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Subject To Own Husband

Ephesians 5:24 "Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in EVERYTHING." Really !! - even if the husband is regularly committing adultery?

Moderator - Everything doesn't include going against the Word of God.

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 ---Rita_H on 8/25/15
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hi,I think if they both really take time to love one another really be considerate one to the another,the husband due respect they can do just fine.
There are husbands who really do respect,love their wives.Its a two way street I have love respect him as the head even like Christ did with the church amen!love of Jesus!
---Elena95555 on 3/5/16

\\If men loved their wives as much as they loved their own bodies there would be very few unhappy Christian marriages.
---Rita_H on 2/28/16\\

Good point, Rita.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/29/16

'Wives submit to your husbands' is a verse which most men love to quote but other verses tend to stick in their throat.

If men loved their wives as much as they loved their own bodies there would be very few unhappy Christian marriages.
---Rita_H on 2/28/16

Wives are not submissive to their husbands, and the church is not submissive to Christ. This is just the reality. I have yet to meet any wife or mother that is submissive to her husband, and I have yet to meet anyone who is TRULY submissive to Christ. Regardless, women call the shots. And it is said, "Women have the right to choose." So a man wants kids, but the woman decides. Women rule. (Isaiah 3:12)
---mike4879 on 2/27/16

Eph 5:24 refers to BELIEVING wives and husbands.
Paul states in Eph. 1:1 and all of his epistles that he writes to believers, members of the one true church, the boC.
True believers do not commit adultery.
---michael_e on 2/15/16

A lot is said about Ephesians 5:22 wives submit to husbands,but the verse right above in Ephesians 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of the Lord (or some say reverence of God).
---Darlene_1 on 2/14/16

Just have to get a word in here also,we are in a tail spin or something strange,my husband is
a doctor,he now stays overnight
at the hospital but,recently he became intimate with a certain female..he stays over night he says I do not understand" the nature of his job"she has a hold on him.I just cried for some days.He say he was calling me,"I'm never home!"that's not true. I'm a stay home wife,no friends.
---Lami9364 on 2/13/16

My husband and I were going to enjoy a nice hike. we've been getting along great lately with no arguments for the longest time! all of a sudden his temper tantrum acted up. Please tell me what everyone thinks if I am walking just a few inches ahead of him. maybe 2 ft apart sideways! HE HATES THAT! THen he started walking DIRECTLY BEHIND me to annoy me. He got so mad he banged our walking stick against the telephone pole and then threw it up in the air when I mentioned he broke it and turned around and stomped back. I said you need a psychologist cuz there's something wrong with that type of thinking and he even suggested to call our pastor. I REALLY WANTED TO.
---Vivi on 2/13/16

Rita: God's marital order requires your husband to be the head over you & God is the head over your husband. So, the Word of God requires you to submit (subordinate yourself) to your husband wherein he should subordinate himself to God's word (the Bible). Likewise, there are areas in marriage wherein the husband is to subordinate & meet the needs of his wife. Like the Moderator said< "Everything doesn't include going against the Word of God."
---Leon on 10/7/15

Rita H you are more than welcome,thank you. That submit was evidently written to two Christians because a Christian woman can't submit to a sinners every wish she has to be true to God first. Anything a husband wants her to do that is contrary to the Word of God she must tell him no. I for one had rather deal with a fleshly man being upset with me than a Holy God. I obey God not man. Glory to God. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 8/31/15

Great answer Darlene. I agree that 'submit' and 'obey' are not the same. When I married in the 1960s the traditional wedding vows (at a church wedding in U.K.) were that he would love and cherish and she would love, honour and obey. Many women were having 'obey' removed from the vows at that time but not all.

Most women would be happy to obey if they felt cherished but adultery shows no love or cherishing on his part yet some churches still blame the women if she walks away from an adulterous husband (because she is no longer 'obeying'). That's pretty sick i.m.o.

Thanks again Darlene.
---Rita_H on 8/30/15

What a husband needs to live by most is husbands love your wife as Christ loves the church and gave himself for it. It would benefit for a husband to make a list of how Christ loves the church and what all he does for the church. Next learn the love chapter,live by those things and a woman would be happy to be married to you. Some men get too caught up in their importance or what they think they have with the submit and their authority and become overbearing bullies. Submit and obey are not the same thing but some men act like they think they are,a wife isn't told to obey,children are. Man's authority is as head of the home is leader of the family because he is the one who usually makes the living. Lead doesn't mean to pull or push. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 8/29/15

Love and Marriage seem to be misunderstood concepts in this modern, secular age. Love is the only quantity that the more it is given away, the greater the amount left. Selfless giving is the economy of heaven. Selfish withholding is the economy of Satan.

Marriage is a love triangle, with husband, wife, and Christ at the center. The closer each moves toward Christ, the closer they move toward each other.

There is a magnetic attraction toward one who gives kindly with little attentions often. Love your spouse with selfless kindness, giving always, and watch the magnetism of Christ in you work a miracle.

---jerry6593 on 8/29/15

Glenn, you confuse me with these words "Rita_H, no to working the red light district, yes to making a sandwich." I don't understand how this links to anything I have said. Could you explain please?
---Rita_H on 8/29/15

\\Therefore, as I read it, a wife is to be subject to her husband so long as the husband loves her enough to give his life for her.\\

St. John Chrysostom said about this passage something like this: Men do you want to see your wives submit to you? Then drown them in an ocean of love. But know that even if you allowed yourself to be cut into 1000 pieces for your wife, you would not have equalled what Christ did. Because you are doing this for one to whom you are joined, but He allowed Himself to die for those alienated from Him.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/28/15

Glenn: Your opinions are noted, but not agreed with.

---jerry6593 on 8/28/15

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/Therefore, as I read it, a wife is to be subject to her husband so long as the husband loves her enough to give his life for her.\-jerry6593 on 8/27/15
Then you should also read it as a husband is to love his wife so long as the wife is subject to him.
This is a poor understanding a creates a catch 22.
Nay, there are no qualifiers to these statements.
Wives: submit(v22) and respect(v33)
Husbands: love(v25,28,33) and cleave, hold fast(v31).
Peter better illustrates the true interpretation of Paul to the Ephesians.
1Pe 3:1-2 Likewise, ye wives, [be] in subjection to your own husbands, that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives...
---micha9344 on 8/27/15

Rita_H and jerry6593, no to infinity!
Rita_H, no to working the red light district, yes to making a sandwich. Women, please don't misuse verses like Acts 4:1, etc. to disrespect your husband's authority, as you also then rebel against the Lord's.
jerry6593 8/27, The verses below are in parallel, but they are not conditional - that is one depends on the other. Your last paragraph is pure deviltry, 2Peter 3:16.
Wife, 1Corinthians 11:3-10, 13, 15-16, 14:34-35, Ephesians 5:22-24, 33, Colossians 3:18, 1Timothy 2:11-14, Titus 2:5, 1Peter 3:1-2, 5-6 / Husband, 1Corinthians 7:33, Ephesians 5:25-29, 31, 33, Colossians 3:19, 1Timothy 5:8, 1Peter 3:7.
---Glenn on 8/27/15

Rita: As with every Bible subject, we must get the entire picture. With this subject, the following verse is just as important, as:

Eph 5:24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
Eph 5:25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it,

Therefore, as I read it, a wife is to be subject to her husband so long as the husband loves her enough to give his life for her.

---jerry6593 on 8/27/15

I'm sorry for being so blunt, Rita H (yes, it was judgemental, but the point that we must be REALISTIC in times of pain/heartbrake needs to be understood).

For the wife's sake we can not continue to be dogmatic. We have to take trajedy seriously, especially when it strikes another innocent person.

The 'submission issue' being spoken of is BEING SUFFERED by THEM (we have to allow them the freedom and dignity of THEIR PERSONAL DECISIONS and should not bind them to our opinions.
---faithforfaith on 8/26/15

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'BUT you and many others rather not have Jesus as your only authority (OH WELL).
---faithforfaith on 8/25/15'.

Too often, on C.N., it is assumed that a questioner has a specific personal problem. This is, often, not so because questions can be asked on behalf of others or to encourage discussion or are based on observation.

Too much judgement and assumptions take these questions totally off track so that no helpful answers are ever received.

I did not ask if SHE should do wrong but asked must she still 'submit' when HE is doing wrong. Big difference.
---Rita_H on 8/26/15

Thank you moderator. You might be surprised to hear that many others have told me that the man (no matter how bad HIS behaviour is) should still have an obedient wife (subject to him in all things) and that her loyalty could be what brings him back to being honourable. I would find it very difficult to be 'honourable' to such a dishonourable man.
---Rita_H on 8/25/15

No, that is why the next verse is love your wife like Christ loved the church. aka he died for it.
---Scott1 on 8/25/15

No one wants to realize and admit the real truth.....

1) that we were not alive 2,000 years ago (Jesus did not say what is in the N.T. to us).

It is also true that scripture IS NOT an authority to us (it did not hang on the cross....Jesus said that "ALL AUTHORITY" had been given to....

HIM ONLY........

BUT you and many others rather not have Jesus as your only authority (OH WELL).
---faithforfaith on 8/25/15

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If the husband is not acting right, does that give the wife permission to do wrong?

If you raised children, did they ever try coming up with the excuse that everyone else wasn't acting properly either?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/25/15

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