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Facial Church Attendance

What do you think about your denominational "churches" using facial recognition software to monitor "church" attendance and events?

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 ---Steveng on 6/24/15
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It is a brave new world. I will be more concerned when churches have you bear number markings on your hands or forehead.
---mike4879 on 1/26/17

I have never heard of that if it's true but that would be crazy. Even in this day and time. That's going a little too far. the church is a sanctuary for any and all types of people. and looking at some of the Comments here I had to laugh at the conspiracy Theory propaganda.
---Lee on 5/19/16

Yes faithforfaith, I believe as you. Esp in the Black Churches.
They even have the nerve to have Kathleen Sebelius speaking in their Churches. A big NO NO!
Plus, Eric Holder as well.

Many Churches Blacks and Whites had made deals with the Government.

That's why they are after the RCC so much. They can't control us from the top.

Sadly many Catholics have been influenced from among the laity.
The laity being Kathleen Sebelius, Joe Biden, Nancy Polesi(sp?) Ted Kennedy and many more I am ASHAMED of to mention.
---Nicole_Lacey on 6/27/15

I don't think it is the CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS who are doing the "facial recognition".

The federal government and the law agencies of the government have been conspiring for years to get the religion organizations and the 'religious public' to become cooperative puppet-citizens (non-thinkers).

The IRS tax code has a clause that promises tax breaks to the religious institutions that cooperate (501-c LOOK IT UP ON WIKIPEDIA).
---faithforfaith on 6/27/15


I was not referring to genuine concern (which is, after all, a shepherd's legitimate business), but rather with legalistic churches where attendance is considered mandatory (without a good reason), and not being in church is judged, as if the person isn't being "faithful enough". There are churches that are similarly legalistic about tithing. Jesus came to break our yokes, but such churches are thoughtful enough to replace them.
---StrongAxe on 6/27/15

Strongaxe "If you're doing it to say "Why weren't you at church last Sunday??", you might as well be wielding a whip." I have never heard our pastor ask why someone was not in church. He might say, when he sees them the following week, "It's good to see you, how are you?" If we wish to share personal information we do so but we never feel that we must.
---Rita_H on 6/26/15

Strongaxe 6/24/15 I agree 100%. I was quoting something found on the internet.

I am fortunate in attending a church small enough for the pastor to know each of us personally and be able to notice just who is there and who is not. If he had not been notified of an illness or other reason for absence checks would be made in case help were needed.

The only modern technology required is a telephone and then, if needed, we'd be visited personally.
---Rita_H on 6/26/15

Seeing a person's absence from church could be "too late". I would think a successful ministry would know how someone is doing before the person does not show for church.

I have been in settings where a leader knows, before group starts, why anyone won't be there.

I know that certain churches assign an elder to every person who comes into the church. And the person "stalks" each assigned person, to make sure how the person is doing. This can be good.

But I think it is best how God has us adopt people, and we keep in touch and help them and support them, not only during church . . . not only while they go to our church.
---Bill on 6/25/15

For facial recognition software to work, you need to have a database of faces to search through. Only by using the photographs of church members could such a database be constructed. If the church produced a church directory with photos, then such a database could be constructed.

My guess is that the software is used to count unique faces and produce a database of attendees, not to scan through an already assembled database to determine who this person is.
---Mark_Eaton on 6/25/15

Wonderful idea...I can prove I wasn't there.
---Rod4Him on 6/24/15

I might think it is silly, and I would be listening to hear why it was being done. Maybe I would learn something.

But I would hope a pastor would be like Jesus who knows His sheep. Or have people who assist the pastor, who know how each person is doing . . . keeping track of not only members but ones who might be visiting in order to investigate.

If facial recording was for the wrong reason, it might help people to know they belong elsewhere.

"nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." (1 Peter 5:3)

Ones can be about control and not personal caring and sharing.
---Bill on 6/24/15


Keeping tabs on one's flock can be a two-edged sword. If you're keeping an eye on them to make sure they are all right, this is a good thing - it's what a good shepherd should do.

If you're doing it to say "Why weren't you at church last Sunday??", you might as well be wielding a whip.

If you do it to hit people up for money, that's even worse.
---StrongAxe on 6/24/15

I have just found this via Google. "there are 30 churches around the world using his Churchix technology. He (Moshe Greenshpan) launched the service just four months ago and says churches are already using it to scan congregants earthly visages to keep track of attendance at events in order to know who wasnt there so they can check up on them, or who attends most frequently so they can ask those people for donations." Wow.
---Rita_H on 6/24/15

You can see the bias in the blog question by the use of the word "denominational". How should the fact that a church is part of a denomination, or not, play any part in the legitimacy of using camera technology?
---StrongAxe on 6/24/15

If someone needs to use such technology to monitor church attendance they have probably already 'lost' these people in the real sense of the word lost.

Unless they think someone might become separated (and needs to be found) what would be the purpose of this? It sounds somewhat like

God desires willing followers not conscripts.
---Rita_H on 6/24/15

I agree. There are people who will leave Catholic Churches alone. They break our statues until we people up cameras.

So, it isn't to monitor attendance and events, but monitoring wrong action
---Nicole_Lacey on 6/24/15

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ABSURD! Sounds like a target marketing ploy. In my opinion, such tactics shouldn't be used in the church.
---Leon on 6/24/15

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