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I Have To Go AKA

Hey, everybody! I gotta go. My family needs me more than ever. Since 2009, I have learned so much. Thank you. Thank you, moderator for not posting some of my stuff. My biggest appreciation for three here. Thank you, Lord for the things I have and the things I don't. Take good care.

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 ---aka on 1/22/15
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Let me add my good byes and well wishes aka,we've had some good dialogues .
I can empathize about family !
---1stcliff on 1/28/15

Hello, God Bless you,Bro.AKA , surely we go miss you make us laugh and you know I like to laugh it won't be the same..they say only the strong survive, I say be strong, be happy, and I send my regards, I pray to be a happy person, of Jesus!
.be bless brother ijn.
---Elena_9555 on 1/26/15

AKA I am sorry to see you go but family is so important. Maybe you will be able to come back at some time.
---Warwick on 1/26/15

Bye mate.
And keep on believing on Jesus.
---Haz27 on 1/26/15

Build your hopes on things eternal Aka & hold onto God's unchanging hand. God bless you & family!
---Leon on 1/25/15

God bless, aka!
---StrongAxe on 1/25/15

Good bye my friend and remain open minded, for it's very easy for a man to become a prisoner of his own beliefs
---David on 1/25/15

:o) God bless you (c:
---com7fy8 on 1/24/15

Till we meet/speak again. AKA.
You have and know my thoughts.
---Trav on 1/23/15

GOD speed, AKA!

Stay on that Narrow Path until you reach the Gates of Pearl!
---Gordon on 1/23/15

Miss you, aka! God bless!
---Peter_Griffin on 1/23/15

God bless you, aka.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/22/15

Peace and blessings to you, aka. May God be with you and your family!
---learner2 on 1/22/15

Will miss your input Aka, Be blessed
---joseph on 1/23/15

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