!!!

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 ---Val on 12/23/14
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Depression is usually caused by four basic things: 1. Physical imbalance of the hormones,2. Psychological programs, 3 Certain medications 4.or spiritual problems. (It could be a combination of the 4 things.) A doctor should be able to deal with the medical, usually through a life style change - i.e. proper nutritional intake, exercise and/or medication. (In my opinion, medication should be the last resort.) The psychological can be treated the same way. If it's spiritual, ask God to point this out to you. Make sure well-meaning Christians don't put you on a guilt trip. Be sure you check out what they might say with the Bible - if it's not there it probably just there personal opinion.
---wivv on 1/23/15

Hello!! Bro.Strongaxe, see you on Cnt.I/18/2015 how wonderfull brother
Thanking and praise God you're here!!
May the Lord richly, bless you!! Restore your health, strength. Ijn.
Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 1/22/15

Who decides who the best speakers and writers are?
---learner2 on 1/19/15

\\Who sets the standards for English?

---learner2on 1/18/15\\

I was taught that the best speakers and writers did. This was back in high school.

Hebrew, Spanish, and French have their own academies (as they are called) to determine the rules. I don't know about other languages.

Glory to Jesus Christ!!
---Cluny on 1/19/15

Who sets the standards for English?

---learner2on 1/18/15

Nobody is my guess.

Baby mamma


cake pop
chandelier earring
click and collect
digital detox
double denim
food baby
geek chic
girl crush
Internet of things
me time
pear cider
pixie cut
space tourism
street food
---aka on 1/19/15

Who sets the standards for English?
---learner2 on 1/18/15

My point is to please write in STANDARD ENGLISH, StrongAxe.

BTW--Good to see you back!

Glory to Jesus Christ!!
---Cluny on 1/18/15

Elena_9555 wrote: I am happy n thank the Lord
Cluny wrote: "N' by itself can mean the pronoun "IN".

Not in this context, and makes sense, but in does not.

Many languages (including English) have words and constructions that are inherently ambiguous (e.g. "I read Shakespeare" could be past or present), but we live with them.
---StrongAxe on 1/18/15

\\happy n thank \\

Elena, please write in English and not in text speech.

"N' by itself can mean the pronoun "IN".

If you can't write out AND, then use the shift 7, which will give the ampersand: & .

This symbol means "and".

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/18/15

Amen.It's people like you aservant make our Cnt.proud, I am happy n thank the Lord.for you.Love of Jesus!
Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 1/11/15

---Elena_9555 on 1/10/15

Thank you for your kind words.

Prayers that touch your spirit are from the Holy Spirit. Please thank the Father for granting His Spirit to us.

Also, thank Jesus for purchasing for us the right to have God's Spirit dwelling within us, who is the real Author of prayer that moves us.
---aservant on 1/10/15

To aservent, what a beatuifull prayer! May the Lord bless you, as you are a real blessing to others, you know very well the many names of Jehovah.we learn from you, thankyou!
Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 1/10/15

Precious Father, I humbly ask that you forgive Val for sins of ommission and commission, for the lust of the flesh, for the lust of the eyes, and for pride of life. Please cleanse her with Jesus' Blood so that she will be acceptable to You.

I praise and glorify your holy name, Jehovah Rapha (her Healer). Pease be Jehovah Mephalti (her Deliverer) to Val. Please forbid the spirit Depression from afflicting her for exactly 3 full days. At the end of those days, she will have proof that You are for her and not against her. She will know that You are her solution, Jehovah Machsi (her Refuge).

Thank You, Jehovah Kabodhi (her God), for always hearing and providing solution. We are most blessed to be under Your loving wing. aservant
---aservant on 1/8/15

Hi, I can't help feeling for you. How many antidepressants have you tried? Sometimes it takes many different combos or different meds prior to finding the right one. Depends on your provider. You need a good provider. I have serious depression too & would like to write to you. New here.
---barb on 1/7/15

BTW, for those of you who may doubt it, clinical depression can be a physical pain.

In fact, the same "pain centers" of the brain are active in an attack of either.

Christ is born! Glorify Him!
---Cluny on 12/27/14

Val, depression is a great sadness, yes, I know for many people in my family suffer from it.

Any time, I find, that people with depression meet with others, even when they do not feel like it, is helpful.

I assume you are depressed because your body makes you depressed, not depressed because something happened?
---Peter on 12/26/14

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Val, I'm so sorry to hear you are in pain. Depression is a horrible thing, but you can overcome it. Christ in you, brings through our lives the fruit of the joy peace etc. The JOY of The Lord is my strength....and so very true. Read your Bible, and work on a very personal relationship with The Lord every moment of every day, and tell The Lord everything you are thinking and feeling, and find those promises in His word and hold them dear.

It won't happen instantly or overnight, but day by day, as you grow. Also, read Ephesians 3: 14 to the end of the chapter.. Read it every day and believe it.

Merry Christmas and God Bless.
---kathr4453 on 12/24/14

Many people in the bible were depressed: Moses, Saul, David, Solomon, Elijah, Nehemiah, Job, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, and Paul.

God is our only hope from depression. Psalms 42, Isaiah 40, Remember: your faith has healed you. 2 Corinth 4, Fix your eyes on God, his power, and his love for you. Jeremiah 29:11-12 Put others above yourself.

The number one commandment is Love, as in the verb form. Do an online bible search for "one another," "each other," "comfort," "encourag," and "pray." When you start APPLYING the word love, you'll stop thinking about yourself and be a service to others. Matthew 6:25-34, 1 Peter 5:6-7, Psalms 37:3-7, Proverbs 12:25, 14:30, 17:22
---Steveng on 12/23/14

Job 22:29 When men are cast down . . .

H8213 to depress or sink, to bring (cast, put) down, debase

Psa 42:11 Why art thou cast down, O my soul?

Psa 43:5 Why art thou cast down, O my soul?

H7817 to sink or depress

2Co_4:9 Persecuted, but not forsaken, cast down,

G2598 to throw down: cast down

2Cor 7:6 . . . God, that comforteth those that are cast down,

G5011 depressed, humiliated

The He and Gr dictionaries use terms to show the notion of being 'cast down' is caused by another (a demon). God does not want depression.
---aservant on 12/24/14

//Christians as there's a stigma attached and other's reactions can be brutal.//

Definition Christian (noun) - 1) religion based on the fact that all people are sinners needing a savior. 2)the only people group that shoots its wounded
---Scott1 on 12/24/14

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Add to the fact that they take time to work.
---Press_On on 12/23/14

they take time to work fully. they do have a degree of effectiveness in the meantime.

most people do not realize that the brain physically develops different ways to cope with maladies..good or poor behaviors resulting. the idea is to reroute the stimuli into the proper channels. meds can help.

if you start meds, i would suggest journaling. that will help you pinpoint progress, and this will help guide you.

any med should be taken with behavior modification in mind. without behavior modification as the goal, why take meds? meds are not a cure, but they can be a good aid.
---aka on 12/24/14

Cluny, I have been battling severe chemical imbalance depression for 62 years. I really appreciate your insight and understanding. Well said.

Scott, you are also correct that meds and counseling usually go hand in hand, and it really is a crap shoot from a physician's perspective. Everyone reacts differently to various meds. Add to the fact that they take time to work.

I'm very careful about admitting my illness to Christians as there's a stigma attached and other's reactions can be brutal. I find it more helpful to speak to non believers because when they realize I won't judge them they are relieved and pleased that they can comfortably share there struggles with me with no fear of being ripped apart.
---Press_On on 12/23/14

Counseling, a good christian trained counseler. They know the correct questions to unlock your mental attacks, from an objective and distant perspective. The easiest person to lie to is yourself.
---Scott1 on 12/23/14

Taking meds for clinical depression is a balancing act. Every case is different, and what works for one person may not work for another--or later on down the line.

But remember that clinical depression is a PHYSICAL disease. It's not a spiritual failure.

Don't ever let ANYONE sell you the lie: "Real Christians aren't depressed. They have Jesus." This will put you in more bondage.

There may be another physical ailment, such as diabetes, which can make things worse.

In the mean time, about your present despondency say to the Lord, "Thy will be done. Accept it as fruits of repentance." And KNOW that NOTHING will separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord, to Whom be glory.
---Cluny on 12/23/14

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